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To brand the Youtube channel URL of MindViewers Talent Exhibitions, we need at least 1,000 subscribers.
“(But as a matter of principle, we won't buy fake subscribers)”

So, here's the task:
1. Subscribe to the Youtube channel
2. Comment on any of the videos on the channel, that you find interesting.
3. Share that youtube video to your Facebook or Twitter (remember to include mindviewers.com when sharing)

Your name here 'must' match that on Youtube and Facebook or Twitter
Also, the Facebook or Twitter account must have been created since at least 1 Year ago

When done, send the screenshot of your youtube comment, and the url of your facebook or twitter post to @mindviewers/dm

1 1,262
1 shares 1 shares

@mindviewers will pay you for doing this task.


Requirement: 5+ Influence online task Must be completed within 2 hours Offer Expires: 30th May 2022, 12:00am 160 Participants Expiry Elapsed
WARNING: Please don't do a task until you first joined the deal.
If you do an expired or filled up task without having joined it; and demand payment from the sponsor, you will be banned.
Latest 3 Rewarded Participants:
noreagaaa 1🏆 - Theophilus Matthew
Done Deal (Reward Payment Acknowledged) - 10mo 7d ago
fortuneokugbe 1🏆 - Fortune Okugbe
Done Deal (Reward Payment Acknowledged) - 10mo 12d ago
roberty2000 1🏆 - Robert Usongu
Done Deal (Reward Payment Acknowledged) - 10mo 15d ago


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