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Girls at the age of 18-24 years always attract serious men who are fully ready to marry them, but at this age most of our girls/sisters never wish to hear anything about marriage.
1. I'm too young for that.
2. Who cares about marriage.
3. I'm focused on my books.
4. I want to gather some money first.
5. Marriage is full of problems.
These are some of few statements ladies talk of at their youth age.
But these girls will be having serious & series of sex relationship with small boys of their age, because at that age, they always have high rate of boys, guys and men coming for them, but they will prefer to choose those boys rather than the real men who want to marry them. They are still young to marry right, but they are not young to have sex with boys.
No problem, God is watching you.

At age of 25-27, parents will start asking them the following questions;
1. How far?
2. Don't you have any one yet ?
3. Are you not planning to get married ?
4. Are you seeing that all your mates are getting married ?
5. Don't you know you are getting old?
But mind you, parents only see the outside of their daughters, not knowing there is nothing left inside.
With all these questions by her own parents, she will now be thinking and asking herself things like: My mates are marrying,
1. Does it mean am old enough to marry?
2. Hmmm, how should I go about it?
3. My boyfriends are not serious about asking my hand in marriage.
4. They are not even ready to marry yet.
5. Well, God knows the best. I believe in God.
See oooh...!, she has started putting her blame on God. "God's time is the best" OK, I agree for argument sake.
At age 27-30 they now start looking for men to marry not boys to have sex and play with again.
They will start looking for serious relationship that will lead to marriage, but unfortunately, at this age of 27-30 not all men will be asking their hand in marriage.
You will see them forcing themselves to marry a man who don't want to marry them. Please we beg you, leave us alone.
No single man at age 27-30 will like to marry a lady of 30-35. Now you hear the sisters say age does not matter.
My sister, it matters a lot.
Imagine buying a rotten tomato for $10 and your friend buys a fresh one for $7. Yes, that's how it feels like in marriage too.
Remember you rejected men because you think you were too young. What makes you think your old age does not matter to us?
That's why some men go back to their villages to find young girl to marry when the city ones are not serious about marriage and those that are serious happen to be old for them.

At age 30-35, her friends will ask her:
1. Why are you not married yet by this age of yours?
2. Is it not getting too late for you ?
You will hear her asking you some silly questions like...
1. Are you God?
2. Or do you want to marry me?
3. Is it a crime to be single at 30 or 35?
4. Did I see a man willing to marry me but I refused?
5. God knows the best for everyone please.
At age 30-35 they will start praying like never before, moving from one church to another. If she's a Muslim, she will start praying night prayers, fasting and dressing modestly.
If you ask her for dating, she would burst out to say:
1. My brother, I'm not like them.
2. Am looking for a serious man, a husband not dating.
3. If you truly love me go and see my parents for marriage.
4. I can't do anything with you without my parents concern.
Dear parents, they have started knowing your worth. When she was 18-24, she was doing everything without considering you as parents.
You don't expect a young man of 27-30 to marry you of 30-35 as his house wife when there are younger pretty girls out there.
Even if he chooses to ignore your age and marry you, his family and friends will discriminate you.
Men that will be interested to marry you will be of 45 yrs and above and mind you, those men are married with kids except you wanna be second or third wife.
Everything in life has its own season and time.
There's no lady at age 30-35 seeking for marriage who haven't been approached during 18-24. But by then, they were busily jumping from clubs/parties to hotel rooms looking for FUN not MARRIAGE.

Not everything is about prayer. God who created you has made a plan for you. But when you change the plan or miss the road, please don't disturb the peace of God. Because, He will be busy planning for your younger sister.
Think about this when you have time.

Also don't forget to drop a like on the story i posted, it means a lot.

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How the Igbo ancestors chose death over bandage.

How the Igbo ancestors chose death over bandage.
In 1803, 75 Igbos chose to drow.n in the Ocean over being sold into slavery.

According to history, The Igbo slav.es were said to be a rebellious breed.

They'll prefer to die free, than to be bond in chains.

They were stories of how they killed their masters and tried to escape.

So, in 1803, they were been transferred to another slave ship after their first master found out how rebellious they could be.

They were to be transported to a rice plantation which is renowned for brutal work and required strength.

But as the Igbos were crammed together under the deck, chained together,

The crew of the new slave ship got tired of them because they were too noisy.

They went in turns to force them to shut up.

But the Igbos wouldn't listen.

Soon, the crew discovered they were not just making a noise, rather they were chanting in unison.

The chant probably increased their morals and they were able to break loose from their chains.

They hijacked the ship.

At this juncture, one would think they intended to drive home,

But the smart Igbos knowing fully well that they are very far from home, decided to surrender their souls to the water spirit.

They all jumped into the water reciting the song;

"Orimiri Omambala bu anyi bia"
"Orimiri Omambala ka anyi ga ejina"

This translates to;

"The water spirit of Omambala brought us here, the water spirit of Omambala shall take us home"

Omambala is a river in Anambra.

Till date, there are claims that the souls of the revolted Igbo slaves still dwells in Dunbar Creek.

For in the quietness of the night, one could still hear their distant 'Orimiri' chants.

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Just a new day to remind you to swallow your pride


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If you ever wanted an advice on something always remember that best advice you could ever have is your own advice because no one know how you feel inside, they are not in your shoe and they don't feel your pain as at that time. Only you know where your shoe hurts, and don't be scared to make mistakes because you are not perfect just make sure you learn from them. If you make the same mistake more than 7 times that is not longer a mistake it's something you do to yourself on purpose. So go out there and learn new things and take really good care of yourself.
Adebayo is out, PEACE 🧏🏾‍♂️✌🏾

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For he who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.



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What is the Yorùbá word for “nightclub”?


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This is Jake, a Ghanaian 🇬🇭 kid whose photo became so popular that it raised thousands of dollars funds from internet users.

Back in 2015, Adufah, a young man studying the arts in University of Illinois USA, stepped back in his hometown Ghana.

He decided to share his passion for arts in a primary school. The same school where Jake used to go. During these arts sessions, Adufah's friend, Carlos Cortes would take pictures of the kids drawing.

Back in the USA, Adufah posted the hundred of pictures he had taken during in Ghana on social media. But amidst these several captions, one caught a special attention of the public : the photo of Jake.

The extremely serious face of Jake and the way he focused on his drawing amused people and his photo became viral within hours. People started making memes with Jake's photo.

Seeing this unexpected fame of Jake, Adufah decided to raise funds. He asked people to turn their likes into cash in order to help education of the kids in Jake's school.
His idea was approved by the public since he raised 2000 dollars within barely the first 24 hours. The final amount was about 20000 dollars.

This money was intended to pay for Jake's education and to help other kids in his village.


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Have mindviewers help you in anyway, tell me how ?

2 3,587

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Don't listen to every elder advice, even fools grow olds.🧏🏾‍♂️


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