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At Least

Saving the day

Last evening, feeling the weight of the week's stress, I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood. After about 20 minutes, I passed by an uncompleted building that usually stood silent. But this evening, I heard the low murmur of voices coming from inside. Curious and a bit concerned, I decided to investigate.

I quietly approached the building and saw a shocking scene right before me. Three men were standing around a young girl, demanding that she tell them her bank PIN. They had a POS machine in their hands, clearly intending to rob her. The girl looked confused, almost as if she were in a trance. Realizing the urgency of the situation, I didn't think twice and shouted at them with all the force I could muster.

Startled by my sudden intervention, the men immediately fled, dropping their POS machine in their haste. Once they were gone, I hurried over to the girl. She seemed disoriented and frightened, barely able to comprehend what had just happened. It became clear to me that she had been hypnotized or controlled in some way, as she had no recollection of how she ended up there.

I quickly called a friend who lived nearby, asking him to bring his car and take us to the nearest pharmacy. While we waited, I tried to comfort the girl, assuring her that she was safe now. She slowly began to relax, but it was evident that she needed medical attention to fully regain her senses.

When my friend arrived, we carefully helped the girl into the car and drove straight to the pharmacist. There, she received immediate care and gradually regained full consciousness. The pharmacist confirmed that she was likely hypnotized and suggested she rest to help clear her mind.

After the girl regained her composure, she expressed her deep gratitude. She couldn't remember much, but she was thankful for the timely rescue. I was relieved that she was safe and hoped the authorities would catch the men responsible. The world is not safe, pray for God's mercies each day, He will keep his people safe.

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betty✓★ 🏆107 🌟112Bethrand Chibuike
5mo 6d

A New Phase

A New Phase
Today was the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my medical education as our clinical posting under the faculty of Basic Medical Science officially commenced. The prospect of delving into hands-on practical learning experiences filled me with anticipation and a sense of eager curiosity. As part of the clinical posting, our cohort was divided into five groups, each tasked with immersing themselves in a specific topic for a period of two weeks, after which we would switch to a different topic with another group.

The first day of our posting was filled with an electrifying buzz of energy and enthusiasm as we were assigned to our respective groups. We were all eager to dive headfirst into the practical aspects of medicine, finally being able to apply the theoretical knowledge we had been assimilating in our classes into real-world scenarios.

As my group set out on our clinical journey, we were met with an array of well-structured practical sessions that were expertly organized and led by seasoned professionals in the medical field. This marked a refreshing departure from the traditional approach of relying solely on theoretical classroom lectures. Now, we were exposed to real patients, medical examinations, diagnostic procedures, and treatment techniques.

Through this firsthand experience, we were able to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of our assigned topic. Our learning extended beyond books and academic discussions—we were now actively engaging with patients, diagnosing ailments, and experiencing the intricacies of medical practice. This immersive approach allowed us to witness the human side of medicine, providing insights into patient care, empathy, and the multi-faceted nature of healthcare.

The dynamic nature of our clinical posting brought forth a newfound sense of excitement and fulfillment. It was immensely rewarding to see our previously theoretical knowledge manifest in live, practical settings. The two-week period flew by as we threw ourselves into the enriching world of medical practice, soaking up every nugget of wisdom and expertise offered by our instructors and mentors.

As we prepared to transition to a new topic and group, I found myself reflecting on the tremendous growth and learning I had experienced during this first phase of our clinical posting.

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The Miracle

Sarah, a pious and accommodating woman lived in a land where very little believed in her. She was known throughout the community for her faith in the gospel and her incredible stories of answered prayers.

Sarah had faced her fair share of trials and tribulations. At a young age, she lost her parents in a tragic accident, leaving her an orphan. But it was during those difficult times that she discovered the power of prayer. She would often hide in her room to pray where she felt closest to God, and pour her heart out in prayer.

One fateful afternoon, a day that was shining so brightly turned dark for Sarah when received heartbreaking news. Her beloved and only child, Stephen, who had been her faithful companion since adoption, had fallen gravely ill. The local doctor had done all he could, but his efforts seemed futile.

With tears in her eyes, Sarah rushed to the hospital and knelt beside the bed her son was laid. She prayed fervently, not for a miracle, but for strength to endure the inevitable loss. She asked for guidance and comfort during this painful time.

As the days passed, Stephen's condition worsened, and Sarah's heart grew heavier. She continued to visit the hospital, finding solace in her conversations with God.
Then, one evening, something remarkable happened. Sarah heard a soft sneeze from Stephen's room. Rushing to his bed, she found him sitting up, his eyes bright and lively, the little boy who was once affected with cancer was back to life like nothing happened.

The doctor was called in quickly, he was in shock and couldn't explain what happened to Stephen. Stephen's recovery was nothing short of a miracle. He went on to live many more happy years growing to have his own family whom he taught to stay with God.
Sarah's life was a powerful story, she left a legacy behind that reminded everyone that sometimes, in the most unexpected moments, faith could move mountains and bring forth miracles beyond imagination. That's exactly when God comes in, stay in GOD!

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betty✓★ 🏆107 🌟112Bethrand Chibuike
11mo 29d


It was on a Sunday morning, and as usual, I started my motorcycle and headed out to church. The morning started smoothly I must say and the mist in the air accompanied the chilly weather which I preferred to warmness.

On my way, I was cautious of the busy road and put my speed in check. It was at a junction where a small mass was attempting to cross and because I was in a light and happy mood, I halted my motorcycle entirely, and just as they went across the main road, I started behind their back, and then it happened.

A Bike man had hit the back of my motorcycle. It spun and threw me off. I landed on my shoulder, with my head hitting on the sharp end of the sidewalk drainage. I lost consciousness.

I began to regain consciousness when they pushed me on a wheelchair to a ward. My face was gushing blood, and I hardly could breathe.

"no we cannot do anything for him", a cold voice answered one of the strangers who conveyed me to the hospital when he requested my immediate treatment.

They didn't lay a hand on my pathetic body, nor was I offered a bed while I battled unconsciousness and loss of blood.
It wasn't one of my Sundays I guess. But after everything, I am here, stronger and better by each day.

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