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Kingdom Palace is a Zonal Headquarters, under Lagos Province 27 of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. RCCG Kingdom Palace was founded on 24 of January 2010.

Our Regular Programs Are:
• Sundays @ 7:30am - 9am (1st Service)
• Sundays @ 10am-12noon (2nd Service)
• Tuesdays @ 6:30pm (Bible study, aka Digging deep)
• Thursdays @ 6:30pm(Prayer Meeting, aka Faith Clinic)

Join Us At: 1, Borogade Crescent, off Okegbenro Street, Adesola, Via Puposola, New Oko-Oba, Lagos.
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This quiz is excerpted from RCCG Sunday-school lessons, 2nd Quarter of 2021/2022.
Attempt if you attend Sunday School class in RCCG, and please share this quiz to others that does.
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1. A higher step than searching the scripture is:
a. Memorizing it.
b. Seeking after the truth
c. Speaking in tongues
d. Singing

2. Meditation on the Word involves:
a. Eating, Chewing and regurgitating it.
b. Memorizing all the verses.
c. Memorizing the important parts.
d. Eating, drinking and dancing about it.

3. One of these is NOT part of "How to receive baptism of the Holy Spirit"
a. Be born again.
b. Be desirous and thirty of the baptism of the Hoy Spirit.
c. Attentive to sermons.
d. Identify the Lord Jesus Christ as the right source of the baptism.

4. Which of these is NOT a basic component of wedding.
a. Expressions of worship, Joy, celebration, respect, dignity & Love
b. Solemn eternal covenant before God.
c. Complete satisfaction of the guests
d. Pre-marital counseling

5. Which is NOT a reason for Christians to be involved in politics?
a. To take lead and allow kingdom values to shape our society.
b. To gather money for our churches
c. Because political leaders have great influence on our fulfillment of God-given mandates
d. To reduce corruption, disorderliness, mischief and other socio-economic vises.


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God Knows His Own -(A Digging Deep Note)

• First, we're never too many for God to recognize/keep track to detail.
It is futile, trying to fathom God's vastness (He created the brain, remember) -Is.40:28

1. How Intimately Does God Know His Own
• To start with: God is multi-watching us, even in our natural habitat. -John 1:48 (Jesus& Nathanael)
• Only that He prioritizes who He attends to, when in need. -Nahum 1:7
• We can decide to Get intimate with God. How??
  • John 10:3 - It starts from the heart 'gatekeeper', intimacy involves constant interaction.

  • • So, a redefinition of our term "knows" in the topics 1 Cor. 8:3 =recognizes/loves.
    • What's our own role:: depart from iniquities (this automatically makes us become valuable) - ²Tim. 2:19-20.

    Let's consider: what if a person decides to stay away from God instead. "Because of His standard"
    • He is still the Judge of unbelievers (God of all flesh)
    • He knows your house-address to deliver Judgment when due. -Amos 9:3
  • In fact, He will search with lamp to avoid omission. -Zep. 1:12

  • Silver Lining: God is actually searching your heart, He understands your struggles (really does), and readily willing to help. -Jer. 17:10

    2. How can you know that He knows you, and recognizes you as His own
    • The Bible confirms/certifies that, If we keep His commandments, we'll know Him -1John 2:3
    (This is a pre-established prophesy/promise). Abraham was minding his business; Cornelius too, when God came to them

    ::But knowing God isn't enough, He has to "know" us too, and be in us.::

    • Holy Spirit confirms that He is in us. -1Jn. 4:13
    • In fact, Holy spirit is the authoritative verdict of God "knowing"/recognizing us. 1John 5:9
    • We actually become friends with God, when we do His commandments. 1john 15:14

    3. Who else knows the saints as Special people of God?
    • Satan & his demons. -Acts. 19:25
    So, saints are actually the relevant, main players that are of value in life. (Both God & Satan recognize them -not chaffs)
    • We must be attentive to our value and be careful of their 'famzing' due to our value. -Acts. 16:16-18

    4. How Do Saints Know Themselves?
    • They'll be in the company of the God-fearing. You as a saint can never justify why your best friends are ungodly. -Ps. 119:63
    • Even God is interested in ordinary conversations of the god-fearing, speaking to one-another. -Mal. 3:16
  • Try to intentionally make friends with the God-fearing brethren.

  • (They are in one-accord/unity -Acts 2:4)
    • They walk in the light, and fellowships
    (Do you feel refreshed/quickened after a true fellowship session? It's part of the constitution 😊 -1John 1:7)
    (Iron sharpens iron -Prov. 27:17).
    True children of God enjoys fellowshipping, living holy, joy

    5. If I want to become a saint, what must I do?
    • The Lord is already near those with broken/contrite spirit. -Ps. 34: 18
    • Grope for Him, although He is actually not far. -Acts. 17:27
    (God is near all those who call Him in truth. -Ps. 145:18 ).

    #DiggingDeep #BibleStudy #RCCG

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