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The Eye-opener

The Eye-opener
Today after school, I tagged along with my friends to their place to get my power bank, which I had left there during the last visit. Initially, I intended to just grab it and head back home, but instead, I found myself staying for a while, catching up with my friends. We started a conversation and unexpectedly shifted to more deeper topics, and we found ourselves discussing diabolical and spiritual phenomena, lol you know how stories goes from one topic to another.

As we delved into our discussions about the existence of the spiritual realm, opinions were divided. Some friends expressed doubt, and we ended up in a hot debate, arguing our points after another. Soon, personal stories began to surface. Each of us shared our own experiences with what we believed to be diabolical occurrences, recounting unexplainable events that had left lasting impressions on us.

Listening to these accounts, we found ourselves captivated by the weight of each tale. It was evident that every person present had encountered something unexplainable, something that defied the regular scientific logic as most people will always like to argue by. These shared experiences were too realistic to dismiss lightly, leading us to question our first notions about the spiritual realm.

As our discussion continued, we came to a conclusion. Despite initial skepticism, the weight of our personal encounters left no room for doubt, there truly exists a spiritual realm. Our individu‚Äč‚Äčal experiences, combined with the insights we had gained, pointed to an undeniable presence beyond the physical world.
So my friends reading, never doubt that different realms exists and always build your spiritual self.

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