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Relationship Stories & Experiences

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Relationship scam

“I am not ready for a relationship right now” these were the words Joshua said to me that night after a wonderful love making session, well I thought we were making love but realized later on that to him it was just casual sex.

This was something I was familiar with. Is it when David told me we should just remain friends or when Philip said he likes my friend better.

Dating has taught me a lot, especially in this part of the world, particularly Nigeria, where arguments come up online almost every two to three days. Arguments like who is to pay on the first date, should a girlfriend cook for her boyfriend and so many others.

I for one view dating from a subjective point of view, what works for you might not work for me and what works for me might not work for you.

Four years ago, I was at this party where I got dragged to. I didn't want to go, typical me like the pleasures of my house. Even after arriving there I sat down by the side watching my friend who invited me to the party, as she walked around mingling with different people, of course she knew almost everyone there. It was the birthday celebration of her coursemate.

I sat down quietly while games were going on, and we were divided into three different groups. The Master of ceremony then said every group should pick a female representative to come out. I don't know what it was on my face or maybe something I wore or probably the fact that I had been quiet the whole evening that made my group members pick me.

I stood up and went to where the other two girls who represented their groups stood. I had no idea what I was going to say or what game we were going to play but I had already prepared myself to lose easily and go back to my seat.

Interestingly it was a game I loved so much and I ended up winning, I believe that was what had drawn attention to my presence. Immediately I sat down, Joshua came to my side and sparked up a conversation, we spoke at lengths and I won't lie I was pretty much attracted to him.

We exchanged numbers before leaving and I believed that was a start of something great, he would call me and we'd gist about random stuff, I was the definition of “Fallen in love”.

Everybody close to me knew how I loved Joshua so much we were “The IT couple” or so I thought, gradually I started noticing changes in Joshua he'd stay days without speaking with me and even when I call we would talk for few minutes and he comes up with a flimsy excuse to end it.

Bear in mind that while all these were happening, Joshua had never for once asked me out, yeah! Funny, I know how stupid I was . Hey I'm not being harsh on myself, read to the end and if you don't agree I was stupid, then you'd surely agree I'm dumb.

I hadn't noticed we were not formally in a relationship because in my head we were married!!. Till that night I asked the most cliche question , “what are we?” It was at this moment Joshua gave me the most ridiculous answer I've ever heard “I am not ready for a relationship right now”.

You'd think after this, I'd receive sense and
Keep by pride intact by cutting ties with him, but No!!, instead I offered to be “the friend” he needed.

I guess deep down I believed that when he is ready for a relationship, he would choose me.

Joshua then traveled and things became worse, I will call and he won't pick up. Out of concern I begged my friend to follow me to his Friend's place and what I saw there shocked the living daylight out of me, it was his wedding program to another lady.

There was no way of committing suicide I didn't look up. It took a whole three months for me to get myself back, and by “get myself back” I mean continue my day to day activities. My once happy self was nowhere to be found…so when I say I've seen it all , you can at least give me a pass mark.

But hey! This is just one of many stories, it shouldn't determine your view on love because even for me it didn't. I admit it took a while for me to come back out into the dating world but I did.

And when I tell you I'm with one of the most amazing men right now, believe me and sure I didn't repeat my mistakes, he asked me out formally.

One thing I can say for sure about dating is that you need to experience it, to know it. But it all works out in the end.


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Bittersweet love 😘😘

Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a young couple named Emily and James. They were high school sweethearts who had been together for years and were deeply in love. Their love story was the envy of everyone in town, and they were often referred to as the perfect couple.

However, as they grew older, life's challenges began to test their relationship. James had dreams of traveling the world and pursuing a career in photography, while Emily wanted to stay close to home and pursue a career in teaching. Their conflicting aspirations put a strain on their once perfect love.

Despite their differences, they tried to make it work. They both made compromises and sacrifices for each other, but deep down, they knew that their paths were leading them in different directions. The love that once bound them together began to feel like a weight holding them back from their individual dreams.

One fateful evening, as they sat under the stars at their favorite spot by the lake, they made the painful decision to part ways. Tears streamed down their faces as they held each other for the last time, knowing that they had to let go for the sake of their own happiness.

The following days were filled with heartache and longing. Emily found solace in her teaching career and threw herself into her work, while James set off on his journey to capture the beauty of the world through his lens. They both tried to move on, but their hearts still ached for what they had lost.

Years passed, and both Emily and James found success in their respective careers. They never forgot each other, and their love remained a bittersweet memory that lingered in their hearts. They often wondered what could have been if circumstances had been different.

One day, by pure chance, they found themselves in the same town where they had once shared their dreams. They decided to meet for old times' sake, and as they sat across from each other, they realized that the love they once shared had never truly faded.

In that moment, they knew that their love was timeless, but the timing had never been right. With tears in their eyes, they embraced each other, knowing that they would always hold a special place in each other's hearts.

Their love story was one of heartbreak and sacrifice, but it was also a testament to the enduring power of true love. As they went their separate ways once again, they carried with them the memories of a love that had shaped them into the people they had become.

And though their paths diverged, their hearts remained forever intertwined in a love that could never be forgotten.

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Unbroken bond

Unbroken bond
I remember when my cousin got that big, lovable, furry dog. It was just a little pup when it came into our lives, and I immediately formed a bond with it. We spent countless hours playing, running around, and just enjoying each other's company. As the years went by, that dog became a constant companion, always by my side, eagerly waiting for me to return home from school.

I love the moments we spent together, and I made sure to take it for long walks, exploring the neighborhood and creating memories along the way. I couldn't imagine a day without its warm welcome, wagging tail, and slobbery kisses.

However, as time passed, I noticed changes in the dog's behavior. It started to become more irritable and aggressive, especially towards strangers. It was about 14 years old when it began lashing out, biting two visitors, and even my cousin. Despite my deep connection with the dog, I knew it was a serious issue that needed to be addressed.

My mom warned me to be cautious around the dog, but I couldn't bear the thought of severing the bond we had built. I continued to take it for walks and gave it all the love and attention I could offer. It was a conflicting situation, torn between the strong bond we shared and the increasing danger it posed to others.

Eventually, the situation came to a head, and my cousin made the tough decision to sell the dog. It was a heartbreaking moment for me, saying goodbye to a friend who had been by my side for so many years. The love and memories remained, but it was a necessary step for everyone's safety.

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In a cozy suburban neighborhood, the Patel family thrived. Every evening, after a long day, they gathered around the dinner table, sharing stories and laughter. Despite their differences, they were bound by love and unwavering support for each other. When Mrs. Patel fell ill, the family rallied together, showing strength in unity. Mr. Patel took charge of cooking, surprising everyone with his culinary skills. Their daughter, Maya, stayed by her mother’s side, offering comfort and encouragement. Through their combined efforts and love, Mrs. Patel recovered, and their bond grew even stronger. Together, they proved that family is the ultimate source of happiness and strength.

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It was time for us to take our marriage vows.
As I stood there, I couldn’t contain my excitement. My heart
swelled with joy knowing I had finally found a wife, not just
any wife, but a virgin wife. My smile was so wide and genuine
that it caught everyone's attention, including my bride’s.
I was beaming, filled with a happiness I couldn't describe.
Just before the ceremony started, I walked over to her and
gave her a warm hug. I even leaned in to kiss her but stopped
myself, remembering it wasn’t time yet.
The congregation watched in surprise, unable to understand
the depth of my happiness. I couldn't wait any longer and
pleaded with the pastor to proceed so I could kiss my wife for
the first time.
The pastor smiled at me, then faced the congregation.
"If anyone here has any reason why these two should not be
joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your
peace." He repeated the question for the last time.
My patience was wearing thin. "Who on earth would object to
my marriage to my virgin wife?"
As I was mulling this over, I was interrupted by a commotion
in the congregation. Turning to look, I saw a young, beautiful
lady standing with a little boy on her back.
My heart sank as I noticed my bride cutting her eyes and
making frantic signs at the woman to sit down.
“What’s going on here? Can someone explain this to me?” I
demanded, my voice trembling.
The pastor tried to calm me. "Please, Mr. Henry, calm down."
The church was in shock. This was unprecedented. The pastor
addressed the young woman, "Yes, young lady, what do you
have to say?"
"I'm very sorry for what I'm about to reveal," she began, her
voice shaky. "Mr. Henry, please find it in your heart to forgive
me. I might ruin your wedding, but the truth must be told."
She continued, tears streaming down her face.
"Amaka, the bride, has been my childhood friend. I know
everything about her. The child you see on my back is her
third child." Gasps echoed through the church as the pastor
tried to calm everyone.
I was in disbelief. Rushing to my bride, I pleaded, "Baby, tell
me she's lying." But her face gave her away. There was no
denial, just a look of shame.
The pastor urged the woman to continue. "Many of you might
think I'm jealous, but this is the truth, and nothing but the
truth. May I never see the light of tomorrow if I'm lying," she
"She abandoned me with this child five months after he was
born and disappeared. It’s been over a year, and she hasn’t
once asked about him or called to check on his welfare.
I lost my job because of her, I was humiliated because of this
child, and yet she never bothered."
She paused, "But I’m not alone. I came with an old friend."
She motioned to a man in the crowd. "Mr. Johnson, can you
please stand up?"
When Mr. Johnson stood, I turned to my bride in shock. "Is
this the same Mr. Johnson who has been calling you every
night? The one you said was your brother in China?" She
didn’t respond, just hung her head in shame.
Mr. Johnson spoke, his voice calm but firm. "What she said is
true. Amaka was my girlfriend. She left when I discovered she
was carrying another man's child. She made me believe she
had an abortion and was out of town, but unknowingly she
was arranging to marry someone else."
"My name is Mr. Johnson, popularly known as Papa Ejima. Yes,
Amaka was my girlfriend, and she gave me these beautiful
twins you see sitting beside me."
The congregation erupted. People began leaving in shame and
My mind was a whirlwind. My head ached, my eyes burned,
and my legs felt like lead. Turning to my bride, I begged,
"Babe, tell me it’s not true. Tell me he’s lying."
For the first time, Amaka spoke, her voice barely a whisper.
"I’m so sorry, my husband. Please find it in your heart to
forgive me."
My world shattered.
"Oh, so it is the truth," I said, my voice hollow.
She nodded, confirming my worst fears.
"Oh, my virgin wife," I cried out before everything went black,
and I fainted.
The last thing I heard was the collective gasp of the
congregation and the pastor’s voice calling for help as
darkness engulfed me.

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A different kind of food

My good friend from primary school, who I hadn't seen in a long time, came to my state from Abuja. She wasn't visiting me specifically, but she was attending a wedding in my town. I was so excited to see her!

When we met at the wedding reception, she surprised me with a special gift - a flask of delicious Oha soup she had made just for me! I was so touched by her thoughtful gesture. The flask even had her name on it, making it an extra-special gift.

I was so grateful for the soup and our reunion that I wanted to give her something in return. So, I took off my wristwatch, which I had been wearing for a whole year, and gave it to her as a keepsake.

My friend was pleased with the watch and promised to keep it safe. We took a photo together, holding our gifts with the bride, groom and well-wishers. After that, we went our separate ways, I returned home while she lodged in a hotel till morning when she will travel back.

Even though we live far apart, our friendship remains strong. Every time I think of that soup, I'll remember our reunion and the joy we shared. Sometimes, a small gift like a flask of Oha soup can bring back a flood of happy memories!

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Perfect Ending


Finally God have decided to give me one of his son. My life turned out perfect after all . Japhet was everything I prayed for and more. He was kind,handsome and above all he loved the Lord.

It was not always like this. I met Japhet after two consecutive self imposed heartbreak. The first was Brother Michael. I met him during our annual prayer convention. He was zealous towards the things of the Lord and after the convention we continued talking. Brother Michael asked me out and when I prayed about his proposal I heard nothing from the Lord. I concluded his silence was a go ahead. Three weeks into the relationship I started seeing red flags. He had no respect for my decisions. Everything I do I must seek his opinion. He even told me to seek his permission before spending my money on anything. All this I obliged as I saw it as a training ground for my marriage.

The straw that broke the camel was when he asked me to pay my tithe to him as he was soon going to be my husband. He was not an ordained pastor, and he was aware I had a priest over my head.

I sought the Lord's counsel and he was silent. It was at this point I knew God was not the author of this relationship. I told him to give me time to seek the face of God an our relationship and that was the last time I heard from him. He did not reach out or try to sought things out.

My second relationship was with Pst Sam. I met Pst Sam through a friend in a wedding I attended from there, he collected my number and we started talking. We were friends for a year before he asked to court me. I jumped on his offer because everything seemed right, I trusted my instinct and I did not seek the face of the Lord. I had already envisioned sitting in the front seat in church and the bevy of ladies that will flock to me for counsel as Mummy G O. I was dragged back to reality when I started having series of dreams.

I would often see Pst Sam in the church using cowries to make divinations. The dreams continued every night and it was always Pst Sam making consultations with one object or another. When I seemed the face of the Lord,he replied me with an express No. It was then I knew I was in the wrong relationship. I called Pst Sam and told him I was no longer interested in the relationship.

I leart the hard way to always seek the face of the Lord and hear him speak before involving in any relationship.

The plans God has for us are for good and not evil to give us a future and a hope and to bring us to an expected end.
Jeremiah 29:11

I met Japhet during one of our outreaches. When he asked me out,I told him to give me sometime so I could seek the face of God and I waited until he answered. It is one thing to pray and its another thing to hear God response.




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simon11✓☆ 🏆35 🌟67Keghtor Elijah Mamakaa
1mo 17d

My trip to the village

Last summer, I decided to take a break from the bustling city life and visit my grandparents' village. As soon as I stepped off the bus, the serene landscape and the fresh air greeted me. The village, nestled between rolling hills and lush green fields, was a stark contrast to the concrete jungle I was used to.

My grandparents' house stood at the edge of the village, surrounded by an orchard of mango trees. The house, though old, had a rustic charm with its thatched roof and mud walls. My grandmother, with her warm smile, welcomed me with a big hug and a plate of homemade delicacies.

Every morning, I woke up to the sound of roosters crowing and birds chirping. The village followed a rhythm dictated by nature. People rose with the sun and their day revolved around farming and household chores. I accompanied my grandfather to the fields, where he patiently taught me about the different crops and how they were grown. The hard work and dedication of the villagers were evident in the lush, healthy crops that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Afternoons were spent under the shade of the big mango tree at the village center, where the elders gathered to share stories and news. I enjoyed listening to their tales of the past, learning about the village's history and traditions. The children played traditional games, their laughter echoing through the narrow lanes.

In the evenings, as the sun set behind the hills, the village transformed into a picturesque scene with the golden hues of dusk. My grandmother and I would sit on the verandah, chatting about life. The simplicity and tranquility of the village life were deeply soothing.

One of the highlights of my trip was the village fair, which was held once a month. Stalls selling handmade crafts, fresh produce, and local delicacies lined the main street. There was music, dance, and a palpable sense of community. I immersed myself in the vibrant culture, participating in folk dances and tasting a variety of traditional dishes.

My week in the village flew by, and it was soon time to return to the city. As I boarded the bus, I felt a twinge of sadness but also a deep sense of contentment. The trip had not only provided a much-needed break but also a profound appreciation for the simple joys of rural life.

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I have known Precious for like three years now. She's an epitome of beauty. The in flock of men around her tell more about her captivating beauty. I always say I was lucky to be her boyfriend.
She's everything I ever asked for in a woman..she's loving, kind, respectful and above all a lover of God.
After some years, our friendship took a beautiful twist when we decided to date ourselves. I must say it was the best relationship I ever had. I was intentional about the relationship as we planned settling down after she's done with school and I'm ready too.
Everything was so rosey and beautiful for us until the pressure for marriage dawn's on her.
Her parents started pestering her about settling down. She informed me about it and from that day I knew I was going to loose her.
She's only 22yrs and she's not ready to settle down but because of the pressure from her parents, she had to succumb.
One evening, she called me and said,' babe a guy came to our house to ask for my hand in marriage and they are very serious and I have no choice than to accept '.
It was like my heart stopped beating for a moment. It was a long silence 🤐🤐 on the phone for both of us.
After some days, we broke up and went our separate ways...
She's happily married and we are still in friendly communication though but a part of me still miss her.

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A peaceful reunion

It had been months since my friend, Peace, and I last spoke. We had a big falling out, and I wasn't sure if our friendship could ever be repaired. But as time went on, I realized how much I missed her and how much I valued our friendship. I wanted to make things right between us.

I decided to take a step towards reconciliation by making her a special gift - a beautiful photo frame with a picture of the two of us from happier times. I chose a serene environment, a peaceful garden, to invite her to meet me. I wanted the surroundings to be calming and soothing, to help ease any tension that might still be between us.

As I waited for Peace to arrive, I felt a mix of emotions - nervousness, excitement, and hope. I wasn't sure how she would react to my gesture, but I was determined to make things right. When she arrived, we exchanged awkward hellos at first, but as we sat down together, I could see the tension start to fade.

I handed her the gift, and as she opened it, a smile spread across her face. She was touched by the thoughtful gesture, and we both felt hugely relieved. We started talking, sharing stories and laughter, and before long, it felt like no time had passed at all.

We opened up to each other about our hurt and anger. We listened to each other's perspectives, and slowly but surely, we started to understand and forgive. The weight of our past argument began to lift, and our minds experienced freedom and renewal.

Our conversation flowed easily, and we rediscovered the connection that had once been so strong between us. We talked about our hopes and dreams, our fears and insecurities, and we found common ground once again.
The sun began to set, it was time to disperse, each to own residence. We hugged each other tightly, grateful for a second chance of friendship.

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sorano✓☆ 🏆28 🌟73Christian Nwachuku
1mo 21d

The act of kindness

The act of kindness
I was visiting a construction site one day when I saw a group of men standing outside, looking hopeful. They were clearly looking for work, and I could sense their desperation. One of them approached me, a tall, lanky man with a kind face. He introduced himself as Ayo and explained that they had been coming to the site for days, hoping to get hired for a day's work.

As we chatted, Ayo shared a heartbreaking truth. "Some days, we go back home hungry if there's no job," he said, his eyes cast downward. I was taken aback by his honesty and felt compassion. Without thinking, I reached into my pocket and pulled out 5,000 naira. "Here, take this," I said, handing it to Ayo.

But what happened next surprised me. Ayo took only 1,000 naira from the money and handed the rest to his friends. "We share what little we have," he explained with a smile. I was amazed by their selflessness and generosity, especially in the face of such hardship.

Despite their struggles, they had not lost their humanity or their sense of community. And in that moment, I realized that sometimes, it's the small acts of kindness that can make the biggest impact.

From that day on, I made it a point to always carry some extra cash with me, hoping to encounter more people like Ayo and his friends, who reminded me that even in the toughest times, people with a good heart exist.

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Elderly responsibility

Elderly responsibility
My sister fell ill last week, and I took on the responsibility of caring for her. On Monday, I visited her and found her lying in bed with a high fever. I was worried and decided to check on her regularly to ensure she was getting better.

On Wednesday, I went to see her again, and her fever was still persistent. I prayed hard for her recovery, hoping she would soon be back on her feet. I made sure to bring her medication, water, and food to help her feel more comfortable.

On Friday, I visited her once more, and although her fever had subsided a bit, she was still quite weak. I continued to pray for her and encouraged her to stay strong, knowing that she would get through this.
As the days went by, I kept a close eye on her, making sure she was taking her medication and eating well. I also helped with household chores to reduce her stress and workload.

On Sunday, today, I was thrilled to see my sister up and about, looking much better than she had all week. We decided to go to church together, and I was relieved to see her strong enough to attend.

Throughout our time at church, I kept a watchful eye on her, making sure she wasn't overexerting herself. I was grateful to see her smiling and chatting with friends, a clear sign of her recovery.
After church, we returned home, and I could see that she was now well enough to take care of herself. I was proud of the progress she had made and knew that my care and support had played a part in her recovery.

I'm grateful that my sister is now on the mend, and I'm proud of the role I played in helping her through a tough time. I realize that caring for a loved one can be challenging, but it's also incredibly rewarding to see them recover and thrive once again.

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My situationship story

During my early days at the university, I came home for a short break which later resulted in the extended COVID-19 break.
Then I went to church on Sunday and boom, there was this new guy in the church.
Don't ask me if I knew all the new guys in church because this one was different.
I mean, this guy was fine (I can't even lie) elegant, prayerful, well-reserved, God-loving, and all.
Yes, he had quite the characteristics I looked for in a man.
He even loves children and respects women. 𝑨𝒘𝒘𝒘, 𝒎𝒚 𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒅 𝒐𝒇 𝒈𝒖𝒚!
So one thing led to another, and before you know it, we became good friends. We started chatting online when I went back to school.
You know that feeling when your crush is also crushing on you? Sweet!
Then days went into weeks and months and over a year...
And all of a sudden, we became something more than friends.
Okay, take that sex thought out of your head.
Of course, I'm a Jesus girl, so premarital sex is non-negotiable.
So this is what I meant by something more than friends. We began:
• Sharing intimate info
• Talking to each other every day
• Praying together (prayer warriors, indeed. 😂)
• And basically doing everything people in courtship should.
I had never been so vulnerable all my life.
But I thought I found the right one for me so that didn't.
Until that fateful day...
I went to his place (not the first time, of course), but that was the first time I saw that picture hanging on the wall and saw the picture of another lady on his sitting wall.
And when I insistently asked who she was, I got the most heartbreaking answer.
Yes, you can already guess it. "She's my girlfriend, I wish I met you first, Bla Bla Blah." You know how the heartbreaking tale goes.
"So what have I been doing with this guy all this while?" I thought
I've been in a SITUATUATIONSHIP all along.
It took me a while before I discovered that it wasn't entirely his fault.
I only assumed we had something when there was nothing. After all, he never asked me out.

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Anger is a choice

A man who was fond of beating his wife at every slight opportunity, was asked why he beats her? His response was, "I have a very short temper and I get angry easily. Unconsciously, I usually slap her when she raises her voice or provokes me."
The following day, as the man was driving to work, a uniformed army officer stopped his car, for no reason. When he tried to complain or protest, the FEMALE soldier shouted at him and asked him to be quiet.

The female officer collected his car keys and commanded him to sit on the bare floor. Uncle jejely complied, without saying "pim" not to talk of raising his hand to slap.

The female officer tried hard to provoke him but uncle controlled his short temper. Suddenly, uncle became meek and cool like cucumber.

After one hour of delay, the officer told uncle to stand up, gave him his keys, and asked him to leave. Uncle said "thank you ma" and got into his car.

As he was about to drive off, his phone rang. It was Pius, his best friend. Pius had been watching the drama from across the street.Pius mocked him on the phone:
"Fidelis, I thought you said you have anger problems and your temper is very short? How come you were very gentle/quiet when the female officer shouted at you and seriously provoked you?
Why didn't you slap her like you usually do to Catherine, your wife?
Fidelis, let me tell you the truth, you don't have anger problem, what you have is RESPECT PROBLEM. You don't respect your wife!!!

Where there is RESPECT, SELF-CONTROL is AUTOMATIC!!! The remote control is not in your wife's voice or emotions. The CONTROL is in your own WILL, your personal DECISION.
Your Relationship will become better, only when you learn to respect your Spouse.

The keyword here is, Respect.

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sorano✓☆ 🏆28 🌟73Christian Nwachuku
2mo 4d

Wisdom of the old

Ade was a bright and curious child, always eager to explore the world around him. One day, while playing in the bustling market, he stumbled upon a mysterious old man sitting under the shade of a baobab tree.

The old man had a kind smile and twinkling eyes that seemed to hold a wealth of wisdom. Ade was drawn to him instantly, and they struck up a conversation. As they talked, Ade learned that the old man's name was Babatunde, and he was a storyteller who traveled from village to village sharing tales of Yoruba folklore.

Fascinated by Babatunde's stories, Ade begged him to share more. And so, under the golden light of the setting sun, Babatunde began to weave a magical tapestry of myths and legends, filled with gods and goddesses, spirits and monsters.

From that day on, Ade and Babatunde became fast friends. Every evening, Ade would rush to the market to listen to Babatunde's stories, enraptured by the richness of Yoruba culture and tradition. Through their friendship, Ade not only learned about his heritage but also discovered the power of storytelling to connect people across generations.

As the years passed, Ade grew into a young man, but his friendship with Babatunde remained as strong as ever. Together, they continued to share stories, laughter, and wisdom, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

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betty✓★ 🏆107 🌟112Bethrand Chibuike
2mo 12d

Seems like love but..

Seems like love but..
Seventeen years after parting ways with my former lover, I never imagined that I would run into him again. It was a chance encounter that changed everything, and little did I know that it would lead to a beautiful chapter in my life.

After our breakup, I had resigned myself to being alone. I focused on my work and tried to move on from the heartbreak of losing what I had thought was my forever love. But then, Akan came back into my life in the most unexpected way. We ran into each other at a local café, and I was taken aback to see him after all these years.

As we got talking, I found myself opening up about how broken I had been after our breakup. I didn't know why I was sharing these personal details with him, but something about the way he listened and understood put me at ease. With time, Akan and I started bonding over our conversations and shared experiences, and like magic, love began to bloom between us.

The feeling was so different from what I had experienced in the past. It was as if I had discovered a connection that was truly heavenly. With Akan, there was trust, open communication, commitment, and genuine love. I knew that this was the kind of love I had always yearned for.

A year later, we got married in a beautiful ceremony, surrounded by our friends and loved ones. We started a new chapter of our lives together, one built on trust, respect, and unwavering affection. I had learned valuable lessons from my past, and I promised myself that I would teach my daughter, when she was old enough, that not all that seems like love is indeed love. Akan and I lived happily ever after, creating a loving and nurturing environment for our family.

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sorano✓☆ 🏆28 🌟73Christian Nwachuku
2mo 18d

An epistle of love

As I sit down to pen these words, my mind reflects back to the very night we first met, it was really in night class. I can remember we were preparing for our first anatomy exam "upper limbs" Your voice, like a melody in the darkness, drew me in, sparking a connection that has only grown stronger with time.

I think that night we were unable to secure a class so we decided to use the coscharies quadrangle, story leading to stories one of which was you exposing me to the fact that you had a twin sister. And just deep into the night you slept on my laps. Being a nice guy that I am, I pulled out my outer shirt to cover you from the cold weather.

Our friendship, forged through late-night conversations and shared experiences, has become a beacon of light in my life. Your trust in me, inviting me into your world with open arms, is a gift I cherish deeply.

Lol 😂 just remembered the very night that tested the depths of our connection. It was a night like no other, filled with anticipation and longing, as I waited patiently for your roommate to depart.

Minutes stretched into hours, and the stillness of the night enveloped me as I stood outside your door, consumed by the desire to be near you. In those solitary moments, I felt the weight of our friendship and the strength of our bond, urging me to persevere despite the uncertainty.

And then, like a whisper in the darkness, your message arrived, a beacon of hope illuminating the path ahead. With bated breath, I watched as your roommate finally left, clearing the way for us to be together.

Stepping into your presence that night was like stepping into a dream, a dream where time stood still and the world faded away, leaving only the two of us in its wake. I held you close, cherishing the fleeting moments we had together, knowing that every second was precious beyond measure.

As I reflect on that night, I am reminded of the depth of our friendship and the lengths we are willing to go for each other. It is a testament to the bond we share, forged through countless shared experiences and unwavering trust.

In you, I have found not only a friend but a kindred spirit, someone who understands and accepts me in a way that words cannot express. Our friendship is a treasure beyond compare, a guiding light in the darkness, leading us through life's twists and turns with grace and resilience.

Despite the challenges we've faced, whether it be waiting anxiously for your roommate to leave or navigating encounters with security personnel on my way back, our connection has remained unwavering.

As I reflect on the journey we've embarked on together, I am filled with gratitude for the moments we've shared and the memories we've created. Your presence brings joy to my days and comfort to my nights, and for that, I am truly thankful.

So here's to us, to the late-night conversations and the shared laughter, to the moments of quiet understanding and unwavering support. May our friendship continue to grow and thrive, illuminating our lives with its warmth and grace.


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Infinity′s melody

In the realm of hearts entwined,
Where love's sweet melody is defined,
Two souls in a dance divine,
A love story for all time.

Brush strokes of passion on canvas bare,
Aiden's guitar, Luna's flair,
In harmony, their hearts declare,
A love beyond compare.

Through distance and trials, they endure,
Love's flame forever pure,
In whispers soft and melodies sure,
Their bond shall always endure.

In the village, their tale is sung,
A love that forever young,
In the tapestry of life, they're strung,
A love song never unsung.

© Essey

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My relationship with a tree

My relationship with a tree
There's one memory that always brings a smile to my face – the African giant star apple tree, known as Odara in Igbo land. This towering tree, with its robust, well-built stems and broad leaves, held a special place in my heart. Climbing its branches gave me a unique sense of freedom and peace.

The ventilation up there was unlike anything else. The way the wind whispered through the leaves and the gentle sway of the branches made it my go-to spot. From that lofty perch, I had a panoramic view of the surroundings. I could see my home in the distance, surrounded by other neighboring houses. Watching the children play and the world go by gave me a sense of being in my own little kingdom.

Of course, the allure of Odara was not just the breathtaking view. It was also the abundance of delicious star apple fruit. The fruits were incredibly sweet, and plucking them after a long day at school was the perfect way to unwind. The joy of snacking on those succulent fruits under the shade of the tree is a memory I cherish dearly.

However, there came a day when my idyllic relationship with that majestic tree took an unexpected turn. In a moment of carelessness, I lost my footing and came crashing down from the heights I so often sought solace in. The fall left me shaken and, more importantly, shattered my trust in my arboreal haven. The injuries weren’t severe, but the experience robbed me of the carefree enjoyment I once found in climbing the Odara tree.

After that fateful day, my love for the tree waned. I missed the innocent and carefree moments of my childhood, spent in the embrace of the African giant star apple tree.

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sorano✓☆ 🏆28 🌟73Christian Nwachuku
3mo 2d

When love blossoms

Daniel and Blessing found each other in the most unexpected of places a quiet church service on a Sunday morning. Daniel, with his warm smile and gentle demeanor, struck up a conversation with Blessing during the after-service fellowship. Their shared love for faith and community quickly formed the foundation of a deep friendship.

As they spent more time together, Daniel's kindness and compassion shone through in every interaction. He was always there to lend a listening ear or offer a helping hand. Blessing found herself drawn to his unwavering goodness, admiring the way he carried himself with grace and humility.

Yet, beneath her admiration for her friend lay a secret longing a feeling she dared not speak aloud. Blessing found herself falling for Daniel, captivated by his essence and the depth of their connection. But as a woman in a society where the fear of rejection loomed large, she kept her feelings hidden, burying them deep within her heart.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, as their friendship blossomed and grew stronger. They shared laughter and tears, dreams and fears, navigating the ups and downs of life together. Blessing cherished every moment spent with Daniel, treasuring the bond they shared.

But as much as she yearned to tell him how she felt, the fear of ruining their friendship held her back. What if he didn't feel the same way? What if confessing her love only drove him away? The uncertainty gnawed at her, leaving her paralyzed with indecision.

Meanwhile, Daniel remained oblivious to the turmoil brewing within Blessing's heart. He valued her friendship above all else, grateful for the comfort and joy she brought into his life. Little did he know, her feelings ran deeper than mere friendship, hidden beneath a facade of smiles and laughter.

One fateful day, as they sat together in the quiet serenity of the church courtyard, Blessing found herself unable to contain her emotions any longer. With trembling hands and a racing heart, she finally confessed her love to Daniel, laying bare her soul before him.

To her surprise, Daniel's reaction was not one of rejection or indifference, but of understanding and acceptance. He confessed that he too had been grappling with feelings he couldn't quite articulate, unsure of how to broach the subject without risking their friendship.

In that moment of vulnerability, their bond deepened even further, transcending the boundaries of friendship to embrace something more profound and meaningful. Together, they embarked on a new chapter of their lives, guided by love, faith, and the enduring strength of their friendship.

As they walked hand in hand, their hearts intertwined in a beautiful dance of love and companionship, Blessing realized that sometimes, the greatest risks were worth taking, and that true love was always worth fighting for. And in Daniel's embrace, she found solace, knowing that their love story was only just beginning.

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The dying feelings

The dying feelings
Today, I made the decision to treat myself to a classy restaurant supper. I had no idea that this would turn out to be a really funny dinner experience. Upon entering the restaurant, I couldn't help but notice a girl who had taken a seat and was savoring a platter of delicious beans and plantains. She had a captivating attractiveness that drew my attention, in addition to the fact that she was enjoying her meal. I couldn't help but watch her from my table, which was directly across from hers, and sneak peeks. She looked back at me, and to my astonishment, though with a lighthearted smile, she caught my stares. It felt like fate had a whimsy sense of humor, so this was unexpected and even more delightful. After she finished her dinner, I plucked up the bravery to approach her, encouraged by our little exchange of glances. Some other time, I thought, we could start a conversation and maybe have a fun evening together. She dined with poise and elegance, relishing each meal like a princess. I was captivated, certain that this girl was someone genuinely exceptional. But my amazement was short-lived as she got up to go. I was surprised to discover leftovers when I looked at her dish because I had assumed there would just be a few nibbles left! It appeared that she had deliberately left some food unfinished, maybe to show off her manners or make an impression on someone. That small gesture broke the trust I had established and left me bewildered. By not eating to the end, who was she attempting to impress? I was unable to understand the logic behind it. Disappointed, I watched her go out without moving, mentally doubting the entire thing. Please don't hold it against me; I was riveted to my seat, considering all the possible explanations for why she could have left so much food on her plate, but I couldn't think of any decent ones. It was too easy to see the pride.

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