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The Age of Mankind diluted

War Is My Destiny / Ill Bill

They killed my entire family
Murdered and tortured, raped and pillaged
I was only five and I
Was the only surviving witness
My entire village burnt to the ground
He wore a serpent in his crown
Happily committed murder with a frown

In an army of black
Hooded fiery-skulled generals
And a sorcerer that could cast
Spells that’ll change your genitals
Held me in slavery till I turned eighteen
Killed my slave master
Five years later became king

And I slain dragons and
Ate steaks during famine
Had the seeds of war planted
In a dirty tavern
Had the seeds of presidents killed
In a burst of anger
And had their parents bleed to death on
The floor of a dirty bathroom

I watched their palaces burn
I seen the ashes of my comrades
Returned to their family in an urn
While a proud child remembers
His father that died
The cycle continues with vengeance
Alive in his mind

Yeah, yeah, i was an angel before a
Third of the stars fell
Cast with the sternum from Satan
Into the pit of hell
Our beloved leader forced to
Be a bottom feeder
The great deceiver that promised victory
Over the monkey lovers
We took a vote to restructure
And traitors fell upon him
We ripped his skin off and crowned
A new son in the morning

A new president to lead our corporation
The vengeance on God and Heaven’s domination
But I seduced the daughters of
Man and made the Nephilim
I demanded human sacrifice from
The rest of them i became the spirit that
Tortured and protected them
And I built them the tower
Of language that connected them
And then the Lord cried
Water falling out from his eyes
And my children died drowning in
The tears from the sky
And it was then that Satan crawled
Back to me with a plan
A design for the ultimate corruption of man

See back then we used to set
The chosen ones on fire
You really think God only
Sent a single messiah?
And so we allowed the birth
Of many prophets on Earth
And since the followers were human they
Were born with a curse
They began to claim superiority
To their brothers
And for eighty-five thousand years
Conquered each other
And when they prayed before battle
They were praying to me
Killing in God’s name 'cause
War is my destiny!


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Sunday Igbhoho’s Opinion

“Buhari had nothing to offer us. My pain is that some Yoruba elders are now complaining, saying they want to hold protest that they are hungry. Have you seen any Igbo complaining? They have sent all Fulanis out of their lands and they are farming, doing what they want with their lands. Why can't Yorubas come together and also pursue them from our fatherland, so our parents can go back to their farmlands?”


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Albino from Africa na him be white of today

people we call 'WHITES' today are simply descendants of ancient African albinos.

In ancient times, it appears there was a breakout of ALBINISM among certain African populations around the Horn of Africa.

Remember that there are original black Africans with straight hair like the Ethiopians and Somalis etc.

That is their natural state with NO admixture.

When they produce albinos, they look exactly like the people we call ''white people'' today.

The ancient Africans were shocked by the strange appearance of these albino babies, and attributed it to some kind of disease.

They banished the albino populations to places were they eventually formed their own communities, interbreeding with themselves, and eventually becoming ''the white race''.

They left Africa in droves for more temperate climates in Europe where the sun was less harsh, to protect their albinoid skin from infection and diseases caused by sunlight.

The reason for white racism today could be partly due to their subconscious recollection of being driven out of black communities in the ancient past and left to fend for themselves in isolated communities...

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How Africa is suffering from currency devaluations
Nigeria is facing a historic foreign exchange (FX) crisis but this problem is not unique to Africa’s biggest economy as findings showed three other African countries have also suffered a similar fate.

Several economic and political factors, such as inflation, government instability, reduced foreign direct investment (FDI), and fluctuating capital flows, have been associated with the weakness of some other African currencies.

The naira has been on a steady decline since the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) floated it in June 2023, collapsing all the segments in the FX market into the Investor’s and Exporters’ Window. It depreciated to as low as 1,534.39 per dollar last Monday at the Nigerian Autonomous Foreign Exchange Market.

The FX market experienced a significant 56.58 percent decline in dollar supply on Wednesday, just two days after witnessing a surge in liquidity driven by the CBN’s interventions.

The impact of this depreciation is felt keenly by businesses and households across Nigeria.

Businesses reliant on imported goods face increased costs as the value of the naira decreases, potentially leading to higher prices for consumers.

Companies with foreign debt find their repayment obligations escalating, putting further strain on their finances.


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Is it possible for human being that claims to have a spiritual power (native doctor, spiritualist etc) , to appear physically in another location and either harm or save someone at that place in time,

If yes or no, why?


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They are coming for Tinubu wife

Now, Tinubu's wife is an infidel, an unbeliever.
Not only is she an infidel but she's a leader amongst unbelivers, the word of God said she should be killed. The reason is because she's a leader of the unbelievers..she's is a pastor!, she is a pastor!!
This is the instruction from the Koran .
All leaders of unbelivers Allah said they should be killed.
When a person is called a pastor, what does it mean...a leader.
When a person is called liman, what does it mean... a leader.
Allah said you should kill the leaders of the infidels, she's not the kind of women that Allah said you can get married to not women like Tinubu's wife.
How can someone who's not able to convert his wife to a Muslim be said to be in Muslim Muslim ticket?

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Solar power or Generator and nepa
what is your experience using any of these?
which will you recommend


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"Life is too hard now," said one father. "Garri used to be cheap, but now it's so expensive, it's like buying cocaine!"

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Life in Nigeria 🇳🇬 vs USA 🇺🇸

1. If you don't know how you are blessed, you will think your father's farm is worse than your friend father's farm.
2. $1 is ₦1.500 and so what?
3. Let me elucidate from my little experience. Can anyone in the US use $1 for breakfast? No!

4. But in Nigeria, ₦1.500 will give you breakfast and lunch.
5.Majority of people's monthly house rent (self contained apartment) in the USA is $1,000 and above... and that is your own 2 year's rent!
6. Have you ever paid for insurance before? Insurance in the US is $280 and that is almost ₦100,000 monthly.
7. When last did you pay monthly phone bills? I pay almost ₦40,000 monthly and if I don't, they are going to block my SIM. Your own MTN can be there for months without recharge.
8. When last did you work on Saturday and Sunday?
9. This I do compulsorily and on regular basis.
10. Don't get me wrong, the US is better than Nigeria, depending on which angle you are viewing it.
11. Do you want to hear the truth?
12. Many people in Nigeria live a more fulfilling life compared to their counterparts abroad.

13. Forget about all the packaging on social media and give credit to the good life you are living.
14. Do you know why Nigerians living in the US always rush back quickly whenever they come home visiting?
15. Because bills are counting and elongated absence (freedom) will put their lives in jeopardy.
16. If you, as a black person, attempt to emulate the whites, they will kneel on your neck.
17. Apart from Congo, no citizens in the entire universe enjoy life to the fullest than Nigerians.

18. You are abundantly blessed but you don't know until you get visa and relocate abroad, that is when you will know that your 8-hour job in Nigeria with free weekend is awoof.
19. With 11-hour job abroad, you can only pay bills, you need other 6 to 8 hours jobs to save for the future and plan your life.
20. The truth is that the grass is green everywhere, it's lack of vision greed of our leaders/politicians and the skewed religious practices (which placed emphasis on miracles) that ascended Nigeria onto a myopic tentacle of complete standstill.
21. Always thank God wherever you may find yourself. Nigeria is good and will be better.

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