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*** Married Against My Will **

Episode 2

" then follow me " she said, shakily as she began walking deep into the bushes.

I quickly came behind her , assisting her as she led the way.

we walked for about some minutes, that I was scåred it would āffect ñeñe health.

" ñeñe, would you like to rest for some while ?" I asked seemly w0rried.

" oh no, my dear we would be right there" she said smiling revealing her brown teeth.

we walked for some few minutes more before we stopped.

she turned towards me

" close your eyes?" she requested with a motherly tone.

" ñèñè why ?" I asked gazing behind her

" do you trust me ?

I nodded, signaling that I trusted her more than my life itself " yes "

" then close your eyes" she said.

I took in a few breath, before I closed my eyes.

she smiled satisfyingly, as she grāmmbl£d her hands against the wall, clearing a bushy part.

" open your eyes now " she spoke and I did.

my gaze flutter, as the view of the other side of móiizil town.

móiizil was the main capital of our village, it was 200 miles away from our village, it was a busy town, though it was still a village but few people had electricity.

My father, had always told us stories about it.

the title " móiizil kingdom" when pronounce by my father sounded heavy like the type of n0ise associated with b0'mb.

it was deep, so myst£rious, that my father always voiced it in a hushed tones, wearing such a respectful expression as if he were speaking of God's holiest of holies. going to móiizil kingdom, must surely be like a paying God a visit. móiizil kingdom must then be like heaven.

" ñèñè, how did we get here in a couple of minutes, I thought coming here would take about 48 hours " I voiced in my question

she laughed skeptically, while shaking her wooden walking stick.

" guess been the oldest woman, I am the only person who knows this short passage, when I am about to di£, I would tell the next oldest person in line, this road is for our āncestors, it confidential, " she said sitting down on the bāre grass.

as we watch the busy road together.

" you remembered, the first time i met you here ?

I nodded remembering that day, I was out as usual just plucking leaf and trying to come up with some treatment for scorpion antidote, cause it had stūng my friend.

" I thought you had already found the secret passage, I was scåred not even the king knows about this road " she muttered.

" but I realized that you don't know anything about this road, " she laughed softly.

" you know, you are the only child I trust " she spoke, it was truth, and I knew it.

ñèñè, apart from the kids, boys and girls of my age, though ñèñè cared for them but she never trusted them.

" I would rather brēak the rules, than to let you down " she spoke.

I felt emotional, tēārs welled up in my eyes, not even my mom could understand or do half the things she had done for me.

she was the only one who trust and believed in me, I could remember clearly how she would give me money to buy books from my brother, since there was no book shop in the village not even the next village.

sometimes I work in other people's farm to earn some money, but I soon realized that after I was done with the job and requested for my pay, they would tell me that my mom had already collected the money for my job.

when I get home and c0nfront my mom, she would ask me wether am paying for living in her husband house, and how ungrāteful I was.

but ñeñe always made sure she finds ways for me to get books, I was able to learn how to write and read on my own, I was only privilege to meet the village typewriter, once in the yam festival, and as God may have it, he was so fond of me.

I noticed how his eyes would wandered on my brēāst and then on my butt*cks but I was aiming for one thing that day, which I got from him, in promise to meet him at móiizil town, after giving me his address.

but I never showed up, he had help me with some correct words and an " spelling" book, to straighten my pronunciation.

" when you get there, go straight to the bus stop and take a bus that will take you to the big city ' Lagos ' , there you see help, and meet alot of educated people and things you may have never dreamt of " she said with a lot enthusiasm in her voice.

" things like what neñè ?, have you been there before " I asked out curi0sity

" don't mind me, just some old woman imagination " she said laughing softly but she knew I wanted to know more.

" okay I will tell you, I was once a young girl like you too, I was once a maiden in móiizil kingdom, once when the missionaries came , I was able to collect one of their news paper, there were beautiful cars and road and lot more " she said

" how can I thanks you enough? " I asked snìffing back my tëārs

" don't thank me " she said with a smile,
loosing her wrappers as she put some cowries on my hands.

my eyes wìdēn seeing, such an amount of money for the first time.

" ñèñè how....?

" you need it more than I do ”

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" what would you sūrvivē on, if I should take this ?

she laughed seeing me w0rried.

“ don't be that nāìvē my dear, you do know about the privileges I get been the oldest person in this village, right ?"

I nodded, knowing fully well.

“ Good, take this money, go get your things by night and flèè away from this village, my child " she spoke

“ where do I run to ?, how do I sürv¡ved, I have never been anywhere else this village?" I expressed my fèær to her.

the thought of leaving the only place I had known all my life.

she held my hand quietly, comfortingly.

“ you would be fine, you would come out victorious and build the school for girls and electric and good road, like you had seen in those books of yours, that you had showed me " she spoke encouragingly.

" thank you ñèñè " I mumbled embracing her.

" thank you for believing in me ” I said disengage from the hug.

" come let's go, before they noticed my ābsence ” she said in a cheerful tone.

I nodded wìping my tëārs.

" cover this passage with the grass, so no one would sūspect anything" she spoke.

we both began to use the grasses to cover the passage.

we headed back home.

I couldn't stop the smile on my face, the whole day.

soon the day got darken, I was so happy and for the frist time I assisted my mom clean the kitchen and prepared the meal for dinner happily.

after we all had gone to bed, it was about 1am in the morning, quickly as possible I packed all my useful cloth and wrappers.

I sneak out of the hut, dropping the lamp on my bed side, kï'ssing my sleeping younger sister good bye.

I quickly check outside the hut, if anyone was outside but no one was.

I quickly rush outside, I was setting my legs to rūn, when I saw my mom

with an evul grim on her face

" my husband, come and see ooo " she sh0uted enough to wake the whole villagers......

Episode 3 typing........

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** Married Against My Will ***

Episode 1

My parents were going to marry me off to settle their d£bt.

I grew up in an polygamous family, my mom was the number three wife, my dad has five wives.

I grew up, with twenty one siblings, three boys and eighteen girls.

it was a tribe and tradition for a man to have a male child, my dad frist and second wives were unable to birth any male child, they were seems as bā''rren women, who were unable to bear the real children since a female child is not considered an heir.

I never saw my dad frist wife , only her grā"ve that was behind her hut.

she had given birth to seven girls, according to my mom she had di£d carrying the eighth pr£gnancy, though she was advised by the midwives not to attempt getting pregnant again, but she refused, cause she couldn't bèār the shãm£ of not giving birth to a real child ( male child).

she couldn't bèār to see her co wives give birth to the frist male child, though my dad had also wãrñed her not to c0nceive again but she refused and took in, she di£d during lābour though it was a male child as she wanted but he also pass on with her immediately after she di£d.

that was when my mom came into the picture, she gave birth to six of us, two boys and four girls.

while my dad fourth wife , gave brith to six daughter and a son.

I was worth more than my elder sisters, because I was younger, prettier, more endowed and a v¡rgin.

They had sold us off, one by one, to send my brothers to school and pay for their apprenticeship.

all my sisters were already married off, immediately they saw their womanhood.

Except I and my younger sister ewomi who was 12 years old, and hasn't seen her w0manhood.

We were the sācrificial lāmbs.

My two sisters and fourteen step sisters, and now it was my turn.

We were like corn and yam to be traded for a better deal.

But I had a plan

I was just 15

But I had seen my womanhood one year ago.

So I knew what I had to do even before the set date.

I was the youngest yet I had the boldness of my father.

My beauty came from my grandmother.

I took nothing from my mother

I hāt'ēd her as much as she d£spìsed me.

"You are different, stū'bb0rn and us£less," she would often say.

I would reply, "why, because I refuse to be like you?"

Instead of sweeping and cooking, I preferred reading the few books, I secretly took from my elderest brother in rewards to do his assignment, which I don't mind, as far as he let me have his books without anyone knowing.

Female weren't allowed to go to school, they believed female ēducation ēnds in the kitchen, but a male child who do ēxploit.

and secretly learning herbal m£dicine from ñeñe oma, the story teller and the oldest woman in our village.

"Don't worry, a husband will cūre you."

My mother will say, when ever she finds me not interested or not listening to her usual morning sermons about how to please a man.

I would respond

"Did yours cūre you?"

And she would chāse me with her slippers, but I was faster than her.

I was the fastest in the entire community.

So, one morning, my father called me and my brothers together for a meeting.

My mother was f0rb¡dden to attend, but I could see the grin on her face as she prepared the meal and boiled the meat we were to eat during the meeting, I already knew what was to come.

My mother wouldn't smile while she cooked for me to eat with my father and brothers except something s¡ñister was lurking around.

"Chi, my father said, you have seen your w0manhood now, so it's time to contribute to the well-being and welfare of the family." my step brother said

"As you know, your brothers need to pay their fees and renew their apprenticeship, so it's on you now to support the family that has supported you to womanhood."

My brothers had no brāin, they had fåil£d their examination countless times, but my dad was bent on making them go to school, even though he knew clearly that their brāiñs weren't met for school.

I turned and saw my mother smiling and nodding as she stood by the kitchen door, listening and watching me, f0rb¡dden to even sit with her family for this meeting.

"Ok papa, I will do as you say."

I heard myself say in a voice I did not recognize.

My father was surprised, I guessed he expected a f¡'ght, but I wasn't going to give them that pleasure.

I had always been the g0at among my family, and everyone knew it, I was as stū'bb0rn as a g0at '

"Good, you see, your w0manhood has brought you wisdom. Prepare, for your husband will come in the next three days, your dowry has already been paid in full."

We all ate in silence.

"You are all dismissed!" He said in finality."

I was 15 when we had this meeting.

At 15, I had bū'ttocks the size of a full watermelon and my brèāsts were round like ripened oranges

My hips were large enough to support my full bū'ttocks and my waìst was tîny on a very flat stomach.
I hā''ted the attention it brought me.

I had a plan

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I couldn't let my father marry me off to that old man.

chief moñî, he was an @bū''sers and a w0mān¡zer

over the years he had married eight wives and five d¡£d due to his constant b£āting and mā'ltr£atment.

of course his wives couldn't seek for help, that because no woman is given a listen ear.

it either you give birth to a son who you could use to communicate, else nothing.

he was well know for tr£ating his older and younger wives as slāve, they work on his farm day and night without rest.

I had over heard my step mother, telling my mom about talking my dad out of marrying me off, to chief moñî, but my mom ¡gnored her and told her to mind her business after all, all her daughter had been married of, or should I say s0ld off.

I prepared a plan to run away, but I couldn't there was no mean of trānsportation, in the village.

I didn't want to marry him, I wandered around the bush not plucking herbs, as usual for ñeñe oma.

my eyes w£lled up knowing I couldn't escape from this nïghtmãre.

" why are you çr'yiñg my dear child?"

startled by the voice, I turned behind me, my stomach grūmbled involuntarily, seeing ñeñe oma

she was too old to come out in the bushes alone considering her old age, she could have sent someone to come look for me, if she so wanted the herbs.

" no ñeñe oma " I pr£tended blowing my n0se and sniffing back my tëārs.

" oh child, I know how páïñfül, it is to be married āgainst your will ?

she said, stūnned and surprised, while looking at her with a questioning gaze.

" ho...how did you know, ñeñe oma ?

" don't you want to escape and achieve your dreams?" she asked with a shāking smile.

she was the only one who knew my passion to go to school and be a better doctor and tr£at alot of people for free.

I nodded frantically

" then follow me "

Episode 2 typing......

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It's a cool 😎 and rainy 🌧️ day

Let's have some morning Tea☕☕
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Sitting/standing posture for guys and ladies
Please learn this
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This is Nice
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What a cool Day 😎

Who else noticed that it has rained 2-3 days now?
Do we like the weather now or e still dey hot?😀😁


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Go girl !!
I love your talent,may you receive more Grace
“Playing talking drum has impacted my career positively — D Kush - Punch Newspapers

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Ehyaa...he too dey over do, that's why o
May God help him. He should change this lifestyle,I no like am
“Portable cries out over studio robbery - Punch Newspapers

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AI is trending in Naija o,not only Naija,it's everywhere. So we now have text to video
This AI should make things better for us o
“OpenAI explores text-to-video AI model, Sora - Businessday

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