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About MindViewers

MindViewers is a social forum, for meeting interesting people, to explore strongest opinions on current happenings.
And as an incentive, people get paid for, participating in simple activities.

MindViewers lets you • Meet interesting people. • Explore strongest opinions on everything. • Get Paid Online, doing simple tasks.

MindViewers Poll - Free online voting system

Conduct an online election or determine poll projections for your organization, community or products.
MindViewers polls are credible, giving you a deeper insights into voters' reasons for making their choices. Start a poll, It's Free

MindViewers Advise - Free Online Counselling

Do you need an advise? Get the best tips on live issues from a community of insightful people. Meanwhile, someone may also need your experience. Ask, or Answer People's Question

Online Forum Fun-Games'

Get paid everyday for participating in exciting forum games that lighten-up your days.
Join groups here.

Set-up Paid Tasks Or Get Paid For Doing Tasks

As a business owner, entrepreneur, artiste or affiliate marketer, You can make your products or brand go viral without stress.
Start a challenge or task Here, for thousands of people here, eagerly waiting and willing to do it.

Meanwhile, to get paid for doing online or physical task, see the available paid tasks

Virtual Companion

Sometimes, you just want to express your mind to someone that listens without wanting anything in returns.
Virtual companion is Your private, offline AI bot; doesn't transmit your conversation and doesn't require internet connection.
Start a conversation

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