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Alone with the clock

Alone with the clock
With each tik, the sound got nearer and my hearing capacity got better. It was 12 pm and I couldn't do anything but roll side by side on my bed.

The heat was too much, so I took of my clothes and lay naked, thanks to the fact that I lived alone.
The heat wasn't easing after all so I had to pick a thin book to give myself one of the most popular traditional method of ventilation that I knew about.

At each stroke, my arm grew weaker.
God knew that I wanted nothing more than the electricity distribution company to perform a miracle at that point in time.
Just recently, I have noticed a downside from their end...
... they always ensure that in a day of 100% we are with 7% with power, the rest of 93% leaves us wallowing in blackouts.

But then it's alright, I've got to go take my bath now and prepare for the AFCON match that awaits us, see yall later.

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