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Make money hourly, for your comments.
There are two type of competitions constantly ongoing here; you can win in any of them.

Penny For Thoughts: This is an hourly competition where the last person to comment under the current post wins 250 NGN instantly
  1. To win, simply comment under the ongoing post, before countdown timer elapse
  2. You can comment multiple times; but you must not comment consecutively.
  3. Please write meaningful/readable comments; writing gibberish is prohibited.
  4. Apart from penny for thoughts by @mindviewer, you'll also see other competitive(boosted) posts on this thread by individuals;
    You can win as many as possible daily from these, Hence, it's advisable to check on this page at least hourly).
    From @mindviewer's post, you can only win once in 24 hours.

Opinion Quiz: Win 250 NGN by being the first to correctly say the username that posted the extracted opinion, within the hour.
In addition, the person, whose opinion was automatically selected for the quiz equally gets paid (try posting your "sensible & quality" opinions here daily)
  1. Only answer with the username as “@username“ nothing more.
  2. You can only comment once per post. Multiple comments disqualifies you.
  3. To foster fairness, your correct answer will not be considered if your comment has just won a game as recently as yesterday.
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