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I attended a wedding this month, an unprecedented union between an famous Area boy and God fearing church girl.

You see its unprecedented because it was those kind of weddings that would normally surprise neighbours and well wishers because these two had little in common at least to the eyes of unlookers.

They were a beautiful couple and before the traditional marriage the groom made sure to make everyone happy so that everything would go smoothly.

You and I know that village people are hard to please😆.

On the traditional ceremony all went fine and well until it was time to share food. Man was a notable person in his home base and made sure to bring all his friends.

More than 50% of them were not entertained properly as many were not given anything to drink or eat. It was total chaos. This would not have happened if the huge sum of money given by the groom was utilized properly, but so the thing goes.

After much deliberation they agreed to serve their guest separately during the reception of the White wedding.

After their marriage that fateful day, the reception began with dancing, and much celebration, you should have seen me that day,

I had eye's for 😘 somebody's daughter. As one of groomsmen i made sure to exhaust all the dancing step I had been dancing secretly since and occasionally turned my neck to see if she was watching me perform. And as the dance was coming to an end I walked gently with my hand folded on my chest to toast this fine gurl in the crowd.

Me; Hello beautiful, Can i have this dance with you. She hesitated, "I will go easy on you" I affirmed.

Her friends were cheering her on.

She was blushing uncontrollably when she replied " I have a boyfriend"

Me: That's fine, we'll look for another girlfriend for him cause what you need now is a husband.

My hand was stretched towards her the whole time. She was about to take my hand when I heard "Kpaa... Kpa... Kpaaaa...".

It was one of those rare moments when a perfectly going wedding turned into sheer disaster.

Mehn, just when I was about to have one of the best moments of my life, the whole auditorium went from a lovely party 🥳 to a place of total pandemonium.

The groom's family had exhausted the food needed to take care of their invited guest. The groom's mother had approached the bride to ask for little assistance in food and drinks to help cater for those left in the hall but she declined saying many of her friends are on the way coming and some guest from the village are waiting at home for the food her mother kept aside.

The groom's mother paid deaf ear's to her, went to where the food was kept and started sharing to her guest.

The bride on noticing this left her husband and went to accost the groom's mother who gave her that resounding slap, Kpaa..... that rendered me single till date😣.

The bride returned the slap on its arrival, this time her own slap felt like it came from both hands but it was just her left hand swinging in the hair.

Some good Samaritan had stopped the slapping wrestling from having a round 2 when the husband walked boldly to where the wife was standing and gave her a resounding slap for hitting his mother.

At the end of the Slapping SMACKDOWN, I look everywhere for my soon to be bride but she was nowhere to be found.

I guess she moved outta the hall like everyone else as the party came to a close abruptly.

Now who should I blame for my misfortune, THE GROOM, THE BRIDE or THE GROOM'S MOTHER.

330 NGA

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