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Mindviewer group chat

Mindviewer group chat
This a group where we will posting different tyoe of social helping stuff and discussing notable topic

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🛡 10 important life rules:

Rule #1
If you are not from a rich family, then a rich family should start with you.

Rule #2
Learn to say no without feeling like you betrayed your father, your mother, or the world.

Rule #3
You will not be criticized by someone who does more than you. You will be criticized by someone who does less than you.

Rule #4
A winner is just a loser who tries again.

Rule #5
People get angry when you don't let them use you.

Rule #6
Be rich, but in such a way that no one knows that you are rich.

Rule #7
Don't share your achievements on social media. Share nonsense. So people will think that you are not successful. People hate progress.

Rule #8
When you are lazy, it is disrespectful to those who believe in you.

Rule #9
"Bees don't waste time telling flies honey is better than crap."

Rule #10
6 months of discipline can completely change your life.

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