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With a warm light in the countryside as the sun descended, my family convened in the living room to talk over our weekend. Every year, my parents would declare that we would be going to see our relatives in the village.

The idea of spending the weekend away from home made my heart sink. I was afraid to leave my friends and my surroundings behind because I had become used to the city life. I became uneasy as my people talked about the of the vacation.

I hesitated as they turned to face me and asked what I thought. My desire to decline and beg them to allow me to remain at home was strong, but the words became stuck in my throat. They begged me to seize the chance to spend time with relatives and get back to our native land, but I could see the disappointment in their eyes.

I consented to go even though I knew in my heart that it was hard for me. I was anxious as we prepared our belongings and headed on our way.

But my concerns vanished as soon as we arrived at our cousins' comfortable house tucked away among the undulating hills. I felt at ease and like I belonged there because of the clean air and the friendly greeting from our loved ones.
It was a wonderful journey I would have regretted more not going at all.

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