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The Journey I didn′t plan for

It all started when a stranger greeted me at the bus stop and gave me directions to a market that was well-known for its electronic goods. I happily obeyed his instructions, not realizing the mess that would soon occur.

After what seemed like hours of driving through busy streets and narrow paths, we eventually arrived at the location he had told us about. However, all I found was the disturbing understanding that I had been scammed, not the promised market.

I looked to a passerby for help, desperate for assistance. They gave me a knowing smile and pointed me in a different way, assuring me that this time I would definitely get where I was going. I went off again with a fresh sense of hope, ready to make up for the hours lost and get back on schedule.

After roaming for what felt like an eternity, I met a tired-looking taxi driver who had his car stopped by the side of the road. Feeling both relieved and worn out, I walked over and explained my predicament to him.

To my surprise, the taxi driver's weak look softened as he listened carefully to my story of hardship. With a sigh, he admitted that he, too, had experienced a good deal of difficulties and tribulations on the road of life. He offered to drive me to where I purchased the electronics I was looking for and refused accepting any money from me but asked for my prayers. I prayed for him and we went our ways.

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