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Online Speed Dating
Make new friends or find love. You will have just few minutes to rub-minds with each person, and decide who you like.
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How It Works

Online speed-dating is a 2-days event where you get paired with several people of opposite sex, on a blind-date for few moments.
  • During this event: Your names will be hidden from each-other; only age and location will be revealed (unless you guys decided to exchange the information by yourselves).
  • Normally, after the event, you will be able to find-out who you chatted with, through their profile here; unless either of you cleared the conversation-log (to make the interaction stay mysterious).

Event starts in
FEE: $2
Why Is This A Paid Program? - You may ask.
• Not everyone online is interested in dating related stuffs; here's an avenue to gather and prevent mis-shots.
• Anything not paid for are readily abused; this filters out un-seriousness.

Refer Your Friends , and get cash-back.
Get $1 for each of your referral that picked a spot on this speed-dating event.
  • To qualify for cash-back rewards; you must also be a participant. (Currently, you are yet to book your slot)
  • You can only get cash-back once on each person you invited.
    (Not for subsequent edition of this event if they re-participate).
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