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Chukwuemeka Mba @chukz

Chukwuemeka Mba @chukz

Designing the perfect dress for you is what we do with precision. Of course, I talk to myself when I sew, I need expert advice. From basic uniforms to designer clothes – tailor is the only person to do it all. We design your dreams by making the perfect outfits for you.
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The Revelation of a journey 🤣

"I went to😁Genesis hotels through😊Exodus road. On the way, I saw 😀Leviticus recording the😃Numbers of people at😃Deuteronomy, while😃Joshua was waiting at the Beautiful gate for😁Judges to see😄Ruth calling loudly☺"Samuel, Samuel". At a stage, the first and second😃Kings of😊Chronicles were coming to visit☺Ezra,😄Nehemiah and😁Esther for the misfortune of 😯Job their brother. They started singing😒Psalms and teaching children😄Proverbs concerning😄Ecclesiates and😄Songs of Solomon. This coincided with the period that😁Isaiah was engaged in😊Jeremiah's😂Lamentations together with😄Ezekiel and😃Daniel their friend. By that time😊Amos and😄Obadiah were not around. Three days later,😁Hosea,😃Joel and😐 Jonah traveled in the same ship with😄Micah and😊Nahum to Jerusalem.😄Habakkuk then visited😃Zephaniah who introduced him to😃Haggai a friend of😃Zechariah whose cousin is😊Malachi. Immediately after the tradition,😊Mathew,😁Mark,😃Luke and😄John got involved in 😁Acts of the 😄Romans who were behaving like the 😁1st Corinthians group because the 2nd Corithians group were always at loggerheads with the 😀Galatians n 😐Ephesians.At that time too, they realized that the ☺Philippians were close to the 😃Colossians, suggested the first 😃Thessalonians visit and that on their second 😃Thessalonians visit they should first of all see the first and second of 😊Timothy brothers who had gone to the house of😃 Titus to teach ☺Philemon his younger brother how to read and write in 😄Hebrew. On hearing this, 😊James asked 😃Peter twice to explain to him how the three 😄Johns have disclosed to Jude the 😁Revelations of this journey.


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Fuel na #900 chaiii. Nigeria where are we heading to?
“South-east residents lament high cost of petrol - Premium Times

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Tinibu still de call all this suffering BABY HARDSHIP...
“Reduce current hardship, bishop urges Tinubu at Akeredolu’s burial - Punch Newspapers

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Never argue with a women

Never argue with a woman, just use your
brains like this my guy.
A man went on a night out with his
friends the wife is furious and tells
the kids that when he comes back
they must not open the door for him.
At about12 o'clock the man comes
back and knocks...
the Wife tells him "go sleep where your
coming from " and the man
answered" I'm not here to sleep my
dia , I'm here to collect condoms in
my room on top of the table or give it
to me,
there'r lots of women at the party!"
The wife opened the door and said
"idiot" you are not going anywhere. Enter the house.

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