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Attention to details

Attention to details
You might have read many stories on the negative effects of being disobedient to instructions. But here is the story of Emeka. Emeka was known for his curious nature and adventurous spirit. His parents often gave him advice and instructions to keep him safe, but Emeka sometimes found them restrictive.

One day, Emeka's father, Papa Nnaji, called him and said, "Emeka, my son, the rainy season is upon us. Please, do not go to the river alone. The waters can be very dangerous and unpredictable."

Emeka nodded but thought to himself, "I have been to the river many times. I know what I'm doing."

A few days later, as the sky darkened with storm clouds, Emeka decided to go to the river. He wanted to catch some fish before the rain started. Ignoring his father's warning, he made his way to the riverbank.

As Emeka fished, the clouds burst open, and rain began to pour. The calm river quickly turned into a raging torrent. Emeka realized his mistake and tried to get back to the shore, but the current was too strong. He was swept downstream, struggling to keep his head above water.

Meanwhile, Papa Nnaji noticed Emeka's absence and grew worried. He gathered some villagers, and they rushed to the river. They found Emeka clinging to a rock, exhausted and scared. With great effort, they pulled him to safety.

Back at home, Emeka was shivering and soaked, but safe. His father wrapped him in a warm blanket and looked at him with a mix of relief and disappointment. "My son, I gave you that instruction to protect you. I hope you understand now why it is important to listen."

Emeka nodded, tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry, Papa. I understand now. I should have listened to you."

From that day on, Emeka paid close attention to his parents' advice. He realized that their instructions were not meant to limit his freedom, but to ensure his safety and well-being. Emeka grew wiser, and his bond with his parents grew stronger, founded on trust and understanding.

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