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A Few bucks for consequences

I went to my favorite store to stock up on some provisions. I picked up a chocolate drink that I loved, but when I got home and tasted it, something was off. It tasted rotten! I thought maybe I was just being paranoid, but the taste was really bad.

I went back to the store and told them about the problem. But instead of apologizing and offering a refund, they told me that it was a new recipe and that's how it's supposed to taste! I was skeptical, so I decided to buy the same drink from a different store. It tasted like it used to - delicious!

I thought maybe it was just a one-time mistake, but then I noticed that the custard I bought from the same store had gone bad. It was all lumpy and smelly. I took it back to the store and they told me it was still good to eat! I couldn't believe it.

I was starting to get really frustrated with this store. How could they be so dishonest about the quality of their products? I decided to avoid them from then on. But then I went on holiday and forgot all about the issue. When I got bacm, I heard some shocking news - the store had been shut down! Apparently, they had been selling expired products left and right, and someone had finally reported them to the authorities.

At first, I felt a little bad for the store owners. I mean, losing your business is a big deal. But then I remembered all the times they had tried to pass off bad products as good, and how they had put people's health at risk just to make a quick buck.

It was a hard lesson for them to learn, but it's an important one. Honesty and integrity are essential in business, and if you compromise on those values, you'll eventually pay the price.

I'm just glad I was able to avoid any harm from their expired products. And I'll never forget the lesson I learned - always check the expiration dates, and never trust a store that tries to pass off bad products as good!

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Costly Lateness

Costly Lateness
remember last November when my roommate came back home very sad and anxious. He told me that his phone had stopped working earlier that day. He was really worried because he was almost late for an important exam and he had to put his bag down quickly. He didn't realize that his iPhone 11 was in the bag.

After the exam, he looked for his phone in the bag but it wasn't there. He asked people if they'd seen anyone near his bag, but no one had any helpful information. His phone was gone. It felt like something you'd see in a movie, and he started crying again as he told me the story.

He felt really upset and gloomy after losing his phone. His parents got him a new one, but it was different - it was an android, not an iPhone. He started to feel a bit better, but he wasn't as happy as before because he really missed his old phone. The change to an android phone made him feel a bit sad, even though he tried to feel better. The memory of his iPhone 11, and the switch to a new phone, made him feel a bit sad for some time.

Well, I don't blame him too much for having felt that way. IPhones boosts a person ego and status and I know what it feels like to use an android after being known as an iPhone user.

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A different kind of food

My good friend from primary school, who I hadn't seen in a long time, came to my state from Abuja. She wasn't visiting me specifically, but she was attending a wedding in my town. I was so excited to see her!

When we met at the wedding reception, she surprised me with a special gift - a flask of delicious Oha soup she had made just for me! I was so touched by her thoughtful gesture. The flask even had her name on it, making it an extra-special gift.

I was so grateful for the soup and our reunion that I wanted to give her something in return. So, I took off my wristwatch, which I had been wearing for a whole year, and gave it to her as a keepsake.

My friend was pleased with the watch and promised to keep it safe. We took a photo together, holding our gifts with the bride, groom and well-wishers. After that, we went our separate ways, I returned home while she lodged in a hotel till morning when she will travel back.

Even though we live far apart, our friendship remains strong. Every time I think of that soup, I'll remember our reunion and the joy we shared. Sometimes, a small gift like a flask of Oha soup can bring back a flood of happy memories!

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Smooth Evening

Smooth Evening
I've never been much of an action movie fan. Give me a good adventure or a heartfelt romance any day, and I'm sold. But last night, something unexpected happened. I was at a friend's place, and he was raving about this foreign action movie he had on his phone. I wasn't that keen, but when he took a break, I snuck a quick peek at the screen. What I saw captured my attention in an instant. The scene unfolding before me was electrifying, and before I knew it, I was drawn in.

After a while, I couldn't resist asking my friend for the name of the movie. "Bee Keeper," he replied. The title sounded intriguing, and I made a mental note to remember it. Later that evening, I downloaded the movie as soon as I got home. It was already quite late, and I should've been heading to bed, but I was determined to watch just a bit before sleep.

As the movie played, I found myself fully engrossed in the action and the storyline. The lead character was captivating, and the adrenaline-pumping sequences kept me glued to the screen. Strangely, the combination of action and a touch of adventure worked its magic on me. I fought against my drooping eyelids, unwilling to pause the movie until I'd seen it through. From the heart-stopping stunts to the unexpected plot twists, "Bee Keeper" held me enthralled.

As the movie concluded, I was left with a buzz of excitement, the kind I hadn't experienced after watching a movie in a long time. It had been an unexpectedly thrilling ride, and my initial reservations about action movies faded away.

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Back to Old School

Back to Old School
I remember the day we had an old school dressing day in my faculty like it was yesterday. The whole idea had been brewing for a while, and as one of the student organizers, I was thrilled to see it finally coming to life. It was a chance for us to step back in time and embrace the fashion and styles of previous decades, and I couldn't wait to see how everyone would interpret the theme.

In the days leading up to the event, excitement buzzed through the campus. The air was filled with whispers and plans as students scoured closets and thrift stores in search of the perfect vintage outfits. As for me, I found myself diving into my parents' old photo albums, seeking inspiration from their youthful fashion choices.

When the big day arrived, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. As I made my way to the faculty building, I was greeted by a riot of color and an eclectic mix of fashion that spanned the ages. The campus seemed to be a kaleidoscope of different eras - there were poodle skirts and leather jackets from the 50s, bell-bottoms and tie-dye from the 70s, and neon tracksuits from the 80s, to name just a few.

I had decided to embrace the jazz age of the 1920s, and I felt like I had stepped out of a time machine. In a sleek, fringed flapper dress and a feathered headband, I felt like a character from The Great Gatsby, transported into the 21st century. As I strolled through the crowds, I couldn't help but smile at the effort and creativity that had gone into everyone's outfits.

The old school dressing day was more than just a chance to play dress-up; it was an opportunity for us to connect with the past, to appreciate the timeless appeal of vintage fashion, and to celebrate the rich tapestry of styles that had come before us. It was a day filled with laughter, nostalgia, and a sense of camaraderie as we marveled at each other's outfits and shared stories of the bygone eras we were channeling.

As the day drew to a close, I felt a sense of gratitude for the experience. It had been a reminder that fashion has the power to transcend time, and that by looking back, we can find inspiration for the future. The old school dressing day had brought the campus together in a playful, unique way, and it was a day that would be fondly remembered for years to come.

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The Wrong Legacy

"Okafor, bring your chair closer let us gist na" said my grandpa in a shaking voice. As I drew my chair closer to him, we began to plunder on what discuss about after having our dinner of some delicious Eba and eguisi soup which my mum had prepared, I was already heading to bed before my grandpa saw me and sort for companionship.

For as long as I could remember, my grandpa had virtually told me all the ancient stories which I could think of. "What kind of conversation does this man want to have with me again at this time of the night" as I said to my self. But I noticed the tears dropping out seamlessly out of my grandpa's eyes, startle by this I knelt close to him as I enquire,"grandpa what is the matter, did I do something wrong?" No my son " said grandpa, I become very sad whenever I think of your late father, at that point my mind travelled pass a thousand seas and I too had a teary eyes.

It is exactly twenty (20) years ago since his son (my dad) past away. When I was exactly three years old and my sister had just been born. Obviously I didn't get to meet my dad as every normal kid had. I had very faded memories of him which he was brutally alienated.

As the story was told to us by our mother. My dad and mum had just gotten married, my dad having a stable job and my mum having a menial trade business which she managed. After one year, he lost his job and was jobless for about six months with no source of income and feeding was expenses was automatically dependant on my mother's business which wasn't doing so well because she had just had her first child (me), apparently everything was upside down for the family, all my dad did was to submit applications all day long. Also as it was told to us at some point in time my dad went into menial Bricklaying jobs after being a certified accountant.

This continued for more than two years until one day which he got himself into something which would determine his sad end. While my dad engaged in his Bricklaying activities some group of people came to their site and said they needed few men who could help them undertake a certain tasks that required strong and hefty man which my dad some one of the volunteer, they schedule a time for meeting them which my dad attended.

It was at that point that they realized that there were gold smugglers who smuggle gold across countries, realizing this many opted out as they wanted no part in such illegal activities which could bring problems for them but my dad didn't.

He came and told his wife about the job which bluntly refused and disagreed which she encouraged him to continue with the menial Bricklaying and with her business they would be able to manage for a while expecting a change.

But my dad refused, " just look at the way we are living from hand to mouth, is it suppose to be so, our first son is just two years and six months old and you are already pregnant what legacy am I expected to leave for if not money , I need money, woman I said , I need money, at least let me just a bite out of the country's national cake. At the least the bible said the silver is mine, the gold is mine sayest the Lord" said my father as he supports his claim to undertake the gold smuggling job due to the numerous benefits as he left the out and mum crying out for him to stop.

They ran the operation, mine the gold and began the smuggling which my dad was at the forefront. All activities were undertaken in Enugu state successfully but when my dad was to return to Asaba , Delta state where he resides having collected his own cut of the operation he was apprehended by military operatives in the state who were bribed by his own employers who would met him to join the operation so as to seek his elimination due to the fact that they suspected that he might pose a threat to them and might leak the operations if caught.

After being apprehended and taken to the prison where in two days time he was reported poisoned. Which made the entire family grief for years as a result of the wrong legacy which he sort to leave behind.

With my face placed on my grandpa's leg, still with a teary eyes, my grandpa said any legacy whether materially or emotionally, spiritually, physical which is built illegitimate or mundane things leads to ultimate destruction and a bad name, and with such lessons I have been able to establish a legacy built on good name and legitimately gotten wealth and also commitment to any other thing rather than anything else.

The End...

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In my early years, I didn't have a good relationship with my Dad, he worked as the logistics manager of an Engineering company, so while I was missing out on the love and attention I should get from him, he was overwhelmed by the responsibility of taking care of my siblings and I. The normal "fact" that fathers should be the one to pay the bills and all that.

As I grow older, I started to act out at school, I became unnecessarily clingy to my male friends that some thought I had interest in them. My mum was trying to fill in that gap, she was always there, but I wasn't really bonding with her, I prefer talking to my friends than telling her things that brothered me.
I then noticed that I was becoming distant from my parents, I only speak to them about money related matters and we don't have deep conversations.
Then, we decided to move from Lagos, my Dad resigned and we came to Benin Republic, it was a lot, my dad was now at home, my mum had a shop in front of the house, so we basically had time to talk.
It felt weird to come back home and meet my dad, it was like a new norm that we needed to adapt to, slowly we began to bond and I realized that there was a lot I didn't know about him.
When I got admission and left home, I would always receive messages from him, checking up on me. I won't lie, it took me time to bond with him and we are still bonding

We disagree a lot, even till date, he studied Philosophy (first degree) and Theology (masters), so there are lots of things he does and says that I don't agree with. Infact, there were time I offended him that he threatened to disown me.

I believe there is a testament to the power of an unbreakable bond between a father and a daughter, I am his first daughter and when you meet us talking, it is as if we are siblings, we agree and disagree but we make sure not to break the bond we have tried to build.
The relationship between a father and daughter is a unique and special bond that is built on love, trust, and mutual respect. He really plays a significant role in my life, serving as a protector, and guide. Together, I hope we share a lifelong connection that is filled with laughter, and unforgettable memories.

I am proud to be My Father's Daughter

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First time coming to Port Harcourt city

I still remember my first time in Port Harcourt like it was yesterday. I had just arrived from Lagos, eager to explore the city and start my new job. As I stepped out of the airport, the warm sun hit me, and the humid air enveloped me. I was struck by the lush greenery and the vibrant sounds of the city.

My colleague, Chijioke, was waiting for me at the airport, and we set off towards the city. As we drove, he pointed out landmarks and shared stories about the city's history and culture. I was fascinated by the mix of old and new buildings, the bustling markets, and the friendly people.

We stopped at a local restaurant for lunch, and I was introduced to the famous Port Harcourt dish, pepper soup with catfish. The flavors exploded in my mouth, and I was hooked. Chijioke laughed at my reaction, "Welcome to Port Harcourt, my friend! You're in for a treat!"

As we continued our journey, I noticed the city's unique blend of traditional and modern architecture. We passed by the beautiful Rivers State Government House, the bustling Ariaria Market, and the scenic waterfront.

Eventually, we arrived at my new apartment, a cozy place in a quiet neighborhood. Chijioke helped me settle in and introduced me to some of my new neighbors. They welcomed me with warm smiles and open arms.

That evening, we explored the city's nightlife, enjoying the music and laughter at a local bar. I felt like I had finally arrived in Port Harcourt, and the city had already stolen my heart.

From that day on, Port Harcourt became my home, and I embraced its vibrant energy, rich culture, and warm people. My first time in Port Harcourt was a memorable experience that set the tone for an incredible journey in the city.

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Is it truly worth it...

"Come out Mr. Man", " Come out nor", says Oga Landlord as he continuously bangs the home of his tenant, Mr. Oja. "Good morning sir" said Mr. Oja to the Landlord. "Keep your good morning to yourself" said the Landlord as he replies back to Mr. Oja.

Oja being a young man as just started to get on his own two feet. Having no one to look after him since the age of three when his both parents were allegedly said to be con artist who presented themselves as pastors in the community which they resided unfortunately that incident lead in the burning of the couples to death leaving their only son, Oja who's three years old to suffer, fortunately the missionary church where Oja's parents served under took him into their orphanage where he stayed for about 23 years.

Oja who just got out of the orphanage having so much dreams and aspirations decided to rent a self contain of 120,000 naira so as to begin a new life. Oja's rent had just expired and it is time to renew his second year rent.

Just last week, Oja not having enough funds for the rent decided to plead to the Landlord just having about 50,000 naira which he promised to balance by the end of the month which the Landlord seamlessly agreed which made Oja confident and he was in comfort. Little did he know that the Landlord had an evil motive after he noticed that Oja was vulnerable and had little experience about world happenings.

As of the next week which Oja was to transfer the money to the Landlord, he called him and good him about the situation at hand, after the Landlord agree him wanted to transfer the money to the Landlord's account which he abruptly refused asking that the money be presented to him in cash.

Oja had to located the Landlord's house with the 50,000 naira in cash which he gave to the Landlord who refused to present him with any receipt or any evidence of payment. Only for the Landlord to come back a week later with a heavily armed police officer who apparently was his eldest son to demand the 120,000 naira of Mr. Oja who at that point was speechless not having any witness or any prove of payment of 50,000 naira which he paid.

Oja tried as much as he can to explain how the how event took place and how he managed to locate the Landlord's house which he had never gone to before. But the Landlord's son (police officer) said to him "you go explain tire no evidence". Apparently he was his father's accomplice in the whole thing.

It felt like the whole world had begin to collapse for Oja that, in which the Landlord had caused a commotion in the entire axis where Oja resides to the point that instead of him defending his right was forced to that begging and agreed to pay the entire sum of 120,000 naira by the end of the month thinking that every thing will slide but to his greatest surprise the Landlord insisted that the money be given to him that very moment or else he should evict the the house.

One thing lead to another and Oja was charged to court without any form of evidence he was forced to evict in seven (7) days which rightfully should be three months due to the fact that the Landlord had already that same house to another person for the sum of 240,000 naira and the person who was absent for a while was to return in eight days time to occupy the house.

Poor Mr. Oja was ridicule and without any form of apology was forced to go back to that same orphanage seeing that he had no money for anywhere to start from. He went back in shame with the hope of making a little money from his piping and fittings jobs with which he could start from scratch again.

The End...

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Good people still exist

My sister was moving to a new house and she called me to come help her pack.
The compound she was living in was notorious for the number of thieves there, from the pot mistakenly left outside to clothes hung out to dry, they can steal anything and she was fed up.

So I went there and we packed up everything into the moving van and left for the new house, few streets away.
I was helping her arrange the things when I decided to check the time because I didn't want to be late for an appointment I had, I checked my bag for my phone but it was nowhere to be found.
I tried calling the phone but I remembered that It was off while I was charging it that morning and I did not turn it on before I left my house.
I quickly took my sister's phone and called the van driver thinking I left it in his van but he said he didn't see any phone.

I was dejected, this period wey person never see food chop, where I wan see money buy phone?
I took a bike to the former compound to check if I dropped it there, my brothers and sisters, even the few odds and ends my sister left behind because she wouldn't need them have all been carted away.
I returned back to the new house because I did not even have the strength to attend the appointment again, body just weak me.

About an hour later, there was a knock on the door.
It was a guy from my sister's former compound with my phone in his hand.
He said he saw it on the ground and his friend picked it up and ran away, he had to chase his friend all the way to a phone market where he(the friend) wanted to sell the phone.
He collected the phone and went back home, asked around and luckily a neighbour knew my sister's new address and he brought the phone.
May God bless him.

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Don′t give up

This life don't give up because you don't know what tommorow is

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Green Stranger

Green Stranger
In one cool evening, I heard a manly scream and frantic footsteps. Curiosity kicked in, I dashed out from my house, keen to discover the cause of the commotion that had disrupted the evening calm.

To my surprise, I found a grown-up teen standing a few meters away from his room, frantically pointing towards the door. As I approached, he began to narrate how he had been peacefully attending to something in his room when, out of nowhere, a snake had chased a lizard right into his personal space. Gripped by fear, he had let out a piercing scream and hastily fled the room, seeking refuge outside.

Though I couldn't help but smile at his jittery reaction, I realized the situation was no laughing matter. I hurriedly called my brother for assistance, understanding that a snake in the house was not something to be taken lightly. As a girl, I had little knowledge of dealing with such creatures, and I knew my brother would be better equipped to handle the situation.

Armed with a sturdy stick, my brother arrived on the scene, ready to confront the unwelcome intruder. Cautiously, he managed to locate the snake, quickly identifying it as a green snake. With a swift and sporadic strike, he skillfully neutralized the reptilian threat, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of our distraught neighbor.

Even as the snake was removed, the neighbour continued to look scared and unsettled. He was afraid of his own room. He dragged his feet to his door steep and peeked in. To what seemed like he heard a sound, he ran.
I couldn't help it then that to rupture with laughter which I had suppressed from the onset.

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Good morning great educators in the building.........it's weekend splash

As a class room teacher have you experienced this?

(Phone ringing............) Mummy Shalom calling

Auntie Sharon; Hello ma! How is the family ma and my daughter?

Mummy Shalom; Don't greet me at all......... Did you run away from the class room then when is mathematics lesson period? Ahhba!!!!

Auntie Sharon: No ma.

Mummy Shalom: It's a lie you do during your school days. If not you won't calculate rubbish on my daughters' report sheet.

Auntie Sharon: Please don't be offended ma, it's the calculator I used is at fault.

Mummy Shalom: See you, calculator! Where schools are using Electronic Report sheet this days, if your school cannot subscribe to school software system management, they can afford the automated master sheet now, very cheap, accurate, safe stress and error free. Order for one now.

Pchat for more info.

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Night Class Discoveries

Night Class Discoveries
As I entered the dimly lit classroom for night class, I spotted Odili, a long-time acquaintance, sitting at a desk. We weren't particularly close, but having a familiar face in the room gave me a sense of comfort. Little did I know that this nightly study session would reveal a side of her I had never seen before.

As we settled in for a long night of reading, I couldn't help but notice the array of snacks that Odili had brought along. Carbonated drinks, biscuits, sausage rolls (gala), and peanuts surrounded her, creating a mini feast on her desk. When she offered me a sausage roll, I accepted it with a smile, but as I observed her consumption of the sugary and processed snacks, I couldn't help but feel concerned.

I gently expressed my unease about her indulgence, especially the carbonated drinks, and cautioned her against consuming too many unhealthy snacks. I could sense her surprise at my unsolicited advice, but I felt compelled to speak up, despite our limited friendship.

As the night wore on, I thought nothing more of our discussion about snacks until Odili suddenly began to gasp for breath, her chest heaving as she struggled to inhale. Panic gripped me as I rushed to her side, trying to understand what could be causing such distress. Desperately, I reminded her of our earlier conversation about the carbonated drinks and their potential impact on her breathing.

While I comforted her as best I could, I couldn't shake the feeling that her excessive consumption of sugary and carbonated snacks had contributed to her current predicament. As we sought help, I hoped that Odili's health scare would serve as a wake-up call, not only for her but for anyone who underestimated the effects of unhealthy eating habits. It was a night that taught me that sometimes, even casual acquaintances can reveal unexpected sides of themselves, and that genuine concern knows no boundaries.

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Husband and wife

HUSBAND: Bia Monica, where you dey carry that custard rubber dey go?

WIFE: Toilet na... na my piss rubber

HUSBAND: (Shocked) You say wetin, Monica?

WIFE: Na my rubber wey I dey use piss na... Wetin happen?

HUSBAND: God no go gree, Monica... No be dis rubber wey I use make garri yesterday?

WIFE: You use my piss rubber make garri? How? why?

HUSBAND: (Crying) My mama been tell me say na woman go kee me...

WIFE: But you for check the rubber na, I write "PISS & SH!T RUBBER" for the body

HUSBAND: (Crying) Heii God!! No wonder the garri been dey taste sh!t sh!t

WIFE: Chai, my husband... No vex!

HUSBAND: (Still crying) Help me call our Pastor... My body dey shake!

WIFE: Sorry my husband...

HUSBAND: (Angry) Monica I say go call our Pastor! Because if I d!e, my spirit no go allow you rest o

Uncle, tell us a story.

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if Any one had told me I’d be a driver 👀👀

Last year, if anyone had told me that I’d be a driver, I would have laughed at them

But look at me now, this is my 5th month as a lawyer in the morning and bolt driver at night

Economy choke so I had to put my Corolla to good use and everything was running smoothly

Nobody knew except my wife and my mechanic until one day my neighbor, Amarachi, who I don’t even talk to, ordered a ride and satan chose me!

I said satan cos God cannot forsake his children.

I usually don’t check names and even if I had, I wouldn’t have known it was her cos we’re not even close and her flat is the building opposite mine. I’m in No 34B and she’s in 36A.

I accepted cos the destination was actually my bus stop. I was excited when I saw the request as I just turned on the app after work.

I drove to the location and when I got there I called the number displayed on the app.

The voice was beautiful, so I waited and a few minutes later I saw Amarachi. The worst thing was that she came out with my own next door neighbor in 34B, Charles.

They both strolled out of the club and before I could escape and zoom off, Charles recognized my car and screamed my name

“Kings, Howfr, you too come club?”

Before I could reply, I saw Amarachi checking my car plate number and double checking her phone

“You know my Bolt driver?” She asked Charles

God pun!sh you there. I said in my mind. As if she hasn’t seen this car before on our street.

“Bolt driver?” Charles asked in confusion

Shame almost ki||ed me

I just smiled nervously and asked them to come in. They haven’t even sat the stup!d girl asked me to turn on the AC and reduce the music

I imagined different ways to off them on the drive home but my Christian upbringing wouldn’t allow me, so we sat quietly till we got to our gate

Charles wanted to pay but I told him not to worry that I usually do it to help people, not like I needed the money.

“My guy!” Charles hailed me. “You know what, you go carry me and my babe again this weekend go Lekki” he mentioned the club then he gave me bottle water and soft drink he bought along the way

Babe ke? So, Charles is already dating Amarachi. I smiled as I nodded and wished him dea+h in my mind. Carry you again, as your driver? Bascard!

I decided to make one more trip cos I needed money for fuel the next day since I just carried bad market. Luckily, as I ended their trip, I got another request.

I quickly checked the name before I’ll carry my landlord next or our security and his babe cos these days everybody dey order ride

It was a female. I called and she confirmed her location

I got there and waited for almost 15 mins. I was already fuming and couldn’t wait to lash out until I saw her

She was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in Lagos!

Immediately, I offered her water or drink the one Charles dashed me

She was like huh, and looked at me suspiciously

I smiled and explained that I’m a rider with a difference, and my customers satisfaction is of utmost importance and priority and that’s why I always offer refreshments.

She smiled & confirmed that they were sealed, then next thing, she asked if she can have both cos she’s very thirsty & had a long day

Hmmmm… well, fine girl like this can never go wrong. So I gave her both drinks

She then said I should pls turn on the AC for her. Quickly I did even though I didn’t have much fuel

After staring at her from the side mirror severally, I decided to shoot my shot carefully. As a sharp guy, I started making small talks just to build courage and connection to request for her number

Soon, I asked if she wanted sweets then I brought out a pack and asked her to take a few

She thanked me and carried everything

After recovering from the shock, she now asked for my name

Happily, I told her my name.

She asked if this is my full time job

I said not at all. I’m a lawyer but I get bored when I close early from work after winning cases, so, I just use this side hustle to whirl away time and help people.

She smiled

I asked her if she’s going home or branching somewhere

She said, yes, she’s going home cos she’s done branching for the day

“So soon? Isn’t it too early for you to retire especially on a weekend?” I replied

Next thing, this babe asked me if I have somewhere in mind I want to take her to

I almost choked from excitement. Quickly, I said yeah. I was already thinking of the club in Lekki, Charles wanted to take Amarachi to so I told her.

She smiled and said okay she likes the sound of that… Just then her phone rang

She picked snd immediately started hurling insults on the phone

“Ordinary wig of 750k. 750k o, not even the 1.5 million naira own I asked for, and you ghosted me for 2 days, Femi. Anyway, a man like you got it for me… no wait, my bad. Not like you, a man better, far better than you!

I looked at her from my rear view mirror. Did I just hear her call 750k ordinary, and is it really 1.5M that is on her head like this?

“Look, my time, my body, even my shadow cost something. And so, if you’ve been giving me monthly allowance of 500k should I fly. Your mates do more” she barked

Next thing, she laughed a long laugh and said, “What I bring to the table? Look here darling, I am the table!” Then she hissed the longest I’ve ever heard and hung up

She switched immediately, and smiling, she asked me. “So, Kings, what were you saying, can we continue the conversation?”

I kept mute

“Hello, Kings, did you hear me?”

“Pls ma I don’t talk when driving.” I replied coldly

“Did you just call me ma?” She asked confused

I kept mute

“Never mind. So the club, hope it’s five star and the ambience is bougie cos I’m famished and also need a strong drink to wash off this toxic mood I’m in now.

“Club ke? Please ma, I’m a married man.” I brought out my ring from the glove box and wore it. “Don’t worry ma, we’re close to your house. You can eat and drink when you get home.”

She was quiet for a long time then hissed the second longest hiss I’ve heard and said,

“Men eh, men are really the s

“Thank you ma. Pls we’re here. Transfer or cash?”

The End

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The weight on my tongue

The weight on my tongue
Today, I was honored to close our church service with a prayer. But as I began to speak, something unexpected happened. Instead of using English like I usually do, I felt a strong desire to pray in my native language. It was a language I grew up speaking at home, but somehow, it felt foreign on my lips.

When I struggled to find the right words, I realized how rusty I had become. My mind went blank, and my tongue stumbled over the familiar sounds. It was like trying to ride a bike after years of not using it - the memory was there, but the muscles had forgotten.

Finally, I managed to finish the prayer, relieved that the ordeal was over. But to my surprise, two people approached me, curious about why I chose to pray in my native language. I was taken aback - wasn't this our language, the one we spoke at home and in our community?

Their questions made me realize how much Western education had influenced us. We had been taught to prioritize English, to see it as the language of progress and sophistication. Our own language, the one that was once so dear to us, had become secondary, a relic of our past.

I felt sad thinking about how we had abandoned our language, our culture, in pursuit of modernity. We had been made to believe that our language was inferior, that it wasn't good enough for formal settings like church.

But today, as I struggled to pray in my native language, I realized that it was still a part of me, deep in my soul. It was a connection to my roots, my family, and my community. And I knew that I wasn't alone - many of us still spoke our language at home, still cherished it in our hearts.

From now on, I've made a promise to myself to use my native language more often, especially in settings like church where it matters most. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but I know that it's a vital part of who I am, and it's worth fighting for.

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The test part 1

The Test 🚫
One certain Sunday at a certain church, terrorists attacked a church ⛪️ with guns. They order the security man to close the gate. Amhed their leader, called out "who is the GO of this church come out. A man dressed in a very nice attire came out "I am the one he said. Samad point the gun at him.Now don't be afraid, I am not going to kill anyone we just want to have some fun they laugh.
Now bring out your Bible open the middle all of you Ahmed shouted now spit into the bible he told the pastor."out of anger the pastor shouted abomination I will not do it. Ok you no go do am abi samad said, you come out he pointed at a woman wearing the same attire with the pastor, this is your husband abi yes his my husband she said while shaking her body. a little boy came and hold the woman Ahmed said now give me a cutlass, he took it and cut the little boys head
To be continued

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Following a Trend

Following a Trend
I had never been one to follow fashion trends, but there was something about the cargo pant craze that caught my eye. Everywhere I looked, young people were sporting these baggy trousers, and they seemed to be all the rage.
Even though the price tag was a bit challenging, my curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself wanting to join in on the trend.

After some haggling with the sellers, I finally managed to negotiate a pair for myself. Excitement bubbled within me as I slipped the cargo pants on, but as I gazed at the reflection in the large mirror, my heart sank. The trousers seemed to engulf me, and the style was a far cry from my usual wardrobe choices. I felt like a clown in an oversized disguise.
The flair end was it's regular style but it wasn't working for me.

With a heavy breath, I resignedly hung the cargo pants in my wardrobe, silently acknowledging that they would remain nothing more than an addition to my collection.
Despite their price and popularity, I couldn't see myself ever donning them again. Some fashion trends, it seemed, were better admired from a distance.

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My name is Jack,I was in Primary Four when I started stealing and bullying people around me. I formed a gang and I was the leader.
Well by God's grace I managed to pass my Primary School exams and I was enrolled into a secondary school, in my JSS1 I continued bullying my fellow classmates.
There was this boy I really found joy in bullying him,anytime I see him,I must make feel inferior. Sometimes I will collect his lunch and dispose it just for fun. And it went on till we were in JSS3.
So this fateful day,right from home I had him in mind to frustrate him that very day and I succeeded cos he left before the normal time school closed and he never came back.
Well I never changed I continued with others till i finished secondary school.I wrote Jamb,I couldn't meet the cutoff mark,I wrote for three more years before I qas lucky to gain admission into the university.
After everything I graduated and I entered into the search for work and I was not lucky enough to get one.I continued till I was fed up.Luckily I saw a poster,on it was a written that there was a vacant position that was needed to be filled,I applied for it and I was called for interview.
The day for interview came,I woke up earlier than usual,I prepared and went for the interview.I was directed to an office where I was to summit my CV.I quickly went to the office,I knocked and I was told to come him.
When I got in,what I saw threw me off balance,the boy I bullied many years ago was sitting right in front of me.I knew instantly that Karma was catching up with me.I knew that at this point whatever wants to use against me,I deserved it.
He told me to sit,I sat down,although I was shaking. He collected my CV and went through it. Then he looked at me and I was guilty. He told me how he would have committed suicide the day he left school before closing hours. I could not say anything.
But what he said next shocked me. "You are EMPLOYED"I looked up ,tears clouded my eyes at that instant I went on my knees as I broke down I tears. How can I be employed with a salary of 200K,an accommodation,a driver and some allowance by a boy I bullied years back. O what a heart of gold. At that point I sworn not to be inhuman to people around me.

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Heavy disappointment

Heavy disappointment
I had a big task ahead of me the previous Saturday. My relative was getting married in a nearby town, and I was responsible for delivering the foodstuffs for the wedding. I had booked a bus driver to take me and the goods to the town.
The plan was to leave by 7am, but by 7:30am, the driver was nowhere to be found. I was getting worried and angry. I had called him several times, but he wasn't answering his phone.

At 11am, the driver finally showed up. He apologized and blamed the rain for the delay. But I was still angry because it was just light rain, not heavy enough to cause such a delay.
Despite my anger, I decided to pardon him. We loaded the foodstuffs into the bus and set off on our journey. The driver was quiet, probably knowing he had disappointed me.

Throughout the journey, I thought about how important it was to be on time. If the driver had been punctual, we would have arrived early and avoided any stress. After a few hours, we finally arrived in the town. We delivered the foodstuffs, and everything was a success. I was relieved and grateful that we made it despite the delay.

In the end, I learned that sometimes things don't go as planned, but with patience and understanding, we can still achieve our goals. And for the driver, I hope he learned the importance of being on time!

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