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Take a short video (like 2 minutes), of you telling a group of 50 people to join MindViewers.com,
and post it on your Twitter or Facebook (mentioning MindViewers.com in the post-caption of course).

Rules & Options
  • If you couldn't get 50 people together, you're allowed 2 short videos of 25people (Nothing less)
  • You are not allowed to post a video of repeated gathering of same people (either of yours, or any other participants of this task) In any case of submission of videos where at least 2 people in the audience is recognized to be in any other submission; Only the previous submission is valid
  • For idea of what to say to the people in the video, you may simply read-out the writeup on this link While advising them to join.
  • If you join this task and couldn't do it withing the timeframe PLEASE don't bother doing it again later, as your slot would have been taken by someone else.

  • NOTE: Any bad deal on MindViewers automatically affects your deal-reputation score (effectively disqualifying you from taking some subsequent deals). So, please be nice.

    “This task is a proof-of-concept to anyone that would also love to likewise use this tool for promoting anything”

    2 360 Boost
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    @mindviewer will pay you for doing this task.

    REWARD: 10,000 NGN

    Requirement: 3+ Influence online task Must be completed within 168 hours Offer Expires: 21st Feb 2022, 12:00am 15 Participants Expiry Elapsed
    WARNING: Please don't do a task until you first joined the deal.
    If you do an expired or filled up task without having joined it; and demand payment from the sponsor, you will be banned.
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    happieblaze 1🏆 - Happiness Eleokpo
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