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I was in my bedroom when I inhaled the simmering aroma of the pot of meat from the gas cooker, my nostrils was literally blocked by the aromatic wonder, obviously I knew it was the handy work of my mum so when i approached the kitchen i heard my mom singing with her sonorous voice so decided to retreat.
I payed close attention to her waiting for the perfect time to strike my kid bro started crying in the room so she went in to see what the problem was and I made way into the kitchen and I took four pieces of meat to my room and I ate like a prudent thief to my satisfaction.
Time came for us to have dinner and I went to the time I noticed no plate was given to me and my mom dished the food and she gave me none and I asked why she said she saw what I did my heart started racing she said my punishment is I wouldn't eat 3 square meat I felt I huge remorse and regret.

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