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A lesson by a Bee

A lesson by a Bee
Agba was known for his antics and his fondness for visiting the cashew tree down the road to throw stones at the ripe and unripe fruits. His mother always warned him to stay away from the tree, but Agba was as stubborn as a mule and never heeded her advice.

One sunny day, Agba, being his usual stubborn self, sneaked off to the cashew tree, determined to have another go at his favorite hobby. As he lobbed stones at the fruit bunches, a mischievous bee dived down from the leaves and aimed straight for Agba's lips, leaving him with a resounding sting and a comically swollen pout.

Wincing in pain, Agba dashed back home to his mother, shouting in distress. By the time he reached home, his lips had swelled up, making him look like a comical caricature of himself. The other children in the village couldn't help but burst into laughter at the sight of Agba's ridiculous face.

His mother, trying hard not to giggle, took one look at her son's swollen lips and immediately reached for a bottle of red oil. As she rubbed the oil on his lips, she couldn't contain the urge to laugh, but she fought hard to keep a straight face, knowing Agba was in pain.

In the end, the swelling went down, and Agba learned his lesson. From that day on, he never went near the cashew tree again. The incident became a source of amusement in the village, and whenever Agba tried to act stubborn, all his mother had to say was, "Remember the bees and the cashew tree," and Agba would quickly change his mind.

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