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I remember the day when I went to the market with my close friend, Victor. We had decided to go shopping for clothes, looking for something stylish and affordable. As we entered the clothing store, we came across a rack of shirts from a popular brand that we both liked.

While going through the shirts, I noticed that the ones with the originality tag were significantly more expensive than the ones without it. I decided to opt for the cheaper shirts, knowing that they were of the same brand and quality, minus the inflated price and the originality tag.

However, Victor had a different approach. He insisted on buying the expensive ones, stating that he wanted to showcase his preference for quality and authenticity. He made fun of me for choosing the replicas, calling them cheap imitations. I tried to advise him, explaining that the only difference between our shirts was the tag and the price. But Victor wouldn't listen. He ignored my advice and insisted on his choice.

Days later. By coincidence, we both ended up wearing our newly bought shirts on the same day. As we walked through the streets, I couldn't help but notice the attention my shirt was getting. People were complimenting its vintage charm—its slightly darker shades giving it a unique and distinct look.

On the other hand, Victor's shirt didn't seem to attract as much attention. As time went by, it became evident that his expensive purchase was fading away, losing its original color, and losing the appeal it once had.

Meanwhile, my cheaper replica shirt remained as good as new. Its fabric retained its vibrant colors, and its authenticity shone through, despite the absence of the originality tag.

I have conserved my money and had something of higher quality.
Victor regretted his decisions and has been taught.

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Heart of men.

So last week, a pregnant woman had an argument with the husband, and this led to the husband not talking to her.
Some days later the woman's water broke and she asked her husband to take her to the hospital that her water just broke.
The husband ignored her. She then had to call a friend to come take her to the hospital. The friend came over and drove her to the hospital.
The friend stayed back till she put to bed

Now I want to know....
What kind of disagreement would make a man ignore the wife in labor

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Judging handsome

Maxwell was a handsome boy who always caught the attention of girls wherever he went. He had striking features and a charming personality, and it wasn't long before girls started admiring him. However, Maxwell wasn't interested in flirting around. Instead, he focused on his studies, sports, and personal growth.

People often misjudged him as being snobbish and proud, but that was far from the truth. He was simply someone who believed in discipline and hard work, choosing to stay focused on his goals rather than wasting time chasing girls. While he maintained cordial relationships with people, he was never one to indulge in small talk or idle gossip.

One day, Maxwell met a girl named Ozioma, and it wasn't long before he was drawn to her. She was smart, confident, and had an unpretentious charm about her that he found refreshing. They started spending time together, and Maxwell found himself opening up to her in a way he had never done before.

As they got to know each other better, Maxwell realized that Ozioma was someone he could be himself around. She appreciated his dedication and hard work, and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. He also discovered that beneath her confident exterior, Ozioma had her own share of insecurities and vulnerabilities..
Let's continue this story next time friends

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The corona phobia

From school I fell very ill and when I returned from school too it wasn't funny at all , I kept on taking drugs for over two weeks it wasn't just working out or it will stop during the day and at night it will be like I was delivered to the devil himself and the whole process starts again.
So parents suggested I go for test buh I was so scared because at my dad's work place some people were diagnosed of Corona virus so I just had the phobia for the so called test. The illness wasn't getting funny anymore I decided to go for the test anyways and the results came out and it was malaria and typhoid fever.
Long story short am responding to treatments now , never let fear take the better part of you or you might die in the process , lesson successfully learnt.

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Man in the Mirror

It's 3am and I am seated on the edge of my bed, unable to sleep, the environment is so creepily silent, it feels as if I've been submerged in the quietest black hole of nature. "Why did I wake up now?" I hissed before checking my phone to see when I slept off, it was 1.30am.

I've been having these kind of unwanted wake-ups but it usually doesn't last for 15 minutes as I'd sleep off right away. This time, I felt a stronger presence in my room, a stronger force of insomnia, I was weak but my body had refused to succumb to sleep for 20 minutes.

A gust of wind blew into my room, "I could've sworn I closed this window before I slept" I whispered, time gave me no space to think clearly, I hurriedly bolted the window and returned to my position. I wondered if I had also left the second window open and in a bit to confirm, I raised the curtain to be sure, there it was! Wide open.

"I stayed up in bed till 1.30am and didn't close this window?" I questioned as if I had a roommate before slamming the window shut. Something dropped at my doorstep simultaneously with the slam, I waited in my dark room for the next pin-drop sound I could hear but nothing came. Then lightning struck and it flickered in my room for a split second, long enough to reveal the figure of a masked man in the mirror standing right in the middle of the room.

I fidgeted for my flashlight and pointed it in the presumed man's direction but no one was there, I exhaled in relief, "It must be the lack of good sleep lately," I hopped in bed hoping the tranquility of the incoming rain will grant me a peaceful night rest till dawn.

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Smoothest Travel Ever

As I walked up to the bus stop, I couldn't help but notice the dilapidated bus waiting there. It had seen better days, that was for sure. Its faded paint job spoke much about its age and questionable mechanical stability. But it was my only option, there were no other buses around and I was determined to reach my destination with no delay.

The bus was packed, and I found myself squeezing into a vacant seat near the back. I couldn't help but feel a little uneasy as the engine groaned and wheezed into action. It seemed like this rusty old bus was as unsure about its travel capabilities as I was.

As we began our journey, the bus began to bounce and rattle with every pothole and bump in the road. It was like being on a wild roller coaster, except without the exhilaration. With every jolt, my buttocks took a beating, and I couldn't help but wince with each painful landing. Girls on the bus screamed even before the driver reached a posthole.

To distract myself from my aching behind, I decided to engross myself with a movie video on my phone. There was a guy dressed as if he were ready to climb Mount Everest, complete with hiking boots and a backpack. A woman sitting across from me had a parrot perched on her shoulder, and it kept squawking and flapping its wings, adding another layer of chaos to the already rowdy atmosphere. Was as if I was a refugee.

But the most amusing sight was a little kid with a balloon. Every time the bus hit a particularly rough patch of road, the balloon would wildly bounce around, nearly smacking unsuspecting passengers in the face. The child would giggle uncontrollably as his balloon had a mind of its own, he was unbothered be the falls and impacts he took on each jolt.

Despite the chaos and discomfort, there was an odd atmosphere between us passengers. We would exchange knowing smiles and empathetic nods with each jolt or bounce. We were all in this together, after all.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of bumpy roads and heart-stopping moments, the bus came to a halt. I stumbled off, my legs feeling like jelly, and couldn't help but laugh at the whole experience. I had made it to my destination intact, with no injuries other than my aching buttocks.

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My strange Neighbor

We had a neighbor that had stayed in our compound for two years. She seemed so quiet. The woman would leave her house early in the morning without greeting anyone including my parents and none of us had seen her going to church.

The compound was fenced and the houses were spacious with each having their own flats(one bedroom flat). The flats were up to eight in total.

People call her different names of which they said she gave herself.

Regardless of the number of times people preached for her, they all fell on deaf ears. The day I tried sharing the word of God to her she drove me off adding that I should better distance myself from her hence, deáth would be my calling.

That word alone got me thinking.

With the way the woman was behaving, everyone became so curious about her, seeing a grown up woman like that staying all alone wasn't normal at all except if something was hidden underground. She barely had visitors.

Some person's thoughts were

"Is she childless? Could she be barren? What about her friends and family members?"

Others were murmuring and gossiping about her. Seeing her weird behaviours, my parents warned me to stay away from her. Of course I told them I would heed their advice.

I was the type of person that always loves to dig into something that I found suspicious.

"There's something fishy about this woman. I'll get to the bottom of it. I'll look for a way to enter that her house that no one has entered." I told myself.

The day officially came. That day I closed from church on time because of her. The compound was scanty except for the woman that I sighted from our window sitting down on her verandah with hands placed on her cheeks. She was soliloquizing and smiling at the same time.

They restored power and I abruptly went to turn on the pump so that the two tanks could get filled up with water.

Not long, I saw her dressed on a red gown and leaving the house with her bag. I noticed she didn't lock the door. She just shut it and left, I decided to grip hold of that opportunity to dig out what she was hiding.

I trailed her till she left the gate before turning back. I observed the whole place and everyone was absent and majority of them were still in church.

I rushed to our verandah, pulled my palms and crept to her room door. I observed and no one was watching so I opened it, entered inside and shut the door behind me.

Inside the room was filled with sands giving the impression that it hadn't been swept for years.

I trailed it to her room. Everywhere was filled with cobwebs and on top of her bed was a human skull tied with a dark material. I got frightened till my legs began to shake like a leaf. About five red candles were lit they were already half burned. The mattress was so filthy.

The smell oozing out from her room wasn't friendly at all.

I abruptly heard someone's sound and my heàrt flown out. Immediately I turned, I saw her standing there looking at me and speaking in a weird tongue. She had a visage that threatened more than a charging bull.

I retreated and accidentally slipped off, collapsing on the ground.

"What are you doing in my room!" She thundered furiously while drawing close.
Has anyone had such strange experience??

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When the reverse happens

He was a diligent employee at a local software company, where he had worked for many years. John loved his job, and he had always believed that it was the cornerstone of his stable and content life.

One fateful day, the company's management announced that they were downsizing, and John was among the unfortunate ones chosen to be let go. He was devastated. Losing his job, he thought, meant losing everything he had worked so hard for. He worried about his mortgage, his bills, and his family's well-being. What was once a source of fulfillment had turned into a crushing disappointment.

Weeks turned into months, and John struggled to find a new job. It seemed like every door he knocked on remained firmly shut. As his savings dwindled, he felt a growing sense of despair. But little did he know that the storm he was weathering would eventually lead him to a new and unexpected blessing.

One day, while attending a local networking event, John struck up a conversation with a stranger named Emily. She had overheard him talking about his background in software development. Emily, as it turned out, was an entrepreneur working on a groundbreaking project. She needed someone with precisely John's skills to help bring her vision to life.

John's disappointment had made him more open to new possibilities, and he decided to join Emily's startup. As they worked tirelessly together, they not only built an innovative product but also a deep friendship. John realized that he had discovered a passion for entrepreneurship that he had never known existed.

Years passed, and the startup thrived. John and Emily's creation became a household name, and they became industry leaders. John had not only found a new career path but also a newfound sense of purpose and fulfillment. His initial disappointment of losing his job had transformed into a blessing that had reshaped his life in the most unexpected and wonderful ways.

Looking back, John often marveled at the twists of fate that had brought him to where he was. He had learned that sometimes, the disappointments that hit the hardest could lead to the most incredible blessings when we are open to new opportunities and willing to embrace change.

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Back to school

With his oversized head, he walked side to side trying to tilt his head, but the weight couldn't be controlled. His head was overly stuffed and I bet I couldn't control it myself if I was in the same shoe as the lad. He was a crossover student, a newbie.

I walked behind with a bucket and a scooper made of leather, roping materials, and of course, leather, whatever that is called, it was for getting water from a well.

I threw in my scooper/fetcher while taking a grip on the rope, and then slowly, I drew water and emptied it into my bucket. Until I threw it a second time and lost my grip.
The fetcher fell inside the well and there was no way I could reach it without a height that could reach down.

I looked down at my drowning possession in awe and heard the newbie chuckle.
Suddenly a thought crept in.

.. "please can I try with your scooper to recover mine? ", I asked him politely with a smile.

"please all man on his own" he replied with rather a mocking grin.

I stood for a while in shock. I would have helped instantly if it happened to him.
Without lingering, I headed towards a shop nearby and demanded for a pole leaning just beside their property.

Triumphantly, I walked back towards the well, with a slow pace, I lifted the pole slightly above my chest so that the newbie could se how fast I got a better solution.

I had withdrawn my scooper already and was about returning the pole, when the mountain-head called out to me. Looking back, I realized that he was not with his scooper no more, it had fallen. I couldn't hold in my joy, I giggled and returned the pole to where it belonged.

I was done narrating the incident to the shop owner, the one who helped me with the pole, when the newbie drew close and please with the woman to allow him use the pole.
The lady refused but after I pleaded on his behalf, she allowed him.

The newbie ran back with the pole and was struggling to pull out his fetcher when the woman sent out her son to retrieve it.
I watched in amazement as the pole was collected from him. He tried to struggle but realizing that the boy was sent by his mother, he was rendered speechless.

After he stood there for some minute, he returned to the woman..

"please ma, I have not gotten my scooper yet before your son collected it from me" , he said.

,"I know, the woman answered"

This speech threw the newbie into a new trance and I was sure he won't recover from the incident for sometime.

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The cool ambiance hit my face as I peered outside the taxi I was sitting in.

I sighed. Today would be my last visit to where Tom was.

Tom was my younger brother whom I have been taking care of. It was my mother's last wish before she passed away.

"Take care of Tom, and protect him at all cost, Phoebe," she said as she let go of the hem of my gown.

Her words continued ringing in my ears for years. I have been shouldering the responsibility of taking care of Tom. He was someone I ought to take care of at all costs.

But now, things have changed because I was leaving for port-harcourt without him.

For some weeks now, whenever I went to visit Tom, he never answered back. I did the talking alone and listened to the bouncing back of my voice.

Hot tears ran down my cheeks. I no longer live a tough life. I was in money, but it looked like something was missing.

"We are here, Miss," the voice of the taxi driver jolted me back from my thoughts.

I wiped my tears with the back of my hand, took out a clean thousand naira note, and told him to keep the change.

I stepped out of the taxi and walked briskly to the duplex where I had workers taking care of Tom.
A slender, tall, fair lady came out of the building and welcomed me with a smile. I only waved in reply to her greeting and entered the building.

She took me to a room and left.

I stood in the cold room which housed a chair and comfy bed on which Tom was lying.

"it's me, Tom," I started to say as I pulled the chair and sat down.

My voice came back at me noisily.

"I am leaving for port-harcourt, so I decided to pay you a last visit," I continued.

"You know, I'm relieved I won't have to visit you anymore, it has been suffocating," I smiled.

I moved close to the place he was lying and lifted my eyes to the ceiling.

"At least, I would not have to see some scary cor…."

The words suddenly stuck in my throat. I choked on my saliva as I struggled to breathe.

I darted my eyes to where Tom was lying, I didn't see him there.

I felt a strong hand on my neck as the grip became tight.
A sinister chuckle echoed in the room and the hairs on my skin rose.

"This is impossible!" I shrieked as I struggled to break free from the stronghold.

Questions ran in my head.
Why was Tom awake? He was supposed to be dead. I killed him!

The person who gave me wealth said I would not have any problem if I follow the procedure of becoming rich- joining the secret society- killing Tom and visiting his corpse for 14 days.

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What Do I Do?

My name is Betty, and I have always been the kind of person who strives for excellence. Ever since I started school, my goal has been to secure the first position in my class. I studied hard, completed all my assignments on time, and participated actively in class discussions. But no matter how much effort I put in, I could never seem to rise above the third position in class.

Feeling frustrated, I began to wonder what I was doing wrong. I observed my classmates who consistently outperformed me, and I noticed something they all had in common - they were never distracted. While I tried to study, there was always something pulling my attention away, whether it was my favorite TV show, my friends visiting, and the like.

I started by setting stricter daily routines. I blocked out specific hours for focused studying, ensuring that I was free from any potential distractions. I turned off my phone entirely or put it on silent mode, refusing to let it steal my attention. As for my friends, I kindly explained my goals to them and asked for their support in keeping me accountable.

Furthermore, I chose to make my spare time count. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media or watching random videos, I sought out educational content to fill my leisure hours, scrolling through @mindviewers news updates and educative articles. I discovered countless informative websites, read books on various subjects, and explored documentaries that expanded my knowledge. I found myself growing intellectually even during my downtime.

Weeks turned into months, and I soon realized the positive impact of my newfound focus. My grades started improving significantly, and I noticed myself climbing up the leaderboard. I was finally approaching that elusive first position that I had always chased after.

The day arrived when the final rankings were announced. I held my breath as my teacher called out the positions one by one. When I heard my name being announced as the top performer in the class, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with joy. All my hard work and dedication had paid off. I had finally achieved the goal I had been striving for.

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On this faithful day or should I say rather unfaithful, I was woken up by a call from my junior sister saying that they needed money to buy food stuffs urgently and I promised to do something immediately about it. After the call ended, I went to my savings without even counting the amount that was there, I just took #4,000 and I went to the pos and sent it to her, she was very happy and I asked her to manage it.
I later got home took my bathe and was about leaving for work and as usual I went to my savings to take transport fare and I noticed I was left with only #400 and to and fro work altogether is #300. I instantly knew I was dummed because I would go hungry throughout that day, so I decided to just go to work and see what comes out of it.
After I closed from work, I realized I made nothing extra as tip from patients so I was still left with #250. So transported my self to a distance before taking bike to reduce the cost and I was left with #150. I thought hard of what to buy with it in this country that could quench my hunger I thirst, until I saw where bread and beans was sold and I remembered how it used to satisfy me whenever I eat it. So I went there and realized my money was only capable of buying bread #120 and the woman refused to sell beans of #30 saying she only sells beans #100 so I stood there until I saw a guy and decided to ask him to help me buy mine too that the woman has refused to answer me because I was not fluent in Yoruba. After he bought his, as soon as he mentioned mine she shouted that she doesn't sell beans #50 because the guy helped me to make it #50. So, he said she should make it #100 and that was how I was able to get the beans and bread thanks to the guy, I didn't go to bed hungry that night.
It was a very annoying experience that has taught me to always check my money before taking out of it to handle something to avoid embarrassment as such.

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Out in the cold

David had always loved the rain. It was his favorite time of year in the rainy season, He would head out into the street, dancing in the downpour, feeling alive and free.

His friends and family always warned him about playing in the rain too much, telling him it was dangerous and that he was going to get sick. But David never listened. He felt invincible, and the joy he felt was worth any risk.

For years, David continued to play in the rain whenever he could. He loved the way it made him feel, and he couldn't imagine living without it.

But then, one day, something changed. David woke up feeling achy and tired, with a pounding headache and a fever. He tried to shrug it off, but as the day wore on, he began to feel worse. He was later taken to the doctor, who told him he had a severe case of pneumonia, most likely caused by his time spent playing in the rain.

David was devastated. He had only ever wanted to feel alive and free, and now he was confined to a hospital bed, unable to even breathe properly. He realized that he had been wrong all these years, that playing in the rain came with real risks and consequences.

But he couldn't have been convinced better if not for the experience.
He had been playing in the rain for years now and nothing had happened until now. Except that this time, he felt awful and knee deep down that the excess play under the downpour had resulted in the impact.

He decided from then to abstain from cold and rain, it was a hard decision to make but he got acclimated with time.

Playing in the rain is bad and so is staying out in the cold, taking cold baths, and eating icey and cold food.

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What it was like

As I made my way to church today to catch a sermon, the familiar sight of children, dressed in their neat school uniforms, flooded my senses. They walked with purpose, their bags hung over their shoulders, some of them held books in their hands. The image of these young students trooping to their respective primary schools stirred sleeping memories of childhood, transporting me back to the days when I too was part of that eager crowd.

I couldn't help but smile as I watched the young ones hasten to avoid being late, some sharing stories of what they ate before leaving home while others kept walking mute and focused.

As I walked amidst the bustling group of youngsters, I couldn't help but reflect on my own experiences during those years. The friendships I made, the lessons learned both in and out of the classroom, and the gradual change from a curious child to a young adult set to explore the world.

I wished these young souls the same enthusiasm for life that I had, the same thirst for knowledge, and the same determination to face the challenges that awaited them. Their journey was just beginning, and it held lot of opportunities, so much than they can ever imagine.

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As she was walking down the quiet street towards her apartment, she noticed a man walking towards her. Instinctively, she crossed the street, hoping to avoid any confrontation. But the man followed her, and before Kosiso knew it, he had snatched her laptop and disappeared into the night.

Kosiso was devastated. All her hard-earned money had gone to waste, and she felt violated that someone had taken something she treasured so much. She felt afraid and betrayed that someone could steal from her so easily.

The next day, Kosiso mustered up the courage to file a police report. Although she knew it was unlikely that she would ever see her laptop again, she still felt a sense of relief that she had taken the first step in seeking justice.

As she left the police station, feeling exhausted and deflated, she noticed a group of children playing with makeshift soccer balls on the street. Despite her sadness, she couldn't help but smile at their laughter and enthusiasm.

Kosiso approached the children and started a conversation with them. Before she knew it, they had invited her to join in their game. Kosiso gladly obliged, forgetting about her worries and immersing herself in the joy of the moment.

In that moment, Kosiso realized that although the laptop was valuable, it was the experiences, the memories, and the connections she built with the people around her that truly mattered. She may have been robbed of material possessions, but she had gained something far more valuable: a renewed appreciation for the little moments of joy and connection that make life worth living.

Always be conscious when you walk.

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My wicked landlord

My name is Sarah, but my friends call me mumummy G.O I have this ability to Sense danger before it happens, don't know if it is a gift from God, Also I never knew I could see Ghosts too until one Saturday morning.

I was sitting outside, my new compound that i just parked in few days ago, the space outside was like an air conditioned room, the breeze there could make one to sleep. I sat for about 20 minutes, before I dozed off.

Not too long I slept, Someone tapped me, then I woke up, it was a lady, she was quite pretty, fair in complexion and was around her late twenties.

She asked me if I was new here, I told her yes, and I asked her who she was looking for, as I have never seen her face before. There was something odd about this girl, the foul smell that came from her could tell something, but I wasn't getting what was it.

Then I remembered When my friend classic told me about ghosts. 'Jesus Christ could it be that am chatting with a ghost, No way! .

Hey Miss am looking for your Landlord.
My Landlord is not around he travelled I told her.
Ok when he comes back tell him I came looking for him.

When my Landlord came back, I forgot to tell him about what happened.
Few days later I started having nightmares.

There was this lady always chasing me in the dream, she was looking harmless, but she kept chasing after me like I owed her something.

This continued for weeks untill I then finally remembered the lady that came the other day.
I told my Landlord, He just laughed and said mummy G.O are you sure of what you saw?Because the lady in your description died last year.
No sir it is not possible I saw a ghost, I felt ashamed of myself, because my landlord did not believe my story.

I left and since after that day I stopped having nightmares.It was then I started believing I actually saw a ghost.
I was prepared for her Incase she comes next time.

Life continued I almost forgot about the ghost incident,when one Saturday morning my Landlord was found Dead in his room.
What a world, few weeks back I told him about the ghost,then he dies
Is like this my Landlord hand no clean.

I went to see his family and sympathize with them.He had three children, he left now for his poor wife to train. I had much pity on them,but I know God will see them through.

As I was leaving the compound, I saw her, the Ghost lady.
What are doing here, I know that's your doings pointing at my Landlord house.

Tell me more about yourself and how you died
Because the way am seeing this, my Landlord has hand in your death. Yes he sure does the ghost replied it called tooth for tooth my family members saw how I died unjustified so they buried me with matchet and torch to fight for my self.


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A Ray of Hope

A Ray of Hope
It's an open field with bright grasses and I'm walking on it, towards a massive sword-like ray of light that appeared from the heaven projecting all the way to the earth. This ray of light was so thick that I couldn't see through it, I was so sure that's no ordinary sunlight, out of it came every beautiful creature that I had never gazed on or heard about.

Intrigued about what will be on the other side of the light, I increased my pace in an attempt to reach it sooner but a different, opposite event begun immediately. Dark loopholes randomly appeared on the field and in the air sucking in the beautiful creatures that came out of the light and anything that comes close, the once bright grasses turned black. A dark giant cloud filled with smoke and lightning shot out of the ground and reached for the heavens, terrifying winged creatures came out of it, with ear-piercing screeches, they shook the atmosphere.

Immediately realizing they were creating a strong distraction to keep me from reaching the light, I sprinted in utmost fear avoiding the dark loopholes but they weren't going to let me go that easy, in unison they flew towards me, hitting as if they intended to knock me down. I became weak, unable to keep running as I had sustained injuries to almost every part of my body.

Eventually, I came to a halt and the darkness began sucking me in, I could still see the light but there was no hope of getting there. But in that very instant, bolts of lightning fired from the sky and the ray of light became a being who appeared to have the stature of a man and when these evil creatures flew towards him, he breathed massive fire, enough to burn them to ashes, a hurricane gust of wind accompanied his breath, vaporizing everything that bred from the darkness.

With the last strength, I yelled out "Help!" There was a significant distance between us, I didn't expect him to hear me but somehow, I was convinced he was fighting to rescue me.

Until next time... Adios

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The Old house

Emily picked up an old leather-back book. She blew off the dust, revealing the title, "The Forgotten Land." Intrigued, she curled up in a corner even though the walls were full of dust and began turning the fragile pages. With each word, she was transported to a realm where knights fought dragons, fairies whispered secrets, and legends came to life.

For hours, Emily continued reading the enchanting story, completely absorbed by the world unfolding before her. She laughed at little provocations as if she acted a character.

As the evening sun became pale and painted an orange across the library, Emily closed the book, reluctantly leaving her newfound companions. With a smile glowing on her face, she knew her adventure had only just begun. The mansion had shared its hidden gem, an ancient tale, with her, igniting a spark of curiosity that would guide her through countless future expeditions.

Emily left the old house and rushed home in happiness. She took her bath and scrubbed her skin hard. She wanted to be clean of the dirt on her skin but not the pictures on her mind, she couldn't wait to tell mother.

Her hands were afloat, and her face was sad.
She had made mention of her adventure to Mother but Mother was displeased with it.
She assumed the place was mysterious and her daughter Emily should have kept away from the building as it might bring bad luck.

On the bed, she felt a bit unfulfilled and sad but the joy of discovering the wonderland surpassed. She couldn't wait to return the next day.

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The journey that never ended

Once, on a blistering summer's day, after my last exam, I embarked on what would become my worst journey ever. It all began innocently enough when I decided to travel the exact same day my exams ended which was supposed to end before noon. As usual I already have my lodge arrange and ready the previous day.

fortunately for the exam ended as expected, i packed my bags, kissed my friends goodbye, and set off on the long drive to delta state. Little did I know that this journey would test my patience and resilience in ways I had never imagined.

The trouble started when I hit an unexpected traffic jam on the highway. What should have been a simple drive turned into a seemingly endless ordeal of honking horns and frustrated drivers. Hours crept by, and my excitement began to wane. I cursed my luck and tried to keep my spirits high, reminding myself that the destination would be worth it.

As if the traffic wasn't bad enough, dark clouds began to gather overhead, threatening rain. I google map to see how far we've gone, hoping for some distraction, not long the drive tone on to a radio station, only to be met with a weather report predicting a severe thunderstorm in the area. Panic set in as I realized that we still have a long way to go and the time is far spent. With each passing minute, the storm drew closer, and my anxiety grew.

Finally, the traffic started moving, but it was too late. The heavens opened up, and rain poured down in torrents. I struggled to see through the blurred windshield, and the winding mountain roads became treacherous. Lightning illuminated the sky, followed by deafening thunderclaps that rattled my nerves.

On reaching the very first bus stop the driver entered to drop a few passengers, just on a reverse so the journey can continue hoping for a better and fast drive this time around. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, we heard a loud bang and felt the car shudder. We had hit a deep pothole hidden beneath the murky water on the road. My heart sank as I realized we had a flat tire, and changing it in the pouring rain demand we all exit the car

With trembling hands and soaked clothes, we managed to replace the tire, but by now, I was thoroughly drenched and shivering. Exhausted and disheartened, at this point I can't just continue with the journey but just because of the weather but we are already running very late into the night hours.

It was a humbling experience, to say the least. My worst journey had taught me the importance of being prepared for the unexpected and the resilience to face adversity head-on. As I finally made my way to a very close relations resident, I couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of it all. Despite the mishaps and misfortunes, at least I had a tale to tell, a story of my worst journey ever, one that would be etched in my memory for years to come.

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Trip to Lagos

Last week, I happened to be opportuned to visit one of my uncles in Lagos in order for him to help me get a job back there in Lagos. The journey was kind of hectic and there was almost a time when we almost crashed into a car but I thank God we were able to reach safely.
On getting to his house, I was shocked because his house was like a palace and he's a person who always dress and appears like he doesn't have that kind of money but I was so shocked when I saw his house. He then made me understand that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. So after settling down, the next day I prepared my documents and he took me to three of his friends companies and he referred me to them and I also submitted my credentials and they all promised to get back to me. On getting home, I noticed something that was like a crusade because the whole place was crowdy and noisy. The road was blocked so my uncle had to park his car somewhere and we walked pass the crowd. But I was shocked why my uncle decided to leave his car instead of to horn or even force his way through but I didn't ask and as we walked pass the crowd that was when I noticed it was one of their festivals and there were many masquerades displaying and all of them were very tall, it was very amusing because I haven't seen any masquerade as tall as they were. My uncle soon spoke about why he left his car was that during such, they don't allow movement of vehicle.


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Today′s stress

I woke up early this morning feeling tired. As I stumbled out of bed, I realized it was going to be another long day filled with endless house chores. The laundry, the dishes, the cleaning. There was a lot for me to do.

Throughout the day, I rushed from one chore to another, barely pausing to catch my breath. The laundry seemed never-ending, the dishes seemed to multiply on their own, and the dust seemed to have a mind of its own, continuously settling on every surface in the house a minute after I wiped.

Each time I thought I had crossed one task off my list, two more would take its place. My stress levels soared as the hours ticked by, and I found myself yearning for a rest.

As night approached, I realized that I had reached the end of my to-do list for the day. The house was clean, the chores were done, and I could finally take a moment for myself.

As I sank into the couch, tiredness and fatigue engulfed me.
I was in deep sleep for close to two hours when I jerked up, I hadn't posted my today's story. A hobby that kept my joy running.

And so, with a heart full of hope and a mind ready for whatever lay ahead, I surrendered to the embrace of sleep, knowing that tomorrow is a blank cardboard paper waiting to be painted on.

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