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Live as if you were accountable to your future self; every decision shapes the person you become.




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Your life can be a motivation or a warning, a key or padlock depending on your decision.




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Food for thought

You don't need to taste each other sexually to know if you would be sexually compatible in marriage. Trust God.



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It is better to receive an honesty bad news than to receive *an insincere good news.


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Think about it

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.




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Food for thought

Life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect. It's about being real, humble and kind.




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I seized the moment and quickly but silently came out of the secret room. Mr Damilola noticed that the wardrobe covering the secret door, shifted a little further, but he feigned like nothing happened and acted more playful thereby distracting the lady from noticing the wardrobe which could warrant her to see the door to the secret room.

I walked quietly to the right wardrobe and took the last egg I was supposed to use to set Somadina free, which he collected from the coffin and dropped on the ground. I went back to the secret room to finish the rescue I had started on Somadina. On getting to the secret room, the coffin where Somadina was trapped had opened and a young boy I presumed to be Somadina was standing beside it, behaving like one who has got a nut loosed on his brain.
He was not in his right senses to be precised. I looked at him closely and discovered that he doesn't look anything like the Somadina that appeared to me, begging me to rescue him. He doesn't look like the Somadina I used to know, the Somadina I love. Who could this boy be? Could he be the real Somadina? Or have I opened the wrong coffin? Maybe he is Somadina but he used a different body and face to come to me and now, this is his real body and face! I thought to myself.

Meanwhile, I've been holding up the smallest egg in my mouth afraid to spill it out so that the rescue procedure won't be broken.

I brought out the egg from my mouth and broke it on his body, then I broke the one I was holding, being the third egg that Mr Damilola had earlier collected, inside the coffin, just as Somadina had instructed me to, yet the boy standing before me, still didn't come to his senses. He was just standing like a mannequin, although he was breathing.

Ah what is going on? I whirled. I needed to rescue Somadina as fast as I could, what else am I supposed to do?

I was trying to think of what next to do when I overheard Mr Damilola asking the lady to go have a shower. As she entered the bathroom, Mr Damilola quickly locked her up. Then he started coming to the secret room, I heard as he shifted the wardrobe and as he pressed the door handle, I quickly ran towards the fifth coffin and hid behind sum bunch of cartons that were piled up on each other. He entered and saw the boy still standing at the same place I met him standing.

"Ah! What is happening?" He yelled. Who is this individual that had the guts to enter my room and release my captive? Who is the rascal that came into this room without fear? Come out and face me! Show yourself so that I will turn you into a goat and use you for sacrifice!" His voice was rising. He was becoming fierce, he started moving slowly but angrily, in search for the person that invaded his room, or rather, in search of me.

"I said you should show yourself so that I can capture you like I captured this school boy you've come here to set free. He came here some months ago to set Somadina free and he challenged me and I captured him into this coffin! Show yourself so that I can capture you too!" He kept yelling.

I remained calm. God please, don't allow him to see me, so that he won't capture me into a coffin, I prayed in my heart, my entire body was shaking and I was really scared.

He went close to the boy and started observing him. My mind quickly recalled his statement: "...He came here some months ago to set Somadina free and he challenged me and I captured him into this coffin!..." so I thought to myself: If he said this boy came here some months ago to set Somadina free and he captured him, that means this boy is not Somadina, that means, I had released another person, though he's not yet in his right senses.

I carefully looked at all the coffins, recounting them, and I discovered that I had miscounted the number of coffins and at that, I had released Somadina's friend: George Solomon instead of Somadina. The number of coffins lined up were six but Somadina had told me they were five coffins and that he was inside the fourth coffin while his friend was inside the fifth coffin. But I had started the rescuing procedure on the fifth coffin, thinking that it was the fourth coffin because I neither saw nor counted the first coffin because it was positioned in the darkest part of the room and meaning that Mr Damilola captured another soul, which made the number of persons he captured and number of coffins lined up to increase to six.

Mr Damilola observed all the coffins and searched for me in all the places he thought best, then he went to the door, unlocked it and went out. God knows his reason for going out, where he was going; if he was going to come back into the secret room again and what he was going to bring in when he comes back. I didn't bother about him, I just thought to myself, to quickly set Somadina free and any other person I could set free before he comes back.

I came out of my hiding corner and headed to the fourth coffin, In a haste, I took the smallest egg and put it inside my mouth, took the second to the smallest egg, break it on the floor, beside the coffin. Immediately I took the last egg, the coffin opened and a boy lifted his head and gradually came out of the coffin. I took a close stare at him and behold, it was Somadina that came out. Awn! My heart gladden for joy, I felt sudden sweetness travelled all over my veins, I took a close look at him, It was really Somadina Godwin. The senior school three boy who begged me to rescue him, the ghost boy I had been talking with. I quickly broke the last egg inside the coffin, then I brought out the smallest egg in my mouth and broke it on Somadina's body, hoping that he would realize himself and become normal, hoping that he would recognize me and I would get to hug him as a human but he didn't come to his senses. He was just standing beside his coffin like a mannequin the same way his friend, George Solomon had been standing since I let him out.

What else am I supposed to do? I wondered.
Maybe, if I break this snake head staff on my hand, into piece, Somadina and his friend, will all come to their senses I thought to myself. I held the end of the staff and placed my knee in the middle, so as to break it into two, I was about pressing my knee hard on the staff when a voice in my head said, why not release these other persons from their coffins so that when you break the staff, everyone of them will be completely free'.

I considered the idea and stopped my about to be applied method of breaking the staff. So, I moved to the next coffin, to set another trapped person free. I was still pressing the snake head staff hard on its head, joined with its mouth in other to prevent it from coming alive to bite me, just as Somadina instructed me to do and my hand was becoming weary because I've held it tight for too long, without changing hands. Nevertheless, I went to the sixth coffin, the last person Mr Damilola had trapped and I exhibited the procedure Somadina told me to perform and the coffin opened, a beautiful lady in her early twenties came out and stood beside her coffin, the same way Somadina and his friend stood. I moved to the third coffin and then to the second coffin and I rescued them both, one was a lady while the other was a guy. They were both youths in their late twenties. The guy was huge and well muscle bounded, he had the statue of those bouncers I saw outside the compound, maybe this guy used to be Mr Damilola's personal Assistant or bodyguard who saw his evil doings and ended up being trapped by his boss, I thought to myself.


Hmmmm! Go jaci! Go jaci! Go jaci!Good job rescurer Jacinta! So far so good! But this babe get liver sha! She is a goal getter! She is fit for the kingdom of God because the scripture says; whoever that lays his hand on the plough and looks back, is not a candidate of heaven abi, since she started this process, she has never looked back! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Even me sef don dey like this babe o πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† "Team Jacinta "!! But wait oo... This story never pure o, all the victims wey she rescue, still dey do mumu mumu o, meaning that they have not been restored back to factory settings yet.

But am afraid that Mr Damilola will come back to unleash the premium version of the demon in him, and sister Jacinta will never escape him this time around. Shout out to all my friends from outside the shores of Nigeria, reading and following this story, you are deeply appreciated. Then to those here in Nigeria, I love you all.
Oya the comment section dey wait for your thoughts and opinions.

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Good afternoon, have a wow day ahead and please remember me and my family in your prayers for "DIVINE SETTLEMENT AND BREAKTHROUGHS"


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😣😣Episode 16😣😣

The room was dark, cold and quiet like a grave yard. Its scents, smelled of an incense with a mixture of a rotten meat. There was as Small window, smaller than that of a toilet window, it was situated close to the ceiling, towards the left side while standing at the door. The window was covered with a red curtain and from the window came a lightening that brightened the room with a touch of redness. There was four big candles of different colours: red, yellow, black and white, the candles were lined up at the foot of a short table and there was fire on them, the table contained Some idols and stains of blood.

Just as Somadina told me, from my left to my right, I saw five coffins lined up on a shelf, with three eggs placed on their tops.

So these coffins contain the people Shegu's father had trapped and is yet to decide their fate whether to sacrifice or kill them, I wondered.

I remembered Somadina told me that he was inside the fourth coffin while his friend George Solomon was inside the fifth coffin. I remembered that he also said that, among the three eggs which were placed on top of the coffins, I should take the smallest of them all and put it inside my mouth, then I take the second to the smallest eggs and smash it on the ground close to the coffin. Take the last egg and the coffin will open by itself and once the coffin opens, the person Shegu's father had trapped will rise up but will not be in his or her right senses. So I should break the third egg inside his or her coffin, take out the smallest egg inside my mouth and break it on the person's body, and the person will realize himself or come to his or her senses. And that I must be fast in doing all this so that Shegu's father won't come back and meet me because he senses when someone intrudes into his mansion"

I quickly walked to the fourth coffin, the one Somadina told me he was inside. I took the smallest egg and immediately I put the egg inside my mouth, I heard a movement in Mr Damilola's room. Maybe he is done having his bath" I assumed and ignored it, continuing with what I was doing, I took the second to the smallest egg and smashed it on the ground close the the coffin, I was about taking the third egg when I heard a sound as if someone shifted the left wardrobe, through which I had entered the secret room, I quickly paused. The door handle rattled and I knew someone was about coming in, I quickly ran to the edge of the room, beside the shelf and hid. The door opened and Mr Damilola came in immediately.

He saw the egg I smashed on the ground beside Somadina's coffin and went straight to observe it. Then, he started looking around his head and eyes were turning from one end to the other, like a fearless warrior who was searching for a thief that broke into his house.

I stood steel, trying hard not to shake or make a sound. Although I was invisible, but I wasn't convinced that I was truly invisible, I felt like he would see me if he comes closer to the edge of the shelf where I hid because I was seeing him clearly.

He took the last egg on Somadina's coffin and observe the coffin closely. When he was done observing Somadina's coffin, he started coming closer to the edge of the shelf, where I hid, he was still holding the egg and he was also observing other coffins. He started from the fifth coffin, heading to the first coffin where I hid, he bent low to the height of the shelf, gradually observing each one of them. As he was drawing closer to the first coffin, where I hid, my heart started pounding.

"Oh God!" I screamed in my heart.
He came to where I hid and looked closely. I became scared I thought he had seen me, because I saw him look at the space where I hid but he didn't see me, I suppose the invisible cloth was the type someone can see through, so he didn't notice I was there or maybe he saw me but pretended I wasn't sure.

He horridly left the secret room.

Did he see me and pretended? Why did he leave in a hurry? Is he going to bring something to kill me?" I wondered.

I came out from my hiding corner and went to the door. He didn't close the door properly, so I peeped through the slant opened space and saw that he was standing beside the wardrobe at the right and he was observing the two remaining crafted staffs.

"Ahhh! I said it!" I heard him scream. He turned vigorously towards the doorway of the secret room, as if he was going to come and bounce on me. My heart began to pound vigorously, Oh God! What do I do now? Where do I hid now?

Just as I was about to think of an escape route, a knock came at the door.

"Who's that?" Mr Damilola asked with an aggressive tone.
He quickly dropped the egg he was holding on the floor, beside the wardrobe and went to his bed and sat.

"It's me Rosy" a lady's voice floated in, from outside and immediately, the door handle rattled and the door opened.
A fair, busty and heavily endowed booty lady entered his room.

"My sugar daddy! My sweet honey!" She yelled excitedly as she walked her way into the room.

Mr Damilola stood and walked a bit further to welcome the lady.

"Your bouncers were trying to hinder me from entering your house." The Lady started to complain.

"Why would they do that? I informed them about your coming" Mr Damilola said.

"The one at the gate said you already have a visitor but I insisted on coming in, because you were the one that invited me" the lady said. And it immediately occurred to me that I had taken this lady's place, that I was allowed to come into the compound because the bouncer thought I was the lady the one Mr Damilola told them was coming and was waiting for. That was why the bouncer dragged me into the compound.

Mr Damilola thought for a while and I wondered if he was suspecting that someone invaded his room. I prayed in my heart that God should distract him from coming after me or from going outside to ask his bodyguards who else they had allowed to enter his house aside the lady.

"The bouncer said a lady already visited you" The lady said. "Are you cheating on me?" She asked with a soft but suspicious tune.

"Of course not!" Said, Mr Damilola. "I can't cheat on you! No lady came here, that boy at the gate must be out of his mind" Mr Damilola expressed disappointment towards the bouncer. Then he hugged the lady and they both went up to the bed, playing lovey-dovey.

To be continued. ....

Wehela! Wehela! Wehele! Issues go plenty oo, now Mr Damilola knows for sure that someone is in her secrete room certainly on a rescue mission to his trapped victims. Be rest assured that he knows what exactly to do, to unmasked Jacinta and he will definitely stop at nothing untill he achieved that and not even his lover, can distract him. I love the feet achieved so far by Jacinta sha, her courage, positive mindedness, resolute spirit to finish this herculean task, despite the absence of Somadina's ghost for guidance. But wait ooo, she can still silently and secretly steal herself out and abandon this catastrophic, disasterous and life-threatening voyage. I know that some of us will quit at this point if we were Jaci, but let's see if Jacinta will be different from you guys. Ngwanu! no wahala, Let us know your thoughts and opinions on the comment section.
Good afternoon and have a prosperous ghost-free day ahead.
Thanks for reading.
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Episode 15πŸ™

When I got to the entrance door, another giant bouncer looking furious and determined, was standing there. He got the door opened for me and as I walked in, he quickly shut the door behind me in the manner that made my heart to skip.

"Oh God! saviour of the world! into your hands I commit my body, soul and spirit, please don't let me die today" I prayed in my heart. I moved forward into the sitting-room, thinking that Mr. Damilola would be seated somewhere there, waiting for me, waiting to mock me. Like first, he will laugh at me " haha" when he is done laughing, he will make mockery of me saying; "Look at this small girl that wants to challenge me! Look at this thing that wants to come into my room to set my captives free! Who are you? What power do you have?"
If I don't try to defend myself, or if I'm not able to defend myself well, he will then devour me, like lions devour their preys.

But luckily for me, Mr Damilola was neither sited nor anywhere around the sitting-room. Where could he be? What am I supposed to do now? Am I supposed to wait for him here at the sitting room or go meet with him where he is? Where am I supposed to go and meet him? What is he up to?" I wondered as my body was still quivering.

I started looking around slowly, checking if I would see any hidden camera in the sitting room, maybe he's watching me, but I didn't see any camara, or if there was, I couldn't spot it out.

As I walked closer to the upholstery, I wondered why there were bouncers everywhere in the compound
Could it be that Mr. Damilola already knew that I would be coming today to rescue Somadina? Or could it be that he was expecting someone else, perhaps a lady, but I became unfortunate to arrive earlier before the lady he was expecting? Could it be that he hired these bouncers today because he knew I would be coming or because of the lady he was expecting or could it be that he used to have bouncers guarding him at all times and Somadina didn't tell me about it? Why would Somadina keep such a secret from me? Could it be that Somadina planned to lure me to Mr. Damilola?

There were many "could it be" running in my head; many things I wondered in my mind without getting an answer. The most of them all was "why did Somadina suddenly disappear? why hasn't he appeared to me?" Even though Somadina earlier told me that if peradventure I stopped seeing him, I should know that his magic has expired and that he had gone back into the coffin, yet I still asked myself why he suddenly vanished and hasn't appeared ever since.

My heart was still pounding heavily and my body was still quivering, yet I continued stepping forward, slowly into the sitting-room. When I got to the middle, behind the three in one upholstery, position directly, towards the large flat screen plasma television, hung on the wall, I stopped and stood still. "What should I do now? I asked myself. Should I sit down and wait for Shegu's father to come and meet me here? Or should I just go into his room and meet him? ..

Maybe you should go into his room, he could be sleeping and you could use the opportunity to rescue Somadina" A voice suggested in me.
Immediately, I recalled that Somadina said that once I get upstairs, that Mr Damilola's room was the last room at my right so I headed upstairs, quietly and quickly.
When I got to the last door, which I presumed was Mr Damilola's room, I paused and tried to recall all Somadina said I should do when I get to Mr Damilola's room. I recalled that Somadina said that, when someone enters Mr Damilola's room, the person will never know that there is a secret room inside the room, so the moment I enter, at my left, I will see two wardrobes, one at the right, the other at the left with a little space between them. I should go to the wardrobe at my right, I will see three different crafted short staffs hung beside the wardrobe and a black plain cloth, hung above those three staffs. The cloth makes someone invisible so I should take the cloth first and cover myself, it will make you invisible, even if Mr Damilola enters suddenly, he won't see me. He said I can also walk around the house and nobody will see me, but if I talk or make noise, anyone around would hear me.

Remembering the invisible cloth, I revived my hope and made it my first target. If only I can get the invisible cloth, my escaping, will be easy. I would just open the entrance door and walk out of the compound without being confronted by those aggressive bouncers" I told myself.

I quietly opened the door, slanted it and then peeped inside the room, searching for Mr Damilola, where he might have positioned himself but luckily, I didn't see him anywhere in his room, rather I saw the two wardrobes, Somadina had told me about and the wooden crafts hung on the wardrobe at the right and it made me started reviving the trust I had in Somadina again.

I entered the room quickly and slammed the door silently. Then I headed to the wardrobe, rooting for the invisible cloth. As I got to the wardrobe, I stretch my hands as high as I could and removed the cloth, It was hung above three crafted staffs like Somadina had mentioned, however it wasn't an already made cloth, it was a lace material and was folded in the manner, that made it look like a half yard material. I unfolded it quickly and covered myself, from head to toe and still, the cloth floated on the ground like a wedding gown. It was about nine yards lace material and I was happy nobody, including Mr Damilola would be able to see me I thought to myself, Just then, I heard Mr Damilola's voice he was having his bath in his bathroom, which had its door, closed to his bed and he was chanting some incantations while having his bath.

"Hey God!" My heart started to pound again. Just then, Somadina's instruction on what next to do after covering myself with the cloth lingered, I remembered it or rather I heard it in the tune which he had told me and in his exact voice:

"when you cover yourself with the cloth, among those three crafted short staffs, take the staff which has the head of a snake. Be careful not to choose the staff with the head of a duck because it looks like the one with the head of a snake and if you choose the wrong staff, the snake on the other staff will come alive and bite you, it is too sensitive and it is the python Mr Damilola sacrifices those ladies to"

Remembering this, fear caught hold of me more. My heart began to beat profoundly shouldn't I just walk away in this invisible cloth?. I thought to myself. I was beginning to quiver, but I heard a voice: "please save me!"
It sounded like those times Somadina profoundly begged me "..aunty please save me!"

I made to walk away, but a voice in me, a voice I presumed to be my conscience, told me not to walk away without rescuing Somadina. I was afraid but the voice comforted me and told me not to be afraid that God was with me.

I became a bit courageous, in a haste, I turned towards the left wardrobe, so as to quickly push it forward and enter the secret room but then a voice asked me:

"Aren't you forgetting to take something?"
I paused and tried to remember.

Oh! The staff with the head of a snake I recalled and turned back quickly, looked at the three short staffs, hung beside the wardrobe.

Which one among them is the snake-head staff? I observed closely and finally sported it.
Remember, Somadina said: "grab the snake-head staff on its head and try as much as you can to press the snake mouth closed." I heard a voice in my head, as if it was Somadina's voice.

"Don't grab it on the middle, otherwise it will turn its head and bite you.

I positioned my hand in the manner, that I could grab the snake-head staff properly and I grabbed it, and pressed it mouth closed.

God is helping me! I said to myself.

Now, as you're holding the snake staff on its head, move to the left wardrobe and pull it forward to see the door behind it. The voice in my head kept directing me.

I went to the left wardrobe and pulled it forward immediately, I saw the secret door to the secret room. I opened the door and entered. While I was still at the door post of the secret room, I pull the wardrobe back to it's position, to cover the secret door so that Mr Damilola will not notice that someone raided his room and entered his secret room. However, I couldn't pull the wardrobe properly. Then I turned and faced the secret room, ready to rescue lives.

To be continued.....

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Aaaaaaa!! Hmmmm! Take a deep breath! Exhale! Another one... Exhale! Our hope is back online and your faith in the victory of Jacinta in this mission is alive! your encouragement and optimism are gradually paying off. Things are working out well slightly but not as expected, because Mr Damilola is around and will certainly know that there is an intruder in his abbatoir, and will stop at nothing untill he unmasks the invader for onward sacrifice to his deity. So don't be happy and celebrate yet because it's not over yet, but one thing is for sure, God seems to be involved in this rescue mission but Jacinta even at this point, can still walk away and abandon this mission especially now that she is invisible, abi wetin you think? Comment section is itching for your thoughts and opinions.
A very good afternoon to you, thanks for reading and have a ghost-free Sunday πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


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