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*** Married Against My Will **

Episode 2

" then follow me " she said, shakily as she began walking deep into the bushes.

I quickly came behind her , assisting her as she led the way.

we walked for about some minutes, that I was scåred it would āffect ñeñe health.

" ñeñe, would you like to rest for some while ?" I asked seemly w0rried.

" oh no, my dear we would be right there" she said smiling revealing her brown teeth.

we walked for some few minutes more before we stopped.

she turned towards me

" close your eyes?" she requested with a motherly tone.

" ñèñè why ?" I asked gazing behind her

" do you trust me ?

I nodded, signaling that I trusted her more than my life itself " yes "

" then close your eyes" she said.

I took in a few breath, before I closed my eyes.

she smiled satisfyingly, as she grāmmbl£d her hands against the wall, clearing a bushy part.

" open your eyes now " she spoke and I did.

my gaze flutter, as the view of the other side of móiizil town.

móiizil was the main capital of our village, it was 200 miles away from our village, it was a busy town, though it was still a village but few people had electricity.

My father, had always told us stories about it.

the title " móiizil kingdom" when pronounce by my father sounded heavy like the type of n0ise associated with b0'mb.

it was deep, so myst£rious, that my father always voiced it in a hushed tones, wearing such a respectful expression as if he were speaking of God's holiest of holies. going to móiizil kingdom, must surely be like a paying God a visit. móiizil kingdom must then be like heaven.

" ñèñè, how did we get here in a couple of minutes, I thought coming here would take about 48 hours " I voiced in my question

she laughed skeptically, while shaking her wooden walking stick.

" guess been the oldest woman, I am the only person who knows this short passage, when I am about to di£, I would tell the next oldest person in line, this road is for our āncestors, it confidential, " she said sitting down on the bāre grass.

as we watch the busy road together.

" you remembered, the first time i met you here ?

I nodded remembering that day, I was out as usual just plucking leaf and trying to come up with some treatment for scorpion antidote, cause it had stūng my friend.

" I thought you had already found the secret passage, I was scåred not even the king knows about this road " she muttered.

" but I realized that you don't know anything about this road, " she laughed softly.

" you know, you are the only child I trust " she spoke, it was truth, and I knew it.

ñèñè, apart from the kids, boys and girls of my age, though ñèñè cared for them but she never trusted them.

" I would rather brēak the rules, than to let you down " she spoke.

I felt emotional, tēārs welled up in my eyes, not even my mom could understand or do half the things she had done for me.

she was the only one who trust and believed in me, I could remember clearly how she would give me money to buy books from my brother, since there was no book shop in the village not even the next village.

sometimes I work in other people's farm to earn some money, but I soon realized that after I was done with the job and requested for my pay, they would tell me that my mom had already collected the money for my job.

when I get home and c0nfront my mom, she would ask me wether am paying for living in her husband house, and how ungrāteful I was.

but ñeñe always made sure she finds ways for me to get books, I was able to learn how to write and read on my own, I was only privilege to meet the village typewriter, once in the yam festival, and as God may have it, he was so fond of me.

I noticed how his eyes would wandered on my brēāst and then on my butt*cks but I was aiming for one thing that day, which I got from him, in promise to meet him at móiizil town, after giving me his address.

but I never showed up, he had help me with some correct words and an " spelling" book, to straighten my pronunciation.

" when you get there, go straight to the bus stop and take a bus that will take you to the big city ' Lagos ' , there you see help, and meet alot of educated people and things you may have never dreamt of " she said with a lot enthusiasm in her voice.

" things like what neñè ?, have you been there before " I asked out curi0sity

" don't mind me, just some old woman imagination " she said laughing softly but she knew I wanted to know more.

" okay I will tell you, I was once a young girl like you too, I was once a maiden in móiizil kingdom, once when the missionaries came , I was able to collect one of their news paper, there were beautiful cars and road and lot more " she said

" how can I thanks you enough? " I asked snìffing back my tëārs

" don't thank me " she said with a smile,
loosing her wrappers as she put some cowries on my hands.

my eyes wìdēn seeing, such an amount of money for the first time.

" ñèñè how....?

" you need it more than I do ”

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" what would you sūrvivē on, if I should take this ?

she laughed seeing me w0rried.

“ don't be that nāìvē my dear, you do know about the privileges I get been the oldest person in this village, right ?"

I nodded, knowing fully well.

“ Good, take this money, go get your things by night and flèè away from this village, my child " she spoke

“ where do I run to ?, how do I sürv¡ved, I have never been anywhere else this village?" I expressed my fèær to her.

the thought of leaving the only place I had known all my life.

she held my hand quietly, comfortingly.

“ you would be fine, you would come out victorious and build the school for girls and electric and good road, like you had seen in those books of yours, that you had showed me " she spoke encouragingly.

" thank you ñèñè " I mumbled embracing her.

" thank you for believing in me ” I said disengage from the hug.

" come let's go, before they noticed my ābsence ” she said in a cheerful tone.

I nodded wìping my tëārs.

" cover this passage with the grass, so no one would sūspect anything" she spoke.

we both began to use the grasses to cover the passage.

we headed back home.

I couldn't stop the smile on my face, the whole day.

soon the day got darken, I was so happy and for the frist time I assisted my mom clean the kitchen and prepared the meal for dinner happily.

after we all had gone to bed, it was about 1am in the morning, quickly as possible I packed all my useful cloth and wrappers.

I sneak out of the hut, dropping the lamp on my bed side, kï'ssing my sleeping younger sister good bye.

I quickly check outside the hut, if anyone was outside but no one was.

I quickly rush outside, I was setting my legs to rūn, when I saw my mom

with an evul grim on her face

" my husband, come and see ooo " she sh0uted enough to wake the whole villagers......

Episode 3 typing........

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Blood and Water

In a small coastal village nestled between the rugged cliffs and the vast ocean, there was a legend that had been passed down through generations. It spoke of a mysterious connection between blood and water, a bond so strong that it could alter the course of fate itself.

The legend told of two siblings, twins born under a rare alignment of the stars. One was named Luna, with hair as dark as the night sky, and the other was named Sol, with eyes as bright as the sun. From the moment they were born, it was said that their destinies were intertwined, forever bound by the elements of blood and water.

As they grew older, Luna and Sol discovered that they possessed unique abilities. Luna had the power to control the tides, to summon great waves and calm storms with a mere flick of her wrist. Sol, on the other hand, had the ability to heal wounds and illnesses with his touch, his hands glowing with a warm golden light.

The villagers revered the twins, believing them to be gifts from the gods themselves. But as they grew older, jealousy and greed crept into the hearts of some, leading to a tragic betrayal that shattered their bond.

One fateful night, a group of villagers seeking to harness the twins' powers for their own gain ambushed Luna and Sol. In the chaos that ensued, Luna was gravely wounded, her blood staining the rocks as she fought to protect her brother. Sol, consumed by grief and rage, unleashed his healing powers in a desperate attempt to save her.

But as his hands glowed brighter than ever before, a powerful surge of energy rippled through the air, merging Luna's blood with the waters of the ocean. In that moment, a brilliant light enveloped them both, blurring the lines between reality and myth.

When the light faded, Luna and Sol emerged changed forever. Luna's wounds had vanished, replaced by shimmering scales that glistened in the moonlight. And Sol's golden light had transformed into a radiant aura that enveloped them both, a symbol of their unbreakable bond.

From that day on, Luna and Sol roamed the land and sea together, using their powers to protect those in need and uphold the balance between blood and water. And though their journey was fraught with challenges and dangers, they knew that as long as they stood united, nothing could ever come between them again.

And so, the legend of Luna and Sol lived on, a testament to the enduring power of love and sacrifice, of blood and water intertwined in an eternal dance of light and shadow.

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Who is the Cleverest, Sheep or Lion?

Who is the Cleverest, Sheep or Lion?
🐏🦁Who is the Cleverest, Sheep or Lion?

A very long time ago, there was a crafty lion and a clever sheep. One day, the clever sheep was eating some grass in a clearing with his friend when the crafty lion came creeping across the fields towards them. When the lion came out of the tall grass the sheep prepared to run because they were scared of his sharp claws and his big teeth. ‘You do not need to run away,’ said the lion in a friendly voice. ‘I am simply here to tell you about a lovely fresh water lake just beyond these fields. Why don’t you come with me and have a drink.’

The clever sheep knew better than to trust the lion, but his friend was very thirsty and so agreed to go for a drink with the lion. The clever sheep warned his friend but the friend did not listen.

And so the lion lured the sheep into the tall grass with the promise of fresh water. The lion looked all about to make sure that no other animals were around to help the sheep, and when he was sure they were alone he pounced on the unsuspecting animal, and ate him for his dinner.

Later that day, when his friend did not return to the herd, the clever sheep was sure that the crafty lion had eaten him. ‘That is ten sheep this month,’ he thought to himself. ‘I must do something to stop the crafty lion before I lose all of my friends!’

And so the clever sheep warned the rest of the herd about the crafty lion and his tricks. But the silly sheep did not listen, and as the weeks and months passed, the crafty lion lured more and more sheep into the tall grass with the promise of fresh water. And it was there that they met their grizzly end.

One day, the clever sheep decided that it was down to him to do something about the crafty lion and his wicked ways.

The sheep sets a trap for the lion

The clever sheep waited until nightfall and then crept out into the clearing next to the long grass. When he was sure that he was alone, he began to dig a very deep hole in the ground. When this was done, he built a huge fire at the bottom of the hole then covered the hole over with reeds and grass so that the smoke would be hidden from view.

The clever sheep waited patiently until dawn, and just as the sun was rising over the fields he heard a familiar voice coming from the tall grass.

‘Why don’t you come with me, little sheep. I know of a fresh water lake just beyond the fields where you can enjoy a cool drink of water.’

The clever sheep did not move from his spot. Instead, the sheep said, ‘why don’t you come out of the tall grass and I will show you where you can find lots of sheep to eat.’

The lion was indeed very crafty, but he was also very greedy and could not resist the temptation of such a huge dinner.

‘Come with me,’ said the sheep once more, ‘and I will show you where the herd lives.’

And sure enough, the lion stepped out from the tall grass into the clearing. But as soon as he stepped from the grass, he fell down into the deep hole and burned in the roaring fire set by the clever sheep.

‘That is the end of you and your wicked ways,’ thought the clever sheep to himself. ‘Now us sheep will be safe, for a while at least.’

When the clever sheep returned home he told the rest of the herd about his victory over the lion. They all cheered and congratulated their friend, and they all asked how he was able to kill the crafty lion when the beast was so big and strong yet he was so small and fragile.

‘It was simple,’ replied the clever sheep, ‘all I did was watch and learn from the mistakes of others.’

The clever sheep then went on to explain how he had watched the crafty lion lure his friends into the fields, and he also explained that this was how he had learned of the lion’s greedy nature.

The rest of the herd listened closely to the clever sheep and so they too learned never to trust the lions again, and they also learned how important is was to listen to good advice given by a friend.‌‌

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🤝 A Tale of Friendship 🤝

🤝 A Tale of Friendship 🤝
Two friends had a falling out, and one of them began speaking ill of the other to everyone they knew. 😡

But then, they calmed down and realized they were wrong. They went to their friend and started asking for forgiveness. 😌

That's when the second friend said: 🗣️

"Alright! I'll forgive you. But under one condition." 🤔

"What condition?" 🤷

"Take a pillow and release all the feathers into the wind." 🕊️

The first friend did just that. They tore the pillow apart, and the wind scattered the feathers all over the village. 🌬️

The contented friend returned to the other and said: 😅

"I've completed your task. Am I forgiven now?" 😄

"Yes, if you can gather all the feathers back into the pillow." 🙄

But as you can imagine, it's impossible to collect all the feathers back, just like you can't retrieve the hurtful words that have already spread throughout the village. 🙅‍♂️🗣️

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** Married Against My Will ***

Episode 1

My parents were going to marry me off to settle their d£bt.

I grew up in an polygamous family, my mom was the number three wife, my dad has five wives.

I grew up, with twenty one siblings, three boys and eighteen girls.

it was a tribe and tradition for a man to have a male child, my dad frist and second wives were unable to birth any male child, they were seems as bā''rren women, who were unable to bear the real children since a female child is not considered an heir.

I never saw my dad frist wife , only her grā"ve that was behind her hut.

she had given birth to seven girls, according to my mom she had di£d carrying the eighth pr£gnancy, though she was advised by the midwives not to attempt getting pregnant again, but she refused, cause she couldn't bèār the shãm£ of not giving birth to a real child ( male child).

she couldn't bèār to see her co wives give birth to the frist male child, though my dad had also wãrñed her not to c0nceive again but she refused and took in, she di£d during lābour though it was a male child as she wanted but he also pass on with her immediately after she di£d.

that was when my mom came into the picture, she gave birth to six of us, two boys and four girls.

while my dad fourth wife , gave brith to six daughter and a son.

I was worth more than my elder sisters, because I was younger, prettier, more endowed and a v¡rgin.

They had sold us off, one by one, to send my brothers to school and pay for their apprenticeship.

all my sisters were already married off, immediately they saw their womanhood.

Except I and my younger sister ewomi who was 12 years old, and hasn't seen her w0manhood.

We were the sācrificial lāmbs.

My two sisters and fourteen step sisters, and now it was my turn.

We were like corn and yam to be traded for a better deal.

But I had a plan

I was just 15

But I had seen my womanhood one year ago.

So I knew what I had to do even before the set date.

I was the youngest yet I had the boldness of my father.

My beauty came from my grandmother.

I took nothing from my mother

I hāt'ēd her as much as she d£spìsed me.

"You are different, stū'bb0rn and us£less," she would often say.

I would reply, "why, because I refuse to be like you?"

Instead of sweeping and cooking, I preferred reading the few books, I secretly took from my elderest brother in rewards to do his assignment, which I don't mind, as far as he let me have his books without anyone knowing.

Female weren't allowed to go to school, they believed female ēducation ēnds in the kitchen, but a male child who do ēxploit.

and secretly learning herbal m£dicine from ñeñe oma, the story teller and the oldest woman in our village.

"Don't worry, a husband will cūre you."

My mother will say, when ever she finds me not interested or not listening to her usual morning sermons about how to please a man.

I would respond

"Did yours cūre you?"

And she would chāse me with her slippers, but I was faster than her.

I was the fastest in the entire community.

So, one morning, my father called me and my brothers together for a meeting.

My mother was f0rb¡dden to attend, but I could see the grin on her face as she prepared the meal and boiled the meat we were to eat during the meeting, I already knew what was to come.

My mother wouldn't smile while she cooked for me to eat with my father and brothers except something s¡ñister was lurking around.

"Chi, my father said, you have seen your w0manhood now, so it's time to contribute to the well-being and welfare of the family." my step brother said

"As you know, your brothers need to pay their fees and renew their apprenticeship, so it's on you now to support the family that has supported you to womanhood."

My brothers had no brāin, they had fåil£d their examination countless times, but my dad was bent on making them go to school, even though he knew clearly that their brāiñs weren't met for school.

I turned and saw my mother smiling and nodding as she stood by the kitchen door, listening and watching me, f0rb¡dden to even sit with her family for this meeting.

"Ok papa, I will do as you say."

I heard myself say in a voice I did not recognize.

My father was surprised, I guessed he expected a f¡'ght, but I wasn't going to give them that pleasure.

I had always been the g0at among my family, and everyone knew it, I was as stū'bb0rn as a g0at '

"Good, you see, your w0manhood has brought you wisdom. Prepare, for your husband will come in the next three days, your dowry has already been paid in full."

We all ate in silence.

"You are all dismissed!" He said in finality."

I was 15 when we had this meeting.

At 15, I had bū'ttocks the size of a full watermelon and my brèāsts were round like ripened oranges

My hips were large enough to support my full bū'ttocks and my waìst was tîny on a very flat stomach.
I hā''ted the attention it brought me.

I had a plan

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I couldn't let my father marry me off to that old man.

chief moñî, he was an @bū''sers and a w0mān¡zer

over the years he had married eight wives and five d¡£d due to his constant b£āting and mā'ltr£atment.

of course his wives couldn't seek for help, that because no woman is given a listen ear.

it either you give birth to a son who you could use to communicate, else nothing.

he was well know for tr£ating his older and younger wives as slāve, they work on his farm day and night without rest.

I had over heard my step mother, telling my mom about talking my dad out of marrying me off, to chief moñî, but my mom ¡gnored her and told her to mind her business after all, all her daughter had been married of, or should I say s0ld off.

I prepared a plan to run away, but I couldn't there was no mean of trānsportation, in the village.

I didn't want to marry him, I wandered around the bush not plucking herbs, as usual for ñeñe oma.

my eyes w£lled up knowing I couldn't escape from this nïghtmãre.

" why are you çr'yiñg my dear child?"

startled by the voice, I turned behind me, my stomach grūmbled involuntarily, seeing ñeñe oma

she was too old to come out in the bushes alone considering her old age, she could have sent someone to come look for me, if she so wanted the herbs.

" no ñeñe oma " I pr£tended blowing my n0se and sniffing back my tëārs.

" oh child, I know how páïñfül, it is to be married āgainst your will ?

she said, stūnned and surprised, while looking at her with a questioning gaze.

" ho...how did you know, ñeñe oma ?

" don't you want to escape and achieve your dreams?" she asked with a shāking smile.

she was the only one who knew my passion to go to school and be a better doctor and tr£at alot of people for free.

I nodded frantically

" then follow me "

Episode 2 typing......

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The weight of history

Chuka was ambitious, with dreams as vast as the open sky. He had always been determined to make something of himself, but he knew that he couldn't do it alone.

Enter his childhood friend, Kofi. They had been inseparable since they were young boys, exploring the world together and dreaming of their futures. They shared everything, from their deepest secrets to their wildest aspirations.

As they grew older, Chuka found himself facing numerous challenges on his path to success. But he always knew that Kofi would be there for him, ready to lend a helping hand whenever he needed it.

However, there was a shadow that loomed over their friendship. A dark secret from their past that threatened to unravel everything they had built together. When they were teenagers, a misunderstanding had driven a wedge between them, causing a rift that had never truly healed.

Despite their best efforts to move past it, the memory of that incident lingered between them like a silent specter. Chuka couldn't shake the feeling that it was holding them back, preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Years went by, and Chuka found himself facing a crucial moment in his life. He had an opportunity to pursue his dreams, but he needed assistance to make it happen. Turning to his old friend, he hoped that Kofi would come through for him as he always had.

But when Chuka reached out to Kofi, there was hesitation in his response. The weight of their history hung heavy in the air, casting a shadow over their conversation. Despite his best intentions, Kofi couldn't bring himself to fully commit to helping Chuka, haunted by the ghosts of their past.

For Chuka, it was a devastating blow. He had counted on Kofi to be his rock, to support him when he needed it most. And yet, their shared history proved to be an insurmountable obstacle, driving a wedge between them once again.

In the end, Chuka was forced to forge his own path forward, relying on his own strength and determination to overcome the challenges that lay ahead. Though he couldn't help but mourn the loss of what could have been, he knew that he had to let go of the past in order to embrace his future.

And so, with a heavy heart and a steadfast resolve, Chuka set out to chase his dreams, knowing that no matter what obstacles he faced, he would always carry the lessons learned from his friendship with Kofi.

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Radiating love

Living in the same compound as my neighbor Agnes was never a dull moment. She always had a way of making the rest of us feel somewhat inadequate because we weren't dating or in any relationship with the opposite gender. She would often boast about her love life and the attention she received. Last week, she started talking about how she was expecting a big surprise package on Valentine's day, which was today.

As the day progressed, Agnes received her elaborate package filled with romantic goodies from her boyfriend. Her excitement was palpable, and she made sure to show off her gifts to all of us. Meanwhile, the rest of us neighbors exchanged love and joy among ourselves, celebrating the day in our own way. There was a sense of camaraderie and warmth that filled the air, and I must say, we were all enjoying every bit of it.

Later in the evening, Agnes approached us with a contrite expression on her face. She confessed that despite receiving the extravagant gift, she still felt a deep sense of emptiness. She apologized for her earlier boisterous remarks and expressed her appreciation for our companionship. We accepted her apology with understanding, and as a show of good spirit, we all came together to continue the celebration. Laughter filled the evening air as we shared stories and enjoyed each other's company.

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Eternal Echoes: A Love Lost to Fate′s Cruel Embrace

Eternal Echoes: A Love Lost to Fate′s Cruel Embrace
In a quaint town nestled between rolling hills, two souls found each other amidst the bustling streets and the whispers of the wind. Emma, with her fiery spirit, and James, with his gentle behavior, were drawn together by the invisible threads of fate. Their love blossomed like wildflowers in a spring meadow, vibrant and intoxicating.

They spent their days exploring the world hand in hand, dreaming of a future filled with laughter and adventures. But beneath the surface of their idyllic romance, shadows lurked, waiting to shatter their happiness. James carried a secret burden, a terminal illness that threatened to steal him away from Emma sooner than either of them had imagined.

As the seasons changed, so did James's health, fading like the autumn leaves surrendering to winter's chill. Emma remained steadfast by his side, her love unwavering even as despair clawed at her heart. They cherished each moment, knowing their time together was finite, yet refusing to let go of the precious bond they shared.

As winter tightened its grip, James's strength waned, and Emma's anguish deepened. In the stillness of a moonlit night, he whispered his final farewell, his hand slipping from hers as he surrendered to the embrace of eternity. Emma's world shattered in that moment, her cries echoing through the empty streets, mourning the loss of her beloved.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, but the pain remained as raw as the day James departed. Emma wandered the streets they once roamed together, her steps heavy with grief, her heart aching for the touch of his hand and the warmth of his smile. But James was gone, leaving behind only memories and a void that could never be filled.

In the depths of her sorrow, Emma found solace in the memories they had shared, clinging to them like lifelines in a stormy sea. She traced the lines of his face in old photographs, whispered his name to the stars, and carried his love with her wherever she went. Though he was no longer by her side, his presence lingered in every corner of her world.

As the seasons cycled once more, Emma's grief softened into a bittersweet ache, a reminder of the love they had shared and the beauty of their fleeting time together. She knew that James would always be a part of her, woven into the fabric of her being, guiding her through the trials of life until they were reunited in the stars above. And so, with a heavy but hopeful heart, Emma turned her face to the sky, finding comfort in the eternal embrace of love's enduring legacy.

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Found Love

Found Love
As I made my way to school today, a brisk, autumn breeze swept through the streets, making the morning air crisp and refreshing. The sunlight filtered through the leaves, casting a golden glow over the neighborhood, painting everything with an enchanting, warm hue. It was a perfect morning, and the walk to school felt like a pleasing stroll through a picturesque scene.

As I turned a corner, my eyes were drawn to an arresting sight. There, standing at the edge of the sidewalk, was a person with the most magnificent dog I had ever seen. The dog was regal and majestic, with a sleek coat that glistened in the morning light. Its expressive eyes gleamed with intelligence, and its proud stance exuded a quiet confidence.

Mesmerized by the dog's beauty, I found myself approaching the person, my steps slowing as I couldn't tear my gaze away from the elegant creature. I struck up a conversation, eager to learn more about this stunning animal. The person, obviously fond of their companion, shared anecdotes about the dog's playful nature and unwavering loyalty, and it only deepened my admiration for the remarkable animal.

As I bid the person and their noble dog goodbye, my mind was abuzz with thoughts of owning a dog of my own. The encounter had ignited a newfound fascination in me, and I couldn't shake off the desire to have such a magnificent creature as my loyal companion. The idea of having a canine friend by my side during walks like these filled me with an unexplainable warmth and joy.

Throughout the rest of my journey to school, my mind was preoccupied with thoughts of different dog breeds, each conjuring vivid images of a loyal and loving companion.thanks

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Miracle food

Miracle food
Today, I woke up with a heavy head and an empty stomach, feeling drained and unable to muster the strength to get out of bed. I lay there, layering the blankets on top of me, allowing the warmth to cocoon my body as I drifted in and out of sleep until noon.

I had lost all motivation to cook or even lift a finger. The thought of food seemed daunting, and I resigned myself to staying in bed, hoping the day would pass quickly.

Just when I had given up on the idea of having a cooked meal, a gentle knock on the door interrupted the silence. It was my neighbor, Nick. He stood there with a plate of warm, steaming rice in his hands. It was as if God had sent him, knowing that I needed help.

Without a word, I stretched out my hand and accepted the food gratefully. Nick came in and we sat together, discussing the mundane and the meaningful. In our conversation, he mentioned that his power bank had run out, and I gladly lent him mine without a second thought.

It turned out to be a beautiful Sunday, unexpected and heartwarming. The simple act of kindness from my neighbor restored my faith in humanity and made me realize that even in the midst of my struggles, there are still moments of grace and connection.

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communication is key to any successful relationship

communication is key to any successful relationship
Once upon a time, there was a man named John who was deeply in love with his girlfriend, Alice. They had been dating for over a year, and John was convinced that she was the one. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and he was certain that she felt the same way.
However, one day, John noticed that Alice was acting differently. She seemed distant and preoccupied, and she wasn't giving him the same amount of attention that she had in the past. John was worried and confused, and he didn't know what to do.
John decided to talk to Alice about his concerns. When John brought up his concerns, Alice was taken aback. She hadn't realized that she was acting differently, and she apologized for making John feel neglected. She explained that she had been stressed out at work and that her mind had been elsewhere. John was relieved to hear this, and he was happy that they were able to talk about what was going on. From then on, they made an effort to be more open and honest with each other, and their relationship grew even stronger. They learned that communication is key to any successful relationship, and they continued to make each other their top priority. 💘

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Amidst life's adversities, Chike exhibited unwavering determination to realize his aspirations, undeterred by the trials he faced. A pivotal moment materialized when his stepmother, deciding he should reside with his grandparents in Enugu State, presented a seemingly difficult choice. Little did he know that this relocation would catalyze a fortuitous encounter with Nnamdi, a convergence of two positive mindsets.

While their initial interaction was not without its challenges, the duo, recognizing the potential synergy between them, chose to forge a collaborative path. Chike and Nnamdi, both harboring ambitions beyond their current circumstances, formed a strategic alliance, leveraging their individual strengths. Chike's adept financial acumen positioned him as the steward of their resources, while Nnamdi, endowed with creative prowess, assumed responsibility for marketing endeavors.

Despite confronting inevitable hurdles, their steadfast friendship and collaborative spirit became the bedrock of their joint pursuit. Their collective resolve and coordinated efforts propelled them through adversities, embodying the notion that shared aspirations and tenacity can transcend obstacles, paving the way for the realization of their dreams.

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"Why are you finding it difficulty to help me? Remember, it's me, your love. Please do this for me, and I assure you. You will never live to regret this, I swear. If you know you don't love me, why did you accept to be my girlfriend? Why do you want to disappoint me at this time when I need your help most? Why would you allow the devil to steal the love you have for me now? Why would you give the devil a chance? Tell me why?" Alfonso muttered faintly.

I was short of words. I didn't know the right word to say again that would gladden his mind. I was speechless for a while, searching for the right word to say.

"Please stop saying that. Why can't you also understand me? Why are you pressuring me to take what does not belong to me? This is very risky, you know. I am scared because I don't want to have a family issue with my elder brother. He would deny me and kick me out of his house. I am too young to start begging. I am too young to go into the street and live like I don't have a home. Please, try to understand my point here," I said, trying to stand my ground.

"If anything happens to you, you don't have to worry about that when you have someone like me. Consider my home to be your home, and consider me to be your father, brother, and another family at heart. I can't watch you go into the street and suffer. Instead, you will park into my house and stay. I promise you, you will never regret this act of kindness. Just give it a try, please baby." Alfonso replied.

"Please, I am so scared of doing this. Just give me some time to think about it and see what I can do." I assured him.

When we ended the call, I was lost in deep thought concerning what Alfonso told me. I didn't know what else to do because the business didn't belong to me. Besides, Alfonso is the only guy who I have fallen in love with. I love him so much and I didn't want to lose him either. Seeing him in such a critical situation made my heart shatter into tiny pieces. So I thought of a way to help him, but not particularly with the 10 million naira that he requested.

I also thought about what if he doesn't pay back. What if he runs away with the money and changes his line? So many things pondered in my mind that I could not understand. I also thought about what my brother would do to me if he found out about it.

I know my brother to be a hot-tempered person. He may kick me out of his house or may not train me in the university as he has promised to. He was already on the verge of fulfilling that as soon as I gained admission. To me, this was a temptation. My soul was tempted.

A lot of things came to my mind. I was scared and confused at the same time. While I was still thinking, I fell asleep on top of the sofa I was sitting on. I had a horrible and confusing dream.

A woman, a dark-skinned woman, was chasing after me with a long cane. The woman looked so ugly, tattered and helpless. She wanted me to help her with some money. According to her, if I did not help her, She would keep chasing me, and disturbing me till I made up my mind to help her.

"I can't help you. I am still a child. I don't have any money to help you. Please stop chasing after me and leave me alone." I pleaded with her but she was merciless. There was no sign of pity in her dictionary.

'You have so much money, you are rich, but you don't want to help me. I will make sure that you have no peace of mind until you help me. I will keep tormenting your life if you don't help me." She said.

I was scared. I looked at myself and wondered why she said I was rich. What did she really see in me that made her even think so? It was hilarious. Even though I was a rich person, was it by force to help someone? I didn't see the reason why her own case was different. To be frank, I haven't seen this kind of person in my life before.

I started running, but the slippers I was wearing seemed to slow me down; they appeared to be a barrier. So I pulled it off, and held it in my palm. Then, I continue running, while she keeps chasing after me. Twenty minutes later, I was exhausted. My legs were hotting me badly. My throat longed for water, but there was no water available for me to sip.

So I continued running faster, while she kept chasing after me. She didn't relent, and I too didn't relent. I kept running for my dear life. At a point, I fell to my knees and was breathing heavily like a starving dog. As she was approaching me, I stood up and started running again. I was scared of the cane in her hand because I didn't want to be flogged.

What baffled me most was that even though I tried as much to increase my ease, it seemed as though my legs were held captive. I couldn't run faster than my shadow despite all my effort. I found myself tip-toed, hit my toes on a stone and stumbled to my feet.

I was completely laying helplessly on the dusty ground as the woman ambled towards me with rage. I could see her eyes turning to different shapes of colour which I couldn't


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Positive rethinking

Positive rethinking
Dayo, a young man with dreams as vibrant as the sunset, once believed in the goodness of people. However, life's relentless blows left him battered and cynical, causing him to harbor resentment towards those who crossed his path.

Dayo's hatred for humanity only deepened until a fateful day when a reckless driver nearly claimed his life in a brutal accident. In the hospital bed, surrounded by the sterile white walls, he reflected on the fragility of existence. The isolation he had embraced suddenly felt suffocating,.at this point he realized that he can achieve little or nothing by standing alone in his world.

As Dayo slowly recovered, he decided to rewrite the narrative of his life. With newfound humility, he reached out to those he had alienated. Friends, family, and even acquaintances were met with his sincere apologies. Some were hesitant, but others saw the genuine change in his eyes.

Dayo's journey towards redemption became a testament to the power of human connection. As bridges were rebuilt, he discovered the strength that lies in unity. No longer burdened by the weight of bitterness, Dayo embraced the warmth of companionship and the shared struggles that make life meaningful.

The once solitary man found joy in rebuilding relationships, and his transformed perspective became a source of inspiration for those who had witnessed his change. Dayo's story became a reminder that, even in the face of adversity, rewriting one's wrongs and fostering connections can lead to a brighter, more fulfilling life.

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Obsessed with ice cream

Obsessed with ice cream
Lily was an ordinary girl with an extraordinary love for ice cream. Every day after school, she would head straight to the little ice cream parlor near her house, skipping and humming with joy. The flavors, the creamy delight, the sugary sweetness – they all held an irresistible allure for her. She'd spend her pocket money on scoops of colorful, delicious temptation, leaving the parlor with a wide grin plastered across her face, her fingers sticky and her heart content.

One particular Tuesday, Lily had been given money by her parents for school supplies - books, stationery, and other items vital for the upcoming semester. Yet, as if under a trance, she found herself strolling into the ice cream parlor without a second thought. The money meant for textbooks now jingled in her pocket, ready to be exchanged for her favorite treat. As the weeks went by, her icy indulgence started to consume more and more of her funds, leaving the academic necessities a hazy afterthought.

Lily's obsession with ice cream knew no bounds until one scorching afternoon everything changed. She had just devoured a triple scoop of her beloved dessert, when a sudden, sharp pain gripped her abdomen like a vice. It felt like a thunderstorm raging inside her, with flashes of regret and throbs of anguish. Lily was struck with the most terrible stomach ache of her life. As she lay in bed, pale and groaning, she realized her folly. The consequences of her gluttonous love affair with ice cream had caught up with her, leaving her yearning for relief from the torment.

The experience transformed Lily. The once-endless delight that accompanied her ice cream outings now held a looming shadow of discomfort. She couldn't bring herself to relive the pain, and the sight and smell of the decadent treat no longer sparked joy in her heart but served as a reminder of the agony she had endured.

From that day on, Lily became a wiser young lady, understanding the value of balance and responsibility. She learned to cherish her pocket money and invest it in things that truly mattered, like school supplies and educational opportunities. And as for her love of ice cream, she approached it with a newfound moderation, savoring it on special occasions but always mindful to not overindulge. The memory of the excruciating stomach ache stayed with her, guiding her choices and teaching her an important lesson she wouldn't soon forget.

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Once Lonely

Once Lonely
I stepped out for a short stroll this evening, eager to stretch my legs and clear my mind. As I ambled through the streets, I couldn't help but notice the stark contrast from just a week ago. The usually serene surroundings were now teeming with noise and activity. It was as if the whole city had come alive.

A week prior, the streets had been tranquil, the quiet broken only by the occasional passerby or the distant hum of a car. The festive break had prompted many students to return to their hometowns, leaving the city feeling somewhat empty. Now, however, the streets were pulsating with energy and excitement.

Every shop along the way seemed to be bursting at the seams with people. Laughter and chatter spilled out onto the sidewalks, creating a cacophony of sound that filled the air. The entire area was bathed in a warm, inviting glow from the lights that illuminated every nook and cranny. It was exhilarating to witness, like an orchestra of life in full swing.

I couldn't help but feel a rush of joy for the city. It was as if it had regained its heartbeat, with the return of the students infusing it with new vitality and vigor. The spirits were high, and the collective hum of anticipation was palpable. As I continued my walk, I found myself smiling at the infectious elation that enveloped the city. It was a beautiful sight to behold, and I reveled in the sense of life that had returned to the very heart of the place I called home.

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Chijioke as a freshman

Chijioke as a freshman
In Nsukka, a lively town, Chijioke was getting ready for the new semester at the University of Nigeria. Excitement buzzed in the air as students returned to campus. Chijioke, a hardworking student, looked forward to his studies.

His friend among many others Ngozi, shared the excitement. They explored the university's winding paths, surrounded by jacaranda trees. In the lecture hall, you could hear Igbo names like Nkem, Obinna, and Chinyere – a mix of identities.

As they faced academic challenges, Chijioke and Ngozi found comfort in the rich Igbo culture around them. Igbo sayings filled the air, passing on wisdom from one generation to the next.

Throughout the semester, friendships grew, and the university felt alive with energy. Chijioke, guided by his values, tackled his studies with determination. The campus, in Enugu State, became a place of learning and cultural sharing.

As the sun set, Chijioke thought about the journey ahead. The new semester at the University of Nigeria wasn't just about classes; it was a celebration of identity, friendship, and the pursuit of knowledge within the embrace of Igbo heritage.

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A Wise Woman

A Wise Woman
A wise woman builds herself and her Relationship...

A wise woman once said, Beauty attracts men but wisdom keeps them.
Elegance catches men’s attention but intelligence convinces them.
Nagging irritates men but constructive silence weakens them. The ‘boy’ in every man pumps out occasionally, the ability to handle this is a woman’s truest maturity.
Men have secret struggles and silent pains, should you ever find them out, you have exhibited the greatest maturity.

In the long-run,  your ‘words’ matters more to a man than your ‘looks’, so invest the right words. Earn a man’s respect and he will consider you the yard stick for all his action. Learn to mold the moods of your man. Men will naturally give you their future if they can recall your maturity in yesterday’s issues… Women are everywhere but real queens are scarce. Let the queen in you come alive and he will hold you in high esteem. Woman, Build your Relationship through Wisdom!📌❤

God Bless You ✌🙏❤

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Once upon a time, there was a young couple named Jack and Lily. They were deeply in love with each other, but they had no money. They lived in a small apartment and struggled to make ends meet.
Despite their financial struggles, Jack and Lily were happy. They would spend their evenings talking about their dreams and aspirations, and they would often take long walks in the park, holding hands and enjoying each other's company.
One day, Jack decided to propose to Lily. He knew he couldn't afford a fancy ring or an extravagant proposal, but he wanted to show her how much he loved her. So, he took her to their favorite spot in the park and got down on one knee.
"Lily, I don't have much to offer you, but I promise to love you with all my heart for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?" he asked.
Tears welled up in Lily's eyes as she said yes. She didn't care about the lack of money or material possessions. All she wanted was to be with Jack, the man she loved.
They got married in a small ceremony with just their closest friends and family. They didn't have a fancy reception or a honeymoon, but they were happy just to be together.
Years went by, and Jack and Lily faced many challenges. They had to work hard to make ends meet, and they had to make sacrifices along the way. But through it all, their love never wavered.
They grew old together, still holding hands and taking long walks in the park. And when they looked back on their lives, they knew that their love was the most precious thing they had, and that was worth more than any amount of money.. Thank you!

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Silent Whispers

I never chose the way I met you
Your smile beams like the rays of Sun
I never chose how I loved you
Your aura soothes like
Watching a cosmos

Now that you're here
I can make a choice to be and to become

A piece of your mind.

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From the depth

From the depth
All it takes is a particular time frame and all your values are depreciated.
I am a girl who believes in friendship and the power of ties. Something above mere acquaintance, something similar to blood or family. I would fight any who aims to harm the other, honestly.

Sometime late last year, this friend that I had trusted, someone I had made a close companion, someone I took as family, hurt me without realizing it.
Funny enough if opportune to read this, won't phantom out that I write about her.

Surely, there are disagreements sometimes but this time, I feel stabbed. Funny enough that I can't wrap my head around a particular fact that made me dread this friendship but I loathe the imagination of what she had inflicted.

A tiny insight...
... A sister's enemy, I made an enemy.
Isn't that what a sister should do?
But what happens when the enemy becomes friends with your sister, and they look at you like the real enemy?

Jugging through my thoughts today and with the new year, I promise to put an end.
Not to the friendship.
I'm putting more exclamations to boundaries. They would hear from me less, and see me rarely, and just then, they would wish for what had been, for what it was an unsaturated friendship.
I put a stop when I'm disrespected.

Maybe my English is too complex to understand, but I write from the depth of my heart.
This is my story.
Good night.

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