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Referral Rewards

You'll receive ₦250 automatically for each person you invite to MindViewers.
To curb spam accounts, the person you invite has to like any of your post, after their account has been reviewed and verified, before you get credited.

Note that, you will not need to make any payment whatsoever, to earn money on MindViewers

What Is MindViewers About?

MindViewers lets you meet, and exchange insightful or hilarious opinions with people, about current news headlines; while also getting paid for doing simple activities.

Spending some time here will result in a significant increase in your intellect.

When someone view your post (e.g https://mindviewers.com/view/1), and eventually signup (even if not immediately), but before leaving MindViewers.com, Then, they automatically become your referral.
Same as if they visited your group first, before they signed-up

How To Get Your Referral Link: 3 Ways
  • Post something on your timeline Here
  • or Share your opinion on news/updates Here
  • or Create a group Here
From the options on your post or group; copy its link, or just use the share button under each post.
Whoever register after viewing your posts or group becomes your referral.
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