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Above the horizon my gaze magnifies
Far,the sun sets but within,my darkness looms
I look at my future my past yonder
I dream of a place
Where my dreams come alive

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A Football Adventure

We just concluded our cell fellowship, and every second we spent there was remarkable. After a brief photo session, I started to stroll back home reminiscing over the fellowship's activities and whispering little remarks to myself all the way to the last street leading to my lodge.

The formerly narrow, bushy path was now smooth allowing a wide, extended view as far as the eye could reach. I came across another fellowship that had made use of the spacious area to congregate while still providing little room for passers-by.

A few distance from their assembly, I arrived at what would become the last obstacle: a football field with only eight players and two substitutes praising the lads, perhaps, their supportive acts will earn them a spot to play soon.
The only logical approach, given the amount of dust in the area, was to develop a guide in advance and navigate my way through. The ball was zooming around the pitch at a dangerous pace since these boys were playing with tremendous energy.

'To be forewarned is to be forearmed.' My narrowed eyes continued to observe the position of the ball while I planned how to evade it if necessary. From an unsuspecting distance, one of the players fired a shot towards me, this guy must be Haaland from the trenches.

The only strategy I had thought of was evasive, but there wasn't much room for it from where I was standing—an open well and a filthy gutter on one side would make it impossible to maneuver with the incoming missile.
There was a fork in my plan; I could attempt the evasive strategy and deal with whatever disaster ensued, or I could launch a counteroffensive and emerge unharmed.

Settling for the latter was now inevitable. Mustering every energy, I swiftly positioned my foot and sent the ball flying back to its owner. Their regretful exclamations transformed into ovations and shouts of joy, the onlookers weren't left out in the miniature celebration; while some clapped, some yelled "chairman!!!"

Despite the shock my foot received from hitting the ball, I was delighted in that moment. Amidst the cheers of delight, I carried on with my journey, nodding with supreme satisfaction at such gallantry.

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*** Married Against My Will **

Episode 2

" then follow me " she said, shakily as she began walking deep into the bushes.

I quickly came behind her , assisting her as she led the way.

we walked for about some minutes, that I was scåred it would āffect ñeñe health.

" ñeñe, would you like to rest for some while ?" I asked seemly w0rried.

" oh no, my dear we would be right there" she said smiling revealing her brown teeth.

we walked for some few minutes more before we stopped.

she turned towards me

" close your eyes?" she requested with a motherly tone.

" ñèñè why ?" I asked gazing behind her

" do you trust me ?

I nodded, signaling that I trusted her more than my life itself " yes "

" then close your eyes" she said.

I took in a few breath, before I closed my eyes.

she smiled satisfyingly, as she grāmmbl£d her hands against the wall, clearing a bushy part.

" open your eyes now " she spoke and I did.

my gaze flutter, as the view of the other side of móiizil town.

móiizil was the main capital of our village, it was 200 miles away from our village, it was a busy town, though it was still a village but few people had electricity.

My father, had always told us stories about it.

the title " móiizil kingdom" when pronounce by my father sounded heavy like the type of n0ise associated with b0'mb.

it was deep, so myst£rious, that my father always voiced it in a hushed tones, wearing such a respectful expression as if he were speaking of God's holiest of holies. going to móiizil kingdom, must surely be like a paying God a visit. móiizil kingdom must then be like heaven.

" ñèñè, how did we get here in a couple of minutes, I thought coming here would take about 48 hours " I voiced in my question

she laughed skeptically, while shaking her wooden walking stick.

" guess been the oldest woman, I am the only person who knows this short passage, when I am about to di£, I would tell the next oldest person in line, this road is for our āncestors, it confidential, " she said sitting down on the bāre grass.

as we watch the busy road together.

" you remembered, the first time i met you here ?

I nodded remembering that day, I was out as usual just plucking leaf and trying to come up with some treatment for scorpion antidote, cause it had stūng my friend.

" I thought you had already found the secret passage, I was scåred not even the king knows about this road " she muttered.

" but I realized that you don't know anything about this road, " she laughed softly.

" you know, you are the only child I trust " she spoke, it was truth, and I knew it.

ñèñè, apart from the kids, boys and girls of my age, though ñèñè cared for them but she never trusted them.

" I would rather brēak the rules, than to let you down " she spoke.

I felt emotional, tēārs welled up in my eyes, not even my mom could understand or do half the things she had done for me.

she was the only one who trust and believed in me, I could remember clearly how she would give me money to buy books from my brother, since there was no book shop in the village not even the next village.

sometimes I work in other people's farm to earn some money, but I soon realized that after I was done with the job and requested for my pay, they would tell me that my mom had already collected the money for my job.

when I get home and c0nfront my mom, she would ask me wether am paying for living in her husband house, and how ungrāteful I was.

but ñeñe always made sure she finds ways for me to get books, I was able to learn how to write and read on my own, I was only privilege to meet the village typewriter, once in the yam festival, and as God may have it, he was so fond of me.

I noticed how his eyes would wandered on my brēāst and then on my butt*cks but I was aiming for one thing that day, which I got from him, in promise to meet him at móiizil town, after giving me his address.

but I never showed up, he had help me with some correct words and an " spelling" book, to straighten my pronunciation.

" when you get there, go straight to the bus stop and take a bus that will take you to the big city ' Lagos ' , there you see help, and meet alot of educated people and things you may have never dreamt of " she said with a lot enthusiasm in her voice.

" things like what neñè ?, have you been there before " I asked out curi0sity

" don't mind me, just some old woman imagination " she said laughing softly but she knew I wanted to know more.

" okay I will tell you, I was once a young girl like you too, I was once a maiden in móiizil kingdom, once when the missionaries came , I was able to collect one of their news paper, there were beautiful cars and road and lot more " she said

" how can I thanks you enough? " I asked snìffing back my tëārs

" don't thank me " she said with a smile,
loosing her wrappers as she put some cowries on my hands.

my eyes wìdēn seeing, such an amount of money for the first time.

" ñèñè how....?

" you need it more than I do ”

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" what would you sūrvivē on, if I should take this ?

she laughed seeing me w0rried.

“ don't be that nāìvē my dear, you do know about the privileges I get been the oldest person in this village, right ?"

I nodded, knowing fully well.

“ Good, take this money, go get your things by night and flèè away from this village, my child " she spoke

“ where do I run to ?, how do I sürv¡ved, I have never been anywhere else this village?" I expressed my fèær to her.

the thought of leaving the only place I had known all my life.

she held my hand quietly, comfortingly.

“ you would be fine, you would come out victorious and build the school for girls and electric and good road, like you had seen in those books of yours, that you had showed me " she spoke encouragingly.

" thank you ñèñè " I mumbled embracing her.

" thank you for believing in me ” I said disengage from the hug.

" come let's go, before they noticed my ābsence ” she said in a cheerful tone.

I nodded wìping my tëārs.

" cover this passage with the grass, so no one would sūspect anything" she spoke.

we both began to use the grasses to cover the passage.

we headed back home.

I couldn't stop the smile on my face, the whole day.

soon the day got darken, I was so happy and for the frist time I assisted my mom clean the kitchen and prepared the meal for dinner happily.

after we all had gone to bed, it was about 1am in the morning, quickly as possible I packed all my useful cloth and wrappers.

I sneak out of the hut, dropping the lamp on my bed side, kï'ssing my sleeping younger sister good bye.

I quickly check outside the hut, if anyone was outside but no one was.

I quickly rush outside, I was setting my legs to rūn, when I saw my mom

with an evul grim on her face

" my husband, come and see ooo " she sh0uted enough to wake the whole villagers......

Episode 3 typing........

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Who is the Cleverest, Sheep or Lion?

Who is the Cleverest, Sheep or Lion?
🐏🦁Who is the Cleverest, Sheep or Lion?

A very long time ago, there was a crafty lion and a clever sheep. One day, the clever sheep was eating some grass in a clearing with his friend when the crafty lion came creeping across the fields towards them. When the lion came out of the tall grass the sheep prepared to run because they were scared of his sharp claws and his big teeth. ‘You do not need to run away,’ said the lion in a friendly voice. ‘I am simply here to tell you about a lovely fresh water lake just beyond these fields. Why don’t you come with me and have a drink.’

The clever sheep knew better than to trust the lion, but his friend was very thirsty and so agreed to go for a drink with the lion. The clever sheep warned his friend but the friend did not listen.

And so the lion lured the sheep into the tall grass with the promise of fresh water. The lion looked all about to make sure that no other animals were around to help the sheep, and when he was sure they were alone he pounced on the unsuspecting animal, and ate him for his dinner.

Later that day, when his friend did not return to the herd, the clever sheep was sure that the crafty lion had eaten him. ‘That is ten sheep this month,’ he thought to himself. ‘I must do something to stop the crafty lion before I lose all of my friends!’

And so the clever sheep warned the rest of the herd about the crafty lion and his tricks. But the silly sheep did not listen, and as the weeks and months passed, the crafty lion lured more and more sheep into the tall grass with the promise of fresh water. And it was there that they met their grizzly end.

One day, the clever sheep decided that it was down to him to do something about the crafty lion and his wicked ways.

The sheep sets a trap for the lion

The clever sheep waited until nightfall and then crept out into the clearing next to the long grass. When he was sure that he was alone, he began to dig a very deep hole in the ground. When this was done, he built a huge fire at the bottom of the hole then covered the hole over with reeds and grass so that the smoke would be hidden from view.

The clever sheep waited patiently until dawn, and just as the sun was rising over the fields he heard a familiar voice coming from the tall grass.

‘Why don’t you come with me, little sheep. I know of a fresh water lake just beyond the fields where you can enjoy a cool drink of water.’

The clever sheep did not move from his spot. Instead, the sheep said, ‘why don’t you come out of the tall grass and I will show you where you can find lots of sheep to eat.’

The lion was indeed very crafty, but he was also very greedy and could not resist the temptation of such a huge dinner.

‘Come with me,’ said the sheep once more, ‘and I will show you where the herd lives.’

And sure enough, the lion stepped out from the tall grass into the clearing. But as soon as he stepped from the grass, he fell down into the deep hole and burned in the roaring fire set by the clever sheep.

‘That is the end of you and your wicked ways,’ thought the clever sheep to himself. ‘Now us sheep will be safe, for a while at least.’

When the clever sheep returned home he told the rest of the herd about his victory over the lion. They all cheered and congratulated their friend, and they all asked how he was able to kill the crafty lion when the beast was so big and strong yet he was so small and fragile.

‘It was simple,’ replied the clever sheep, ‘all I did was watch and learn from the mistakes of others.’

The clever sheep then went on to explain how he had watched the crafty lion lure his friends into the fields, and he also explained that this was how he had learned of the lion’s greedy nature.

The rest of the herd listened closely to the clever sheep and so they too learned never to trust the lions again, and they also learned how important is was to listen to good advice given by a friend.‌‌

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🤝 A Tale of Friendship 🤝

🤝 A Tale of Friendship 🤝
Two friends had a falling out, and one of them began speaking ill of the other to everyone they knew. 😡

But then, they calmed down and realized they were wrong. They went to their friend and started asking for forgiveness. 😌

That's when the second friend said: 🗣️

"Alright! I'll forgive you. But under one condition." 🤔

"What condition?" 🤷

"Take a pillow and release all the feathers into the wind." 🕊️

The first friend did just that. They tore the pillow apart, and the wind scattered the feathers all over the village. 🌬️

The contented friend returned to the other and said: 😅

"I've completed your task. Am I forgiven now?" 😄

"Yes, if you can gather all the feathers back into the pillow." 🙄

But as you can imagine, it's impossible to collect all the feathers back, just like you can't retrieve the hurtful words that have already spread throughout the village. 🙅‍♂️🗣️

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** Married Against My Will ***

Episode 1

My parents were going to marry me off to settle their d£bt.

I grew up in an polygamous family, my mom was the number three wife, my dad has five wives.

I grew up, with twenty one siblings, three boys and eighteen girls.

it was a tribe and tradition for a man to have a male child, my dad frist and second wives were unable to birth any male child, they were seems as bā''rren women, who were unable to bear the real children since a female child is not considered an heir.

I never saw my dad frist wife , only her grā"ve that was behind her hut.

she had given birth to seven girls, according to my mom she had di£d carrying the eighth pr£gnancy, though she was advised by the midwives not to attempt getting pregnant again, but she refused, cause she couldn't bèār the shãm£ of not giving birth to a real child ( male child).

she couldn't bèār to see her co wives give birth to the frist male child, though my dad had also wãrñed her not to c0nceive again but she refused and took in, she di£d during lābour though it was a male child as she wanted but he also pass on with her immediately after she di£d.

that was when my mom came into the picture, she gave birth to six of us, two boys and four girls.

while my dad fourth wife , gave brith to six daughter and a son.

I was worth more than my elder sisters, because I was younger, prettier, more endowed and a v¡rgin.

They had sold us off, one by one, to send my brothers to school and pay for their apprenticeship.

all my sisters were already married off, immediately they saw their womanhood.

Except I and my younger sister ewomi who was 12 years old, and hasn't seen her w0manhood.

We were the sācrificial lāmbs.

My two sisters and fourteen step sisters, and now it was my turn.

We were like corn and yam to be traded for a better deal.

But I had a plan

I was just 15

But I had seen my womanhood one year ago.

So I knew what I had to do even before the set date.

I was the youngest yet I had the boldness of my father.

My beauty came from my grandmother.

I took nothing from my mother

I hāt'ēd her as much as she d£spìsed me.

"You are different, stū'bb0rn and us£less," she would often say.

I would reply, "why, because I refuse to be like you?"

Instead of sweeping and cooking, I preferred reading the few books, I secretly took from my elderest brother in rewards to do his assignment, which I don't mind, as far as he let me have his books without anyone knowing.

Female weren't allowed to go to school, they believed female ēducation ēnds in the kitchen, but a male child who do ēxploit.

and secretly learning herbal m£dicine from ñeñe oma, the story teller and the oldest woman in our village.

"Don't worry, a husband will cūre you."

My mother will say, when ever she finds me not interested or not listening to her usual morning sermons about how to please a man.

I would respond

"Did yours cūre you?"

And she would chāse me with her slippers, but I was faster than her.

I was the fastest in the entire community.

So, one morning, my father called me and my brothers together for a meeting.

My mother was f0rb¡dden to attend, but I could see the grin on her face as she prepared the meal and boiled the meat we were to eat during the meeting, I already knew what was to come.

My mother wouldn't smile while she cooked for me to eat with my father and brothers except something s¡ñister was lurking around.

"Chi, my father said, you have seen your w0manhood now, so it's time to contribute to the well-being and welfare of the family." my step brother said

"As you know, your brothers need to pay their fees and renew their apprenticeship, so it's on you now to support the family that has supported you to womanhood."

My brothers had no brāin, they had fåil£d their examination countless times, but my dad was bent on making them go to school, even though he knew clearly that their brāiñs weren't met for school.

I turned and saw my mother smiling and nodding as she stood by the kitchen door, listening and watching me, f0rb¡dden to even sit with her family for this meeting.

"Ok papa, I will do as you say."

I heard myself say in a voice I did not recognize.

My father was surprised, I guessed he expected a f¡'ght, but I wasn't going to give them that pleasure.

I had always been the g0at among my family, and everyone knew it, I was as stū'bb0rn as a g0at '

"Good, you see, your w0manhood has brought you wisdom. Prepare, for your husband will come in the next three days, your dowry has already been paid in full."

We all ate in silence.

"You are all dismissed!" He said in finality."

I was 15 when we had this meeting.

At 15, I had bū'ttocks the size of a full watermelon and my brèāsts were round like ripened oranges

My hips were large enough to support my full bū'ttocks and my waìst was tîny on a very flat stomach.
I hā''ted the attention it brought me.

I had a plan

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I couldn't let my father marry me off to that old man.

chief moñî, he was an @bū''sers and a w0mān¡zer

over the years he had married eight wives and five d¡£d due to his constant b£āting and mā'ltr£atment.

of course his wives couldn't seek for help, that because no woman is given a listen ear.

it either you give birth to a son who you could use to communicate, else nothing.

he was well know for tr£ating his older and younger wives as slāve, they work on his farm day and night without rest.

I had over heard my step mother, telling my mom about talking my dad out of marrying me off, to chief moñî, but my mom ¡gnored her and told her to mind her business after all, all her daughter had been married of, or should I say s0ld off.

I prepared a plan to run away, but I couldn't there was no mean of trānsportation, in the village.

I didn't want to marry him, I wandered around the bush not plucking herbs, as usual for ñeñe oma.

my eyes w£lled up knowing I couldn't escape from this nïghtmãre.

" why are you çr'yiñg my dear child?"

startled by the voice, I turned behind me, my stomach grūmbled involuntarily, seeing ñeñe oma

she was too old to come out in the bushes alone considering her old age, she could have sent someone to come look for me, if she so wanted the herbs.

" no ñeñe oma " I pr£tended blowing my n0se and sniffing back my tëārs.

" oh child, I know how páïñfül, it is to be married āgainst your will ?

she said, stūnned and surprised, while looking at her with a questioning gaze.

" ho...how did you know, ñeñe oma ?

" don't you want to escape and achieve your dreams?" she asked with a shāking smile.

she was the only one who knew my passion to go to school and be a better doctor and tr£at alot of people for free.

I nodded frantically

" then follow me "

Episode 2 typing......

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Dogs Are Best Friend of Human

Dogs Are Best Friend of Human
Dogs Are Best Friend of Human
Dogs are friendly and they love human. Your dog waits for you by the door, face smiling, mouth open and tail wagging, ready to dote on you, his best friend in the world. When you're happy and excited, your dog will leap about you and share in your joy. Dogs are playful. They love physical activity such as going for walks, fetching sticks, leaping into ponds, and racing wildly to and fro.
Dogs can be trained so that they can easily cohabitate with us in our human-built dwellings. They can also be trusted to act appropriately around other people and in public. Dogs can learn to save nature's call for outdoor walks, to walk on a leash when on public roads where cars lurk, and to sit and to stay whenever and wherever necessary.
The family dog is as much a part of daily life within a home as is any human household member. They can readily go places with us in cars, everywhere from a romp in the local park to a family vacation. Because they can travel with us, they can be a part of our lives in a way that most other companion animals can't. As dogs can participate in many of our most unusual experiences and outdoor adventures, they become forever associated with many of our most treasured memories. Does the family have a large fenced yard where a big dog can romp in safety, or a cramped apartment suitable for small dogs only? Can the family pet care budget support a large dog with a large appetite?
A safe environment is, of course, a must. Indoors, be sure that cleaning products, medications, houseplants and other potential poisons are kept safely out of reach. Our dogs are always there for us, day and night, sharing in every activity from breakfast time through a cozy evening spent watching TV. Above all else, dogs deserve gentle handling and an abundance of our time and attention. Love can make a dog's world go round as much as love makes our world go round.

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Quiet Time


there once was a farmer who discovered that he had lost his watch in the barn. It was no ordinary watch because it had sentimental value for him.

After searching high and low among the hay for a long while; he gave up and enlisted the help of a group of children playing outside the barn. He promised them that the person who found it would be rewarded.

Hearing this, the children hurried inside the barn, went through and around the entire stack of hay but still could not find the watch.

Just when the farmer was about to give up looking for his watch, a little boy went up to him and asked to be given another chance.

The farmer looked at him and thought: “why not? After all, this kid looks sincere enough.” So the farmer sent the little boy back in the barn.

After a while the little boy came out with the watch in his hand! The farmer was both happy and surprised and so he asked the boy how he succeeded where the rest had failed.

The boy replied, “I did nothing but sit on the ground and listen. In the silence, i heard the ticking of the watch and just looked for it in that direction.”

A peaceful mind can think better than a worked up mind. Allow a few minutes of silence to your mind every day, and see, how sharply it helps you to set your life the way you expect it to be…!

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An Unfamiliar Road

The closing bell rung, as day students, we will all be returning home whether in groups of twos, threes or more. I always went home in the company of my brother but we had quarrelled earlier that day and he went home immediately school dismissed.

I didn't want to walk with him so it didn't matter, I stayed back with a friend who attended our church to watch the boring football between SS2 and SS3 — a punishment I must endure since I couldn't make it through the long and lonely road home, alone.

The pathetic match finally came to an end at 4pm and we set out for home; this journey should've lasted 1½hrs but on reaching where the road bifurcated into three, he suggested a road we've never walked before.

Initially, I refused but he insisted we had no time and it'll get dark soon, left with no option, I followed him. We came across huge terrifying trees, they flanked the path like we were in a thick forest.
The pin drop silence in that area gripped me with regrettable fear for what may become of us, probably some chicken monsters will capture us for breakfast.

Out of distrust in his words, I asked him, "Sammy, do you even know where we are going to?" He simply laughed and reassured me, if we hadn't go far, I'd start running back. We reached an old shrine and at this point, I regretted leaving my brother to follow that guy. Thankfully, he had patience dealing with my fears and dragged me past the shrine — the line of Rubicon; I was already sobbing, after all who would hear me cry?

Meanwhile, at home, my Mum who had gone restless ordered an immediate search at 5.45pm for me. My brother, frustrated just waited outside the compound wondering what took me so long to return.

Alas! We emerged at a familiar stream, I rendered praises to GOD for sparing my life through that evil forest and swore never again, NEVER! I ran all the way home, it was already quarter past 6 when I arrived home.

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Once upon a time, in a small village nestled between the mountains and the sea, there lived a wise old man named Master Wu. Master Wu was known throughout the land for his calm demeanor and his ability to bring peace to those in distress.

One day, a young woman named Mei came to Master Wu seeking guidance. She was overwhelmed by the challenges she faced in her life – ailing parents, financial struggles, and a broken heart. Master Wu welcomed her with a warm smile and invited her to sit by the tranquil pond in his garden.

As they sat in silence, watching the gentle ripples on the water, Master Wu began to tell Mei a story. He spoke of a mighty oak tree that had weathered many storms and stood tall and strong despite its hardships. The tree's roots ran deep into the earth, anchoring it firmly in place, while its branches reached up towards the sky, embracing the sunlight and the rain.

"Just like the oak tree," Master Wu said, "we must learn to stay grounded in times of trouble, drawing strength from our roots and reaching for the light of hope and resilience."

Mei listened intently, feeling a sense of calm wash over her. She realized that just as the oak tree endured the changing seasons, so too could she weather the storms in her life with grace and fortitude.

As the sun began to set behind the mountains, Master Wu handed Mei a small stone from the edge of the pond. "Take this stone with you," he said, "and whenever you feel overwhelmed, hold it in your hand and remember the strength and serenity of the oak tree."

With a grateful heart, Mei thanked Master Wu and left his garden feeling lighter and more at peace. And from that day on, whenever she faced challenges, she would hold the stone in her hand, drawing strength and solace from the wisdom of Master Wu and the enduring spirit of the oak tree.

And so, in times of hardship and uncertainty, Mei found comfort in the simple reminder that, like the oak tree, she too possessed the resilience and inner strength to overcome any obstacle that came her way.

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Today February 19, National Tug of War Day

Once a year, the small town of Willow Creek celebrated Tug of War Day. It was a day filled with excitement, friendly competition, and community spirit.

The day started with the town square bustling with people of all ages, eagerly signing up for teams and strategizing their game plan. The teams were divided into two sides - the East Enders and the West Enders - each determined to claim victory in the annual tug of war challenge.

As the sun reached its peak in the sky, the teams gathered at the designated spot by the riverbank. The atmosphere was electric as the crowd cheered on their favorite team, waving banners and chanting slogans of encouragement.

The referee blew the whistle, and the tug of war began. The teams pulled with all their might, their faces contorted with effort as they strained against the rope. The spectators watched in awe as the teams battled it out, each refusing to give an inch.

After what seemed like an eternity, one team finally emerged victorious, pulling the other across the line and claiming the coveted title of Tug of War champions. The winning team erupted in cheers and high-fives, while the defeated team graciously accepted their loss, already planning their comeback for next year.

As the sun began to set on Tug of War Day, the town came together for a celebratory barbecue, sharing stories and laughter as they reflected on another successful year of friendly competition and community bonding.

And so, Tug of War Day ended on a high note, with memories of teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie that would last until the next year's celebration.

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100k palava

Yesterday afternoon, while I was just moving up and down the street aimlessly. I saw a couple of guys jumping over a fence. I mean big Big guys.

I was amused, so I decided to watch what they were doing. They would jump over the fence and repeat it again. So I decided to ask one brother what they were doing.

He replied: it's fence competition they're doing ".
"Fence competition?" I asked.
Yes bro". He replied. But that kind of play are for kids now". I said.

Not really, the person who jumps over that fence successfully without touching the fence would go home with 100k". The guy said. When I heard 100k, my brain flew off to space.All I wanted to do was to jump over that fence. I mean why can't I jump ordinary fence?

When I decided to jump over the fence, you need to see the way they were hailing me.
"Jaguar! Jaguar! Lekan! Jaguar!".
My babe was even there, she added salt and pepper: "you can do this baby! Jump! Fly like an Eagle ".

Ah, my head was swelling. To the extent that I removed my slipper. Removed my top too. And then I ran towards the so called fence.

This was my lucky day! That 100k was mine! I was gonna make it! Well...not really. Because immediately I jumped, the last thing I heard was kpraaa! And then, I tumbled for like 59 times.

I later end up in the hospital .🏥

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Radiating love

Living in the same compound as my neighbor Agnes was never a dull moment. She always had a way of making the rest of us feel somewhat inadequate because we weren't dating or in any relationship with the opposite gender. She would often boast about her love life and the attention she received. Last week, she started talking about how she was expecting a big surprise package on Valentine's day, which was today.

As the day progressed, Agnes received her elaborate package filled with romantic goodies from her boyfriend. Her excitement was palpable, and she made sure to show off her gifts to all of us. Meanwhile, the rest of us neighbors exchanged love and joy among ourselves, celebrating the day in our own way. There was a sense of camaraderie and warmth that filled the air, and I must say, we were all enjoying every bit of it.

Later in the evening, Agnes approached us with a contrite expression on her face. She confessed that despite receiving the extravagant gift, she still felt a deep sense of emptiness. She apologized for her earlier boisterous remarks and expressed her appreciation for our companionship. We accepted her apology with understanding, and as a show of good spirit, we all came together to continue the celebration. Laughter filled the evening air as we shared stories and enjoyed each other's company.

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Eternal Echoes: A Love Lost to Fate′s Cruel Embrace

Eternal Echoes: A Love Lost to Fate′s Cruel Embrace
In a quaint town nestled between rolling hills, two souls found each other amidst the bustling streets and the whispers of the wind. Emma, with her fiery spirit, and James, with his gentle behavior, were drawn together by the invisible threads of fate. Their love blossomed like wildflowers in a spring meadow, vibrant and intoxicating.

They spent their days exploring the world hand in hand, dreaming of a future filled with laughter and adventures. But beneath the surface of their idyllic romance, shadows lurked, waiting to shatter their happiness. James carried a secret burden, a terminal illness that threatened to steal him away from Emma sooner than either of them had imagined.

As the seasons changed, so did James's health, fading like the autumn leaves surrendering to winter's chill. Emma remained steadfast by his side, her love unwavering even as despair clawed at her heart. They cherished each moment, knowing their time together was finite, yet refusing to let go of the precious bond they shared.

As winter tightened its grip, James's strength waned, and Emma's anguish deepened. In the stillness of a moonlit night, he whispered his final farewell, his hand slipping from hers as he surrendered to the embrace of eternity. Emma's world shattered in that moment, her cries echoing through the empty streets, mourning the loss of her beloved.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, but the pain remained as raw as the day James departed. Emma wandered the streets they once roamed together, her steps heavy with grief, her heart aching for the touch of his hand and the warmth of his smile. But James was gone, leaving behind only memories and a void that could never be filled.

In the depths of her sorrow, Emma found solace in the memories they had shared, clinging to them like lifelines in a stormy sea. She traced the lines of his face in old photographs, whispered his name to the stars, and carried his love with her wherever she went. Though he was no longer by her side, his presence lingered in every corner of her world.

As the seasons cycled once more, Emma's grief softened into a bittersweet ache, a reminder of the love they had shared and the beauty of their fleeting time together. She knew that James would always be a part of her, woven into the fabric of her being, guiding her through the trials of life until they were reunited in the stars above. And so, with a heavy but hopeful heart, Emma turned her face to the sky, finding comfort in the eternal embrace of love's enduring legacy.

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The Journey I didn′t plan for

It all started when a stranger greeted me at the bus stop and gave me directions to a market that was well-known for its electronic goods. I happily obeyed his instructions, not realizing the mess that would soon occur.

After what seemed like hours of driving through busy streets and narrow paths, we eventually arrived at the location he had told us about. However, all I found was the disturbing understanding that I had been scammed, not the promised market.

I looked to a passerby for help, desperate for assistance. They gave me a knowing smile and pointed me in a different way, assuring me that this time I would definitely get where I was going. I went off again with a fresh sense of hope, ready to make up for the hours lost and get back on schedule.

After roaming for what felt like an eternity, I met a tired-looking taxi driver who had his car stopped by the side of the road. Feeling both relieved and worn out, I walked over and explained my predicament to him.

To my surprise, the taxi driver's weak look softened as he listened carefully to my story of hardship. With a sigh, he admitted that he, too, had experienced a good deal of difficulties and tribulations on the road of life. He offered to drive me to where I purchased the electronics I was looking for and refused accepting any money from me but asked for my prayers. I prayed for him and we went our ways.

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My best friend.

My best friend would have been among the graduating students tomorrow, but destiny happened.

Faith, as she was called, was a very close friend of mine.

We were really intimate that even our coursemates argued amongst themselves that we were siblings. They said we look alike too.

I often wondered where the said resemblance was from, because, I knew deep down that I am no match with Faith, if it comes to beauty!

Her hair was long enough to tie a bundle of firewood. The deepness of her dimple swallows any man that glances at her. Should I talk about her diastema(gap teeth) or her glassy skin?

Well, I came on campus with the mindset of becoming a 'hot-girl', but my encounter with Faith changed the narrative.

If my memory ain't failing me, I think we became friends when I asked for her pen during the days of our departmental screening. We were both in 100L as of then. It's been four years already!

One thing led to the other, and boom! We became besties.

If not Faith, have you seen a friend who would always leave her lodge just to drag me to church, and monitor my reading schedules?

Faith would always inconvenience herself just to please me.

We studied together. She taught me courses that gave me tough time. She cooked for me, she even washed my clothes, we shared secrets, and yes, she was a bookworm and a guru.

Hmmm. Destiny happened indeed!

Faith was caught with implicating materials during our 100L Second Semester exam. She pleaded not guilty, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Faith was expelled.....

She was disowned by her parents. Faith was left depressed. Nobody believed her. Not even Samuel, her boyfriend. Then, she took the wrong decision.

Faith committed suicide!

Well, destiny happened. I never imagined it would end the way it ended.

I placed the implicating material in her pocket.

I gave suspicious signals. Signals that made the invigilator point fingers at Faith. And she was caught.

I only wished she was expelled, I never knew she would commit suicide.

If I meet Faith in heaven, I would tell her never to fall in love with my man in her next world.

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A Short Moral Story.

A scientist and a lawyer lived next to each other. One day, the lawyer said to his wife, Lucy.

"Look how hardworking Kate, the scientist's wife is. You don't work as much as she does. She wakes up as early as 4:30 a.m. every morning. She prepares meals for her husband before he leaves for work. She irons his clothes. She does the dishes after each meal. She attends to all the washing and cleaning. She removes her husband's shoes when he enters the home. She still waters the plants. She can work for up to 15 hours a day. But you can't even spend 5 hours working"

Lucy spoke very gently.
"I may not be of the same standard as Kate... but you do know that I'm doing my best everyday to be a good wife to you"

The lawyer snapped.
"Well, your best isn't good enough! I deserve better than a wife who does very little. You are supposed to be as hardworking as the scientist's wife. You should extend your working hours in a day"

From that point on, the lawyer set rules for his wife. He made Lucy wake up very early in the morning to begin the household chores. He made her scrub all sinks and drains, take out the trash, do the grocery shopping, water the plants, weed the garden and more. She worked all day and had very little time to rest. Somewhere along the line, she became utterly worn out.

One evening, the lawyer returned home from work and found Lucy lying lifeless on the ground. He rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead by the doctor. She died from a heart attack caused by chronic stress.

The lawyer was overwhelmed with grief and guilt. He couldn't deal with the pain he felt in his heart. Then, he went to his neighbour, the scientist. He said to him.

"My wife died because I made her do all the household chores all by herself. I compared her to your wife and wanted her to be as hardworking as she is. But tell me, how does your wife do all that and never suffers a breakdown?"

The scientist paused for a moment. What he said next was a total surprise.

"I don't have a wife. The lady who lives with me is a human-like robot called Kate. I created her to do all the household chores such as cleaning, cooking, ironing, etc. How could you have compared your wife to a robot? Lucy was a human with blood in her veins but Kate is a machine that works with a battery. Do you realize what you have done?"

The lawyer stood frozen in shock and disbelief. Then, the scientist continued.

"You had a good wife who was caring and compassionate. A wife who loved and respected you. Did you even know how lucky you were to have her as a wife? But you killed her due to your dissatisfaction and baseless comparison. Now you've lost her forever. What a shame!"

Many of us have the habit of comparing our life to others. We are fascinated and intrigued by the things others have. We lose value for what we own since what others have might look better, newer or prettier in some way. We often think that our body isn't good enough, our house isn't big enough, we aren't talented enough, our family don't do their best enough. But one thing we fail to realize is that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Comparison can kill a man very easily. It leaves us with negative feelings of envy, low self-esteem, low self-confidence and isolation. Know in your head and heart that you are different from others and not just only in appearance but also everything. Be happy with yourself and find satisfaction in your work. Stop comparing your life to others and be who you are.

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He always admired my school uniform, my smiles, my looks and maybe my step too.

He always stand along the way of my path to my second mummy shop. Always waiting to praise me and tell me how good l look and to remind me that he is still much interested to marry me. We were told not to give numbers anyhow as girls still in school especially to men who have relationship intentions then, l would have agreed to give him number. Though in my final year in secondary school but we are still not allowed phone freely in that stage by my second mummy unless it is family related. I was obedient.

Well I must confess, his praise is getting to me and am already considering his proposal because it has become a constant reminder to me everyday that l have decided to tell my second mummy who told me to ask him to see her.

But before I get the chance to meet him again. A call came to my phone and l immediately picked it.

Me: Hello

Call: Forget it, it is a set up.

Me: (glanced at the phone again. Of course this is my first mummy speaking) Mummy what are you talking about?

Mummy: That guy that always stop you on your way back from school to shop.

Me: Which one? There are a lot of them.

Mummy: The one that came with marriage proposal. The one you are already thinking about. The one you rejected his money gift. The one you....

Me: OK, OK mum. I remember him. What about him.

Mummy: He betted on your second mummy belief in you. That he must get you to shame her. He didn't know her directly but a person who knew her and her boast of you has strike a challenge. He is not genuine. He want to deceive you to sleep with you. And then smear it on your second mummy face for believing in you. Did you understand?

Me: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!( Already feeling dizzy) How did you know?

Mummy: Revelation! I love you but don't forget that I am also proud of you. (She cut the call)

Me: Hey I almost fall o. Jesus ! How many set up have l surpassed in this stage? But why me?
With tears in my eyes. I prayed: Oh Lord protect my innocence. Whenever I am at my wit end, take over. I was angry in my spirit that I cursed the people involved together in this conspiracy.

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One morning (August 11 2019), I am Ela Celle , 19 years old. This is the day of my first cancer surgery. I'm afraid on what will happen and what will the doctor say about how long my life will last?. While I was thinking about those things, my father and mother suddenly opened the door of my room, as they approached I could feel their nervousness that day. With every step they take towards me, I feel the presence of their concern even more, even if they don't show me in their eyes. The gust of my emotions was filled with sadness because of what I was seeing. My parents came and stroked my hair and my mother told me that everything will be fine after my surgery, every words she said I almost couldn't understand because I felt nervous, the only thing I remembered was what they said "I am like a rose that after a dark night will sprout again beautiful in colorful rose the next day". I don't understand why they show me a smile instead of tears? after they left my room, a butterfly entered my window and landed on one of my rose plants in the room and that's when I realized that the smile they showed symbolized courage and a miracle would happen. I approached the rose and when I smelled it suddenly there was snow. A lot happened that day, but every sign I saw was different, showing that a butterfly landing on a rose shows that something good will happen and the presence of snow shows an ugly event. When I was young, I didn't like snow because every time there was snow, something bad happened to me, like the death of my favorite dog in ( October 02, 2017 at 7:45 a m). At 9:10 a.m. while we were on the trip, every place I passed by had memories coming back to me. In a playground there are children happily playing and I see myself when I was a toddler and didn't think about how long I would last in the world. There are colleges coming home from school that made me think, I wonder what it feels like to be inside school and not face the computer every day while studying?. In my situation with a tumor or an special child is a dark life full of fear that one day all my loved ones will be looking at a lying woman who is lifeless. We are getting closer to the hospital and I can feel every beat of my heart saying what will the result be?. Before I started my surgery, my parents talked to my doctor first and I don't know what they talked about, the first thing that entered my mind was how much we would spend. When my mother came out, I saw that there were tears in her eyes and when I saw that, I knew where my doctor and my parents were talking about. I still remember the time when I entered a white room with lights, a bed and things on the side instead of being afraid I felt my mother's feelings more that and because of the heavy tears that fell from her eyes. After my surgery and I opened my eyes I saw my parents smiling in front of me because I had a good feeling that the result might be good and that suspicion was true after my parents told me everything. When we got back from the hospital, I quickly went to my room to rest and the first time I stepped into the room I smelled the fragrance of a beautiful spring and that's when I realized that not every time there is snow, something bad will happen. While I was staring at the flower I thought, what if one day while I'm in the hospital who will water that rose if the day comes I'm always lying down and unconscious? I'm still remember ( August 22, 2019) after the day, I thought that I am still a lucky child because I am still alive. Even if the day comes that I will be gone, I will make sure that I have a good memory that will be left with the snow, so that my perspective on snow will be different. After several surgeries that happened to me after a few months, we thought that my life would never end, but we were wrong, my pain got worse and that's when the light that happened to me ended, it was immediately replaced by a deeper event. When I found out that, I chose to be happy with what will happen in my life. I always thought that maybe in the next life I will be with my dog ​​and that my life will be happy. (October 23, 2021) unexpectedly I was staring outside looking at the plants in our yard that were roses I lost consciousness and my parents kept shedding tears and crying for the lifeless woman. While my soul was staring at them, I couldn't help but feel happier because the suffering of my parents and I would be over. As I looked around me, the snow was getting stronger and the roses were getting covered a little bit. My life even if forced and I want to live long I can't do anything if I don't follow the flow of life and a person's life is based on something that will give meaning and value. Now I see my life feeling nothing inside a white bed covered in dirt with worms and that on the surface of the earth there is a rose planted that is always visited by different butterfly. My life is full of different events that are the opposite of what I expected to happen, like even if I want to live with my family, my destiny cannot be changed by your wishes. Before I got lost there, I learned to like the snow, I understood more that the snow shows that I need to prepare for what will happen to me, so the snow for me is a warning that needs to be prepared. A child whose life is complicated because of what happened to her today she sleeps every day without dreams and what she always sees is the beauty of the world full of happy images in the afterlife. The roses bloomed together with him in joy with the lord and the snow did not continue to have an ugly incident because the real bad incident was that a child was not given the chance to live on earth his favorite roses. My happy story is over complicated and all ended with a lesson learned.

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It was supposed to be a beautiful morning,but the shouting and insults from father wouldn't even make it so,not like it was something new,but my little head couldn't take it anymore, why,why,just why do I have to wake up most times to fighting and war,just why would my parents not live in peace like every other couple around....

Useless woman,there is nothing good that I have gotten since you came into my life,you are just a bag of bad luck,father wouldn't stop talking...

Could that be true?,is that even possible,I mean, people always say children are blessings,so definitely my brother and I weren't an exception, why would father say such,I wondered...

If you are not a fool, would you be asking me for money this early morning, wouldn't you know that I would have to go to work first this morning before returning in the evening with something,but of course you don't have sense,so there's nothing you know,father continued...

But dear,do you expect the children to starve, there's nothing in this house for them to eat,the last money I had ,was used yesterday,please,you have to keep something,no matter how little for the children, please,mother pleaded....

You see your life,you are just a liability,and so useless,see I have to be at work,so take your useless self out of my sight, father shouted, pushed her and walked out...

Mother thought I was still sleeping,as I was still laying down beside my younger brother who was very fast asleep....

She sat down helplessly hopeless,it was obvious she had a lot going through her mind.as some tear drops went down her cheeks.....

I was hurting,I knew my mother was,but there was nothing I could do,I was just a child after all.....

My younger brother soon woke up, looking so hungry,,it was his usual behavior,he walked up to mother,,, good morning mummy,I am hungry,he said, bringing mom back from all her travels in thought,she looked up at him and smiled, don't worry big boy,you would soon eat something, mother assured, even though she knew that was a lie, good morning mummy,I greeted, pretending I was just waking up....

Good morning uwa,she replied smiling, how was your night,she asked...

It was fine mother,I answered....

She was looking at both of us,like she had so much to tell us,but our young minds were too young for all she wanted to say,if only she knew I had become very matured in thought,I mean who wouldn't in my shoes,I was just 8,,but with an adult mind....

My brother was 5,he wasn't one to endure hunger,he had started to wear a sad face,I am hungry mummy, Samuel said again...

Other children were getting ready to go to school in the compound,but that wasn't the case with my brother and I,we were supposed to resume new classes,but father had said he had no money for our school,mother was a stay home wife, hence there wasn't anyway she could assist,my brother and I had to stay at home....

My brother and I had our bath, mother was unease, walking to and fro,I Know she was confused,father was nowhere around,and it was way past breakfast.

My brother soon started to cry profusely,he was obviously hungry,I was too,but somehow I knew crying wasn't going to help the situation...

When my mother couldn't bear seeing us in hunger anymore,she held my brother by his hand, while I walked behind her, to the small shop down our street...

Good morning mama Chi, mother greeted the woman who gave her a disgusting look in return....mother stood scratching her head not knowing how to begin her request...

Mama Ade abeg commote from my shop if you no know waiting you go talk...the shop owner said in pigin

Mama chichi,abeg you fit give me small foodstuffs make I take make something for my children,I go payyyyyyyy

Taaaa,no even try finish am,no try am,you know how much of my money dey your hand,if na so everybody dey buy and no pay,I for don pack enter house,you dey hold me almost six thousand for this my small shop,how much be everything for my market,abeg Carry your sef commot from my shop,the woman shouted again giving a loud hiss...

My brother was already crying,as he understood there wasn't any hope for a meal...

Mother was pleading in tears,I was heart broken seeing her that way....

I say make una commot for my shop,the woman shouted again.....

Mother took both my brother and my hand, lending us home in tears,when God showed us mercy....

Madam come back,we heard a voice..

looking back it was an unfamiliar face..

Mother didn't know him but she slowly walked up to him with both my brother and I...

Good afternoon madman,the uncle greeted,good afternoon sir,mother replied.i greeted too.

Come and take what ever you'd be needing,he said to mom.

Sirrrrr,mother asked,like she didn't hear properly....

Madam, please take whatever you'd be needing ,these kids deserve to eat,please take anything you need...he said again..

Ahaa!,thank you sir, God bless you,thank you very much,mother said and went to the shop, taking few cups of rice and what she'd need in making it and some garri too....

Thank you sir, God bless you for this,I really appreciate,mother thanked him over and over again....

It's okay madam,the uncle said while mother happily took us home to quickly make the food for us.

In less than 45minutes the food was ready,as it was prepared with fire wood....

Mother served some in a big bowl,while we ate happily, thanking God for provision.....

To be continued..

please don't be a ghost reader 🥺
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Laugh away your sorrow

Laugh away your sorrow
Me: Amaka I want to die, let me just die 😩, this life is so mean and cruel, I can't continue anymore I want to die.

Amaka: shut up, clean that thing you call mouth, how will you wish such for yourself, don't you know there is powers in spoken words, abi didn't they tell you that your tongue is powerful.

Me: So there's power in a spoken word?

Amaka: Of course yes, please don't say such again, please

Me: Okay then I want to win 60m on sporty this weekend.

Amaka: laughing uncontrollably

Me: why you dey laugh na, or do you think am joking?, Am serious I want to win 60m this weekend.

Amaka: still laughing, shut up abeg na mouth you go use win am?, abeg go and sit down and think about your life

Me: 😢😭😭

Please share 🥺🙏 and enjoy your day

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