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Best Lecturer in UNILAG Arts Faculty

Best Lecturer in UNILAG Arts Faculty
Could you think of the most impressive lecturer that you've ever encountered in in the Faculty of Arts?

Please vote here and share this page. Let's encourage them.

  • Dr. Oluwatoyin OLOKODANA-JAMES
  • Dr. Oluwaseyi KEHINDE
  • Dr. Patrick Oloko
  • Angela Olisama-Osuporu
  • Dr. Ganiyu Jimoh AKINLOYE
  • Bolaji Ogunwo
  • Dr. John Adenle
  • Dr. Oluwasegun O. Quadri
  • Dr. Olusola Ogunfuwa
  • Dr. Akinwale Onipede
  • Eseagwu Oyenike
  • Bille Ayodele Otonye
  • Salami Titilope
  • Joseph Obanubi
  • Abiodun Akande
  • Dr. Bashir ABDULRAHEEM
  • P. U Afuafor
  • B. S Taiwo
  • Dr. Kazeem A. ADEGOKE
  • Dr. F. O Falako
  • Prof. I. A MUSA
  • Prof. Duro ONI
  • Prof. Adepeju Layiwola
  • Prof. A. U Nwagbaara
  • Prof. M. A Daramola
  • Prof. K. A Aribasala
  • Prof. Hope EGHAGHA
  • Dr. Feyi Ademola-Adeoye
  • Prof. C. Maduagwu
  • Prof. Muyiwa Falaiye
  • Dr. Peter Osimiri

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    MindViewers' Poll Results

    Current Poll Standings • Best Lecturer in UNILAG Arts Faculty

    Dr. Oluwaseyi KEHINDE240%
    B. S Taiwo120%
    Dr. Feyi Ademola-Adeoye120%
    Angela Olisama-Osuporu120%
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