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Injustice Stories & Experiences

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At Least

That Bloody Election

That Bloody Election
I still shudder at the memory of that fateful day. I had gone to vote with my friend, Ede, in Lagos. We were excited to exercise our civic duty and have a say in our country's future.

But as we approached the polling unit, we were met with a scene from hell. Political thugs, armed to the teeth, were terrorizing voters, snatching ballot papers, and destroying voting materials. The police were nowhere to be found, or perhaps they were complicit in the chaos.

Ede and I tried to flee, but we were caught by the thugs. They beat us mercilessly, leaving us for dead. I remember seeing Ede's bloody face, her eyes pleading for help that never came.

Somehow, I managed to crawl to a nearby house, where a kind old woman took me in and nursed me back to health. But Ede was not so lucky. She died a few days later from her injuries.

That day, I lost my friend, my faith in the system, and my hope for a better Nigeria. But I gained a resolve to fight for justice, to ensure that no one else suffers the same fate as Ede.

I now work with a local NGO, advocating for electoral reform and an end to political violence. It's a small step, but I know that together, we can create a Nigeria where votes are not met with violence, and democracy is not a blood sport.

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Is it truly worth it...

"Come out Mr. Man", " Come out nor", says Oga Landlord as he continuously bangs the home of his tenant, Mr. Oja. "Good morning sir" said Mr. Oja to the Landlord. "Keep your good morning to yourself" said the Landlord as he replies back to Mr. Oja.

Oja being a young man as just started to get on his own two feet. Having no one to look after him since the age of three when his both parents were allegedly said to be con artist who presented themselves as pastors in the community which they resided unfortunately that incident lead in the burning of the couples to death leaving their only son, Oja who's three years old to suffer, fortunately the missionary church where Oja's parents served under took him into their orphanage where he stayed for about 23 years.

Oja who just got out of the orphanage having so much dreams and aspirations decided to rent a self contain of 120,000 naira so as to begin a new life. Oja's rent had just expired and it is time to renew his second year rent.

Just last week, Oja not having enough funds for the rent decided to plead to the Landlord just having about 50,000 naira which he promised to balance by the end of the month which the Landlord seamlessly agreed which made Oja confident and he was in comfort. Little did he know that the Landlord had an evil motive after he noticed that Oja was vulnerable and had little experience about world happenings.

As of the next week which Oja was to transfer the money to the Landlord, he called him and good him about the situation at hand, after the Landlord agree him wanted to transfer the money to the Landlord's account which he abruptly refused asking that the money be presented to him in cash.

Oja had to located the Landlord's house with the 50,000 naira in cash which he gave to the Landlord who refused to present him with any receipt or any evidence of payment. Only for the Landlord to come back a week later with a heavily armed police officer who apparently was his eldest son to demand the 120,000 naira of Mr. Oja who at that point was speechless not having any witness or any prove of payment of 50,000 naira which he paid.

Oja tried as much as he can to explain how the how event took place and how he managed to locate the Landlord's house which he had never gone to before. But the Landlord's son (police officer) said to him "you go explain tire no evidence". Apparently he was his father's accomplice in the whole thing.

It felt like the whole world had begin to collapse for Oja that, in which the Landlord had caused a commotion in the entire axis where Oja resides to the point that instead of him defending his right was forced to that begging and agreed to pay the entire sum of 120,000 naira by the end of the month thinking that every thing will slide but to his greatest surprise the Landlord insisted that the money be given to him that very moment or else he should evict the the house.

One thing lead to another and Oja was charged to court without any form of evidence he was forced to evict in seven (7) days which rightfully should be three months due to the fact that the Landlord had already that same house to another person for the sum of 240,000 naira and the person who was absent for a while was to return in eight days time to occupy the house.

Poor Mr. Oja was ridicule and without any form of apology was forced to go back to that same orphanage seeing that he had no money for anywhere to start from. He went back in shame with the hope of making a little money from his piping and fittings jobs with which he could start from scratch again.

The End...

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How the Igbo ancestors chose death over bandage.

How the Igbo ancestors chose death over bandage.
In 1803, 75 Igbos chose to drow.n in the Ocean over being sold into slavery.

According to history, The Igbo slav.es were said to be a rebellious breed.

They'll prefer to die free, than to be bond in chains.

They were stories of how they killed their masters and tried to escape.

So, in 1803, they were been transferred to another slave ship after their first master found out how rebellious they could be.

They were to be transported to a rice plantation which is renowned for brutal work and required strength.

But as the Igbos were crammed together under the deck, chained together,

The crew of the new slave ship got tired of them because they were too noisy.

They went in turns to force them to shut up.

But the Igbos wouldn't listen.

Soon, the crew discovered they were not just making a noise, rather they were chanting in unison.

The chant probably increased their morals and they were able to break loose from their chains.

They hijacked the ship.

At this juncture, one would think they intended to drive home,

But the smart Igbos knowing fully well that they are very far from home, decided to surrender their souls to the water spirit.

They all jumped into the water reciting the song;

"Orimiri Omambala bu anyi bia"
"Orimiri Omambala ka anyi ga ejina"

This translates to;

"The water spirit of Omambala brought us here, the water spirit of Omambala shall take us home"

Omambala is a river in Anambra.

Till date, there are claims that the souls of the revolted Igbo slaves still dwells in Dunbar Creek.

For in the quietness of the night, one could still hear their distant 'Orimiri' chants.

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Shadow of injustice

Shadow of injustice
In the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, where the vibrant energy of its people mingled with the chaos of urban life, there existed a tale of injustice that haunted the hearts of many.

At the heart of the narrative stood Adaku, a young woman of unwavering determination and resilience. Adaku's family had lived in a modest neighborhood for generations, eking out a living through hard work and perseverance. Despite the challenges they faced, they held onto hope for a better future.

One fateful day, tragedy struck when a powerful land developer, Mr. Adeyemi, set his sights on the community's land. With promises of modernization and prosperity, he sought to evict the residents and seize control of their homes. Ignoring their cries for justice, Mr. Adeyemi employed underhanded tactics, bribing officials and manipulating the legal system to his advantage.

As bulldozers loomed on the horizon, Adaku refused to surrender. With fire in her eyes and determination in her heart, she rallied her neighbors, organizing protests and seeking support from activists and journalists. Their voices rose like a chorus of defiance against the injustice that threatened to consume them.

Yet, their struggle was not without consequence. The powers-that-be, entrenched in corruption, retaliated with force and intimidation. Adaku and her allies faced harassment, arrests, and even violence. But they refused to be silenced, their resolve only strengthening with each blow dealt against them.

In the depths of adversity, hope emerged like a beacon of light amidst the darkness. Their story garnered attention both locally and internationally, shining a spotlight on the rampant corruption and abuse of power that plagued their society.

Finally, after months of tireless advocacy and legal battles, justice prevailed. The courts ruled in favor of the community, recognizing their rightful ownership of the land and condemning the actions of Mr. Adeyemi and his cohorts. The victory was bittersweet, marked by the scars of the struggle they endured.

As the sun set on the horizon, casting long shadows that whispered of the injustices of the past, Adaku and her neighbors stood united, their spirits unbroken. Their story became a symbol of courage and resilience, a reminder that even in the face of adversity, the pursuit of justice would always prevail.

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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
3mo 29d



"But Mummy, why are you being harsh on me?".
Before I could finish the word a hard slap fell on my cheek, it was so hard that I turned pink.

My fiance Ken came out of the living room after hearing the sound ,he was shocked to de@th

"Mama what have you done?”

I was still holding my hand on my cheek,tears rolling down my cheek, I cried like a baby.

"Ask her what she did? imagine this small rat ,this skinny thing had the guts to call me a bad woman, an evil woman…me?"
She wanted to hit me but Ken shielded me.

"Mama I only asked why you are being so hard on me, what did I do to deserve this treatment from you?"

"Ehe is hard a good thing? Am I the one you are running your mouth for?"

"Mama I don't understand,how can you slap my fianceé ,the girl I brought to you on the first day in our house!"Ken snapped.

His mother's eyes widened as if she heard something abom!nable.
She spread out her hand and waved it at Ken.

"Noo, she is queen Elizabeth that I can't slap, I am not old enough to slap her na and Kenneth who are you questioning self?,have you gone mad,no tell me ,have you lost it?"
She yelled angrily in a challenging time.

"Mama I don't know this side of you ooo, don't let me down, I love this girl, what is this unfair treatment na, what did she do? Do you know her from anywhere, why the sudden hatred?"

"She had the guts to say I am being hard on her".

Ken lost it.
"Are you not being hard on her! Since we can go back,all you did was complain about her, her age,her skinny looks,her appearance,her this or that ,what is your problem !"

"You are shouting at your mother because of this old who* re see how skinny and sick she looks even after all the money you dey give her".

"Which money?"Ken replied sarcastically.

"She told me everything, woman wrapper,I am very disappointed in you, in fact I doubt if you suck those two breasts of mine because you're acting like a child groomed with goat milk instead".

"Mama I will leave this house for you, I won't take your insults ,ah ha what is it self!"

"Obim please don't.."

"Leave me ,why is she behaving like this?”

He turned me roughly in anger and showed the fingerprints on my face.

"If another woman did this to Ada (Ada is their eldest child who is presently married) will you be happy or is it because her mother is dead?"

"You are shouting at me Kenneth, so you are shouting at me, because of this who*e”

"I met her virgin mother ,you were not even one when my father met you,none of my sisters are still one even precious,we both knew so stop with that capping".

I was so shocked he said that to his mother,it's an insult ,I tried to calm him but he was really angry.

His mother went mute instantly.

"Why is this happening here?"His father asked, curious to know, Precious was standing behind peeping at us.

I prayed silently for peace to reign.

"He he heeee Yi!"
His mother laughed and clapped loudly in a gossip manner as the husband entered the kitchen.
She had to unwrap her wrapper and tie it stronger.

"Your son just called me a whore and all of your daughters , whores ,because of his girlfriend".
Mama reported.

"Kenneth, have you lost it?"his father turned angrily at him.

Kenneth didn't say anything,he just pulled me out of the kitchen and headed to his room.

"Kenneth! Kenneth!"
His father's voice kept calling him back.

As soon as we got in, he was so uneasy and hurt I forgot I was the victim.

"Honey, they are your parents….."

He eyed me angrily.
"Why did you do, nothing, nothing eh yet why the ill treatment,at first I thought it was just a joke but they mean it".

"Honey, you shouldn't have walked out on them, your father ignored him, it's disrespectful,I am not happy ,that is an insult to him and now I will be the target".
I poured.

"That one, he is the worst so don't think he will support you,he said the worst about you,when I told him you are 27, if you hear what he vomited out?"

I slowly sat down on the bed, the tears embedded in my ears finally flowing down like a fountain.
"If they don't like me you have to look for someone they will accept".

"Why nonsense is that,see baby…. baby don't vex me, please don't, I have had enough….in fact we are leaving right now".

He removed his shirt and trousers to bathe.

"Help me park up".
He requested, then went into the bathroom.

I didn't say anything but just cried silently.
Hours ago we went to our hometown.
It was breezy and the kids ran after his car, I smiled at that.

I can't count how many times we kissed on the way, his right hand never let go of mine , Ken has that habit of holding me while driving.
One day I could remember, he drove some miles without holding me then he had to ask if he is forgetting something at home, he pulled over and we tried to remember what it could be. I was confused too. Poor me didn't know it was holding my hand,I was seriously worried.

Finally, he snapped.
"Aha!I got it"

"Honey what is it?"

He took my hand and kissed it.
I was angry but it melted away instantly after the kiss.

Yeah that's how close we are, I love him equally too. I don't know how people paint love to be unrealistic,etc but I felt love ,I experienced it ,I was that lucky.

But now, unfortunately.
His family view me as a plague and I have no single idea why.
The Moment we got to the compound, he settled those kids with new thousand naira notes and they left happily.

His parents and sister ran out to welcome us…. maybe him.

"Ken! Ken!"
His father hailed full of smiles.

He went and gave his father a manly handshake together with a hug.
"Na man be you be".

I could see the house he told me about, he completed it in the village. It was beautiful and big ,he built another for his parents but his house was a new building.

I was still at the car side,smiling at them lovelily.
He then hugged his mother, who cried in joy. He went on and carried her in his arms. He is very strong because the mother is tall and very curvy.
They all laughed and after the whole family reunion.

Ken smiled back at me then he walked to me and took my hands.
My heart was racing. Yes, I wished I had such a family to accept me ,they seem nice.
I was born out of rape, and my mother single handedly raised me. Her parents were late then, so because of that I became obsessed with families.I envy and want to have one, a large one.

"Mama papa, I don make money,build house,see una wife to be, also una daughter".

I love how he breaks the English for them.
I blushed and squatted a bit in respect as I greeted them.

After he held me close to him, smiling at them to see their response.

The mother and father exchanged glances but said nothing.
"Ehe come in now, let's talk inside"the father replied, the parents went on, the youngest daughter took her brother's luggage and left my pink box.

Not even welcome my dear or my daughter, but it's fine, I bit my lip nervously and forced a smile at Ken.
Who kissed me and took my hand ,then used the other one to drag my box along.

In the living room of Ken's new house.
"Mama see ,as you fine finish, wetin!"

"Leave me …abeg …na your papa dey chop all the money wey you bring to build house"his mother said, blushing as she sat down properly on the chair.

"Mama Rose, better watch your tongue,"her husband warned.

Kenneth laughed.

"Papa but swear say you no scam me money from the house building".
Ken dragged his father.

"See my son, don't mind your mother with her feminine traits,you are my son, your money is my money".

"Papa my money is my money ooo, make person no use that logic for me"Ken saidin a teasing manner.

"Don't mind your father,"his mom added then turned to the teenage last born, she looked seventeen.

"Precious,go inside and watch every washable let me dish the food for your brother".

"And my wife,"Kenneth added.

"But bro Kenneth you are not married to her yet".
Precious replied.

"We are married already, we are only here to complete the necessary things"Ken replied.

I saw his mother sniff and nod her head as if he was bluffing. What scared me was that I did anything wrong, was I not being a good girl enough.

"Don't worry Precious, let me do the dishes"I said and stood up.

None of his parents said anything, they were just staring at me like I peed on my body.

"No baby ,you can't come to my place and go into the kitchen, you are a visitor".

"Wrong, I am part of the family now,"I replied.

"And Precious, why will you leave the plates unwaged before now!"
He snapped at her.

"Honey it's okay ,I will help her now I am here".
I smiled, pecked him on the forehead and followed Precious into the kitchen.

Few minutes later Ken came into the kitchen, he wrapped his hand around my waist, my cheeks burnt with embarrassment,I was shy because precious was watching.

"Is there any way I can help?"
He said huskily into my ear.

"Rinsing,"I replied.

"Yes baby".
Ken replied and folded his sleeves, I helped him with them.Precious felt awkward and left us.

I didn't know she went and told her mother about Ken helping me in the kitchen.

We were almost done when his mother came with two hands on her waist and elbow pointing out.

"Ken what are you doing?, you are supposed to be with us, after many years away ,you came back and glued to your girlfriend, are men meant to be in the kitchen,or can't she wash dishes herself?"

"Mama..,are you jealous?"Ken teased, and smiled at her.

"Jealous of what? Are you not my son, unless I say you will marry her then you will".

"Of coursework you will, mama, why will you say I will not marry her"
Ken was playing smart.

It annoyed her ,he didn't put her first in the decision making but she concealed it.

"Kenneth,go to your father, I want to talk with her".

Ken dried his hands,kissed then he wrapped his hands around his mother's waist, hugging her.
"Mama, she is your daughter,so you know na".

His mother spanked him,he ran off laughing.
I became very nervous as soon as he left.
I know for sure she is yet to like me and this is my chance to win her heart.

She glared at me and put the food on the stove to warm.

"So where are you from?"
I was excited to answer that.

"And your late mother?"

"Same place, I was born and raised by my mother".

"So you're saying your late mother gave birth to you out of wedlock".

"Yes mummy, she was r**ed”.

"Really, abi what she told you".
She stared at me from head to toe then continued as she turned the stew.

"So you don't know your father?"

I smiled sadly and shook my head slowly.

She scoffed and choked her head.
"So where did you meet my son in a hotel room?"

"No mah, in the place I worked".

"So brothel then".

"Mummy, I worked as a undergraduate during my .

She nodded and glared at me again, turning off the stove.

"So your mother was the one sponsoring your tuition fees?"

"I did it by myself,I hawk small chops at school but in the final year, your son paid for me".

"So he is spoiling you with money yet e no dey show for your body, are you sick or is that how your body is?"

I checked myself out.
"I..am slim, that's how my body is mama".
Now I was feeling so bad that I had tears in my eyes.

"I wonder how my son ended up with someone like this,"she murmured, "I pretended not to hear that.
I smiled and watched her pick the vegetables she wanted to add to the rice.

"Mummy can I help you with that?"

"Help me with what?I don't want anything to infect my soup please go back to the living room".

"Mummy, why are you being harsh on me?"
Now that's where the whole drama starts.

Ken and I have been arguing about going back to Lagos,he insisted that the only day he will see them is the traditional marriage and white wedding.
Now I wanted to quit this relationship for good but I couldn't. I don't know what to do.

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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 3d


His crisp shirt has a few buttons opened at the front, revealing his toned chest!!

Jeslyn was still ogling at his chest and didn't realize he was standing in front of her.

With a swift movement, Maverick turned her and made her lie on the desk, pinning her on it with his strong hands.

Jeslyn gasped at his sinfully handsome cold face that was a few centimeters away from her face.

Jeslyn internally screamed for him to get off, but her body was doing something else. She had been shy around Ray and wouldn't let Ray get too close to her, however, her reaction to Maverick was different.

She blinked her long lashes as her face turned pink. She wasn't expecting him to do anything to her, but if his sexy lips get closer to hers, she'll welcome them. After all, he's her husband, and also, it wouldn't be bad to give her innocence to a man this handsome. She thought.

Maverick closed his eyes and lowered his head to the crook of her neck. He took a sniff of her fruity fragrance.

Like he was expecting something or trying to compare her scent to someone else, he waited a little longer before his brows creased.

He shifted his head off her neck and stared into her hazel pupil. Those pupils look exactly like his son's, but different from the girl in his memory.

On that day when he heard Jeslyn's voice, he didn't intend to reply to her, after all, he was never the type to talk too much, let alone talk to strangers.

But after turning around and seeing her so broken, plus those iris that reminded him of his son, Maverick couldn't ignore her and his countenance changed to make her feel comfortable.

Those words he said to her, Maverick wasn't sure why he said them. He couldn't place his fingers on why he cared to warn her, nor did he understand why he felt a little excited when she still agreed to marry him despite knowing what she would face.

After marrying her, he didn't ask about her for a week because he was busy doing what took him to Rose City, so he left her alone to deal with her problems until he saw her on the road.

When she went to prison, Maverick was busy with his son's problem, thinking the idiot he told to bring her out was doing his job.

After he brought her back to Country M, Maverick found her to have a tiny bit of something that reminded him of that person, so he did a thorough background check on Jeslyn.

The result was far from what he expected. Jeslyn was not the woman but something in him didn't want to believe it. After all, his instinct had never been wrong.

And he is here to find out. What he is about to make Jeslyn go through is the last option to prove if he is wrong or right and he hopes his instinct would be wrong for once, or he wasn't sure what he wanted.

Looking into those mesmerizing eyes of hers that seemed to have no effect on him, Maverick spoke, "I warned you never to come here."

He didn't sound angry but the way he said it sent a chill down Jeslyn's spine.

For some reason, Jeslyn doesn't seem to fear this man, but whenever he looks at her with emotionless eyes or talks to her with a passionless voice, her heart jumps.

"I– I…" Jeslyn's voice sounded funnily low and awkward.

Maverick's lips curled into something other than a smile, "you are disobedient, aren't you?"

Jeslyn nodded and then shook her head. "I'm a…" she swallowed. She gently bit her lower lip to stop herself from embarrassing herself.

"In the contract, you aren't supposed to be here. Breaking the rules will extend your stay, Jeslyn Lee."

Maverick stated, however, Jeslyn's eyes were glued to his moving lips.

Seeing how she was looking lustfully at his face, Maverick continued,

"Secondly, you are allowed to ask me for anything, including your rights as my wife. However, you are not allowed to seduce me. Falling in love with me is at your own risk, so don't."

"Can you kiss me?" Jeslyn subconsciously thought out loud.

She widened her eyes in horror when she realized what she had just said.

Yes, it was in her thought, it had always been, but she didn't mean to ever say it out loud. However, watching those sexy lips of his moving as he talked, she couldn't help herself as she let the words out.

Whenever she saw people making out, or when Ray wants to get touchy-feely with her, although she also wants it, her body reacts differently. It rejects him outright like he was disgusting.

But why is she feeling like Maverick was her everything? Why is she getting wet down there when he hasn't even touched her? Why is she expecting him to kiss her? And why did she even ask him to kiss her? Why?!

Although Jeslyn was internally asking all the whys in the world, her face was communicating a different emotion.

Maverick didn't react to that. But he marveled at how she boldly asked it. Maverick let her go and Jeslyn immediately hurried to stand on her feet and bowed slightly to hide her tomato face.

"I– I'm so sorry for saying such words. I didn't mean it… hehe… I don't know what's wrong with me. Ha.ha.ha…" She laughed awkwardly like that would erase her shame.

Maverick snaked his hand around her waist and yanked her to his chest then watched her gasp at his action.

He searched her dreaming eyes for something. He could tell she was ready for anything he would do to her, which left him wondering for how long she had been starving herself.

Maverick's eyes surveyed her pretty red face before he lowered his head.

Jeslyn could feel his breath fanning her flushed face. The palpitation of her heart grew louder and faster as she anticipated his next point of action.

Jeslyn didn't know why she felt relaxed in his arms. She didn't know why her body was reacting this way, but all she knew was that she loved this and wanted him to go further.

She slowly closed her eyes as excitement washed over her in preparation for her first kiss. She felt his face getting closer and closer. His pointed nose brushed against hers and Jeslyn's heart erupted into chaos.

The thumping of her heart went for a roller coaster as the pattern distorted. It no longer beat in rhymes but was chaotically beating against her chest.

As the tip of his lower lip touched hers, an electrifying feeling coursed through her veins, making Jeslyn shudder against Maverick.

Maverick paused his action for a moment as his brows creased again. His hold on Jeslyn's waist tightened. He felt her hold on his shirt as she fisted a part of the black shirt.

Maverick's face darkened with every reaction Jeslyn was subconsciously showing to his touch. Why do they react alike?

Maverick broke his resolve and parted her soft lips with his.

Jeslyn gave him the same feeling. The sensation he felt when he was with that girl. Jeslyn had the same reaction when he teased her lips. Her reaction was also the same when he patted her lips.

As Maverick compared Jeslyn to the lady in his memory, his hold on Jeslyn's waist tensed even more.

Jeslyn moaned into his mouth, making Maverick go wild with emotions. He picked Jeslyn off the floor and walked to the couch.

Jeslyn wrapped her arms around his neck as she received the best kiss of her life.

Eh? She had never kissed before.

She never thought her first kiss would be this wonderful and never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that this cold demon was this good!

The feeling was overwhelming and the kiss wasn't enough to quench her thirst. She needed more and all of him.

Maverick had thought his carnal feelings had died along with that woman's disappearance until now.

The reason he made the rule that Jeslyn could have his body as his wife was firstly, to confirm his doubt and secondly, to test if she can get his body to react to her, and here it was, doing more than Jeslyn was doing.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 5d


Yellow looked at her with pity in her eyes. If only Jeslyn knows that getting a divorce would make her already complicated life even more problematic.

Yellow thought of the brighter side of everything. It was good that the man she married was Alpha Chaos and not the Yu guy, or the Xu guy.

If she had married the enemy, what would they have done? It seems Pink has a reason for not wanting to tell her why she loved Jeslyn so much. Because the minute Pink saw news of Jelsyn getting in trouble, she immediately ordered for Jeslyn to be sent to prison to be with her.

Yes, to Jelsyn, the person who sent her to prison was her hidden enemy... the young Miss. But the truth is, almost everything was Pink's doing.

Pink made the public lawyer given to Jeslyn behave like a c*nt in court. She made Emma busy and threatened Ava's manager to not allow Ava to appear in court, preventing them from attending the testimony.

Pink also made the person in charge of the prison send Jeslyn to Pink's cell even though Jeslyn was not supposed to be in their prison cell in the first place.

Sometimes, Pink purposely allows the inmates to bully Jeslyn just to make her shed her weak persona. However, all the prisoners who dared to raise their hands on Jeslyn, they are already below 6ft.

As for the Chen family, well, Pink didn't do much to them. She only did a little something to put them in a stagnant position. They can't grow beyond how they are.


Yellow was pulled out of her reverie at Jeslyn's scream. "What is it?" She asked.

"You were spacing out and aren't answering my inquiries," Jeslyn said with a sad pout.

"Sorry about that. What were you saying?"

"I… I can't remember," Jeslyn didn't want to say because she was angry that she got ignored.

Yellow sighed and shook her head, "petty," she smiled. "Oh, you talked about a contract. What were the terms?"

Jeslyn shrank until she became small inside her blanket.

Seeing this, Yellow couldn't hold back her amazement and let out a peal of boisterous laughter.

"Little bunny, you didn't read the contract before you signed it," she said without a doubt.

Jeslyn nodded in slow motion.

"Hahahaha… What else should I have expected? So, what have you been doing since you don't know what was expected of you?"

"Making trouble for that little villain… talking of that child, where is he?" Jeslyn could remember that she felt a small hand on her back before she lost her senses.

Her heart jumped when she saw Yellow giving her a pitiful look.

"W– What? What happened to him? Where is Valen?" Jeslyn started to feel anxious as she asked the questions without stopping to take a breath.

"Calm down, the little master is fine, but I don't think your days in this house will be as quiet as it has been."

"What do you mean?" Although she was told to calm down, Jeslyn couldn't find herself calming down.

"Little master dislocated his wrist. He wouldn't say what happened, but Pink suspects it has something to do with you because for the past five days, he has been coming here to give you a slap on your cheek… hahaha."

"F–five days?!..." while her eyes widened in shock, Jelsyn's hands hurriedly touched her cheeks and yelled, "you little demon!... But wait, you said his wrist was dislocated?" She frowned.

Jeslyn put aside the fact that she has been unconscious for five days and immediately settled with Valen's situation.

"Yes. It's been five days already, so he's getting better, as for you, doctor Matt said you can't leave your room until you start your treatment, because if you get another trigger by accident…"

Yellow paused and hesitated. Pain flickered through her cold eyes for a brief moment that didn't escape Jeslyn's eyes.

"What will happen to me?" Jeslyn asked, a little alarmed.

Seeing this, Yellow decided to not talk about it anymore and changed the topic.

"You should find a way to get those contracts you signed and read through them. Once your husband sends them to Spid, even if the world ends, he won't change his statement. However, you still have a chance to make him change the statements that aren't to your advantage."

Yellow advised before she got up and hurried out in large strides to prevent Jeslyn from asking her another sensitive question.

"Hey, older sister…"

The sound of the door getting slammed shut Jeslyn up.

She took a deep breath and shut her eyes to remember what the last doctor told her grandfather after her last attack.

"Chairman Lee, your granddaughter's illness is not known, you have to prevent her from getting triggered, or else she won't live past five years."

Jeslyn opened her eyes and brushed back her silky smooth and long hair.

She had always known about her illness and had embraced it. However, if she doesn't pay those people back, her soul will find no peace which was why her conscience was tormenting her.

Jeslyn partly blames herself for her family's downfall. She feels that if she hadn't let Ray into her life, things might have been different.

She also feels that if she hadn't aggravated her grandfather, he wouldn't have been so upset and his death wouldn't have come so soon.

Jeslyn wiped the tear that found its way to her cheek before she got off the bed to go check on Valen.

Inside Maverick's study room…

Matt and Maverick were seen standing in the dimmed room.

Maverick had his back to Matt who seemed to be saying something.

"Her illness is a result of virus ingestion. The chemical has the properties of the Xu family's ATOM."

Maverick turned around to look at Matt, "ATOM?"

Matt nodded, "yes."

Maverick knitted his brows in deep thought.

"Mav, how did your wife get to know about ATOM and the Xu family? Only the Xu family has such drugs in the whole world, so how did she get in contact with it?"

"How long has the virus been in her body?" Maverick asked.

"Around eleven years." Matt cautiously looked at Maverick before he continued, "she shouldn't have been able to survive this long unless she's being given a suppression pill. She might be a test subject… like Va–"

"Shut up!" The air around Maverick suddenly turned cold and his face changed.

Matt sighed and took a step towards Maverick. He stared him in the eyes and said with caution. "How about we test the treatment on her? If it works, Valen will get well too–"

Maverick turned his back to Matt in silence.

After a long silence in the room, Matt shook his head and continued, "she's a nobody to you. Why are you caring for her? Rex told me how you two got entangled in this marriage. Since it's for a year, you should take advantage of the opportunity in front of you. Let's use her to test out the treatments I came up with–"

"Matt…" silence dominated the room after Maverick spoke. "Take your eyes… off her. Or else, I'll rip your sister apart."

His words were unhurried. Drawing the words to make Matt understand his meaning which Matt didn't fail to comprehend.

Matt is one of the best doctors and scientists in Country M. He's a maniac when it comes to his profession.

The Xu family had produced a deadly virus called ATOM and for over a decade, Matt didn't stop to find the antidote. Because he couldn't make it, Matt became obsessed with the research and whatever opportunity he finds to get closer to the cure, he never gives it up.

"Fine, you don't have to get my sister involved. I won't touch Jeslyn, but–"

"Why are you still here?" Maverick asked without warmth in his voice. Not that he has ever spoken with warmth to anyone except Jeslyn though.

"Your health…" Matt paused to see if Maverick would be aversive to the topic. When he didn't, Matt continued, "your lack of sleep is getting to you. You look strained. I know you don't take the sleeping pills I leave for you, but Mav, you should take them so you can have a good sleep for once.
What would Valen do if something were to happen to you? How will he get to see his mother? Please Mav, I'm not asking you to do this for yourself, but do it for your son. He has every right to a healthy father."

Matt sighed after his lecture. He knew that he was talking to an unfeeling robot, so he wasn't expecting anything. After all, this isn't the first time he had gone out of his way to advise Maverick but all his suggestions fall on deaf ears, always.

"Drop it there," Maverick said curtly.

Matt was taken aback for a few seconds before he smiled and took out a bottle from his bag and placed it on the desk.

"What about Fin? When are you going to unblock him? It's been a year already, Mav–"

"Aren't you done here?" Maverick turned around and asked.

"Yes, I should probably leave now," Matt said before he turned and walked out.

Maverick narrowed his eyes in deep thought for a while before he picked up his phone and dialed a number.

"The Xu family… disturb them for a while." Maverick put the phone down after that. He didn't state for how long the Xu family should be messed with, however, it was clear that Country M would be a mess for a while.

Maverick sat on his seat and picked up a pen to write. Then he thought of something and put the pen down.

He pulled open the drawer attached to the desk. There were two mini boxes inside. One was red and the other was black. He took out the two boxes and opened the black one.

Inside it laid a leg chain. The chain has a small heart pendant with the letter "M" written on it.

Maverick held the pendant and brushed through the letter on it, lost in thought for a moment before he placed it back into the box, closed it, and put the box back.

He picked up the red box. As he was about to open it, he heard the doorbell to his study room.

Maverick raised his emotionless gaze to the door and slowly narrowed his eyes. Nobody except Rex and Valen comes to his study.

Valen can't ring the bell and Rex can't come without calling, so the only person that could violate his rule was…

He ignored the door and proceeded to open the box….

"Ding Dong! Ding Dong! Ding Dong!...."

Maverick closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He picked up a remote from the desk and clicked on it. The door opened and as he had thought, Jeslyn walked in Wearing bum shorts and an oversized white shirt that stopped a little above the black shorts.

Her pretty black hair was left in a messy bun.

Walking towards the desk in an elegant manner that cries to everyone that she was a rich heiress, Jeslyn stood in front of his desk.

She looked effortlessly exquisite, still Maverick didn't look at her more than necessary.

Jeslyn coughed in her fist, feeling awkward all of a sudden. The confidence she had while coming here suddenly evaporated into thin air.

Looking at the most handsome man she had ever seen, Jeslyn's cheeks slowly turned pinkish without her permission.

She tried to maintain a straight face, besides, she had seen him a few times, but the black shirt he was wearing was way too beguiling for her to take her eyes off him.

His crisp black shirt which he folded on the arm has a few buttons opened at the front, revealing his toned chest.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 7d


"If you dare touch Celine!" he groaned.

"A dying man still has the lungs to care for others? haha... Let me tell you something, I'll be leading men to wipe out your Drill faction after I'm done cooking you.
As for Celine. Although master wants her dead, I'll eat her first before sending her to you, but I doubt master would want you two to reunite in hell. He would probably send her to an enemy's brothel. After all, she's a sl*t. Hahaha…"

Hearing that, fourth brother's heart shook. Hurting Celine would mean everything he had worked for would be in vain. He knew he would die no matter what, so he ignored himself and begged for his girlfriend's life.

"Please, please don't, I'm sorry for killing your sister, it was an accident."

Tenth brother's face froze for a moment before it turned sinister. "When did apologies start working in this country? Why am I not aware? Second brother, are you aware?" The tenth brother turned to look at the gate.

Second brother with a cold face was pushing a cart with a large pot of piping hot water into the cell.

"Apologies and regrets are alien words in 'Paradise in hell'." The second brother replied.

"Fourth brother, you heard that. Your luck is over. I wonder why master had left you alive for so long. You can have your bath now, your bathing water is ready."

The tenth brother pointed at the large pot with dense vapor escaping from it. His lips had a smirk playing on them.

Number Ten and number four had always been enemies. Their hatred for each other dated back to high school. Even after they became Maverick's people, the two remained each other's nemesis.

Number four didn't blink before he raped and killed number ten's sister and claimed she was killed by their enemies. Although number ten knew, he couldn't report to Maverick because he had no evidence.

Ever since then, his hatred for number four tripled and that was why the minute Maverick decided it was time to get rid of number four, number ten immediately exchanged his task with number three and took his place to torture number four.

Number four glanced at the foggy vapor and hurriedly shook his head, "No, no, you cannot do this to a human!" he screamed.

Number ten laughed mockingly, "You used to do worse than this to our enemies, remember? And you enjoyed it a lot. Especially when you push them into a pool of acid and watch them struggle until they die."

Number four needed to get out of this place even though it means attacking their loyalty. "Master will do the same to you. He will kill burn you alive when he finds out–"

Number ten immediately cut him off. "And that's why I cut my coat according to my material. I don't overstep my boundaries and I'm not as greedy as you. I'm content with what I'm given."

He wasn't a greedy type, nor the kind to betray his master. However, he has a secret that must not be revealed. The secret doesn't call for his death, but because their master was unfathomable, he might just ask for his head when the secret is revealed.

So that is why number ten stopped number four from saying more.

The tenth brother scooped water from the pot and threw it at the fourth brother.

Soon, screams that could tear a house down filled the cell.

Meanwhile, Maverick left the underground prison and returned to his study room. The dark room behind the shelf led to the underground prison where he tortures his trusted subordinates who betrays him.

He gives them a terrible ending to remind them of what the result of betraying him would be.

"Mulan, say something, you've been like this since you came here. What is it?"

A woman in a red knee-length lace dress asked as she patted the crying Mulan on her lap.

The woman looked elegant and sophisticated. Her shoulder-length hair was let down. Her face glowed with youth even though she was almost fifty.

"Ma, it's… it's… " Mulan hiccuped and burst into another round of sobbing.

"Calm down child, talk to me when you are ready." The woman said, still soothing her back.

"Mom, what is going on?" A lady of equal beauty walked in from the entrance. She has a resemblance to the woman sitting. Just that she was younger and looked proud and arrogant.

Her white crop top over a pair of black shots complimented her sexy and men-hunting figure.

She has the type of body society calls 'the hourglass figure'. Her smooth, fair, straight long legs took her to the executive butter-colored couch in the extravagant sitting room.

Standing in front of the woman she called mother, she looked down at Mulan in a condescending manner, waiting for an answer.

"Gorgeous, you are back. How did your trip go?" The woman asked while checking out her daughter.

"As always. Tiring... What is she doing here?" The lady gestured to Mulan with her jaw.

The woman sighed, "I also don't know why she's crying. She seems too hurt to say anything."

"Does that mean my older brother has finally crushed her? I have been waiting for that good news for the longest time. I'm glad he finally did. Mom, I'll be in my room now," she snorted in disdain and strolled away with her shoulders straight and chin raised to the sky.

The woman stared after her daughter's back and shook her head. 'This girl is becoming more and more difficult to understand, ' she thought.

"Ma, I'm sorry for bothering you. I think I should leave now." Mulan tried to get up but the woman pulled her back.

"Don't take her words to heart. You should already be used to her by now." The woman let go of her and smiled bitterly.

"Since she cannot be with her brothers, all she can do is envy all the ladies that could get close to them and you are one of the few ladies that have access to them, so I hope you understand, Mulan."

Mulan wiped her pretty face and nodded. "Yes, ma. I'm sorry for letting my emotions get the better of me. I would have done the same as Piper if I were in her shoes."

Mulan sounded pitifully low, just like her countenance at the moment.

"It's good you understand." The woman nodded. "So what happened? What has my son done?" She asked.

"Ma, Maverick, he, he got married…" her river of tears broke and flowed uncontrollably.

"What do you mean Maverick got married?" The woman frowned deeply. What kind of a joke is that?

"I'm serious, Ma. This morning… " Mulan narrated all that happened in the mansion, including Jeslyn spanking Valen.

"What!!" The woman jolted from the couch and stood on her feet with anger stroking her face.

"She raised her hand on my grandson?!" She thundered.

"Y– yes, ma," Mulan answered with a nod. She also got up and stood beside the woman with her head lowered.

"How dare that wench touch my precious grandson!? What family is she from?"

Mulan stayed silent.

"I asked you, what shithole is she from?!"

Mulan flinched. "I– I don't know Ma. She doesn't seem to belong to the top families–"

"Did you carry out a thorough investigation on her?"

"No, ma, I wasn't–"

"Then stop assuming you already know everything. My son cannot have anything to do with low lives." Maverick's mother gave Mulan a death glare.

"Y– yes ma, I'm sorry for–"

"You should return home for today. I want to be alone… I need fresh air." She said with a scowl.

What fresh air? Was Mulan a fresh air suppressor? It was obvious she didn't want to have her around anymore for insinuating that her son married a nobody.

"Y– yes ma, I'll take my leave now. I'll come see you in two days. "


The woman watched as Mulan picked up her black purse and walked out. " Useless," she spat.

Maverick's mother bit her painted red lips and narrowed her eyes. "Ren, when are you going to see me as your mother? Is it until I DIE?!" She screamed the last part and swept off the fruits on the table. She was hurt, and heartbroken, and furious!

How can children get married without informing their mothers? Yes, she might have done wrong in the past, but that was in the past! Why can't her sons let it go?

"Lu Hao, see what your children turned into." She chuckled in rage, "what was I expecting from the children of an evil doer like you?"

After a while of lamenting, she took a deep breath and sat on the couch. "My sons are not allowed to marry without my consent. They are not allowed to marry who they choose. They can only marry whichever girl I choose for them."

With that in mind, she grabbed her phone from the table and dialed a number. After a few rings, the call was answered.

"Do a thorough background check on that girl in my son's life… I won't protect you if he finds out." With that, she disconnected the call.

Her eyes shone with hatred and something else. It was not known who it was directed at, but it certainly wouldn't end well with that person.

Outside the house, Mulan entered her luxurious red car and put on the seat belt before turning to look at the white mansion she just came out from.

Her sorrowful eyes changed. She glared at the house with a sly smile playing on her lips. "Go do your job, worthless woman," she murmured before stepping on the accelerator and zooming off.

Inside Piper's room…

The sexy-looking lady was seen in a dimly lit bedroom. Her room was identical to Maverick's. Dark and dangerous with a feminine touch.

She pulled out a picture from her drawer and stared at the image for a while with longing in her eyes before getting into her king sized bed.

"I went for a shoot and just came back. I spent six months there and to be honest, the place was horrible. It was supposed to be one of the best places in country M, but I didn't know why it felt lonely and bad until I got home.
It was because you weren't there and I was missing you. Breathing in the same air as you gives me life, I just confirmed it.
Do you know what happened at the set? I was made to shoot a bed scene with Feng Long, best male actor. He is really hot and knows how to turn a lady on with only his looks, but sincerely I felt nothing at all. He couldn't get me aroused.

I had 59 bad takes. Hahaha… funny right? You must be wondering how a record breaker, a seasoned professional actress like me could manage to do that.
Simple. I feel nothing, no chemistry whatsoever for any man but you. It wasn't until I started to imagine you as him was I able to perform beyond imagination and to top it all, I made the idiot cum several times. Since that day, he hasn't stopped bothering me.
What should I do to him? Should I just kill him off? Or play with him a little? Will you have my back if I offend his people by ruining him?" She sighed and put the picture aside.

"I know the answer already. But what should I do? This feeling is driving me crazy. I just want to feel your touch one more time. Even a slap or a shove would do. Just to feel your flesh touching my burning skin."

She closed her eyes while imagining the love of her life trailing his long, smooth, and sexy fingers on her body.

She grabbed his hand and lowered it to her melons. Caressed them in a way that pleasured her and slowly lowered his hand to her fanny.

It was already dripping slime, so it was easier for his fingers to slide in without hindrance.

"Hmmm..." she let out a throaty moan and flattened her tummy as she took in a deep breath.
He lowered himself in front of her and slowly spread her long legs to get in between. He leaned in, sniffed her delicious opening, and tasted it with his tongue. Then he captured the outer lips with his mouth and snaked his tongue around her butter bean.

While she was 'diddling Miss Daisy', she had a painful look on her face. Her exercise wasn't painful, but the feeling of falling in love with someone who will never reciprocate her love was.

How did she fall in love with this person? He detests her, but she sees him as her oxygen.

When did it start?

Was it when she saw him killing someone or when he was being kind to someone?

Piper doesn't know but one thing she understands was that she needs him very badly and she's going to get him, come rain, come shine. It doesn't matter if she has to sell her family to him.

The next morning, Jeslyn was seen sunbathing beside the blue–colored pool. She was laying on a lounge chair with her face up and her hands crossed on her chest.

She was wearing a bikini and a hat was placed on her face to protect her eyes from the morning sun.

The tranquil atmosphere was interrupted when Valen walked to stand a few inches away from her, looking furious.

"Get down from my lounge chair!"

He had repeated those words a few times already, but still, Jeslyn wouldn't react.

"Hey!!" Valen screamed but got no response from Jeslyn.

He turned to look around him and saw guards patrolling the compound. It wasn't known if the eye contact between Valen and one of the guards was coincidental or not, but when their eyes met, Valen waved him over.

The guard hurried to him and bowed. "Little master."

"Throw that woman into the pool and spread a clean cloth on my chair," Valen instructed.

The guard's lips twitched and he slowly raised his head to look towards Jeslyn. Seeing what she was wearing, he immediately shifted his gaze back to Valen.

His look wasn't up to two seconds. He knew better than to ogle his master's woman in the presence of his son.

And also, his master does not announce his arrival. Maverick might just appear behind him and catch him staring at his almost-naked wife. What would happen then?

His eyes won't see the darkness of the night and brightness of day. Maverick was that wicked.

Looking at Valen, the guard silently shook his head. If this order was given for him to throw another person into the pool, he would have gladly done it, but that lady lying there was said to be the master's wife!

The guard didn't know what to do. Offending any of the two was equivalent to pleading for a quick death. However, he has no choice but to make a pick.

The big guard debated for a few seconds before his knees hit the floor and he bowed his head. "Little master, please punish this disobedient subordinate!"

The angry-looking Valen didn't wait for another second before he nodded and screamed. He pointed toward the mansion, "Go receive your punishment!"

"Thank you, little master!" The guard bowed again, got up, and hurried away.

Getting punished by Valen was heavenly compared to getting punished by Maverick or Rex.

Valen searched around the place with his eyes. He wasn't intending to let Jeslyn be.

Seeing a servant watering the lush-trimmed flower bed that was taller than him, Valen narrowed his eyes at the drop of water being sprayed on the plant and curled his lips as a wicked thought flashed through his mind.

Valen walked up to the maid and without formalities, grabbed the hose spray from her and walked back to stand a few inches from Jeslyn. He pointed the spray at the oblivious Jeslyn before turning the sprayer on.

Feeling the coolness of liquid on her pale shiny skin, Jeslyn jolted up in alarm, making the hat fall off in the process. The waist scarf she tied loosely on her waist also came off.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 7d


Feeling the coolness of liquid on her pale shiny skin, Jeslyn jolted up in alarm, making the hat fall off in the process. The waist scarf she tied loosely on her waist also came off.

She stood there staring at the little daredevil who had a straight face and was still spraying her water.

Jeslyn took off the white wireless earbuds off her ears and placed them on the table beside her, close to the juice and the phone she received that morning from Maverick.

"Little devil, I have tolerated you enough." She said through gritted teeth as anger washed over her.

With her bikini dripping water, she wore her slippers on her finely shaped feet with pretty glass nails that looked like they were done recently.

Seeing that things were about to get messy, Valen smirked and threw the hose to the side, waiting for Jeslyn to take the first step before he dashed towards the other side of the pool.

While Jeslyn chased, Valen ran. The two ran around the big pool and also ran through the large compound with Jeslyn screaming for him to 'stop right there'.

Valen has a small frame, so he was able to navigate through narrow places while Jeslyn had to take the wide parts, causing her to lose the little devil many times.

"I said stop running!" She screamed in anger but who was Valen to listen to her?

The maids couldn't help snickering or shaking their heads at the big and small figures zooming past them, while the guards had their backs turned and heads lowered, preventing themselves from seeing their Madam's body.

Who wants their heads to roll?

"What are you doing!!" An angry feminine voice boomed, stopping Jeslyn in her tracks. Valen didn't stop like Jeslyn, but slowed down and headed towards the pool.

He knew who owned the voice, so why should he care to start explaining himself? Only that foolish woman has a drum of explanation to give.

Mulan took large steps with her heels clicking to stand in front of Jeslyn. Her eyes spitting fire. "What do you think you are doing?"

While asking, her eyes roamed Jeslyn's body and she almost spewed blood.

How could a person be this gorgeous? Her face was already something she cannot contend with, but now her body too?!

Mulan had thought she had a great body until today. Looking at the well-proportioned peaches that were properly covered by her bra and her flat tummy with a small belly button, Mulan swallowed.

She glanced down at Jeslyn's straight long legs and bit her lips.

Jeslyn doesn't have the hourglass figure like Piper, nor does she have the vertical triangle shape like Mulan.

Jeslyn's shape is what they call the pear body shape. Small bust, thin waist, wide and round hips, full thighs, and beautiful straight legs.

Jeslyn wasn't fat nor overly skinny, so her body shape fit right where and how it should be, making her drip with sexiness.

Mulan felt her throat going dry. She's a woman… a straight woman for crying out loud! But her heart was racing while looking at the enchanting body. What would happen if Maverick sees this?

Her face darkened at the thought.

"Are you done ogling at my body? Do you like what you see?" Jeslyn asked with a smile.

She knows how beautiful she is, but you see this body of hers and her face, she treasures it like she treasured her grandfather, so she takes proper care of them.

After all, she's a singer. A profession that places emphasis on an artist's body.

Even though that was so, Jeslyn was naturally gifted and nothing she eats would make her fat. However, she never slacks off on her morning routine, except now that she is facing crises.

"What nonsense are you wearing?!" Mulan fumed.

"It is called a bikini. Have you never heard of it, seen, or worn it before?" Jeslyn looked at her with distraught.

She just realized now that her waist scarf was gone and her body was still wet from the water spray.

"Why are you wearing something like this in this house?" Mulan asked with a suppressed voice.

"It's my husband's house and I wear whatever I feel like. Do you have a problem with that… laaady?" Jeslyn stretched the word 'lady' intentionally to anger Mulan more and she didn't fail to achieve that.

Mulan was raging but was trying hard to not let it show. The urge to slap the pretty face in front of her was vanquishing her senses.

"There is a man, guards, male servants, and even a child living in this house! Don't you know that?!" She barked.

"Oh, so you agree now that Valen is a child? While teaching him such atrocious manners, you forgot he's a child, didn't you?"

Jeslyn beckoned to a maid standing not far away and ordered her to get her waist scarf.

She was feeling a little shy standing naked in front of so many guards and servants, so she really needed to cover up, after all, that peacock was truly too young to see her like this, but then, why would she allow Mulan to think she won?

Jeslyn looked around them, all the guards had their heads down and backs turned. Valen was far away and the rotten kid was lying on the lounge, minding his business.

"You see, no one is staring because they know how to respect their master's wife. Also, when you said ' a man', that's my husband, right?"

Jeslyn sighed and stretched her hand to pull up Mulan's black top that was exposing too much of her boobs.

Mulan took a step back. She was caught off guard because Jeslyn was fast.

Jeslyn chuckled before she turned serious, "Lady, you seem to be forgetting something. I'm that 'man's' W. I. F. E… wife." She spelled the letters.

"Maverick is my HUSBAND, he has every right to see, touch, feel, and eat me. My body is his to admire. It is his to caress, his and his alone. So tell me again, lady, what's your headache?"

Jeslyn curled her lips into a mocking smile. She was a lady and understood why Mulan seemed to hate her.

Well, she hates Mulan too for raising Valen like that, so the feeling is mutual and she won't let a day pass without pulling tears from Mulan's eyes.

"You might be his 'wife', but nobody knows that. If I were you, I'd hide my face in shame and stop calling him my husband." Mulan scoffed.

"Hmmm… that's right…" The maid walked back with the scarf. Jeslyn took the scarf from the maid and started to tie it around her waist while saying, "...The world might not know me to be his wife but the important people in his life do. Even a nanny like you does, so that's already a good announcement.
Maverick and I don't need the world to get married or approve our union." Jeslyn beamed.


"Don't bother with your incessant talks. If you aren't tired, I am… by the way, isn't it too early to come to a house with a newly wedded couple? You should leave. My husband, son, brother-in-law, and I want to have the day all to ourselves and bond over breakfast.
Also… " Jeslyn smiled shyly. "He was…" She lowered her voice and leaned towards Mulan. "godly in bed. Very hot and he made me scream his name all through."

Mulan's face paled and her eyes shut open in disbelief.

"H– he, he, he, y– you…" Mulan stammered on without knowing the proper words to say.

"Hmm…" Jeslyn nodded fervently. "Yes, he ate me and he also confessed I was the most delicious thing he has ever tasted. Hahaha…"

Seeing how flabbergasted Mulan was, Jeslyn felt an overflow of joy coursing through her veins.

"Leave now and when next you are coming, wear something that covers that big chest of yours because I might mistake you for a seductress and you wouldn't want to see the crazy side of an angry WIFE."

Jeslyn kept laying emphasis on that word. She was never a petty person, but the urge to ruin Mulan kept tugging on her mind. She hated this woman. The more she spoke with Mulan, the more she wants to tear her apart and that feeling surprises her too.

"Jeslyn! How dare you!!" Mulan lost it. She couldn't keep it in anymore. She raised her hand and was about to land a slap on Jeslyn's pretty face when she heard that voice.

The voice that froze her into a mummy. Her hand was suspended in mid-air as color drained her already pale face.

"You dare not,"

He didn't scream, raise his voice, or sound anxious. It was a relaxed tone, but it carried a deadly warning.

Jeslyn shivered from the sound of the voice and slowly turned towards the door.

There he was, the owner of that demonic voice, striding towards them in an uncaring manner with his face as cold as ice.

His face would leave people imagining if a smile had ever graced it before.

He glanced passively at the two women. One was almost naked with a yellow scarf tied loosely around her waist and a dark green colored bra, while the other was wearing red pants and a black top. She held a black blazer in one hand while the other hand was raised.

Maverick's cold eyes didn't linger for another second on the women. With one hand in his pocket, he stood beside Jeslyn with a brow raised.

"Meaning," he said slowly like he was tired.

"M– Maverick," Mulan bit her lip hard. Why did she call him that? Wasn't she supposed to address him as her master?

Mulan shifted her gaze to look into his eyes for the first time in six years. She had always had her head slightly bowed all those years, and now, she wanted to be brave for once.

Raising her head, she summoned courage and stared into those dark eyes that held hers.

Looking into those eyes that felt like they could pierce into her soul, shivers ran down Mulan's back.

She knew this man was one of the dangers feared in country M, yet she still wanted to be by his side… To be the mother of his heir… To rule the country with him.

She had suffered for so long just for that position, only for him to give it to a stranger…

"W–why?" The word rolled out of her tongue with difficulty as a teardrop slid down her left eye.

"Maverick, why?"

She asked again but he just stood there looking into her iris with no single emotion in his eyes. If anything could be found, it was… void.

"I– I stayed around you for so long. I took care of your child from when he was born to this age… for six years Maverick, six years!" She choked on her tears.

Jeslyn slowly turned to look at the man standing beside her. He wasn't touching her or doing anything to announce his presence, but his existence can never be ignored.

Looking at him, he didn't blink nor shift his gaze from Mulan.

Jeslyn wondered if the man she unexpectedly married was still human. His handsome face showed no emotion even when a beautiful lady like Mulan was crying in front of him.

'Does he not like to talk and display emotions?' She asked herself. 'Also, what is she supposed to do as his wife?...'

Jeslyn got lost thinking while staring at her husband's face that she did not know when he turned to return the stare, only for him to see her dreaming eyes while looking at him.

Her pale cheek slowly started to turn pinkish.

Maverick flattened his lips and the emotion he refused to show Mulan surfaced in his eyes. Although not obvious, there was a tinge of a smile, just a small smile that lasted for a blink of her eye before his gaze reverted to their usual cold countenance.

"Jeslyn!!" Mulan screamed like a mad woman.

How dare this woman seduce Maverick right in front of her? Mulan furiously wiped her face while glaring at Jeslyn like she wanted to eat her whole.

Jeslyn snapped back to her senses and shifted her stare to Mulan with a hiss. "Cease screaming like a nut head, your voice is not sexy."

"Jeslyn, I'll–"

"Reason," Maverick interrupted Mulan.

That was the second time he asked her for the reason Mulan raised her hand to slap his wife and he still hasn't gotten an answer.

Mulan swallowed. She knew him too well to grasp the meaning behind his question.

"I– I'm sorry," Mulan stuttered.

What reason could she have other than anger and jealousy? She couldn't tell Maverick it was because she was angry or jealous, right?

Maverick didn't say anything else but only turned his head to his men who were trailing behind him.

Number 2 immediately stepped out from the line of guards behind Maverick and started to walk towards Mulan.

Mulan suddenly had a weird feeling crawling towards her heart. Maverick hasn't said anything other than those two words, but she could already feel the heat on her back.

"The ties between the Lu family and the Wang family are severed, hence, you are not allowed to get close to my son and my family. Disobeying the order will cost you more than you can imagine."

With that said, Maverick glanced at Jeslyn who had a beam on her face, and walked away, towards his car.

Jeslyn's lips twitched. She wasn't expecting to hear that, but all in all, her heart felt warm.

Mulan's heart dropped. Did he just break all ties with her and her family? Did Maverick just do that to someone like her?!

Never in a million years would she have thought that Maverick, whom she's helping to take care of his son for six years, would pass such judgment on her.

She couldn't believe that she would be this humiliated in front of so many guards and maids, especially this vixen she hated so much.

She couldn't believe that the man she had known and wanted for so many years would do this to her.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 7d


Never in a million years would she have thought that Maverick, whom she's helping to take care of his son for six years, would pass such judgment on her.

She couldn't believe that she would be this humiliated in front of so many guards and maids, especially this vixen she hated so much.

She couldn't believe that the man she had known and wanted for so many years would do this to her.

The time she wasted, the care she gave that rotten child, the suffering she went through learning how to care for kids, the humiliation she got from his sister whom he refused to announce to the world, and the embarrassment she got from his mother. This is how he paid her in return?!

For all her sacrifices, this is Maverick's decision?

She felt like she was dreaming, so she balled her hand in a tight fist until her manicured nails dug into her palm.

The pain pulled her sense back to reality and her eyes slowly turned watery.

Seeing number 2 striding towards her, Mulan shook her head fiercely and asked in disbelief,

"Ma– Maverick, wh– what are you saying?"

Number 2 walked to her and grabbed hold of her forearm and started to drag her towards her red car, parked a distance away.

Mulan panicked. "W– what are you doing?! Maverick, what are you doing?! Let me go!" She struggled against him but it was futile.

"Maverick, Maverick, you cannot do this to me, please don't separate me from Valen, please, I'm sorry, Maverick!!" Mulan screamed hysterically while being dragged away.

Seeing how miserable Mulan looked, Jeslyn chuckled. Her reaction made Mulan remember she was still there.

Mulan turned to her with unconcealed rage in her eyes. If looks could kill, Jeslyn would have fallen dead with her intestines spewed everywhere. "Jeslyn, you'll pay for this, I'll make sure you beg for death but will never see it. I'll ruin you Jeslyn, bet me, I will!!"

"Hahahaha… I can't wait, nanny Mulan. But make sure to wear something decent while at it. I might just choose to pull your clothes while we are fighting in the future. Hahaha…"

Jeslyn was having a nice laugh while Mulan was hyperventilating in fury.

She turned to look towards where Valen was. Seeing him sitting and looking in her direction, she screamed, "Valen! Child, please save me!"

Valen just sat there and didn't move. He watched as she was dragged and pushed into her red car. Number 2 got into the driver's seat and zoomed out of the compound.

Jeslyn waved at the car with a broad smile while yelling, "byeeeeeee… I'll take proper care of Valen and he won't miss you for a single minute!"

Maverick, who was about to get into his black car, paused in his steps and turned his head to look at the excited Jeslyn.

He stared at her side profile for a long while before he turned and entered his car.

Valen, who was by the pool, shifted his gaze to rest on Jeslyn. He narrowed his eyes at her.

Jeslyn on the other hand happened to spot Valen looking towards her and she curled her lips into a wicked smile.

She snorted and started to walk in the pool's direction.

"Little child, what you did earlier was bad and I expect an apology from you."

Jeslyn uttered when she got close enough for Valen to hear her without having to shout it to him.

Valen rolled his eyes and scoffed.

Jeslyn sighed. "This is not good behavior and as your elder, I order you to apologize to me." She tried to sound reasonable and also to maintain a stern voice to not appear like she was coaxing him.

Valen got up from the lounge chair and faced Jeslyn while saying:

"Listen, lady, your nagging is irritating. Do well to ignore me and I'll do the same if you want us to live in peace under the same roof."

Jeslyn was taken aback for a brief moment before laughing. "Ooohooo, someone wants peace. But no darling, you can't have peace without being your age and being respectful to–"

"Do you think you deserve respect after what you did?!" He yelled.

"Ah? Oh? You mean… the nanny?" Jeslyn pointed a finger backward.

"She's not a nanny!"

"Then, is she your mum?"

Valen knitted his brows and refused to answer.

"Tch, I thought as much. She's not your mum, she's not your aunt, she's not your sister, not a helper, not your teacher, but your nanny. Let that stick to your big skull." Jeslyn tapped her temple in a demonstration.

"I said, she. Is. Not. A. Nanny!" He roared. His little face turned red.

"So, why then did you ignore her plea? Aren't you a demi devil whom people feared? Even your father gives in to you, so why were you mute about her plight?" Jeslyn asked with a brow raised.

Valen stayed silent for a while with his brows knitted. How could he help her? He might be a little demon, but his father was the real deal.

Valen knows when he should get involved with his father's business and it was certainly not the right thing to get himself into a mess by going out to rescue that woman.

Besides, his feelings for Mulan aren't that great to consider her an important person to fight for. Also, she should have known better than to offend her boss.

"Why aren't you saying anything?"

Hearing Jeslyn's words, Valen raised his head, still, he couldn't get a proper view of that beautiful and cute face, "it's none of your business." He enunciated before walking back to the lounge chair.

Jeslyn's lips twitched. This child…

She narrowed her eyes at his small statue, thinking of what to do to him when she heard the sound of a car zooming into the compound.

She instinctively turned to look at who had arrived. Jeslyn didn't think it was Maverick because he just left and it shouldn't be Rex either because he said he was traveling two days ago.

Looking at the black car that drove straight to the parking lot, she waited for the person to come out.

A while later, someone did. A woman in a black suit.

Just when Jeslyn was about to turn around to 'bully' the little demon again, the woman turned towards her. The distance was far, but it was enough to see a vague figure of a person and what they were wearing.

The woman had a head of multicolored hair, with pink outline, just like Pink.

Jeslyn froze and her mind traveled back to the prison and reminisced a little of the memories she created with those two in jail.

"Pink?" She murmured in a trance.

The person looking at her from the other end didn't look like pink… or, it wasn't clear what she was seeing because the person had black shades on.

While she was trying to figure out or compare the person to pink, the other door opened and another lady got out.

She was a little taller than the pink-haired lady and she had on the same black suit and black shades, but her hair was blue.

Jeslyn's excited heart diminished and she sighed. How could she think they'll be Pink and Yellow?

"Damn me," she uttered… a little aloud.

"Certainly," the answer was filled with malice.

Who else but the little demon would say that?

"You little creature, pray that I don't sell you off one day."

"You can try," he scoffed.

Jeslyn stared speechlessly at the little child who was also daringly staring back at her.

'What should I do, that would hurt this child? He needs to know that his words are like sharp blades to a person's heart. Somebody, please tell me!'

While Jeslyn screamed for help in her heart, she approached the child and pulled him up from the lounge chair.

There was only one chair anyway and she was determined to trouble this little vixen. Also, she wouldn't get another to lie on, since she hasn't had enough sunbathing.

So, getting Valen off the chair should create a little problem in his heart.

With that thought in mind, Jeslyn smiled and gracefully sat on the lounge chair.

"Woman, if you know what's good for you, get out of my chair!"

"Meeeooowww… I don't know what's good for me, get me out of it." Jeslyn replied carelessly.

"Ok. If that's what you want, I'll give it to you." The child looked around and called a guard.

On approaching the two, the guard lowered his head, bowing in greeting and also stopping himself from looking at his boss' sexy wife.

Although, he has been spying on her body since and his little brother has been rebelling against his trousers to be let out.

If Valen would look closely at where the guard's hand was resting, on the front side of his trousers, he would realize there's a bulge the guard was trying to hide.

"If you don't get her out of that chair, I'll get you in trouble with my dad," Valen stated as a matter of fact.

The guard furrowed his brow. What does he mean?

Although, this little demon, called Valen, should never be your enemy because you'll eat a great loss, but then, he has a policy that everyone knows of.

Valen's room or his belongings MUST never be touched.

He loves his quiet space and hates noises, especially little ones.

He hates cute girls and cute animals.

He hates certain types of food, especially veggies.

Valen hates for his authority to be challenged, and he certainly wouldn't keep such a person around or let them stay for long on earth.

Yes, killing. He'd order the person's death. Although he has only done so a few times to some really annoying people, he hasn't done any of that to his father's men.

So hearing that he'd get in trouble when he hasn't crossed any of Valen's taboos got the guard lost in thought.

"I have a video of you doing bad things behind my dad's back. So if you value your life, you should do what I ask you to."

Upon hearing that, the guard whipped his head up in utter flabbergast…ion.

'This little brat!' He screamed in his mind.

Who in country M doesn't do side jobs as backup plans? Maverick is a ticking time bomb. None knows when he'll hold them by the forearm and drag them to death, for a crime they committed.

Good examples are Code 4, Pink and Yellow.

Pink is the number one subordinate following Maverick everywhere and knows most of his dealings.

Yellow is one of the subordinates under Pink and also her right-hand woman.

Those two loyal dogs were sent somewhere nobody knows after committing a crime against Maverick. Although the story wasn't clear.

Some said Pink did an unforgivable thing, some said the master was trying to protect them, and others said they went out on a mission… A lot of rumors keep flying around that even Code two and the others have no idea what the truth is…



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 7d


Some said Pink did an unforgivable thing, some said the master was trying to protect them, and others said they went out on a mission… A lot of rumors keep flying around that even Code two and the others have no idea what the truth is…

But one thing they know is that the master wasn't someone anyone should feel relaxed around. The only way to live under him is by being loyal all through and not letting those deemed enemies sway them, or else, the person will end up like number 4, or code 4.

The subordinates can either be addressed by their numbers or their code names.

As for him, the guard couldn't say he had betrayed his master, but at the same time, he knew that what he had done would get him in trouble, just like this little demon stated.

'How about I spill your blood, you wizard!' the guard thought in his mind, subconsciously glaring daggers at the child.

"Why are you glaring at him like that? Do you want to have his head?" Jeslyn spoke with displeasure from her seat.

She had been observing the two and saw the bloodthirsty glare. The malice in the guard's eyes was too intense and the only way a person could look at another person like that is when they have bad intentions towards the victim.

From the threat Valen had just given, it was obvious the guard was displeased and a murderous thought flashed through his mind.

"No, ma–"

"I don't want to hear it. Valen threatened you and you gave him that look. The only reason you would do that is when you conceal bad intentions. I don't trust you around Valen… including this house." Jeslyn said in one breath without stopping.

She was angry. What kind of people plans to kill such an adorable child?

'Huh, why am I seeing him as adorable? Of course, he's the most disgusting child ever!'

Although Jeslyn thought that, her glare was still on the guard who had plopped to his knees.

"N–no ma'am, I didn't conceal–"

"Your dealing has been sent to my dad. You'll receive your punishment soon," Valen stated heartlessly.

The guard froze. Jeslyn turned her head to look at Valen.

When did he grab his phone? It was right beside her. And what does he mean by…

"You sent a message to your dad?" Jeslyn's eyes widened.

"Duh," Valen answered.

"You idiot," Jeslyn fired back.

"I'm not cute. Only cute people are idiots." He answered with a disgusted look on his face.

"Ah?" Jeslyn stared speechlessly at the child who was fumbling with his phone. She wanted to laugh, at the same time, wanted to spit fire at him, but then, this bad guard has to be dealt with first.

No, Valen already dealt him a heavy blow, but she doesn't know how much strength the blow has.

Meanwhile, the people who got down from the car a while ago started to walk towards the door of the mansion.

The pink-haired one pulled out her buzzing phone from her pocket to receive a call. After a while, she turned her gaze to look at the three people by the pool. Her eyes rested on the kneeling guard before she responded, "ok, boss."

She put her phone away and turned to look at the blue-haired lady.

"Blue, drown the unfortunate soul."

"Yes, boss," blue bowed and strolled towards the pool in large strides.

As the pink-haired lady was about to turn and continue walking, her eyes caught sight of the lady in a bikini. Before now, the lady in bikini had her side profile turned to her, but at this moment, they were staring at each other.

The pink-haired lady shook in terror. Don't tell me… what the f*vk! Jeslyn?!
What the hell is she doing here?!

After she and Yellow were brought out of prison yesterday, Pink immediately asked Yellow to curb the whole of Rose City, and even sweep Country A if she must, to look for Jeslyn.

But here she is, in Country M, at Alpha chaos' house!

That's right. Maverick's code name is Alpha, however, everyone around the world knows him as Alpha Chaos.

If Rex could be said to crave gossip, then Maverick is chaos himself. He'd cause Chaos for no apparent reason and still destroy the victims.

That's people's point of view though, but to his trusted subordinates, the story always has a second side to it.

But going with the view of the world, Alpha Chaos is only out for blood and destruction. His fights are never-ending, always having one thing or the other to keep him busy, especially with his enemies.

Alpha Chaos never gives his enemies a day of rest. He's either spilling their blood today, destroying their businesses tomorrow, or stealing their territories the following day.

Country M is not peaceful, thanks to Alpha Chaos and his likes; the three evil musketeers. There's nothing like; the good, the bad, and the ugly among those musketeers.

They are purely evil beings, demons with the incessant urge to dominate and suppress. To be on top and crush everyone else to submission.

Even after the power is in their hands, they are still not satisfied. It leaves people wondering if they are after the whole world.

Devouring Country M and making it so dark that light ran, is not enough 'achievement' for them. Is it the whole world they would want to engulf after that?

Thinking about all that, Pink balled her first. How could little bunny get herself into this mess?

So it was because the stranger she married was Alpha Chaos, and that was why Spid went to get her out of prison. Why the hell didn't she think of that?!

She knew that Spid takes no orders from anyone except Alpha Chaos, so how did she not realize that earlier in prison? She could have stopped Jeslyn and convince her to remain in jail.

Staying there was far better than staying around Alpha Chaos, damn it!

While Pink was almost snapping in rage, Jeslyn was scrutinizing her from afar. She could see the pink-haired lady more clearly than before. Her figure and murderous air reminds her too much of Pink, but she had never seen Pink in this manner before.

And also, where there's Pink, there should be Yellow. She learned in prison that the both of them are inseparable. So, seeing a blue-haired lady instead of Yellow, killed the little excitement that was sprouting in her heart.

Jeslyn sighed and returned her gaze to the blue-haired lady who had just gotten to them.

The lady bowed to little Valen and Jeslyn before she grabbed the well-built guard up from the floor.

The guard tried to resist as an ominous feeling gripped his heart. However, the lady was way more powerful than he is.

The guard might look big, but his strength couldn't compare to Blue's.

She dragged him to the edge of the pool and sent a powerful kick to the back of his knee.

The guard stumbled forward and fell inside the pool with a 'splash!'

Jeslyn didn't understand what was going on, however, Valen did. He flattened his lips into a thin line while staring at the two struggling in the water.

Blue was pushing the guard's head down the water while the guard was resisting her.

Jeslyn soon realized what was going on when she saw the guard's reaction every time he managed to raise his head from the pool.

She is killing him!

The moment that realization dawned on her, Jeslyn jolted from the chair, startling Valen.

"Stop!" She screamed, but Blue paid no heed.

"I said, stop it!!"

She screamed again with her hand waving at them. But no one answered.

Jeslyn's trauma suddenly attacked and she hurriedly held her head with both hands while screaming.


But before she could fall back onto the chair, a small hand tried to rescue her, but her weight was too much, so both Valen and Jeslyn fell on the chair with Valen's hand caught in-between the lounge chair and her back.

The child bit his lip fiercely but didn't scream nor cried, however, the pain he felt in his hand was severe and he even felt his bone react.

While Jeslyn was twitching like someone who had an electric shock, her hazel iris rolled in and only her white pupil could be seen.

No one knew when Pink rushed over. Her face was filled with terror as she lowered herself and picked up Jeslyn into her arms. She shot a death stare at Blue who had paused her action.

"Finish that off!" She ordered in a wicked tone before she turned with Jeslyn in her arms and hurried towards the house.

Valen stared after them with no emotions on his cute face until they entered the house before he slowly lowered his eyes to his right hand.

Trying to move the hand, his face turned pale. He bit harder on his lips to prevent himself from screaming.

Redness was slowly forming on his wrist and was swollen with a protruding bone.

Valen shut his watering red eyes as lines of tears fell on his cheeks.

It hurts like hell, but from the time he could remember, he was told to never show his pain and must not cry because it would make him weak… Nanny Mulan had said that.

So, the child couldn't wail and he had to hold in the pain from such a tender age until pain was carved in his spine.

His only way to express the pain he was feeling was to become a little demon. When he feels pain, instead of crying, he releases the frustration on others.

"Come here!" He roared after blinking away the tears that were threatening to fall again.

He had immediately wiped the tears that had been on his cheeks earlier, so right now, his face didn't look like someone who was crying a while ago, nor did it look like someone in distress, but rather, he looked furious, masking his painful expression in fury.

The guard he called rushed over and Valen pointed toward his lounge chair with his left hand.

"What kind of a chair is this?!!"

"Little –"

"Search for whoever brought it here and send them to me!!!" He screamed before trotting away.

His right hand which he had brought to his front to conceal it from everyone else was shaking as it swells.

The child's eyes turned red with tears gathering but he stubbornly wouldn't shed them.

Mulan had told him that crying would make him their hidden enemies' target and once he became broken, the mountain, who is his father, would be brought down. This also means, his uncle would die and his mother would never be found for him.

The child increased his pace, hoping to get into the house and lock himself in his room, away from sight, then call doctor Matt a while later… After his emotions are in place.

To distract himself from the unbearable pain, he started to lament… In his heart of course.

'That foolish woman, she couldn't even bear seeing a person getting killed but she dared to marry my dad. How is she a person from country M if she is so weak?
Why did I try to save her? What was that feeling of anxiety when I saw her like that? Why did I feel pity for her?

Mulan was right. She had said weak-looking and cute people were poisonous to the heart, and Jeslyn has proven Mulan's point again, so I have to stay away from Jeslyn from now on.'

While thinking, the child didn't know when he got to his door. He subconsciously glanced at Jeslyn's door before opening his and rushed in.

Valen's wrist was too painful for him to linger around. He rushed to his bed, opened the drawer, and brought out a pain relief medicine that Mulan had always given him.

Valen managed to open the cap of the blue container and hurriedly took one pill.

He got on the bed and pulled a blanket to cover himself, ready for the agonizing pain that follows after he takes the tablet.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 7d


Valen got on the bed and pulled a blanket to cover himself, ready for the agonizing pain that follows after he takes the pill.

In a short while, the child started to stretch as beads of sweat slowly gathered on his forehead. The pain he was expecting finally hit him in full force. It was so unbearable that he let out an ear-piercing scream.

Valen rolled around in bed and sometimes tears at his skin with his left hand, still, the pain was excruciating.

The walls were soundproofed which was why no matter how much he hollers, no one but the four walls in his room would engulf his screams.

Valen's tinted windows are soundproof and bulletproof.

It was Mulan's idea, saying it wouldn't be nice for a child like Valen to hear the sound of gunshots outside the house whenever war erupts.

The three musketeers' houses never cease from unplanned wars. Maverick takes a fight anywhere and everywhere, provided the territory belongs to his enemies, the same way his enemies bring fights to his house.

After five minutes of distressful howls and screams, Valen finally calmed down... Unmoving and fell asleep with sweat all over him like he just came out of the pool.

Inside Jeslyn's room, the lady was still quaking. Pink couldn't watch her suffer so much anymore while they wait for doctor Matt, so she gave Jeslyn a blow to her temple to help her sleep in a dead faint.

Jeslyn found herself in a pitch-dark place. She couldn't see anything but only heard the dripping sound of water hitting the surface of something.

The sound travels and bounces back in echoes.

"H– hello… " Jeslyn found her voice sounding awkward.

She cleared her throat and repeated a few times, "hello, anybody here?"

Silence engulfed the space. Jeslyn couldn't see where she was. She deliberated for a long while before choosing a destination, hoping she wouldn't lose her way.

Walking forward, she came face to face with hardness... Probably a wall. She touched it. The surface was smooth. With the support of the smooth wall, she started to walk forward.

Jeslyn walked for a long time until she felt sore in her legs, so she sat with her back to the wall to take a rest.

She had done that countless times already. She felt her throat going dry, but she wasn't hungry or thirsty.

She tried to search around to see if she could get a hint of how far she had gone. Even though her eyes has adjusted to the darkness surrounding her, Jeslyn still couldn't see anything.


Jeslyn jerked in shock and got up to her feet. She looked around her but nothing was there, however, the echo of the sinister laughter was just fading away.

"You are finally here, Jeslyn!" The voice came again, much louder and more mysterious than before.

Jeslyn got frightened and hurriedly asked: "W– who are you?"

"I am… YOU!... Hahahaha…" The voice got creepier and spookier. The voice filled the whole place and traveled into the darkness.

"W–what do you mean?" Jeslyn managed to ask with difficulty.


" I… " Her voice failed her out of fright.

Jeslyn was scared witless and worse of all, she doesn't know what was going on.

"It seems you can't remember me anymore… It's been a long I visited you anyway.
A few years ago, you made a vow to protect those you love, to keep them from harm, and would give everything to protect old man Lee. But what happened?
You watched him die slowly, you couldn't do anything for him and you even gave his property AWAY!"
The voice boomed, making it sound like a thunderclap had just occurred.

"I didn't–"

"You unfilial child! You were the cause of your mother's death, it was also your fault that your grandfather died!! All the misfortunes that happened to the Lee family are all your fault! Yours alone!"

"I'm innocent!!" Jeslyn screamed. She was terrified by this accusation, but she refuse to shoulder it.

At Jeslyn's scream, the other voice quieted down and only Jeslyn's echo could be heard.

"You talk as if the Lee family isn't mine. I am also a child of the Lee family! The woman you speak of is my mother and the man you talked about is my grandfather!
Everyone knows how much I treasured my grandfather and the revenge I intend to seek for him, I must fulfill it.
My mother died when I was in a coma. They told me she died because of a long-time malady she had been hiding from me, so how am I the cause? How am I unfilial?"

"Jeslyn, I know you better than you know yourself and that's because I am your conscience. Everything you just said is a lie and you know it.
Even if you get rid of all your enemies, will your family come back? The only way you can rid yourself of your guilt is by killing yourself.
End your miserable life, Jeslyn, and go reunite with your family. The world doesn't love you and it will forever hate you.
Spare me of all the burdens and just die. You can never uplift yourself, only darkness and sorrow will embrace you–"

"You lie!" She screamed as tears ran down her cheek. "Everything you said is not true. I–"

Before Jeslyn could finish, bright light assaulted the dark place from above. She shielded her eyes from the light and slowly made her eyes get used to the illumination before looking around her surroundings.

Jeslyn came to realize that she was inside a huge tank all this while. To top it all, she has been walking around in circles, thinking she can never reach her destination when the smooth round tank gave her no option of a destination in the first place.

There was no one else but her. Just when she was about to start thinking of why her so-called conscience would say all that rubbish, she heard from the opening on the top of the tank, "come home with me."

Jeslyn couldn't grasp that voice. She had never heard that voice before. It was soft, soothing, and almost hypnotizing. This was the first time she heard such a voice.

Jeslyn looked at the hand stretched towards her. For some reason, the hand was super long, or should it be… stretchy?

All she needed to do was to accept the hand and leave the tank, but somehow, she loved to remain in the tank, like she was waiting for something, so she shook her head.

"I– I don't want to."

Just when she said that, a figure wearing black with his face concealed appeared out of nowhere. He opened his hands like he was expecting a hug from Jeslyn without uttering a word.

Jeslyn suddenly felt excitement coursing through her the moment the person appeared and without further thought, she took the first step to run towards him, but before she could take the third step, she was yanked out of the tank by the stretchy hand.

Jeslyn jerked awake on her bed with sweat all over her. She looked around at the people surrounding her bed.

Both familiar and unfamiliar faces.

"Y– Yellow?" She asked in doubt, but her voice was almost inaudible.

"Good you are awake. You should relax for a while before eating something. Your treatment will commence tomorrow."

Jeslyn turned in the direction of the calm voice and saw it belonged to a young handsome man with white hair.

From his words, Jeslyn could tell he is a doctor.

She shook her head, "I'm fine doctor, it's a normal occurrence."

Nightmares of her walking or running in darkness have always visited her once in blue moons ever since she was 16 years old. Her family had tried all they could. Even the best doctors they knew of in Country A couldn't do much to help her.

Therapies and all the stimulation or whatever she went through, failed. So she believed that this doctor would also find nothing.

Matt said curtly, "Your sickness needs to be treated, or else you won't–"

"You should get things ready for her treatment. You're talking too much."

The sound of footsteps could be heard from the door after that and a few seconds later, Maverick walked into the room wearing all black… like always.

"Boss," Yellow greeted with her head bowed.

"You are early," Matt said.

Maverick stared at the pale-looking Jeslyn with chapped lips for a brief moment before he turned to face Matt, "come with me," he notified.

Before he turned, he glanced sideways at Yellow, "get her something to eat."

"Yes, boss," Yellow responded while still bowing until the two men left.

"Older sister, Yellow," Jeslyn tried to smile but her lips wouldn't stretch to her desired length.

"Hey, don't smile yet. I bet you'll start crying after knowing what you did."

Jeslyn's smile instantly evaporated. "What are you talking about?"

Yellow sighed before she walked towards Jeslyn's bed. She picked up a telephone that wasn't there before and dialed a number.

"Butler, get the kitchen to prepare something healthy and light for your madam. It should be ready before…" she glanced at her wristwatch, "...30 minutes."

She dropped the telephone once she was done and sat on the bed beside Jeslyn.

"Little Bunny, how did you manage to get here?" Yellow asked while staring at Jeslyn's face.

Her usual playful air was gone and her multi-colored hair with Yellow outline that she had always left messily on her head was combed and trimmed into a bob, resting below her earlobe.

She looked like a stone-faced businesswoman facing her rival.

Jeslyn wasn't liking this new personality so she turned her face away and sighed.

"You face… Ahem!" She cleared her throat. Her throat was dry and her sweet voice felt weird.

Yellow turned and poured out water into a glass then handed it to Jeslyn.

"Thank you," she received the glass cup, and the minute the water got onto her tongue, she almost spat it out but Yellow stopped her.

Jeslyn swallowed before she looked pitifully at Yellow, "it's hot."

"That's right, your voice needs warm water…" she raised her hand to stop Jeslyn from protesting. "Drink it all and don't say anything."

Jeslyn pouted and obediently finished the warm water. She felt the inside of her body warming up and her sore throat getting relief.

"You were saying something," Yellow reminded her.

Jeslyn nodded, she wanted to complain about Yellow's new personal but decided against it, so she shook her head, "don't bother."

"Still as confused as ever," Yellow said with her eyes smiling but on her black-painted lips was a cold sneer.

"Hey, don't sneer at me like that," Jeslyn smacked her hand playfully.

Yellow didn't laugh as she would have, but the wicked air around her diminished.

"How did you bring yourself here, little Bunny?"

Jeslyn sighed. She understood that the country wasn't for people like her, but what can she do?

"Do you know the man you married?" Yellow asked.

Jeslyn nodded. "He's Maverick Lu," she said with confidence.

"Just that?" Yellow asked, a little perplexed.

"Yes." Jeslyn looked at Yellow and thought for a while before she asked. "Or does he have another identity?"

Yellow curled her lips into a wicked smile and responded, "why should I tell you? It's a price to pay for your stupidity."

Jeslyn sighed and rested her back on the headboard. "I thought you were a little nicer than older sister Pink."

"Certainly I am," Yellow immediately answered.

"But, Older sister Pink wouldn't do this to me," Jeslyn said with conviction.

Yellow suddenly burst out into a puddle of laughter, surprising Jeslyn and also making her smile.

'Good that she smiled', Jelsyn thought.

"Guess why Pink isn't here," Yellow said with a playful smirk.

"She must be busy…"

"Yellow shook her head. Your older sister Pink is more upset at you than I am. She doesn't know how to face you. Pink had promised to… Let it be."

Jeslyn didn't know what to feel at the moment. Her emotions got complicated.

Yeah, they are right to be angry at her. Maverick had made her believe that he wasn't the regular guy, but her desperation didn't let her focus on what was in front of her.

She sighed in resignation and held Yellow hands in hers, " Older sister, don't worry, it's only for a year. We signed a contract to get a divorce after a year and we can return to our lives. In addition, I can pursue my career and my revenge after a year's break."

Yellow looked at her with pity in her eyes. If only Jeslyn knows that getting a divorce would make her already complicated life even more problematic.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 8d


My brother is not a good guy like me that would give you a warning or a second chance. If he could treat his loyal subjects like he does, who are you that he cannot get rid of?
For the sake of Valen, I am willing to talk this much." He patted her shoulder again. "Good luck."

With that said, Rex also left the dining room.

Mulan's fat tears fell one after another before they started to run like a broken tap.
She staggered to sit on a chair and lowered her head as she cried silently for a while.

The servants had cleared the table and left a while ago when Rex was still talking to her, so she was the only one left in the huge dining room.

Mulan felt an unbearable pain tearing at her heart. It was so terrific that she clutched her chest.

"This is not true," she shook her head.

How could she believe it? She had grown to love Maverick for decades. They had attended the same basic school, went to the same University, and studied the same course.

For him, she abandoned her family's company to learn how to take care of a child and tolerate his excesses.
Although her family was not among the top dogs, but they were wealthy enough to be the top in any other country.

When she found out that Maverick had suddenly gotten a child from nowhere, she was infuriated. She investigated, and even now, she was still investigating to know who the cursed woman was, but no matter what she did, she couldn't find Valen's mother.

Although she had been around Maverick for decades, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Maverick had no idea she had been stalking him from childhood. She was too insignificant for him to pay attention to.

When she heard that Maverick was looking for a nanny for his son, she went to apply. After all, she was raised with the hopes of becoming Maverick's wife, so it was easy for her to pass the test and became Valen's nanny with the 'hellish' training she went through.

Which ambitious woman would love an illegitimate child born to the man they breathe for?

Mulan was such a woman. She might have been Valen's nanny for six years, but her love for the child is questionable and Maverick wasn't blind to that fact.

That was why he didn't think of her when he was discreetly searching for a mother for his son.

"Maverick, h– how could you do this to me?" Her low voice broke.

She shook her head again in denial, "this is a dream, yes, a dream. I need to return home."

She got up and cleaned her pretty face before leaving with her head held high and shoulders straight.

She is a proud woman, so she wouldn't want the servants to think otherwise.

Valen stared with narrowed eyes at the servants who had their heads bowed in front of him.

"I told you to get these leaves out of my sight!!" He roared and overturned the small glass table in front of him.

The maids shivered at the clacking sounds of the dishes hitting against each other before landing on the white rug below their feet.

"Clean this mess and get out, all of you!"

"Y–yes, little master!" The three maids hurriedly answered and went on their knees to start cleaning the mess.

Valen left them in the room and strutted out, heading to his father's room.

Using the stairs from the third floor, he stopped at the second floor, in front of his father's study room.

He was too small to open the door, so he stood by the door with hands folded on his chest, waiting for the door to be opened.

Not up to three seconds, the door clicked open and Valen walked into the dimmed room. A silhouette of two people could be seen, sitting in the room.

Valen didn't look afraid. If anything, he had a serious look on his face to communicate his displeasure.

"I don't want that lady living in this house. Whoever she is, I don't want to know, send her packing," he said the moment he walked in.

"She's your mother now," Maverick answered behind the desk. He had something in his hand but because of how dark the room was, the object could not be seen.

"What mother? Mulan told me my mother was dead."

"She's your stepmother," Rex replied.

"I refuse! A person like that cannot be my mother–"

"You have no choice," Maverick butted in.

"I do. I'm old enough to make my decisions." Valen disagreed.

"Not under my roof, boy," Maverick raised his head from the object in his hand to see the little child in front of his desk.

Valen stared at his father for a while before opening his mouth, "I want to move out."

Silence reigned in the study room for a long time before Maverick answered with a slight nod, "Alright."

"Huh? Brother!" Rex raised his voice at his brother's response.

Valen glared at Rex who immediately shut his mouth.

"I'll move out today. I'll take Mulan with me." Valen said.

"I have no problem with that," Maverick said.

Just when Valen turned and was about to leave, Maverick continued.

"Young man, you can only move out after you turn 18."

Valen and Rex simultaneously turned to look at Maverick.

He didn't even spare anyone a glance as his fingers stroked the object in his hand.


"Are you playing with me, Mr. Maverick?" Valen narrowed his eyes at his father.

"You have two options. Either you get your freedom at 18 or you get your freedom at 7."

Rex widened his mouth in shock. However, Valen curled his lips.

"What's the catch?" He knew his father wouldn't give him a free pass. Getting his freedom at 7 must come with a condition.

"Stay in the mansion until I find a solution to your problem," Maverick said with his head lowered to stare at the black object.

Valen pursed his lips and thought about it for a while before he nodded. "Deal, but–"

"No, young man, you have no right to lay conditions. Since you have chosen to stay in the mansion for a year, you will accept all that's inside the mansion." Maverick cut him off.

"I don't like that thing you brought home!" Valen protested.

"Her name is Jeslyn," Maverick corrected.

"Whatever", Valen rolled his eyes.

"She doesn't like you either, so it's mutual," Maverick added.

"She's stupid for hating me."

"I bet she sees you as a worse creature for hating her too... she's cute," Rex chuckled.

"Gross," Valen sneered.

"Yeah, you hate cuteness, I forgot." Rex sat upright and stroked his beardless jaw.

"Return to your room. The kitchen will prepare you another set of veggies." Maverick commanded. "Dad, I hate-"

"You made a deal. You'll accept all that's in the mansion and that includes the food you are given and the people in it." Rex chimed in.

"You are ganging up against me." Valen glared at Rex. "Hmph!" he humphed, stamped his small feet, and stormed out.

The two men watched as the little boy left the room before Rex pressed a button on the remote he was holding. The door closed, but a flat screen displaying what was happening outside the room was put on.

Rex sighed. "Brother, why don't you tell Jeslyn? It seems she'll keep fighting Valen if-"

"Let it be. She doesn't have to know"

"Oh? Ok... so, about the Yu family..."

"Shake them a little," Maverick interrupted.

"Hmm... What strategy do you prefer I use this time?"

"Kill the old man."

"Ah! brother, that would be causing chaos."

"Hmm..." Maverick raised the object he had been stroking and it turned out to be a black gun. He got up from his chair and started to walk towards a bookshelf.

"Get Pink out and send them to stay beside her." He said before the shelf turned and he walked into a dark passage with stairs leading downwards.

Rex sighed, "finally."

Jeslyn's room....

On the bed, Jeslyn tossed and turned. She had been wondering why she reacted that way with that little cutie. She was angry, but reacting that way was too much, right? After all, he was just a child.

"Aish!"She sat up and ruffled her hair in frustration.

"It wasn't Valen's fault, it was the fault of the adults around him,especially that evil woman." Jeslyn narrowed her eyes at nothing.

Thinking about Mulan, her calm mind suddenly flared up.

"How could she treat someone's child like that?... I'll just take care of Valen myself... No, I'm not good with children... Wait, I'm angry, but I don't know if he has eaten. A stubborn child like Valen certainly wouldn't want to eat anything, I would do the same if I were in his shoes."

Jeslyn sighed and got out of bed to go check up on Valen.

Walking along the corridor, she didn't know which room he was but kept on walking.

"Where is his room located?... He cannot be on the ground floor, the second floor belongs to his father, the third floor has my room, and... his room should be here too, since I was married in the first place to be his mother, right?"

While she was talking along the passage, she spotted Valen coming from the other end.

"Speaking of the devil." She murmured and a smile subconsciously appearing on her lips. She increased her pace to meet up with him.

Valen, on the other hand, saw Jeslyn coming towards him, he saw her smile but he only smirked and also increased his pace. Staying around cute ladies is dangerous and he doesn't want to have anything to do with this lady.

Valen got to his door before Jeslyn could catch up with him. Seeing this, Jeslyn started to sprint towards him but before she could get to him, it was a second too late... The door was shut against Jeslyn's face.

"Valen!" She called while tapping the door but got no response.

"Hey, little Valen, open the door, we need to talk""


"Fine, I'm sorry I got mad. It shouldn't have been directed at you but at your father and that nanny."


"Baby Valen, I'll not repeat that next time. Just open the door."

Jeslyn waited and waited but the door was not opened.

She got scared and started to ring the doorbell and sometimes banged on it. She was worried that the child wouldn't eat. It was normal practice for kids like Valen. For some reason, she felt anxious and scared that something might happen to him.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 8d


She got scared and started to ring the doorbell and sometimes banged on it. She was worried that the child wouldn't eat. It was normal practice for kids like Valen. For some reason, she felt anxious and scared that something might happen to him.

She looked left and right before dashing towards her right. Getting to the twirling stairs, Jeslyn screamed for Maya.


"Riya! Where is she?" She asked a maid she saw walking across the quiet sitting room.

The maid stared confusingly at her. She didn't know who bears Riya in the house... I mean, no one bears Riya in the mansion.


"Who is Riya?" Rex's voice traveled down from the second floor's stair landing. He was resting on the railing while staring down at the frantic- looking Jeslyn.

Hearing the voice, Jeslyn looked up to see the blue-haired Rex staring at her weirdly.
She beckoned with her hand for him to come down.

"Come here first, I need-"


Jeslyn stood there staring speechlessly at Rex who jumped down to stand in front of her.

"D– did you have to do that?" She asked in a weirdly low voice while her hand was frozen in the air.

"Ah, I do that a lot. It's no big deal, so what do you need me for?" Rex said while walking to a couch. He sat down unceremoniously and stretched to pick a red apple from the fruit tray on the table.

"Ahem." Jeslyn cleared her throat and put her hand down. She walked to stand beside Rex and stretched out her hand.

"Give me the keys to little Valen's room," she demanded like she knew he had them.

Rex glanced once over at Jeslyn who was wearing a light purple flare down that stopped above her knees.

'This wasn't what she wore this morning, right?' he thought.

"Hey, be fast about it." Jeslyn snapped her finger in his face.

"Ah, I don't have the keys. Why would you even think I'll have them?"

"Isn't it obvious?" She asked with a raised brow.

"How so? I don't live here."

"You went to bring him home. You certainly cannot abandon him to the helpers and leave. Logic dictates that you'll send him to his room and leave, right?" She tilted her head. She also didn't know if she made sense, but she was very sure Rex had the keys to Valen's room.

"I'm not sure about this 'logic' you are saying, but I do have a spare key to his room, however, I cannot give it to you."

"Why?" Jeslyn folded her arms on her chest.

"Because… It is a spare key. I can only use it when the other keys are not available."

"Oh? Is that how it was made?"

"Bingo, you are smart." Rex smiled, thinking he had successfully hoodwinked her.

"Hand it over," Jeslyn stretched out her right hand and snapped her fingers before beckoning him to give it to her. She was in haste and this guy is wasting her time.

"Jeslyn Lee, I just–"

"Little Valen has fainted–" She interrupted.

Rex's face changed instantly and before Jeslyn could blink, he jacked up from his seat and jumped over the center table. Using another couch as a stepping stone, he flipped over objects on his way and rushed towards the stairs.

Jeslyn was left speechless and watched as Rex who was running towards the stairs collided with a maid who was carrying a white statue.

The sound of the statue hitting against the white sparkling tiled floor, followed by the shattering sound of the statue filled the quiet sitting room.

Jeslyn sighed and also started to walk towards the stairs. She was too carried away by Rex's reaction that she missed the terror on the frozen maid's face.

Entering the door that was left ajar, Jeslyn met Rex and Valen staring at each other before they turned to glare at her.

"I told you she's no good news. Send her packing, now!!" Valen screamed.

Jeslyn sighed. "Are we still here?" She asked while pinching her brow.

"Jeslyn, that was an expensive joke." For the first time ever, Jeslyn heard Rex's hardened voice.

"What's the joke?" Jeslyn frowned.

"You told me he fainted." Rex scowled at her.

"Did he not?" Jeslyn ignored the glares she was receiving and headed towards the couch. She picked up a cherry and threw it into her mouth.

"Hmm… so delicious–" her gaze met the death stares from the small, and grown-up man and sighed.

"Don't kill me just yet. I haven't sought vengeance. If only you had let me finish before running here. I wanted to add that he hasn't eaten and his door was locked."

"How does that relate to… Valen has fainted?" Rex asked without buying her humor.

"A child who didn't eat and won't open the door after thirty minutes of banging on it and ringing the doorbell, what else must have happened to him? He must have fainted from hunger." Jeslyn said unapologetically, making Rex look speechlessly at her.

"Are you for real?" He asked.

"Hmm," Jeslyn nodded and threw another cherry into her mouth. "Don't blame me. It's your fault for not letting me finish."

"Y– you– he… forget it. Just don't play such pranks again next time."

"Only if you let me have a spare key to his room," Jeslyn beamed.

"You mean you'll do it again?" Rex narrowed his eyes.

"Hmm, I will." Jeslyn raised her gaze to stare back at Rex in all seriousness.

Looking into Jeslyn's hazel eyes, Rex saw something he didn't want to think about, so he broke the stare and sighed in resignation. "Fine, I'll get you a spare key."

"No, I don't want her here, get out!" Valen barked.


"Stop screaming, you little peacock!" Jeslyn slapped the table, shutting Valen up.

"I know you were not taught that interrupting your elders while they talk is disrespectful and uncultured, now I'll teach you that as my 'hello' gift to you.
Little peacock, when your elders are–"

"Uncle Rex, take her out of here, I hate her!" Valen's cute face started to turn red due to anger.

Jeslyn relaxed on the couch and replied, "little peacock, do you know how much I detest you? I just want to hang you upside down and spank you until you learn the proper manners for your age, but I can't do that because... well, leave it be.
I came here because I know you haven't eaten and you certainly wouldn't want to eat anything. That's how stubborn you seem to be. But don't worry, I'm not here to beg you to eat. In fact, I'm glad you aren't eating anything.
I'm your stepmother, after all, an evil stepmother at that, so I'll be the happiest if you fall sick due to hunger, so, little peacock, don't eat, ok. Hahahaha…"

Jeslyn got up and walked out while laughing like a villain.

Valen's face turned white. He was mad, very furious.

Valen turned to Rex and enunciated frantically, "You see that?" he pointed his finger at the door. "She hates me to the extent she wants me dead!"

Rex nodded, "it seems that's the case. She hates you, little nephew." He turned his lips downward in a sad pout.

"Then why would father still marry her? It's clear that she was sent here by the enemies." Valen looked at Rex in alarm.

Rex looked bummed out. He glanced at Valen before he walked to sit on Valen's light blue king-sized bed and shook his head.

"She is not an enemy, but a friend. We cannot offend her, you'll get to understand that in the future." Rex understood what Jeslyn was playing at, so he decided to have fun. What would be greater than watching this quiet and boring house descend into chaos?

"B– but she just threatened me!"

"You know what to do to ruin her plans, don't you? Do the opposite of what she wants, that's how to infuriate your enemies to death. Learn from me and stop listening to Mulan."

"No, Mulan is a good person."

Rex shrugged his shoulders and opened his hands. Valen isn't attached to anyone but he has a soft spot for Mulan.

Valen bit his cute pink lips while debating. After struggling for a long time, he finally said, "bring the food."

Rex raised his head with widened eyes. "D– did you say to bring the food?"

"Should I change my mind?"

"No, no, of course not." Rex beamed and hurried off to the kitchen.

While leaving, he turns from time to time to make sure it wasn't an illusion.

Valen had never done what he said he wouldn't do even if the world was ending. How much does he loathe Jeslyn? His animosity towards her must be overwhelming.

"I knew there was a reason behind my brother bringing home a wife. It turned out he already calculated everything. No wonder he doesn't interfere. Hahaha… Good move brother. I hope Jeslyn would be able to help Valen." Rex soliloquized while walking along the passage.

Meanwhile, inside a well-lit dungeon, Maverick could be seen sitting on a chair with three people in the cell. Two men in black were standing at both sides of a young man hung on the wall with chains attached to his limbs.

The chained man was stark naked in front of Maverick who had one long leg over the other.

The chained young man's body looked fresh and clean. There was no sign of torture or anything except for the injuries left on his limbs by the chains.

Maverick unfolded his leg and leaned forward, "spill it," he said.

If his voice used to be deep and villainous, his voice right now was worse. It sends chills down a person's spine.

"Master, I... I know nothing about it." The man chained to the wall said in a raspy voice. He knew he was going to die, so why would he give out the secret that has been giving him power for so long?

Thanks to this secret, he was able to form his own faction that was slowly rising under his boss' nose.

"Drill faction… Celine," Maverick let out.

Hearing his faction's name and his lover being mentioned, the man turned ferocious and forcefully pulled at the chains.

"You dare not touch them!!" He roared.



Getting shot on his stretched-out naked thigh, the young man screamed and groaned in pain.

He wanted to fall to the ground and hold his thigh that was shot, but because his hands and legs were spread across the wall, he couldn't move, which intensified the pain from the bullet wound.

The more he tried to move, the tighter the chains became, so he stopped moving. Besides, there was nothing he could do anymore since he had struggled to the extent that his limbs were almost tearing apart.

How could he have forgotten that nobody raises their voice at Maverick without getting their tongue ripped out? It was obvious that he was still useful and that was why the two men standing beside him didn't rip out his tongue like the chained man used to rip out their enemies' tongues.

"Spill it," Maverick repeated.

"I don't know! I only received orders from the phone." He screamed in frustration. He had been asked that question multiple times by his two friends standing beside him and he had told them times without numbers that he had no idea. What else does Master Maverick want?

He would rather die than say it. If he's dead, the money he left behind can be used by his girlfriend. He was sure that his master wouldn't care about Celine. He only called her name to threaten him.


"Ah!!" He howled in pain as he twisted on the chains, provoking the chains to tighten around his limbs and stretch him even more. His body had long been covered in sweat and some parts of his body had turned red from being stretched for a long time.

"Bath him and get rid of his existence," Maverick commanded before he got up and walked out.

"Yes, master!" The two men said with a bow.

"N– no, no, no, please! I'll tell you everything, please I'm Sorry! Forgive me! No, please, don't do this, we are friends, tenth brother, second brother, please don't listen to master, Spare my people, my Celine, please!"

He begged hysterically but none of the two paid attention to him. One of them went out of the dungeon and the other glanced at the chained young man with sweaty skin and shook his head.

"Fourth brother, you should have known better than anyone else what master hated the most. You knowingly sold out information to his rivals and not just that, you are one of those who did that to him 7 years ago.

You even had the guts to stop his investigation. Fourth brother, your liver is huge. You knew that meddling in his investigation would hinder his search, yet you did it without dread. Who gave you the mind to go against master?

Was it the Yu family, or the Xu family? It can only be one of them.

Anyway, don't worry about Celine. She is also one of the existence that master wants to be erased. I'll take charge of her. I have always had my eyes on her for a long time and I can't wait to hear her screaming under me before she dies.

Ahh, I wonder what it would feel like to bang that girlfriend of yours. Tell me, does she like rubbers or raw?"



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 9d


"Good morning, ma'am," two servant girls cleaning the stair railing greeted Jeslyn with forced voices.

It was obvious they didn't like her and the maids weren't making an attempt to hide it.

"Good morning," Jeslyn responded while walking down the stairs.

She chooses to ignore them, after all, it has nothing to do with her. It's their right to hate or like her.

A few steps ahead, Jeslyn heard the maids behind her talking in hushed voices.

What could they be talking about if not gossip about her? And Jeslyn wasn't a fan of such, so she turned around, and with a cold voice, she spoke.

"You two, go get your payment and leave."

The girls looked at her like she was a joke and ignored her to continue working.

Seeing this, Jeslyn chuckled for a while before she started taking small steps towards them while saying:

"You know, at a workplace, you ought to be careful with your tongue and also how you treat people. It's fine to gossip, but it's disrespectful when you let whoever you are gossiping about hear it.
I was nice enough to tell you both to leave with your pay, but not anymore. Go get your bags and leave… Without a dime!
If you make me repeat myself, then you'll be thrown out of this house without your bags." She smiled at the two girls who had their eyes enlarged in shock.

"Wow, this is the first time I have seen a guest issuing orders in a house that isn't theirs. Young lady, who do you think you are to lay off Mr. Maverick's workers?"

A feminine voice tinged with laughter, sounded from behind Jeslyn followed by the clicking sound of heels stepping on the smooth and sparking floor.

"Good morning, Ma'am!" The two servants greeted with cheerful voices.

Jeslyn didn't bother to turn around and patiently waited for the intruder to walk around her and come to stand beside the servants.

"Morning. You two, continue your work and go downstairs if you are done." The new lady gave the instruction to the two maids while looking at Jeslyn with a condescending stare.

"Yes, ma'am!" The maids answered and were about to leave when they heard…

"I dare you to take a step from here."

Jeslyn's voice sounded almost like their master's. Sending chills down their hearts. The girls subconsciously stood rooted to the spot. Not daring to move.

Jeslyn folded her arms on her chest with her eyes on the pretty lady in front of her.

She assessed the lady in front of her for a while before asking: "And… who might you be?" Jeslyn said, raising a brow at the lady.

"Ha, you don't even seem to know me, so what right do you have to lay anyone off?"

Jeslyn sighed… "You also don't seem to know me, which means you are irrelevant in this house, so what right do you also have to stop me from sending disrespectful workers off?"

Hearing that she was irrelevant, the lady narrowed her scorching gaze at Jeslyn. "Who told you I'm irrelevant?"

"Who told you I'm a guest?" Seeing the lady knitting her brows, Jeslyn curled her lips.

"Everyone knows that you are a guest." She said after composing herself. Her brows were only knitted for a flitting moment.

"Hmm…" Jeslyn nodded. "It means those people are not important, just like you." Jeslyn turned to look at the two servants that had a confused and terrified look on their faces.

She doesn't care or want to know why they looked so frightened. But one thing she was determined to do was to get these two maids fired.

No one has ever disrespected her and gone away with it and these girls certainly won't be the first… not in a country like this anyway.

Showing these unrepentant girls mercy would mean she's weak and this peacock who just arrived, throwing her weight around would find a spot to bully her in the future.

The Lu brothers have no sisters and from the information released to the public, the Lu brothers shut the doors to their other family members, which means, a cousin cannot appear in this house.

So the identity of this lady standing beside her might either be a family friend, or a high-ranked worker for the Lu brothers because she's dressed like an elegant secretary.

"You two…" Jeslyn touched the space between her brow. It seemed like she was considering something, then she continued. "…I have said it the third time, I think, and I won't repeat myself."


Jeslyn called the servant whom she saw walking around the sitting room with a white napkin.

At first Maya didn't answer, but a few seconds later, her brain jolted and she stared up at the staircase.

"Ma'am, you called me?" She asked.

"Hmm, get the security."

"Oh?… ok, ma'am." Maya walked towards the telephone.

Looking at Jeslyn, the lady in a red pencil skirt, wearing a white shirt that was opened to expose her fine cleavage with face caked in nice makeup and hair done into a ponytail, glared at Jeslyn.

This was no longer a matter of laying workers off, after all, she was never the type to care about who eats and who doesn't.

Seeing such a beautiful lady in Maverick's house turned her brain and she automatically labeled her an enemy. So when she heard what she was telling the servants, she took the opportunity to invoke dominance, an image to be feared and respected, just like every servant in the house fears and respects her, but who would have thought this pretty face in front of her was a stubborn one?

"Young lady, I think you–"

"Young ma'am, stop addressing me like a mum would address their naughty daughter. If at all you are older than me, it shouldn't be a difference of three years, so, what's up with that tone?" Jeslyn glared at the lady…no, she was already glaring.

The lady had her mouth hanging open and so were the servants. Who dares to talk to Ms. Mulan like this? Is this guest courting death?

After a while, Mulan chuckled. It wasn't a happy chuckle, but the chuckle was filled with hidden danger.

"I thought you were–"

"Miss Mulan, Ma'am," a few men in black walked over and bowed to Jeslyn and Mulan.

"Ah, you are here. These servants feel sore in their feet and cannot walk out of the compound when I told them to, so I called you here to throw them out." Jeslyn explained sarcastically.

The head guard looked from Jeslyn to the maids. They seemed to not have an iota of fear but were gazing at Jeslyn with mockery in their eyes. He then looked at Mulan who was doing a stare-down contest with Jeslyn before he bowed.

"Yes, ma'am… throw the servants out." The head guard commanded his men.

"W–what?!" Both the servants and Ms. Mulan exclaimed at once while staring at the head guard who was about to turn around.

"Stop right there!" Mulan roared. Once the guard stopped and looked at her, she asked while twirling her index finger above her head while asking: "Who owns this house?"

"Everyone knows who owns the house, Miss Mulan." The head guard replied.

"Who gives the orders in this house?" Mulan asked again.

"Still the same answer, Miss Mulan."

"Then why are you taking orders from a stranger? Those the master's hand-picked maids. How can you listen to a stranger and throw them out?"

"Not when the 'stranger' has a say in the house, Miss Mulan."

With that said, the head guard left with the others, depriving the maids of the chance to seek forgiveness.

The maids wanted to beg Jeslyn, not because they feared or respect her, but because they know what their lives would be like after leaving the mansion, but the guards wouldn't let them.

They were dragged out of the house like hateful parasites.

On the stairs, Jeslyn was about to leave when Mulan blocked her.

"Who are you?" Mulan asked with a skeptical look on her face.

"A person who wouldn't care to know who you are. And if I may say, your sexy cleavage is too revealing, don't you think? This is a house, not a club."

Jeslyn threw Mulan the words before she sidestepped and walked away.

Mulan looked down at her dress. Truly, her cleavage was revealed and she has a reason for doing so, but getting bashed by that stranger was the height of it.

She stamped her nude heels on the smooth floor as rage built up in her. She wasn't just humiliated, she was also called a prostitute.

'I will have to deal with this stranger quickly, or else, she will be out of her control. It doesn't matter who she is. If I can send those two to prison, then what is this weakling that I cannot chase to death?'

Mulan curled her lips as ideas to deal with Jeslyn formed in her mind.

Meanwhile, Maya, who had called the securities, was standing in the sitting room, staring wide-eyed at Jeslyn who was walking down the stairs.

'What is this lady who couldn't bother to give Miss Mulan face? What is her identity?'

While Maya was thinking, Jeslyn came to stand in front of her and waved at her.

"What are you daydreaming about so early in the morning? Done with your chores?" Jeslyn asked.

"G–good morning ma'am," Maya hurriedly curtsied.

"Hmm, morning. Hope you slept well?"

The maid was shocked again. She couldn't recall what year someone had cared to ask her if she slept well.

"It seems you have a lot to think about, point me in the direction of the dining room. A maid had called me to head there."

"T–there," Maya was flustered. Wonders keep happening that she feels her mind will explode. Does she want to join the family for breakfast? Little master Valen is there too! Doesn't that mean…

By the time Maya woke up from her stupor, Jeslyn had walked far away from her. She sighed. She was about to warn her, but… leave it be.

Jeslyn arrived at the dining table with two godly beauties already there. One was a handsome man with a cold face and the other was a jaw-dropping pretty and cute boy of about 6 years old.

The 6-year-old child had a head full of black hair, his baby face was lowered to stare at the food placed in front of him.

The minute he raised his gaze to Jeslyn, she swallowed hard. The thought to steal him away flashed through her mind.

'How can a child be this cute!?' She screamed in her mind.

His brows were thick and dark, just like his father's. His pink lips were turned downwards and a small frown rested between his brows.

His large eyes which housed sparkling hazel pupils glanced at Jeslyn for a brief moment before they turned to look behind her.

Jeslyn followed his gaze and looked back to see the lady she had an altercation with earlier, walking over with the sound of her heels disturbing the quiet atmosphere.

Jeslyn rolled her eyes and walked towards the dining table.

Seeing the guest sitting on the chair beside Maverick, Mulan furrowed her brows.

No one has ever been allowed to take that seat before, so why is the guest sitting there?

While she was wondering, Mulan walked to stand beside Valen.

Jeslyn glanced at her and looked at the empty chair that was on the other end of the table without uttering a word.

'I said it, she's not an important member of the family, hmph!' She thought.

"Good morning," Jeslyn greeted Maverick and Valen.

"Hmm," Maverick answered but Valen didn't.

Mulan curled her lips in a smile when she saw Jeslyn looking at Valen. Probably expecting a reply that would never come.

"You must be Valen, I'm Jeslyn," she stretched out a hand across the table to shake Valen, but he didn't even look at her.

His eyes were still focused on the veggies placed on his plate.

Jeslyn awkwardly took her hand back and happened to see Mulan sniffing a laugh.

She rolled her eyes and rather chose to watch the maids instead, as they served her.

"What is the meaning of this?" Valen said. His voice was childish, but the coldness it held could not be ignored.

Maverick ignored him and continued eating his food.

Staring at his father, Valen continued; "I know the maids do not have the guts to serve my vegetables, only you can order them to. I don't–"

"Yo! wait for me." Rex's voice sounded from the sitting room and soon, his hurried steps could be heard.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
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"Yoo, wait for me." Rex's voice sounded from the sitting room and his hurried steps could be heard a while later.

"Ah, the family is gathered and you all were about to exclude me? What a– Jeslyn, good morning." He beamed at her.

"Good morning," Jeslyn answered.

"Your night must have been good, right?" Rex walked to the dining and took the only vacant seat while a maid wearing a black gown and a white napkin tied around her waist hurried to start serving him.

"Hmm, that can also be said," Jeslyn answered ambiguously.

While Rex and Jeslyn were talking, Mulan's head was aching. From what she knew, none of the Lu brothers had ever brought a woman home before, so who is this Jeslyn? and what position does she hold to be at the table with the Lu family, and also able to hold a smooth conversation with Rex?

"Father, I just asked you a question." Valen interrupted the conversation between Rex and Jeslyn, prompting them to shut up and look at him.

Looking at what was placed in front of Valen, Rex sighed. He doesn't need to be told of what was going on.

"Darling Valen, it was prescribed by Matt, so you can only take that," Rex intervened.

"Uncle Rex, if I recall correctly, I wasn't talking to you, right?" He glared at Rex who immediately shut his mouth and turned to focus on his food.

Jeslyn knitted her brows but said nothing.

"Valen, don't say that, he's your uncle," Mulan said in a soft voice.

Too soft for Jeslyn's liking which made her frown grow deeper. She narrowed her eyes at the child and scrutinized him all over one more time.

'Cute but rude, huh?' She snorted.

Jeslyn's reaction pulled everyone's attention to her. Like she wasn't being looked at, she continued to eat her food without paying attention to anyone.

"Hey, you, get these Veggies out of my sight and get me something appetizing," Valen said to one of the maids who had her head down.

The maid raised her head and confusion laced her face.

What would she do? Disrespecting or disobeying Master Maverick was never an option, however, little master Valen can also not be disobeyed.

'What should I do?' The maid stood rooted there in trepidation.

"Did I not just talk to someone!" Valen roared with his small voice and slapped the table. His aura suddenly turned fierce and wicked.

"Valen!" Rex called. His voice sounded fearful and pleading.

Maverick raised his head and shot Mulan a glare.

Mulan hurriedly turned to Valen and tried to talk him out of his anger.

"Little master, calm down and take it easy. I'll immediately go and get you the meal you want, you'll hurt yourself, please don't be annoyed, daddy is sorry."

At Mulan's words, Valen tuned down his anger and glared at his father.

Jeslyn bit her lips trying to suppress the rage building up in her. One of the things she hates in her life is spoilt children. She's allergic to them and never wants them having anything to do with her.

Among all the spoilt kids she had seen, Valen seems to be holding the crown.

'Stay calm, Jeslyn, stay calm,' she told herself while breathing in and breathing out.

She watched as Mulan rushed off to get Valen different dishes while the maids hurried over to clean out the healthy food they had left on the table.

The table became quiet and Rex's naturally cheerful face was replaced with bitterness and sorrow.

Maverick had his usual deadpan look on his face. Only his mouth opening once in a few seconds to allow in food, distorted his facial expression.

Jeslyn suddenly lost her appetite when she saw the table had become a ghost house.

She looked at Valen, the cause of everyone's misery. The boy was on his phone with a serious look on his handsome face.

A while later, Mulan hurried in with a few servants holding dishes.

The new dish was arranged in front of Valen. Most of them were fried food and raw food like milk, cheese, eggs that were not properly cooked, and so on.

Rex's breath hitched in his throat when he saw Valen cutting the egg and having the yoke pouring out.

Maverick wasn't saying anything but the hand holding his cutlery was having veins popping out at how tightly he was pressing the spoon against his plate.

Mulan pursed her lips as she looked at Valen.

Watching the family looking so weird and awkward, Jeslyn seemed lost. What's wrong with the kind of food Valen was eating? She also eats oily and uncooked food too, especially the egg.

Just when Valen was about to put the egg in his mouth…

"Put it down."

It was Maverick. He didn't sound like he would be taking a 'no' for an answer.

Valen closed his open mouth and dropped his cutlery.

Rex breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest like he just escaped death.

"Take the food away and bring back the veggies," Maverick ordered.

"No!" Valen yelled.

"Valen!" Maverick called with the same tone of voice.

The father and son started a stare-down contest. None wanting to back down for the other.

Those in the room except Jeslyn felt the world was ending.

"B– brother, please calm down. H– he's just a child." Rex immediately intervened.

"Y– yes master, Valen is just a child, please forgive him," Mulan added.

Jeslyn sighed and pushed away her plate of food to get up. Just when she did, everyone turned to look at her and Valen spoke up with so much anger.

He needed a place to vent and he finally got one.

"Don't you know how to do things without inducing a commotion? You are too noisy!"

"Eh?" Jeslyn looked around her, she was the only one standing and Valen was glaring at her. She knitted her brows, not believing it was her the little brat was talking to.

"If you are leaving, please hurry up and get lost! Furthermore, you can f*ck out of the house and never come back!" He scowled at Jeslyn.

Now Jeslyn was sure he was referring to her. She silently walked around the table and went to stand beside Valen after shoving Mulan out of the way.

She pulled the child up from his seat and sent him a loud 'smack' to his soft butt.

Valen's face changed and so were the people in the dining room. From the servants to Maverick.

A light flickered through Maverick's eyes before it disappeared into nothingness.

"How dare you!" Mulan roared.

"Shut the f*ck up!" Jeslyn thundered. Her anger could no longer be suppressed.

"You raised him." She pointed at Valen while her eyes spat fire at Mulan. "Only a person like you could raise such a rotten kid–"


"Don't interrupt me when I'm talking!... " Jeslyn shut Mulan up.

"Are you proud of a child like this? Do you call yourself a woman after inculcating such morals in him? A child who has no respect whatsoever. Are you happy that he only listens to you? Who are you to do that? Who gave you the right to ruin someone's child!"

Ever since Jeslyn was born, she had never been this angry, nor had she ever let her anger consume her to this extent. She also didn't know why she was feeling this way.

"Who the hell are you!" Valen screamed.

"Shut your little mouth and head to your room, right now!" Jeslyn roughly shoved the child to a maid who was staring at her like she had seen a demigod.

The maid wasn't the only one who was that way. Every single person in the dining room was not left out. They were shocked into dumbness by Jeslyn's outburst.

Maverick had his sharp eyes on Jeslyn all through and when he saw her shove his son, he almost flew out of his seat. But seeing where the child was pushed to, he relaxed.

"Send him to his room and take along his food too." She ordered the maid holding Valen.

The maid turned her head robotically to know what Maverick would say. Seeing him nod, she also nodded like a soulless puppet.

Jeslyn lowered her angry eyes at Valen. The child was still in stupefaction, he couldn't believe what was going on.

"You naughty little thing, I seriously don't care if you cause trouble later, but you see those veggies that your papa asked you to eat, you should quietly eat them all.
I have seen your ugly side and I tell you, mine is a lot worse than yours. You wouldn't want to taste it, now take him upstairs."

The maid cautiously held Valen's little hand and hurried out of the dining room with a few other maids carrying the dishes with veggies along with them.

Once Valen was gone, Jeslyn turned to look at Maverick who was also staring at her.
The silence in the dining room was enough to scare a ghost.

"How could you?" Jeslyn asked but Maverick remained silent but his eyes never left her.

Jeslyn turned to Rex who had his lips parted in amazement.

"And you too, why would you let your nephew be raised like that?"

"Eh… Ahem… Jeslyn, you see, there's a little, eh…" Rex stammered all through. How was he supposed to explain why Valen turned out to be like that? His brother wasn't saying a thing, so what can he say?

"You can't even explain," Jeslyn chuckled in rage.

She turned to look at Maverick and pointed a finger towards the entrance. "That was your child, Mr. Maverick. He's just 6 years old but already knows how to use the 'f' word. I understand that this country is not for the weak, but Mr. Maverick, raising a child to become that way is not healthy for him and the society.
I'm very sure the little display he demonstrated a while ago is just the tip of an iceberg of what he's capable of."

Jeslyn paused. She suddenly felt a sting in her eyes and a feeling she didn't know assaulted her heart. It was painful. It felt like she was betrayed.

"I'm wholly disappointed in you, Mr. Maverick," she whispered in an awkward voice. It was obvious that a little push would make her tear up.

"How dare you! Who do you think you are to butt into Mr. Maverick's–"


Jeslyn turned around without a warning and sent a resounding slap across Mulan's face.

"You don't interfere when I'm talking to my husband!" She yelled, prompting her emotions to spiral out of control.

A tear slipped from her left eye and she wiped it furiously. She took a step to stand in front of Mulan who held her right cheek and was staring dazedly at Jeslyn.

Jeslyn lowered her voice, hoping it was threatening and domineering enough before she said;

"You listen and listen well. I don't care who you are and what you are to the Lu brothers. In as much as I'm the madam of this house, and Valen is my stepson, you have no right whatsoever to butt in when I discipline Valen or talk to my husband. You get that?"

Done talking, she patted Mulan on her left cheek before she shifted her gaze to Maverick who was equally looking at her. She glared at him before walking out of the dining room.

A long while later, Mulan came around from her reverie and pointed at the door. "M– Mr. Maverick, wh– what does she mean?"

What was the meaning of 'my husband, Valen is my stepson, madam of the house?' What does that mean? Mulan refuses to believe that those phrases have the same meaning as what she already knew. It cannot be possible!

Maverick pursed his sexy pink lips while staring at the entrance. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

A few seconds later, he got up and walked out.

Mulan was still in disbelief. Her clear and pretty eyes slowly turned sparkling with liquid gathering in them. A blink would make the salty water run down her smooth cheeks.

"Y– young master Rex, wh– what is going on?" She turned to look at Rex.

Rex sighed and got up from his seat. He walked up to Mulan and reluctantly patted her shoulder before saying;

"I know you have something brewing inside you for my brother. I don't know what it is nor do I care to know. However, it is your fault. My brother brought you here to be Valen's nanny and not to fall in love with him. He pays you a huge sum of money and makes sure your family is well protected.
He was kind enough to give you more than sufficient benefits as his son's nanny. Now my brother is married and I'll advise you to kill that thing growing inside you.
You can see that my sister-in-law is not a pushover like you had thought. She can be crazy when she's furious. She's mad at you for what you tried to do to her this morning, plus Valen's behavior ticked her off.
For now, I'll tell you to not push her. I know what you are capable of and I know what you have done and what you are planning to do to get my brother to notice you. I'll only warn you once, desist.
My brother is not a good guy like me that would give you a warning or a second chance. If he could treat his loyal subjects like he does, who are you that he cannot get rid of?
For the sake of Valen, I am willing to talk this much." He patted her shoulder again. "Good luck."



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 10d


From morning till afternoon Jeslyn didn't go downstairs to eat nor did she open her door to the maids that had been knocking.

Now it's evening and she's still inside and a maid is standing outside her door, banging and ringing the doorbell with urgency.

How many hours has it been that the guest she was warned to care for by the butler hasn't eaten? She loves her job and doesn't want to be fired.

Being under master Maverick means an automatic protective shield in this hell of a country, so the young maid was frightened by the thousands of bad thoughts running through her mind.

"Ring, ring, ring!"

"Knock, knock, knock!"

"Bang, bang, bang!"

"Ma'am, please open the door!"

There's a spare key with the butler however the man couldn't be found in the large mansion.

"Step back."

The maid turned with a start at the cold voice. She hurriedly stepped out of the way and bowed her head to avoid looking at those cold eyes owned by the demonic man she was working for.

When will this master learn to make a sound while walking? Every time, he walks around like he wasn't stepping on the ground.

While the maid was thinking that, Maverick brought out a key card and slid it through the magnet reader, and waited for it to beep green before he turned the knob and opened the door.

"You may leave." He said to the maid who still had her head down before going into the room and shutting the door.

Maverick walked to the large bed and saw the girl curled up in her sleep with messy hair and a red nose. Her gorgeous face looked pale with sweat forming on her forehead.

He lowered his height and stretched his hand to touch her forehead. Maverick knitted his brows after feeling her burning forehead and stood upright. He pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

"Come to the house… now."

Maverick put his phone away and glanced around the room for a brief moment before he headed to the bathroom.

The overly gorgeous-looking man with an incredible figure came out a few seconds later with a bowl and a white towel. He sat down beside Jeslyn and turned her from the fetal position to face up.

The pale-looking Jeslyn didn't stir in her sleep for a second.

Maverick placed the towel in the bowl of water, squeezed the water out, and cleaned her face with it. The cold-looking man repeated the process a few times before folding the towel and placing it on her forehead.

He raised his hand and glanced at his inconspicuous black watch before he stood up and returned the bowl to the bathroom.

Maverick came back to sit beside the sleeping woman and glanced at her face one more time before he looked away with no changes to his facial expression.

He rested his head on the headboard with one long leg placed on the bed and the other left on the fluffy rug.

With eyes closed and expression unreadable, he stepped into the world of unknown thoughts.

A long time passed and the beeping sound of his phone ringing made him open his eyes.

Maverick's bloodshed eyes flashed in the direction of the phone and the murderous look in his eyes dissipated a little. When he closed and opened his eyes again, only the redness could be seen and his face had returned to its normal emotionless state.

He stretched his hand to the top of the drawer to take his phone while looking at Jeslyn who didn't stir from the ringtone of the phone.

Answering the call, Maverick listened to what the other party was saying without uttering a word before he took the phone off his ears and placed it back on the top of the drawer.

Soon, the door dinged and a maid pushed it open. She bowed to the man sitting on the bed before stepping aside for the doctor to come in.

The doctor, a young man that was no older than Maverick, with his hair dyed white, walked into the room, holding a black suitcase.

He placed the suitcase on the bed and started to open it while saying: "I thought you called me for your son. Who is she?"

Maverick ignored him and closed his eyes with his head resting on the board again.

"I knew you wouldn't answer that. Rex left a message in the group saying someone got married. With this lady here, I think the answer is obvious."

Maverick didn't say a word and the doctor sighed. "I told you to sleep a lot but I know you never listen. Your eyes are red and your face–"

"Stop talking and do your job," Maverick said in a passive voice like the person he was talking to meant so little to him.

"If only I can. As your doctor, I think you should listen to me once in a while. Take a few days to rest. Your health is just as important as your son's. You can always run the–"

"Matt, don't push it." Maverick's voice came again like nothing, making doctor Matt sigh and shake his head.

He focused his attention on the woman lying on the bed and checked her temperature before injecting her.

"She has a high fever but that's not all. I'll take her blood sample to the lab. Am I permitted?"


"Good." Doctor Matt drew Jeslyn's blood in a syringe before he kept away his materials and threw a pill bottle beside Maverick. "That's all I can help you with. I'll see you tomorrow morning with the result of her condition."

Maverick didn't open his eyes nor said a goodbye word until he heard the clicking sound of the door.

He slowly opened his eyes and turned to look at the green bottle lying beside him. He picked it up and glanced at it. He made a throwing gesture, but before he could throw it into the bin standing quietly by the side of the door, he glanced at the sleeping Jeslyn, looked at the bottle in his hand before he got up, took his phone, and walked out.

Jeslyn opened her eyes to something covering her view. She took it off her face and sluggishly sat up. She raised the fabric and saw it was a white towel.

Touching her forehead, it wasn't burning up nor was she feeling any discomfort. Wondering why a damp towel was placed on her forehead, she got down from the bed and dizziness washed over her.

She swayed and immediately held the bed for support.

"Tsk, what is wrong with me now?"

She murmured to herself before she slowly raised herself to stand for a while. When she felt that she could walk without falling, she took the towel and walked towards the bathroom to spread the towel and also wash up.

Coming back to the room, Jeslyn saw a maid standing by the door with a tray. On the tray were dishes tightly sealed.

"Good evening, ma'am, master said your food should be delivered to your room," the maid spoke out with her head lowered.

"Oh, keep it there," Jeslyn pointed to the table.

"Yes, ma'am," the maid walked hurriedly to the table and placed the tray of food on it.

"Ma'am, master said you should eat something light and healthy because it's already late at night, so I brought you some light meal." The maid explained while opening the plates of food.

"What time is it?" Jeslyn asked as she stared at the garnished pasta, a plate of grilled fish, fruits, dessert, and juice being arranged on the table.

"It's almost 11:00 PM, ma'am," the maid answered while taking the tray away.

"So late?" Jeslyn frowned. For how long did she sleep?

"Ma'am, please," The maid gestured with her hand to the table before she took a few steps to the side.

Jeslyn had already washed up in the bathroom earlier, so she sat on the couch and started to eat, after all, she was famished.

All through Jeslyn's food, the maid had her head down and didn't dare to look at her.

"Lady, what's your name?" Jeslyn asked.

"My name is Maya, ma'am."

Jeslyn's hand paused and she turned her head to look at the maid. She examined her from head to toe and her frown grew deeper. 'Why do they have the same height?'

"Raise your head and look at me," Jeslyn commanded with a cold voice, totally different from her usual cute tone.

The maid slowly did as told.

Looking at the maid, she was far prettier than that betrayer and they looked nothing alike.

"Do you have another name?" Jeslyn asked.

"No, ma'am," answered the maid.

"Oh... Then it would be hard for you to stay around me..."

"N–no, If you don't like my name ma'am, you can give me another." The maid hurriedly cut her off.

Sending her away? The master would punish her if he finds out that his guest wasn't satisfied with her.

Jeslyn raised a brow, "you are good with your name getting changed?"

"Yes, ma'am," the maid answered while nodding.

What is a change of name? She'll agree to change her family a thousand times if that would mean that she would continue to be under her master Maverick's protective umbrella.

Jeslyn nodded slightly before turning her gaze back to her food. "That's good then. From now on, I'll call you....hmm... Let me think of a better name. I'm still eating, when I'm done."

The maid smiled when she saw how the young lady changed from seriousness to being playful like a chameleon. She knew that the master cannot be friends with soft people.

A while later, Jeslyn put down her cutlery and blurted out instinctively, "Riya, get the plates out."

Maya knitted her brows in confusion. She was the only one here, so who is Riya?

Jeslyn looked up at Maya and said without a smile or the usual softness in her voice. "Riya.... I'll call you Riya from now on."

Maya smiled after her puzzlement had been cleared. "Yes, ma'am," the maid curtsied before stepping forward to get the dishes.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 10d


A while later, Jeslyn put down her cutlery and blurted out instinctively, "Riya, get the plates out."

Maya knitted her brows in confusion. She was the only one here, so who is Riya?

Jeslyn looked up at Maya and said without a smile or the usual softness in her voice. "Riya.... I'll call you Riya from now on."

Maya smiled after her puzzlement had been cleared. "Yes, ma'am," the maid curtsied before stepping forward to get the dishes.

"Uhm... Riya, is the young master back?"

"Young master Rex doesn't live here, ma'am."

"I meant your master's son."

The dishes made a clicking sound as the maid's hands shook and accidentally hit the dishes together.

"M–ma'am, why are you asking about little master Valen?" The maid asked with a tinge of uncertainty in her voice.

"Oh, it's nothing. I've been hearing about him quite a lot, so I thought of seeing him in person."

"Oh... That's right. Little master Valen is popular in country M but no one knows him."

"What do you mean?"

"He doesn't go public. The Lu family hides him from sight, so no one knows him."

"D–did you say, Lu family?!" Jeslyn subconsciously screamed in terror.

"Y–yes, ma'am. Didn't you know?" The maid frowned a little.

In country M, there are a few families that are on the ladder of success. The Lu family, the Yu family, and the Xu family.

Those three families are the top dogs in the country that must not be provoked and their names are known throughout the world.

There are two branches of the Lu family. Maverick, Valen, and Rex makes one, while the other relatives make the other. (Maverick's branch is the second branch he formed on his own.)

The second branch of the Lu family tends to keep a low profile. Although, the second branch of the Lu family has been keeping a low profile, people from country M still know who the young masters are.

Their names are unique to them alone, and that was why when Jeslyn asked like she was surprised, Maya felt suspicious.

If Jeslyn was connected to Maverick, she is supposed to know the household he's from, right?

As the maid's face was turning ugly with every weird thought that crossed her mind, Jeslyn suddenly chuckled.

"You are really fun to be with. Your expression was priceless. I think I like you... Just a little," Jeslyn beamed.

She just realized that her reaction didn't go well with Maya, so she decided to act smart.

The maid smiled. She was happy that her master's guest liked her to the extent of playing around with her, albeit, a little.

However, that means a lot to someone like her. It means she might get noticed by the master soon.

After all, for the master to bring home a guest means that he has a considerable amount of likeness for them as an acquaintance.

"So, Riya, have a seat, I have some questions for you."

Hearing that, Riya took a step back and her temperament changed.

Seeing this, Jeslyn sighed. In country M, a person doesn't randomly call another, especially a stranger to sit for some question and answer sections.

Asking or answering such questions might result in a person's misfortune and worse case, the annihilation of their family.
Especially when the question is related to the three top dogs of the country.

Every time, the cops dress as normal citizens and roam around fishing for information to pin down the evildoers. They also use other people too, including children.

They might scheme for a child to be adopted by their target and use that child to fish out information regarding the families they had their eyes on.
So that's why the citizens don't trust anyone who wants to ask them questions. Especially on the three top families.

Maya doesn't want to offend the Lu family even though it's by mistake. Because offending the Lu brothers is the same as calling for a tribulation thunder on oneself and their family.

Which is what Maya was trying to prevent.

"Hey, don't be like that. I know the rules of the country, so I'm not going to ask you for secrets. Besides, what would you know about your master anyway?" Jeslyn rolled her eyes.

That's right. Maya doesn't know anything about Maverick or Rex, but she certainly knows about Valen.

Maya sighed, "Ma'am, I don't really know anything about the family. My work is to serve the masters and tidy the house, please pardon me and do not be angry, I'm sorry I lack sufficient knowledge."

Jeslyn waved her hand. "That's fine, that's fine, you don't have to cry."

She sighed and rested her jaw on her palms with her elbows on the table.

"If only I glanced through the contract... Sigh..." she sighed again.

"Riya, you should leave now. I believe it's already late into the night."

"No, ma'am, I was asked to wait on you."

Jeslyn shook her head. "I just woke up a while ago and might not be going to sleep until morning."

"B– but, what do I tell the butler? He'll be angry."

"Tell him I chased you away. You can leave now."

"Yes, ma'am." Maya bowed before she left with the dishes.

After the maid left, Jeslyn got up and did some exercise to aid digestion. Done with the activity, she became bored and started to miss her phone.

She sighed one more time. "I don't even know what is going on outside and what those fickle 300,000 fans of mine are saying about me. I bet I only have 50,000 fans left."

While talking to herself, her eyes roamed the room and zoomed in on a laptop placed on top of her bed.

"Is that a laptop? Why didn't I see it when I woke up?" She hurried to the bed and climbed into it before grabbing the flat and weightless laptop.

"Wow... So Impressive. Lightweight and cream color. I like this." She opened it and powered it on.

The laptop had nothing on it which means it was brand new.

She configured the laptop and logged into her Chatme app– the top social media app used in most of the countries.

Logging into her account, Jeslyn gasped at the massive inbox, comments, and tags she saw.

Even the number of her fans was dwindling. From 300,000, they have dwindled to 2,000+ and she was sure that the next time she comes back, they should have reduced to 0.

After a while of staring speechlessly at the numbers, she clicked her tongue.

"Tch, my manager couldn't even handle my account. What a wonderful company."

She scrolled through her page and occasionally stopped to read a few headlines and comments.

[ Breaking News!
Uprising singer, Jeslyn Lee, killed her grandfather! ]

[ News Flash!
D-list singer Jeslyn Lee abandoned her fiance of 5 years on the altar! ]

[ New Discoveries!
Young master Ray betrayed singer, Jeslyn Lee! ]

[ Unbelievable!
Jeslyn proved innocent!

Jeslyn ordered her husband to run innocent sister, Christine Wales down with his car! ]

"Ha, media... It's a pity the car didn't run her over though, I wish it did." Jeslyn clicked on the comment. Reading the people's take on it, she sighed.

'Cold-blooded murderer!'
'Jeslyn, get out of the entertainment industry!'
'I used to be her fan, but at this point, I have had enough! I'm no longer her fan anymore!'
'Bypass Jeslyn and her music!'
'I second that!'
'Where the hell is she? Why isn't she coming out to talk to us?'
'What does she have to say? I'm starting to believe that she really killed her grandfather because he willed all his properties to Christine. Then she made her assistant take the blame.'
'That makes sense. These days, we no longer know what's true and what's a lie. Poor Maya.'
'I knew from the start of her debut that Jeslyn was a snake under the green grass. She only looks innocent and cute on the surface, but her heart is dark!'

Jeslyn closed the comment section and went to her inbox... 50,000+ messages.

"Wooo...take it easy on my account you hateful b!tches! That's more than my true fans already!"

She clicked open the messages. As she already knew, most of them were threats and malicious messages from people.

"Christine, you did a remarkable job. You know your assignment." Jeslyn said through gritted teeth when she saw that the few tens of messages she read were about her 'running' Christine over.

"Are these people blind? Who did the car run her over? She wasn't even standing in front of the car… or is there another meaning to 'run' over someone?"

She scrolled through a few of the messages in annoyance like she had a particular message in mind.

The minute she spotted the name, she blurted, "got ya!"

Manager Miles, her manager at Delly entertainment for four years and a half. They used to be good friends and she was waiting to see her take on this matter.

'Jeslyn, I'm so disappointed in you. If your grandfather's case was a setup, how about Christine's matter? You almost killed Christine! I saw the video, so don't you dare lie to me!
Christine did all of that for your sake, yet you had the heart to do that to her. I had thought I could remain your friend even after the company dissolved your contract, but as it is now, I feel disgusted even dropping this message for you.
Sign the contract termination I sent to your email and send me a copy. Don't bother showing your face to the company, no one wants to see you. Enjoy your life in hiding, good day!'

Jeslyn sighed and rubbed her temple with her fingers. "What a friend, indeed."

As she was about to scroll again, she caught sight of…

"Ray? What does he want?"

She opened the message out of pure curiosity and suddenly laughed out loud. Her voice was filled with hurt, she sniffed back her tears and opened the message.

'Jeslyn, where are you?'

Jeslyn stared at the message for a long while without answering. It caught her by surprise that Ray of all people was asking her this.

Just when she was about to close the chat, another message was sent.

'I have searched everywhere for you... Are you with that contracted wild man?'

Jeslyn stared at the message without any intention to respond.

He was online and his status shows he was busy typing.

'I know you are there. Jeslyn, come back home, we need to talk.'

'I know that you are mad at me, well... I did all that because... Anyway, forget it.'

'You have reciprocated by abandoning me on the altar and marrying a wild man.'

'About your grandpa Lee, I think I should apologize.'

At this junction, Jeslyn tapped the keyboard. Her facial expression was as clear as a calm lake. There was absolutely nothing to make one think she was mad or happy, however with the force she was hitting the keyboard, a passerby would understand that the lady was a step away from killing someone.

'This should be the last time I hear you talk or see you write about my grandfather. You want me to come back? Sure, I will, but after I have handmade your coffin'.

With that, she hit the send button and closed his chat to prevent seeing his response.

Jeslyn scrolled over the other messages and saw two notifications she didn't expect to see. They were messages from Emma and Ava.

Those girls weren't her friends but they had stopped her a few times to warn her about Ray, but she paid no heed.

"Are you two going to rub it on my face? How bad can it be? Let me just read."

She opened Emma's message and what she saw left her flabbergasted.

'Hey, Jeslyn, sorry I didn't come for the trial and all, I was out of the country for a tour.
I'm not surprised about Ray though, but your sister, Christine, I was caught off guard.
Anyway, that's not what I'm here to say. Sorry about your grandfather. Please accept my condolences and stay strong. Where ever you are right now, think of your well-being and don't do stupid things. Those people have to pay and you are the only one fit to ruin them.
I'm a DM away if you need my help with anything'.

Jeslyn felt a sting in her eyes. How could a stranger she detested be this nice to her whereas her family...

She opened Ava's message and just like Emma, Ava was also sympathizing with her and wishing her the best.

'I never thought you'd be given such massive blows all at once. I'm so sorry for not showing up at the court. My manager forbade me to have anything to do with you. You know how the masses are.
However, I heard that Christine has been making plans with your manager for a few years now to be a signed artist under her.
It also seems she was one of those newbies the company was training in secret and it left me wide-eyed that they kept that hidden too.
Anyway, I intend to tell you that aside from the little I can do for you if you ever need me, I'll be helping you 'take care' of that bitchy sister of yours until you are mentally and emotionally alright to take over.
I also hope this would serve as a great lesson to you.
Please be fine. Reply to me when you see this, it would make me feel less worried'.

"Hahahaha…" Jeslyn wiped the tear from under her left eye. She wasn't expecting this from the girls she never looked at twice.

"That's right. Being too nice has taught me a bitter lesson. Though, I'm not sure if being evil or a little smarter could have helped anyway since the scheme was so deep. But I'll be more careful now.
Also, I'm perfectly fine, I have cried all I should and would be stepping out of the limelight for a while. Thank you so much, Ava. I'm grateful.
However, about Christine, don't do anything to her. She has a strong backing and you might suffer in the long run. Let her ride the horse for now, soon, I'll take it back."

After she typed the reply, she hit the send button and watched as the message was ticked with a blue mark before she left the chat while ignoring the incessant messages coming from Ray.

She logged out of Chatme and went to check her company's website to see the news.

As expected, news of her leaving Delly entertainment, and their cutting all ties with her filled everywhere.

The one that caught her attention aside from her news was the one relating to Christine.

[ To our lovely fans,
Christine Wales has been signed by Delly entertainment. Her talent is exceptional and her debut date will be further communicated to you all. Please support her on her new journey.
Management. ]

Jeslyn stared at the news for a while before she chuckled and then burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter mixed with hot tears.

She cried silently for a while and lay on her bed with her back while looking at the white ceiling, thinking of what to do next and how to start.

"One year, just one year," She murmured to herself.



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"F*ck! Where the hell are you, Jeslyn?!" Ray ruffled his hair in frustration.

"What about that lawyer and her…" he paused. How can he call that stranger her husband? He refused to give that pauper that title. "...that stranger she contracted to marry her?"

"Ehm… we couldn't find anything about them. They seem to never exist."

"That's not possible. Go and look into them! Don't come back here if you don't find anything about that contracted husband and lawyer!"

"Yes, young master." The guard bowed and left with his people.

Ray narrowed his eyes as he thought of where Jeslyn was. "Jeslyn, I hope you are not with that contracted man–"

His eyes widened like he had gotten his answer and he threw the glass of wine in his hand against the TV that was reporting on the court case of two days ago.

Yes, it had been two days already and Ray still couldn't find Jeslyn.

After he left the bar, he went to the places he believed Jeslyn would be. Using the keys she had given him to all her apartments and houses, he opened the doors but found no Jeslyn.

Those keys that were up to 8 were given to him whenever she was gifted or bought a new house but he had never thought of using them until two nights ago.

He didn't know why he went there nor how he went there, but when he couldn't find her, something he didn't know he would feel for her erupted in his heart.

At first, he felt fear and immediately called the young Miss and Christine, thinking they had done something to her because while doing his own path a few months ago, he made sure they promised him that they were never going to harm her after they had taken her property.

That decision of his had caused the young Miss to fight him for a few weeks before they reconciled.

After he got to know that no one touched Jeslyn, he thought she went to one of the rest houses to cry, but his guards couldn't find her there either, so he started to panic.

For two days he had been on her case and was even thinking of getting the police involved until he thought of the possibility that she was with that wild contracted man.

"Jeslyn, you better not dare!" He roared.

The front door burst open and Ray's friend walked into the house with rage. "Ray, what did you do to Jeslyn? How could you do that to the woman you love?!"

"Shut the f*ck up frank! How many times do I have to tell you that I don't love her? I don't love Jeslyn!" Ray roared.

"You do, you a*shole!" Frank retorted with the same amount of energy. He walked up to Ray in large strides and stood in front of him.

"Ray, I said, you love her!" With eyes spitting fire and a voice filled with anger, he said to Ray with gritted teeth, waiting for him to deny his feelings one more time.

"I don't–"


A heavy punch landed on the side of Ray's mouth.

Ray felt that. It was damn painful, but still, he had no zeal to fight back. Instead, for some reason he didn't know, he wanted more of that punch.

"You d*ckhead, I know how much I love Jeslyn, but I stayed back when you got into the picture. I couldn't drag a woman with my best friend and when I saw how happy she was with you, I was also happy, but what did you do? You broke her for greed!
If I had known before now that you were only playing games with her despite loving her so much, I would have taken her away from you.
When did you intend to tell me about this huh? So if I hadn't forced your sister to spill the beans, I would have still been in the dark, thinking Jeslyn betrayed you on the altar and you sought revenge by testifying against her in court.
You knew I didn't go to court, you knew I hate the news, yet you didn't intend to tell me the truth?!
Ray, this will be the first and last chance I'm giving you. If you don't find Jeslyn and bring her back here, I'll ruin you… along with your family." Frank spat out before storming out.

Ray lost his momentum and staggered to sit on the couch behind him.

Frank was a classmate with Jeslyn and the two got to know each other after Ray got into a relationship with Jeslyn.

Frank has a dubious origin that even Ray, his alleged best friend, couldn't find out. He is the young master of the second richest family in Rose City and has stuck with Ray for some reason since his return to the city five years ago.

Ray had no idea that his best friend was in love with his woman until now. What the f*ck has he done?!

Losing Jeslyn and Frank were the two things he didn't want to ever happen to him.

He doesn't want to lose Jeslyn, not because he loves her, but because he can't let her go, especially not after the humiliation.

Yes, his feelings for Jeslyn are not clear. He doesn't know what he feels, but he was sure that whatever he feels, hatred is part of it.

As for Frank, well, there's a mystery around him that Ray wants to unravel. Aside from that, he genuinely likes to be around Frank.

"What the f*ck is wrong with me?!" Ray pulled at his thick black hair in frustration with reddened eyes and bleeding lips.

That injury left on the corner of his lower lip was so deep that it would take a few weeks to heal.

Christine on the other hand has been discharged from the hospital and was just entering the Chen mansion.

Getting out of the car, she looked around her environment and got lost in deep thought for a while before she stepped into the house.

The minute she did, confetti and cheerful voices welcomed her.

"Welcome home, young Miss Christine!"

The rows of servants in brown uniforms and white aprons exclaimed.

Christine nodded with a faint smile while her eyes darted around the luxurious sitting room. It was beautiful, but the Lee house was prettier.

"Welcome back home, child," Mr. And Mrs. Wales stepped forward and hugged Christine in a tight embrace.

"Thank you mom, dad," she smiled stiffly.

"Older sister, welcome home!"

The cute voice of a little girl of about 6–7 years old sounded, and very soon, a girl in a braided ponytail, decorated with a pink tiara and pins, wearing a pink school uniform trotted over and hugged Christine's thighs.

Christine looked down at the child and smiled brightly before picking her up.

"Older sister, Chi chi missed you," she hugged Christine around the neck.

"Older sister missed you too."

"Are you going back to those bad people?"

"No, not anymore. I'm done with work and will stay here with you."

"What about older, older sister? When will she join us?"

Christine stayed silent for a while before she said: "Call her eldest sister and call me older sister."

"Ok, eldest sister."

"That sounds better… As for when sister would return, I have no idea, she's very busy at the moment." Christine said that while looking at her parents who shook their heads.

"Chi chi baby, come, let your nanny take you to school before you get late." Mrs. Wales peeled the child out of Christine's arms and handed her to a lady in a servant's uniform.

"Bye," the child waved at them as she was being carried away.

After the child left, Christine brushed her gaze through the servants that had their heads down and said: "you all should return to your duties and sweep this rubbish off the floor. They look disgusting." The voice was not as welcoming as it was a while ago.

"Yes, miss," the servants scattered after that. Some went to get cleaning tools to get rid of the confetti littering the floor.

"Christine, see me in my study," Mr. Wales said and headed upstairs.

Christine and her mother followed behind him, with Christine's mother holding her arm.

Inside the study room, Mr. Wales looked at his wife and daughter sitting on the couch in front of him with a stern look on his face.

"What is that sister of yours up to? What does she mean by the whole property should be transferred to her? Jeslyn is my daughter too and I have the right over those properties more than your sister does!"

"Father, I don't care what you and my older sister had. However, I'm not in for your drama. Sister wanted the properties and she plotted for years to get them.

If you had also wanted the properties, you should have plotted when you married Alice, but no, you were busy enjoying the marriage… as if cheating on mom wasn't enough, you got her pregnant and she gave birth to that idiot, Jeslyn.

Don't get me involved in your fight with my sister. Sort out your problems. I'm heading back to transfer all the properties to her like she instructed." Christine stood up, ready to leave but her father's roar made her sit back down.

"You dare take a step from that place!"

"Dad, what exactly do you want? You don't expect me to disobey sister for you, do you?" She raised a brow at him.

"Both of you take it easy. Wales, Christine is not wrong. You know the daughter you gave birth to. You know what she's capable of doing if she doesn't get her way. She wouldn't mind striping you off everything you own just to prove a point. Let Christine give her the properties. After all, we already have enough wealth.

As for you, Christine, I have told you times without numbers that your father did nothing wrong by staying with Alice for so long. I permitted it and thanks to that decision, we are this wealthy…"

"Notwithstanding, he deserves to be hated. A man who could do that to his wife and daughter isn't worthy to be called a man!" With that said, Christine glared at her father and got up before storming out of the room.

It wasn't that she found fault with what they did to Jeslyn and her mother. She was only upset that people kept rubbing it in her face that she was enjoying the privilege of being rich because she was adopted.

She had spoken to her father multiple times to tell the world that she wasn't adopted, but he wouldn't, saying it was for the greater good.

Now, after the greater good, he got nothing from his sacrifices and he's mad about it.

Well, let him be mad because Christine is also angry at him for how her life had turned out.

She would forever be at the mercy of Jeslyn and her family for the rest of her life. Who likes that?



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 21d


Jeslyn had thought she was thinking that in her mind until she heard a snicker.
She paused her fingers on the document and raised her head slowly to look at the man in front of her. She blinked and blinked again.

'Huh? I thought I heard him sniffle a laugh. Why is his face still looking like a robot's? Perhaps I was thinking too much.' She shrugged her shoulders and continued to flip the pages without reading anything.

Jeslyn sighed again. All her contracts were handled by Maya and Christine. She dislikes reading these 'tiny' words filled with clauses, party A, party B, rights, and so on.

Don't these lawyers get tired? She sighed again. She picked up the pen on the table and just when she was about to put down her signature, Maverick pulled the contract off the table.

"Jeslyn Lee, you haven't read the terms and conditions, you don't know what your duties are, you haven't read what you should expect of me, how you should treat my son, what to expect of him–"

"Mr. Somebody I don't know his name, I hate reading–"

"Maverick," he interrupted her with narrowed eyes.

"Eh?" She looked at him in a stupor. Those narrowed eyes sent goosebumps crawling under her skin. She swallowed as her heartbeat took another beating tune.

Seeing how the bunny in front of him was changing from a happy and cute girl to a withdrawn cat shivering under the rain, he suppressed the air around him and explained: "Call me Maverick, that's my name."

"Oh, Mr. Maverick…" She draws the name on her tongue while repeating it, checking how it sounds, and also thinking of the meaning.

After a while, she slowly nodded while thinking, 'it makes sense that he bears that name, it suits him perfectly because he doesn't look, behave, nor give her the feeling of how humans are. It's understandable though, this is country M'.

She cleared her throat awkwardly when she saw him looking at her.

"Ehm, Mr. Maverick, I believe that you won't sell me, deprive me of food and sleep, stop me from fulfilling my dreams, and the most important thing, I believe you will not prevent me from seeking revenge."

Her face turned fierce at the mention of revenge.

Those people, if she doesn't skin them alive, she'll leave the face of the earth in the most hateful and dishonored way.

Her name will be painted around the world and also will get a place in the book of world records as the most disgusting human to ever live. This she pledged.

For a brief moment, Maverick pursed his lips when he saw her brief transformation.

'She's faking her persona!' He thought.

It wasn't known if Jeslyn showed that fierce and evil side of hers out of hatred for her enemies or if she was subconsciously showing the real her, but whatever it was, Maverick got to understand that she wasn't a harmless bunny.

He had been thinking all these while of how he would make her adjust to the lifestyle and the gloomy air of country M, it seems that's not necessary now.

Jeslyn beamed at him after her thought and clicked the pen, ready to sign.

"You should know that once you sign that, you–"

He paused when she dragged the contract to her side and signed it before he got to finish his words. He slowly shook his head and stopped talking. She was definitely going to regret not reading it.

There were some conditions in there that he expected her to protest about, like the— no intimacy rule, hidden marriage from the public, treating Valen like she would treat her son– meaning, condoning his excesses, and other bizarre conditions.

"Done. Even though I didn't read it, it took me almost 5 minutes to sign everything. Mr. Maverick, why are there so many pages? There are literally more than 50 pages. Why is it so much?" Jeslyn tilted her head in perplexity while looking at his gorgeous face.

"It doesn't matter anymore, you already signed it."

"No, wait, I can trash it. Another can be sent, right?" She blinked.

Maverick looked at his wife speechlessly for a while before thinking: 'Jeslyn, are you this careless or just acting stupid?'

He'll never know.

"I don't do second chances." He picked up the document and stood up. "You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want– in the house, but the rooms on this floor are off limits, only this room is open to you on this floor."

Jeslyn nodded.

"The servants will call you downstairs for your meal. You can decide to have your meals in your room, but joining the family will be better for your task with Valen."

"W– what is my task with your son?" That's right, she doesn't know.

"You missed the chance of finding out when you didn't read the contract. I don't give second chances, so find out for yourself." He walked out after that.

"Say, Jeslyn, why are you this ridiculous? Your brain needs to be checked in the hospital, ah." Jeslyn murmured to herself while slowly slapping her head. So dumb!

"I don't even know how old this child is, what he's like, what he loves and hates… Why exactly am I still living? With this brain of mine, I should have been chewed out in the entertainment industry by those wolves."

She sighed one more time before she got up and walked out of the room with the thought: ' Whatever that boy is, he's just a child and I can spank him if he's rotten. Hehehe…'

Talking about rotten children, Jeslyn would prefer to be barren than have one. She calls them; the agent of short life, home destroyers, heart attackers, and any bad name she could think of.

She'll be like, 'how can only one child be this troublesome? Giving parents headaches and anxiety. I'll certainly send my child for adoption if he or she turns out to be a rotten brat.'

Well, Maverick's child has to be good-behaved due to how Maverick is. She thought.

Jeslyn returned to her room and sat on her bed, thinking about her matters. She still couldn't believe that her dearest grandfather was dead. She slowly closed her watery eyes as the tears fell down her cheeks.
It hurts so badly. She didn't get to see his body before he was cremated. She didn't see his ashes and also, the most painful part is that she didn't get to bid him farewell or attend his funeral.

That must be the reason she isn't able to move on. All this while, she didn't get a place… this quiet to think about her sorrows.

She had two unfeeling friends in prison who wouldn't want to see her mourn or lament. Now that she is finally alone, she can cry now, right?

"Grandfather," her lips shook. It hurts… Mentioning his name hurts very much.

"I miss you a lot…" she broke down in tears as she wailed like she had never before.

Jeslyn didn't feel this way when her mother died and that was because she woke up after two years from a coma. Although she cried for a few weeks, she didn't feel the kind of pain she was feeling right now.

Her mother was the strong-headed type of woman who wouldn't tell Jeslyn she loved her but would rather do things to make her know how important Jeslyn was to her.

Ms. Alice was the type that would frown at Jeslyn for playing with dirt and wearing her slippers wrongly.

She was the type that prefers to fight for her daughter instead of letting her daughter fight for herself.

She wanted Jeslyn to only see the goodness in life and protected her so tightly from the evil of the world and that was the reason Ms. Alice didn't let Jeslyn and grandpa Lee meet for a long time.

Grandpa Lee, on the other hand, was the type of grandfather who would rather join Jeslyn to play with dirt than pull her away.

He was the kind of old man that would wear his shoes the wrong way when Jeslyn does, just to make her happy.

Grandpa Lee was the type of man who would rather let Jeslyn fight her own battles than do it for her. He would stand by the side to blow a whistle to cheer her on.

He wanted Jeslyn to see that the world is like an ocean, beautiful with amazingly gorgeous creatures, but at the same time, the deadliest when she dives into it.

He would tell her, "my child, playing at the bank of the ocean just to admire the beauty is a wonderful thing but not an achievement. However, going into the ocean to see the dangers underneath it and also to learn how to survive those perils is the best achievement you can ever have.
I'm old now and one of these days I will join your mother, but what about you? You and your sister will be the only ones left in the Lee family.
The Lee family might look peaceful and happy at the moment, but when I die, enemies will pour out. Those that would come for the Lee cooperation would, the enemies I made along the road to success would come for you, the homes that were wrecked due to my indirect involvement would show up, and mostly, your beast of a father will come too.
What will you do then? Learn to be strong, grow a thick skin, and hide your emotions under the facade of whatever persona you choose to display.
When the world thinks you are weak, your enemies would go easy on you, then dissolving their attacks would be a walk in the park for you.
I made the mistake of allowing your grandmother to teach your mother that way, but I won't make that mistake with you. If your mother had not gone away from home and went to live with that father of yours in country G, breaking all communications with me because I showed displeasure for that husband of hers, her life would have taken a different turn.
I only got to know about your mother's dilemma when she came back home without you. I wanted to destroy your father but she didn't allow me, saying it would hit you too hard.
Child, whatever you do in the future, never forget the lessons I taught you. Never show your weakness to anyone…"

Jeslyn screamed in pain after remembering her grandfather's life lesson. He had sat her down beside him on the field after they finished playing golf on that day.

"You were my pillar, grandpa. I rested my whole weight on you, but why did you let me fall so hard and didn't give me a heads-up?
Grandfather, they killed me along with you. They didn't just take your life but dug your granddaughter's heart out. They showed me the cruelty of life the hard way. I will not forgive them. They took you away from me…"

Jeslyn's voice couldn't contain her agony. She felt the pain she had been buckling up tearing at her heart. The pain was unbearable.

She curled herself on her bed and muffled her voice with a creamy pillow. The river of tears gushing out of her eyes wet the pillow like it was soaked in water.

Jeslyn stayed in that fetal position as she cried from that morning until the afternoon before falling asleep… curled up.

"Where is she?" Ray asked the men in black standing in front of him with their heads bowed.

"We are sorry young master Ray, we couldn't find her."

"What do you mean you couldn't find her?!... Where have you searched?"

"Everywhere she could have possibly been–"

"Have you searched her holiday house? The beach? The snow house? The resort? The Lee resting house? The park house? The paint house? The glass house?!..."

"Yes, young master. We searched all the places you asked us to…including the apartment given to her by her agency."

"F*ck! Where the hell are you, Jeslyn?!" Ray ruffled his hair in frustration.



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alexclara✓☆ 🏆81 🌟79Precious Nnenna Okechukwu
4mo 24d


Rex sighed and motioned Jeslyn to sit down before he started to explain things to her, but what exactly?

Jeslyn sat down with a skeptical look on her face. She had heard of country M. In fact, the whole world knows of country M, but what she doesn't understand is why she is in this villainous place.

Country M is known for her two names 'paradise in hell' and 'kindness is lost'.

Country M is the house for the wealthiest and most demonic set of humans that could ever exist in the world.

Committing all the sins there are in the book is their fort. Although, they do it diplomatically.

They don't go about stealing along the streets or picking up a lady on the road to rape. Carrying out 'petty' crimes like that is considered the work of a weakling and such practices are frowned upon.

Being able to survive in country M automatically means the person has a dead heart.

From the police to the citizens are horrible humans and only a handful of people could be said to be 'kind' and that 'kindness' is extended to some members of their families and friends alone.

Although that might be it, there are still few who know what love is and they aren't stingy to show it.

However, the lover and the loved has to be at the top of the game, or else the enemies lurking around would use that against them. After all, the struggle to be at the pinnacle is no joke.

Getting dragged into a country like that would certainly make a faint-hearted person like Jeslyn pee on themselves.

"Miss Jeslyn, I don't know what happened, but from what I understand, I don't think it was my brother who married you, but rather, you married him, correct?"

Jeslyn slowly nodded and glanced at the man whose head was on the headrest of the chair.

"Good. It was your fault for not knowing who you were marrying, so…"

"I want a divorce!" Jeslyn immediately yelled.

Rex choked on his words and his voice disappeared while he looked at his brother who also happened to be looking at Jeslyn.

Seeing those menacing eyes staring at her, Jeslyn shrank her neck, almost curling on the couch.

"Our deal was one year," he said. From his hard voice, it was obvious he wouldn't be welcoming anything else except that deal.

"B– but what I married you for is over now, I lost." She didn't know where the courage came from, but she was glad it came.

"I also had a condition and I said it, didn't I?" Maverick asked with his thick dark brown raised.

"Huh? You said what? I didn't hear you state your condition." She refused to be cornered or forced to live in this hellish country, especially not with this man that reeked of wickedness.

"It so happens that I need a woman for my brat... I said something like that, did I not?" He quoted what he said that day before he agreed to the deal.

Jeslyn blinked and knitted her brows, trying to recall but she couldn't remember much. All she could recollect was him saying 'brat and deal' before she pulled him away.

"It doesn't matter if you don't remember, the deal cannot be changed. As for the contract, my lawyer will bring it over in a while."

"..." Jeslyn stared incredulously at him. Can this be called kidnapping?

"Valen will be coming home soon, get the servants to return to the mansion and set everything in place for him." Maverick got up after entrusting the task to Rex.

"Got that, brother."

"Come with me," Maverick said to Jeslyn who was wordlessly regretting her actions on that day.

She got up like a confused robot and slowly walked behind him. She didn't know or care about where he was taking her to. She made the wrong decision, so she could only abide by his rules now.

She had never heard of where a contractor suddenly became the contracted. What an amazing life she's living.

Jeslyn followed Maverick out of the house, wondering where he was taking her until she realized he was showing her around the massive building!

Should she laugh or cry at this predicament? Was this the right time to show her around the house? She was already feeling like dying when she realized she was in country M and this man is showing her around the house, is he for real? What eyes is he expecting her to admire the beauty of the house with?

"Ehm, Mr… don't you think it's not right to be doing this right now when my brain has been fed with too much trouble to swallow? My brain is already suffering from indigestion and you are giving me more, please can I return to the house? I want to rest." She held her head dramatically, feigning dizziness.

Maverick glanced at her. Seeing how 'exhausted' she seemed, he gave a small nod before turning around and heading in the opposite direction.

Jeslyn watched his disappearing back with narrowed eyes for a few seconds before her eyes lit up like she just got an idea and she ran after him.

"Mr, wait up!"

Maverick paused in his step and turned to look at her.

She beamed, making her look like a cute fluffy doll. Even though she knew that she was using her cutest expression right now, the man in front of her didn't seem to care at all.

"What?" His voice was so distant like he was stopped by an annoying stranger.

Well, she's an annoying stranger and Jeslyn was aware of that.

"Ehm, you see, I was thinking, ehm… see, I know we are married…" she said 'married' in an awkwardly low tone, like it wasn't real.

"...and it's a contract. I understand that you want to stick to the end and I'm not going to oppose, after all, I caused it. However, what I wanted to say is that…"

She walked up to him and grabbed his right hand.

Maverick frowned slightly at her touch but didn't pull out his hand.

The audacious little bunny was too preoccupied with how to explain her intention that she missed the reaction he gave at her touch.

With his left hand in his trouser pocket and his right hand in her hold, he stared down at the middle of her head.

Jeslyn looked up at his face and wondered why he was so tall.

'If I ever get the chance to kiss him, I'll have to either wear tall heels or stand on tip toes and he will also have to lower his head a little…damn!'

Realizing she had lost track, she gently hit her head before she beamed again. "Mr, can I return to my country?"

Seeing his face changing, she immediately let go of his hand and waved at his face in a hurry. "No, no, I'm not saying I want to divorce. I mean, uhm, this country is not for people like me. I want to return to my country but I can still remain your wife and when it's time to divorce, you can send the divorce papers over and I'll–"

"No." His cold and stern voice sounded.

"Huh?" His reply startled her. What did he mean by no?

"Mr, there's no reason for me to be by your side, right? I have a career that I–"

"Miss, you have issues up there?" He pointed at her head.

Jeslyn shook her head out of reflex.

"Then, you mustn't have forgotten my condition for accepting the deal, right?"

"Eh, you said it's for a brat and–"

"That brat cannot travel out of this country, which means you'll have to stay here."

"But my career! I'm a singer, a well-known singer who will soon be climbing to be a C–lister in a few weeks!" She knew she was lying, however, staying anywhere in the world is better than staying in this country.

Maverick stayed silent for a while before he responded. "Being here doesn't stop you from doing anything. There are great companies here, I'll get Rex to find you one."

"No, Mr. I don't use the back door to attain my dreams."

"Neither am I giving you access through the back door."

"What do you mean?"

"What you heard… return to the house, your stepson will be back soon. How you make him trust you as a stepmother is all up to you." With that said, he walked away.

Jeslyn's lips fell open in disbelief. What did he just say? Did he just…

"Hahahaha…"Jeslyn suddenly laughed. "It seems my life is just getting worse by the day. No problem, I'll endure, so far I won't die before I ruin those people."

She murmured to herself before she turned around and headed to the house.

Walking back, she caught sight of the sparkling blue-colored pool a distance away and couldn't help but beam. She loves water and she could envision herself a few days from now diving into that pool in her bikini.

Jeslyn entered the house and climbed the stairs. On getting to the passageway, she stopped and brushed her fingers through her hair.

"This is unbelievable, haha…" she laughed awkwardly.

She looked back to where she was coming from but no one was behind her, so she sighed and shook her head.

"Well, we can't get lost, can we?... Jeslyn, you can do this!" She patted herself on the shoulder and continued to walk forward.

The complication of the passageway, plus the designs of the large doors got her confused.

"How can all the doors be the same? Where is the room I came out from? God! Why is a house this big and complicated anyway?.... Forget it, I can just open all the doors until I get to my room."

The floor she's standing on has three rooms with the doors looking the same. She got baffled as to which room she should go into.

"Let's start with this," she said and walked to the first door on her right.

Turning the knob of the first floor, it didn't bulge... It was locked.

"This is not the room," she shook her head and went to the other door. "This should be it."

She turned the knob handle and… voila, it turned!

Jeslyn smiled and pushed the door open.


She stared speechlessly at what was in front of her. T–this isn't the room, she thought and was about to shut the door when she heard,


"Ah!!" The fright she got made her open the door wide with her hand holding tightly to the door knob while her body rested on the door.

Maverick, who was standing behind her, watched her cute reaction for a while before he bypassed her and stepped into the dimmed room.

"M–Mr. Can you please, make some noise while walking In the future? You almost scared me to death."

"No," he didn't look back as he threw her the answer.

"Ok, then I should just head to my room." As she was about to turn, his voice fell.

"Your room is not on this floor."


"Last floor."

"Oh… ok, let me go–"

"Come in," he told her again.
Jeslyn walked into the dimly lit room and sat on the black couch.

Looking around the room, she found nothing to interest her. From the brown wall to the black couches and black doors, down to the hot chocolate curtains and brown rugs… it gave her the wrong feeling.

The only breather in the room was the white sheets on the bed, though it had a black duvet tucked into the bed frame from the lower half of the bed… so sickening!

'Must your room look like a coven?... Anyways, it's a beautiful coven', she shook her head at her taste.

Well, she might be the only person in the world seeing beauty from something that makes one's hair stand on end.
While Jeslyn was busy with her thoughts, Maverick dropped a document on the table.

"You should read through that and sign it," he said.

Jeslyn knitted her brows in puzzlement before she followed his jaw that was gesturing to the table. She looked down to see a brown envelope.

She opened it and pulled out the paper that had a 'contract' written on it.

She sighed– like she wasn't expecting him to really take this marriage to this degree.

Well, it was her idea.

Flipping open the pages, Jeslyn suddenly developed a headache. She rubbed her temple in frustration.

"Why must these contracts, terms, and conditions… In fact, why is everything about law this complicated, cumbersome, and exhausting? Can't they write things more straightforwardly? Ah, my head already." She lamented while flipping over the pages.

Jeslyn had thought she was thinking that in her mind until she heard a snicker.



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