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Stories posted on Wed, 10th Jul. 2024

Life In Universities

This is a true life story of a cousin of mine, his name is Joel and during his first year in the university, he was just few inches away from ruining his life, that's if he doesn't lose it. He was very young back then, and he wasn't really that grown to really understand and comprehend the outside world, had it not been for his elder sister, he would have been tossed.

In such a new environment he found himself, a lot of things tickled his fancy, of which one of those things wasn't what it looked like. He saw set of people that wore a particular outfit on particular days, well dressed and in uniform, and he could see many of his colleagues in the group, they seemed to be very intelligent. This was a secret cult. To him, he admired them so much already and immediately showed interest to join them. He later got to know their real identity and yet still didn't give up the idea of joining them. He met them and they gave him a form to fill, which he gladly did and submitted. A day was fixed for initiation. Somehow his elder sister got to know about this and informed their parents which dealt with him heavily, they even had to move him away from school for a while that he missed the day for the initiation.

They managed to talk sense into him and made him realize what he was about doing since obviously he didn't really know a lot about cultism. He understood and made up his mind not to join them again. Of course he had no choice, because he knew for sure that dad will either disown him or hand him over to the police if he still dared to join the cult. He avoided them from that day till his final year.

On the day of the final examinations, it was then he thanked God that his sister and parents had saved him. All the members of the cult that were supposed to write the final examinations with him were being tracked and gunned down by the same cult group, the few that managed to escape didn't write the final exams and so haven't graduated till date. Even the ones that moved to another state were still being traced there and killed. A life of fear, ruins and frustration lived by the very few that escaped. They had let their family and sponsors down for joining an ungodly society.

My cousin narrated this to me so I won't fall victim. He would have been ruined too if not for his sister. At the end, the cult members lost everything; lives, dignity and peace of mind. Absolutely no gain.

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They are different colors of life

A neighbor of mine had a little maid she maltreated.

She was too small for the work she does.

In fact one could tell when they enter our house that the little girl was a maid.

All the hardwork in the house was done by the little girl. Why my neighbors children will be sleeping, she would wake Nneka the maid to run house chores.

This went in for years until the little maid was matured enough, she left the house to her parents.

Her madam woke her early in the mother and only allowed her to sleep late at night, this little girl respected her madam very one, and I respect her for that;. because no day pass by without her madam yelling at her.

I asked her one day while she didn't just go back to her family house, but she told me. Ayochidi. I have no where to go, if I go home where will I begin? At least my madam is making sure I go to school. Even though she is always the last to go to school from our compound. She had the brain of a major lady.

When her madam children were finally grown. They couldn't do anything at home, be it house chores or cooking. They lacked the basic skills in doing any.

Few years later Nneka came back to her madam's house. She came with a man.

She introduced the man as her husband. She met the man when she went for an occasion and she cooked the meal which was served.

Mind you, Nneka learnt how to cook from her madam. They man couldn't get enough of the meal and he asked to know who was the hand and face behind the delicious meal and Nneka was introduced to him.

The rest was history. Nneka came to thank her madam for training her well to know how to prepare the delicious meal that brought her husband to her.

While her madam thought she was maltreating and punishing her, she was rather training her to be a better person.

Her madam lived in regret for the rest of her live for not doing same to her kids who were now rather lazy.

She received the gifts Nneka brought to her.

Nneka was no longer living in the same state as her madam, but even as that after her wedding from the far state she lived she still dim it feet to come thank her madam.

Morals: The ways of God is different from man. There are different colors of life.

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Free At Last

Free At Last
There is this woman that lives in the same compound with me, it's a yard with about 30 tenants. Amongst which this woman was the first to communicate with me when I rented the place newly. She's married with two kids. She called me her son and always showed some level of care and concern towards.

But then I noticed some strange behaviors from her towards her husband and children, she always disrespects the husband, rains curses both on the husband and children. Publicly she has wished that a car will knock down the husband and lightning will strike down the kids. Clearly she hates them with passion. A breed of human being I have never seen before.

Everybody in the yard tries as much as possible to stay away from the woman to avoid problems. But then I thought to myself one day; how come this woman is this good to me and very cruel to the husband and kids to the extent that she will carry her pot of soup to her friend's house to hide it, so that the husband won't eat from it, when it is said that charity begins at home. I started getting answers.

The woman starting borrowing money from me and won't return it, borrows almost everything from me on a daily basis, keeps my electric cooker in her house and won't return till I ask for it. And at times when there is power supply and I want to use my electric cooker to save my gas, she will refuse to give it to me and will say she is using it. Something that belongs solely to me, I had never seen such in my life. I remember knocking on her door very early one morning to wake her and get my cooker to boil water for bathing since there was power supply and prepare for my lectures by 8:00 that morning. She lied she was using it, someone I just woke from sleep. I didn't want to disrespect her, so I left quietly although feeling very bad.

Until one morning when she was preparing to go to market, I got my cooker from her because I had intentions of cooking beans that morning if power was supplied and I told her this. But then the electricity didn't show up and I got news about an emergency class, so I hurriedly prepared to leave for the class. And while I was about locking my door, this woman started a quarrel with me and asked me why I took the electric cooker from her when I didn't have intentions of using it. She said I have a bad character and didn't want her to use the electric cooker again, that's why I'm locking it inside my house. The quarrel didn't stop her from taking the electric cooker back to her house, I was pained, something that belongs to me.

When I returned from school, I saw my electric cooker in front of my door, my neighbors told me that she dropped it there after I left for school and she said she'll never borrow it from me again. Deep down I was kind of happy if she won't even borrow anything again from me, she has done enough, I've never seen this level of borrowing before. Greeted her that evening and she snubbed me. In my mind, I felt free. The next day, she tried to get things back to the way it was, but I refused, knowing what I suffered and was just starting to enjoy a life where no one is trying to use my head.

Since that day I had peace and felt free, this woman got this close to me with intentions to suck me dry and use my head to her own interest and I had break free now. The trust and respect I had for her was diminished, till date, the highest form of communication between us is just greetings. I would never again let a strange get this deep in my life so that this experience won't repeat itself.

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