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SPONSOR'S NOTICE: When done, please paste the links in your response. Remember to make the Facebook post public, otherwise we won′t be able to view it.
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Requirement: 4+ Influence online task Must be completed within 2 hours Offer Expires: 31st Jul 2022, 12:00am 30 Participants 30 Slots, Filled Up Expiry Elapsed
WARNING: Please don't do a task until you first joined the deal.
If you do an expired or filled up task without having joined it; and demand payment from the sponsor, you will be banned.
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adedeji_peree 🏆1 🌟0 - Bello Bello
Done Deal (Reward Payment Acknowledged) - 2y 1mo ago
happieblaze 🏆1 🌟0 - Happiness Eleokpo
Done Deal (Reward Payment Acknowledged) - 2y 3mo ago
cynthiamagda07 🏆1 🌟0 - Cynthia Abiebamon
Done Deal (Reward Payment Acknowledged) - 2y 3mo ago
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