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He always admired my school uniform, my smiles, my looks and maybe my step too.

He always stand along the way of my path to my second mummy shop. Always waiting to praise me and tell me how good l look and to remind me that he is still much interested to marry me. We were told not to give numbers anyhow as girls still in school especially to men who have relationship intentions then, l would have agreed to give him number. Though in my final year in secondary school but we are still not allowed phone freely in that stage by my second mummy unless it is family related. I was obedient.

Well I must confess, his praise is getting to me and am already considering his proposal because it has become a constant reminder to me everyday that l have decided to tell my second mummy who told me to ask him to see her.

But before I get the chance to meet him again. A call came to my phone and l immediately picked it.

Me: Hello

Call: Forget it, it is a set up.

Me: (glanced at the phone again. Of course this is my first mummy speaking) Mummy what are you talking about?

Mummy: That guy that always stop you on your way back from school to shop.

Me: Which one? There are a lot of them.

Mummy: The one that came with marriage proposal. The one you are already thinking about. The one you rejected his money gift. The one you....

Me: OK, OK mum. I remember him. What about him.

Mummy: He betted on your second mummy belief in you. That he must get you to shame her. He didn't know her directly but a person who knew her and her boast of you has strike a challenge. He is not genuine. He want to deceive you to sleep with you. And then smear it on your second mummy face for believing in you. Did you understand?

Me: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!( Already feeling dizzy) How did you know?

Mummy: Revelation! I love you but don't forget that I am also proud of you. (She cut the call)

Me: Hey I almost fall o. Jesus ! How many set up have l surpassed in this stage? But why me?
With tears in my eyes. I prayed: Oh Lord protect my innocence. Whenever I am at my wit end, take over. I was angry in my spirit that I cursed the people involved together in this conspiracy.

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