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Who has the best jollof rice?

Which jollof rice is better? Ghana or Nigeria.
Find out who won the Jollof wars here:

Is Ghanaian jollof better than Nigerian Jollof?
Although, that has been the popular debate, a more accurate question would be:
“Which country's Jollof rice is the best?”
(Since jollof doesn't even originate from Nigeria nor Ghana. Jollof rice was invented by Senegal)

So, who has the best jollof rice in West Africa?

  • Nigerian Jollof
  • Ghanaian Jollof
  • Sierra Leonean Jollof
  • Liberian Jollof
  • Cameroonian Jollof
  • Gambian Jollof
  • Senegalese Jollof

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