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One morning (August 11 2019), I am Ela Celle , 19 years old. This is the day of my first cancer surgery. I'm afraid on what will happen and what will the doctor say about how long my life will last?. While I was thinking about those things, my father and mother suddenly opened the door of my room, as they approached I could feel their nervousness that day. With every step they take towards me, I feel the presence of their concern even more, even if they don't show me in their eyes. The gust of my emotions was filled with sadness because of what I was seeing. My parents came and stroked my hair and my mother told me that everything will be fine after my surgery, every words she said I almost couldn't understand because I felt nervous, the only thing I remembered was what they said "I am like a rose that after a dark night will sprout again beautiful in colorful rose the next day". I don't understand why they show me a smile instead of tears? after they left my room, a butterfly entered my window and landed on one of my rose plants in the room and that's when I realized that the smile they showed symbolized courage and a miracle would happen. I approached the rose and when I smelled it suddenly there was snow. A lot happened that day, but every sign I saw was different, showing that a butterfly landing on a rose shows that something good will happen and the presence of snow shows an ugly event. When I was young, I didn't like snow because every time there was snow, something bad happened to me, like the death of my favorite dog in ( October 02, 2017 at 7:45 a m). At 9:10 a.m. while we were on the trip, every place I passed by had memories coming back to me. In a playground there are children happily playing and I see myself when I was a toddler and didn't think about how long I would last in the world. There are colleges coming home from school that made me think, I wonder what it feels like to be inside school and not face the computer every day while studying?. In my situation with a tumor or an special child is a dark life full of fear that one day all my loved ones will be looking at a lying woman who is lifeless. We are getting closer to the hospital and I can feel every beat of my heart saying what will the result be?. Before I started my surgery, my parents talked to my doctor first and I don't know what they talked about, the first thing that entered my mind was how much we would spend. When my mother came out, I saw that there were tears in her eyes and when I saw that, I knew where my doctor and my parents were talking about. I still remember the time when I entered a white room with lights, a bed and things on the side instead of being afraid I felt my mother's feelings more that and because of the heavy tears that fell from her eyes. After my surgery and I opened my eyes I saw my parents smiling in front of me because I had a good feeling that the result might be good and that suspicion was true after my parents told me everything. When we got back from the hospital, I quickly went to my room to rest and the first time I stepped into the room I smelled the fragrance of a beautiful spring and that's when I realized that not every time there is snow, something bad will happen. While I was staring at the flower I thought, what if one day while I'm in the hospital who will water that rose if the day comes I'm always lying down and unconscious? I'm still remember ( August 22, 2019) after the day, I thought that I am still a lucky child because I am still alive. Even if the day comes that I will be gone, I will make sure that I have a good memory that will be left with the snow, so that my perspective on snow will be different. After several surgeries that happened to me after a few months, we thought that my life would never end, but we were wrong, my pain got worse and that's when the light that happened to me ended, it was immediately replaced by a deeper event. When I found out that, I chose to be happy with what will happen in my life. I always thought that maybe in the next life I will be with my dog ​​and that my life will be happy. (October 23, 2021) unexpectedly I was staring outside looking at the plants in our yard that were roses I lost consciousness and my parents kept shedding tears and crying for the lifeless woman. While my soul was staring at them, I couldn't help but feel happier because the suffering of my parents and I would be over. As I looked around me, the snow was getting stronger and the roses were getting covered a little bit. My life even if forced and I want to live long I can't do anything if I don't follow the flow of life and a person's life is based on something that will give meaning and value. Now I see my life feeling nothing inside a white bed covered in dirt with worms and that on the surface of the earth there is a rose planted that is always visited by different butterfly. My life is full of different events that are the opposite of what I expected to happen, like even if I want to live with my family, my destiny cannot be changed by your wishes. Before I got lost there, I learned to like the snow, I understood more that the snow shows that I need to prepare for what will happen to me, so the snow for me is a warning that needs to be prepared. A child whose life is complicated because of what happened to her today she sleeps every day without dreams and what she always sees is the beauty of the world full of happy images in the afterlife. The roses bloomed together with him in joy with the lord and the snow did not continue to have an ugly incident because the real bad incident was that a child was not given the chance to live on earth his favorite roses. My happy story is over complicated and all ended with a lesson learned.

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