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This feature has been deprecated

Referral Rewards

  • Whenever your referrals sponsor a paid task, you will always get 0% of whatever reward they are paying each participant on done deals.
  • Whenever your referral made an earning from a paid poll, you will also be credited 0% of whatever they were paid.
  • When someone view your post (e.g https://mindviewers.com/view/1), and eventually signup (even if not immediately), but before leaving MindViewers.com, Then, they automatically become your referral.

    Same as if the visited your groups; e.g https://mindviewers.com/group/group-name before they signed-up
    How To Get Your Referral Link: 3 Ways
    • Post something on your timeline Here
    • or Share your opinion on news/updates Here
    • or Create a group Here
    From the options on your post or group; copy its link, or just use the share button under each post.
    Whoever register after viewing your posts or group becomes your referral.
    Even those you didn't invite, but landed on your interesting MindViewers-posts from Google, and signed-up, also becomes your referrals.
    It's advisable post valuable stuffs, and share your posts externally with the share-buttons.
    “*HINT: Referrals are your strategic investment on MindViewers. You can never tell how much earnings you'll be realizing from them over-time; even as more referral rewarding features are being added.”
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