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I've been avoiding my WhatsApp status updates for a while now. The constant stream of videos, pictures, and captions from my friends had become a source of anxiety for me. It seemed like most of them were posting things that I found uninteresting or even emotionally triggering for no good reason. It just didn't feel like a healthy use of my time to engage with their content.

Tonight, however, I made the decision to confront my fear and take a look at their statuses. It was a daunting prospect, to say the least. I had been so focused on my own principles about what I wanted to share that I hadn't given much thought to the kinds of content my friends were sharing. But I felt that if they were viewing my statuses, I could at least reciprocate the gesture.

As I scrolled through their updates, I was confronted with a mix of contrasting things. Some were impactful and meaningful, reflecting values and insights that I could appreciate. Others, however, seemed to be posting just for the sake of posting, without adding any real value to the conversation.

It was a moment of realization for me. I realized that while I had been hesitant to engage with their content, I could also use this opportunity to be a force for positive change. I could set an example by posting content that was aligned with my values and principles, rather than simply following the crowd.

Oya make una take note, stop posting uninteresting things on your status make I no go carry you lock for kirikiri.

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