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Happy birthday big bro, greater heights

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jeromethegreat shared a post by rccgkp 6mo 29d
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This quiz is excerpted from RCCG Sunday-school lessons, 2nd Quarter of 2021/2022.
Attempt if you attend Sunday School class in RCCG, and please share this quiz to others that does.
DON'T answer in the comments, DON'T post your phone number in comment, doing so will automatically disqualify you. (Rather, answer in the proper response channel provided when you join task)

1. A higher step than searching the scripture is:
a. Memorizing it.
b. Seeking after the truth
c. Speaking in tongues
d. Singing

2. Meditation on the Word involves:
a. Eating, Chewing and regurgitating it.
b. Memorizing all the verses.
c. Memorizing the important parts.
d. Eating, drinking and dancing about it.

3. One of these is NOT part of "How to receive baptism of the Holy Spirit"
a. Be born again.
b. Be desirous and thirty of the baptism of the Hoy Spirit.
c. Attentive to sermons.
d. Identify the Lord Jesus Christ as the right source of the baptism.

4. Which of these is NOT a basic component of wedding.
a. Expressions of worship, Joy, celebration, respect, dignity & Love
b. Solemn eternal covenant before God.
c. Complete satisfaction of the guests
d. Pre-marital counseling

5. Which is NOT a reason for Christians to be involved in politics?
a. To take lead and allow kingdom values to shape our society.
b. To gather money for our churches
c. Because political leaders have great influence on our fulfillment of God-given mandates
d. To reduce corruption, disorderliness, mischief and other socio-economic vises.


@rccgkp will pay you for doing this task.


Requirement: 1+ Influence online task Must be completed within 1 hours Offer Expires: 22nd Apr 2022, 12:00am 53 Participants 50 Slots, Filled Up Expiry Elapsed
WARNING: Please don't do a task until you first joined the deal.
If you do an expired or filled up task without having joined it; and demand payment from the sponsor, you will be banned.
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