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Bright Edoleyi @brightedoleyi

Bright Edoleyi @brightedoleyi

Student At Uniben
Iβ€²m a content creator and account manager. Follow me here guys.
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Name: Bright Edoleyi
Gender: male
Age: 18 years old
Account Privacy: public
Mobile: 2347045078342
From: Edo, Nigeria
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Happy Sunday guys.πŸ™‚
Another Sunday to view statuses and get tiredπŸ˜‚


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Three Friends Travelling on A Boat

Three Friends Travelling on A Boat
So, three friends named Mu, Bu and Fu were travelling in a boat and they were discussing. Then the following conversation started:

Mu: I'm very happy! Once we get to India successfully, I'm adding 'ck' to my name. My new name shall be 'Muck'.

Bu: I'm doing same too. I will change mine to 'Buck'.

Fu: (thinks for a while) I am changing mine to Fu.. Noo.., Peter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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Your Favorite Nigerian Artiste

In this poll, choose your most loved Nigerian Artiste.

  • Davido
  • Wizkid
  • Burna Boy
  • Olamide
  • Phyno
  • Others

  • People / Public Figures Polls Ongoing Election Voting Voting Ends:

    12 Votes
    Valentine is only for big men, boys should wait for children's dayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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