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Life In Universities

This is a true life story of a cousin of mine, his name is Joel and during his first year in the university, he was just few inches away from ruining his life, that's if he doesn't lose it. He was very young back then, and he wasn't really that grown to really understand and comprehend the outside world, had it not been for his elder sister, he would have been tossed.

In such a new environment he found himself, a lot of things tickled his fancy, of which one of those things wasn't what it looked like. He saw set of people that wore a particular outfit on particular days, well dressed and in uniform, and he could see many of his colleagues in the group, they seemed to be very intelligent. This was a secret cult. To him, he admired them so much already and immediately showed interest to join them. He later got to know their real identity and yet still didn't give up the idea of joining them. He met them and they gave him a form to fill, which he gladly did and submitted. A day was fixed for initiation. Somehow his elder sister got to know about this and informed their parents which dealt with him heavily, they even had to move him away from school for a while that he missed the day for the initiation.

They managed to talk sense into him and made him realize what he was about doing since obviously he didn't really know a lot about cultism. He understood and made up his mind not to join them again. Of course he had no choice, because he knew for sure that dad will either disown him or hand him over to the police if he still dared to join the cult. He avoided them from that day till his final year.

On the day of the final examinations, it was then he thanked God that his sister and parents had saved him. All the members of the cult that were supposed to write the final examinations with him were being tracked and gunned down by the same cult group, the few that managed to escape didn't write the final exams and so haven't graduated till date. Even the ones that moved to another state were still being traced there and killed. A life of fear, ruins and frustration lived by the very few that escaped. They had let their family and sponsors down for joining an ungodly society.

My cousin narrated this to me so I won't fall victim. He would have been ruined too if not for his sister. At the end, the cult members lost everything; lives, dignity and peace of mind. Absolutely no gain.

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