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Bug invasion

Bug invasion
About 4 days ago, my friend Enable visited me. It was a much-needed catch-up session, and we spent the evening discussing everything under the sun while laughing and reminiscing about the year that had just passed.

As we chatted, Enable mentioned something that caught me off guard. She started telling me about the bed bug infestation in her apartment and how there were reports of bed bugs just a few blocks away from her residence.

I was genuinely taken aback by this news. I couldn't recall ever hearing about bed bugs being a problem in our area. I asked her if she had noticed any signs of bed bug attacks in her own room, to which she nodded and detailed the distressing experience.

Her words made me briefly worried, but I quickly reassured myself. I hadn't observed a single trace of bed bugs in my room, and I was confident that I wouldn't be suffering from any bed bug infestations anytime soon.
I reminded myself that our lodge had never had any reports of bed bug infestations, yet Enable's explanation about how terrifying they can be at night lingered in my mind.

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