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betty✓★ 🏆107 🌟112Bethrand Chibuike
24d 4h

Disagreement between Lights

Disagreement between Lights
In the beginning, when the universe was young, the Sun and the Moon decided to compete for dominion over the Earth. The Sun, being majestic and powerful, claimed that as the first sun to illuminate the universe, it should naturally reign over Earth. But the Moon, with its serene and enigmatic nature, was stubborn in its desire to rule alongside the Sun.

The Moon, unable to accept defeat, sent its stars as assassins to eliminate the Sun. However, the Sun, with its fiery strength, prevailed and with the help of courageous humans, thwarted the Moon's treacherous plan.

Enraged by the Moon's deceit, the universe decreed that the Moon and its accomplices would be imprisoned in a dark, remote tunnel, only permitted to take a fleeting glimpse outside on certain nights before being returned to their lightless confinement.

Thus, the Sun became the unwavering ruler of the day, providing warmth, energy, and life to Earth. The Moon, confined to its nocturnal prison, would only cast its silvery glow when the time was right, silently watching over the world as a reminder of the consequences of defiance.

And so, the Sun and the Moon continue their timeless dance, each taking their turn to illuminate the world, a testament to the enduring balance of power and the consequences of challenging the natural order.

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Humanity lost

A power holding company staff came to my area to disconnect light of people who hasn't paid their electricity bill for the month. On this day, a compound which has six flats no adult was around except for this man who doesn't see clearly and stays alone. The power holding staff got angry with the man(it could be the man was pleading and could possibly say something that might have triggered the staff) and started fighting the man and fell him to the ground . The children in the compound couldn't know what to do and were begging ( this said man is a very kind hearted man and most times clear the electricity bill alone for the flats he shared light with.) Th compound directly opposite the victim compound, they were adults there and saw what was happening but didn't come to the man rescue cos of different tribe I suppose and also the power holding staff is their friend in order to avoid disconnection as often times they dont pay. Luckily, my parents stepped out the house and saw what was happening, decided to step in by rescuing the man as of that time he was pressing this man neck fa, another passerby came and held the staff and told him if you kill this man , you wont be free. That's how it ended. Later in the evening, one of the flat tenant saw this staff on the road and told him the man you beat is kindhearted, if the bill isn't cleared isn't the man's fault as most times he pays everything alone cos he needs the light , that's how the power holding staff guy felt sorry for beating an innocent man.
Where has the humanity in us gone to? If someone is not your tribe, you don't help out, why?Also, why beat someone because you feel you re in power?
God help us all...

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Why I Must Stop Arguing About Football

Why I Must Stop Arguing About Football
The air in "Sam Soap's Viewing Centre" in Makurdi vibrated long after the final whistle blew on Man United and Spurs. Sweat stuck to foreheads, clenched fists hung stiffly in the air, and the stale smoke of cigarettes and frustration lingered. The match, a rollercoaster of missed chances and equalising goals, had left its mark.

Philip, draped in his United jersey, eyes as red as the club's colours, stamped on the dusty floor. "Rashford! How? How he miss that, ehn?!" His voice, booming across the room, silenced the groans from the Spurs supporters huddled in the corner.

Agada, decked in Tottenham white, his nose wrinkled in annoyance, retorted, "You talk as if United did anything all game! Bentancur's rocket was pure fire, eh!"

And so it began, the familiar dance of banter turning into a heated debate. Statistics were thrown around like verbal grenades, refereeing decisions dissected with venomous precision, players' mothers dragged into the fray. Philip's voice grew hoarse, Agada's face contorted with righteous fury. The screen, once displaying the Premier League logo, seemed to shrink in the face of their animosity.

Across the room, Madam Cash, wiping down sticky tables with a sigh, watched the scene unfold. She'd seen it countless times before – friendships strained, tempers flaring, all over a ball kicked around by millionaires in faraway stadiums.

It wasn't the passion that bothered her, Madam Cash loved football herself. It was the blindness, the inability to see past club colours and into the shared humanity on the other side. Here, in her dimly lit viewing centre, the lines between United and Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea, faded away. They were all Makurdi boys, struggling with the same tough times, hustling for the same Naira, laughing at the same jokes.

Finally, Madam Cash had enough. "Enough!" she boomed, her voice a clap of thunder in the smoky air. Both Philip and Agada looked at her, startled. "This game is over, but your lives go on," she continued, her gaze sweeping across the room. "Is a goal worth losing a friend, a neighbour? This football, it should bring us together, not tear us apart."

Her words hung in the air, heavy with truth. Philip shuffled his feet, shamefaced. Agada offered a hesitant smile. Slowly, the tension subsided, replaced by a grudging respect.

Later, as the crowd thinned, Philip approached Madam Cash. "She was a beauty, that Bentancur shot," he admitted, a sheepish grin on his face. Agada chuckled and slapped him on the back. "Don't tell your boys that, eh?"

That night, in Sam Soap's Viewing Centre, the football didn't disappear. But amidst the cheers and banter, a new understanding flickered. They were still fans, still passionate, but they were also neighbours, friends, Makurdi boys sharing a love for the beautiful game. And maybe, just maybe, that love was bigger than any rivalry.

Because in the end, it wasn't about who won or lost on the pitch. It was about who we were off it. And on a dusty Sunday night in Makurdi, Madam Cash reminded them and infact all of us, that sometimes, the most important match happens not on the green field, but right here, in the shared space of our lives.

Honestly, I use to argue a lot about football but yesterday's experience has changed that side of me. For good I guess.


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Chapter 1

I don't feel like eating that disgusting food,why will you even want to feed me with poison? Sophie asked her younger sister who was turning semovita in the kitchen

I won't force you eat Sophie but please leave my kitchen in peace.. Geraldine replied

Have you forgotten that I came into this house before you? This kitchen belongs to me... Sophie barked

I have respected you enough.. Geraldine said and left the kitchen

Sophie looked at her younger sister and sighed, she opened the pot of soup and sighed
She looked around but didn't see anyone, she added a large quantity of pepper to the soup and stirred it, she looked around again and didn't see anyone she added salt to the soup, covered it and sneaked out

Geraldine came in, she opened her pot and stared at the soup she nodded at transferred the soup to another pot
She served her husband with Sophie's soup

Jesus! Sophie's husband screamed as his lips burnt

What is it? Sophie asked looking at her husband

My tongue,my lips, everything is burning...he cried

Sophie tasted the soup and screamed, she rushed to meet Geraldine who was preparing for work
She gave her a resounding slap that led her to the floor

Why did you serve my husband with that nonsense huh? Are you insane? Sophie screamed

Geraldine held her cheek and smiled

Your husband asked me to give him some soup from my pot and I did.. Geraldine said

How dare you? Do you want to kill my husband? Geraldine for the sake of God and man I know you're evil but don't come close to my family with your evil deeds... Sophie warned

Geraldine didn't say a word, she left the room and went to meet her husband in the parlour

Daddy! Geraldine called her husband

Her husband looked up and opened his arms for her

I'm off to work,see you in the evening... Geraldine said giving him a peck

Drive safely mummy...He said waving at her

Please warn your wife,warn your wife... Sophie ranted as soon as Geraldine left the house

What did she do this time around? Geraldine's husband Elvis asked

Your wife served my husband a sour soup.. Sophie lied

Talk to her, she is your sister... Elvis replied rubbing his elbow

Sophie sighed and left
She entered her car and drove to her family's house
Her parents were sitting in the parlour discussing when she barged in

Sophie! Her mum called

Please don't call me.. She replied disrespectfully

Mannerless, what brought you here? Her father asked

Please mum,warn Geraldine for me 😩, she's daring me too much... Sophie laid her complain

You decided to marry into that family so endure whatever she does to you...Her father replied

Mum you heard your husband right?

Her mum dragged her to the kitchen and pinched her mouth

Have you forgotten our plans Sophie, allow Geraldine to do whatever she likes,we will bring that her husband down very soon, don't worry...Her mum assured

Sophie nodded and hugged her mum

Geraldine came back from work and her husband told her how he caught Sophie adding salt and pepper to her pot of soup

That was why I served her husband the food in the morning.. Geraldine replied

Your sister something else oo.. Elvis said

Since she doesn't want peace in this house I won't give her a breathing space..

To Be Continued 🤗

Written by Mhiz Mirable


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Teacher Beaten to Stupor by Students

Teacher Beaten to Stupor by Students
Secondary School Students Beat An Acquaintance of mine, a School Teacher, to Pulp.

Mr. JIKA of Ugondo Model Secondary School Ugba, Logo local government area of Benue state was given the beating of his life by his own students after punishing them for disobeying school rules.
I'll like to post what he told me in a phone call in his own words, thus:

"SSS 3B rewards me this afternoon.
"Is this is how your students reward you teachers in town?
"Just because I prevented them from going to the mini market after the break and they insisted on doing so, I got them punished and they went back, ganged up, and did this to me.
"I was rushed unconsciously to Live Clinic by the principal and currently undergoing treatment."
I was short of words after hearing his ordeal and I can't for Monday to come so I can hear what happens to the students after the attack.


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Ayo and her friend Tope had been arguing for weeks about a group project they were working on for their class. Tope felt that Ayo wasn't contributing enough, while Ayo felt that Tope was trying to take over the project and not giving her enough say in the decisions. The tension between them was making it difficult for them to work together and get the project done on time.
One day, they decided to sit down and have a conversation to try to work out their differences. They agreed to use dialogue to solve their problem, to really listen to each other and understand each other's idea.
By using dialogue, Tope and Ayo were able to find a solution to their problem. They worked together much better and finished their project on time and received good compliments from the professor. From then on, they used dialogue as a tool for communication, helping them to avoid misunderstandings and to solve problems effectively.

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There lived a boy named Solomon. He was known for having a bigger head than most children his age. Although his head size didn't really bother him, Solomon's stubborn nature often got him into trouble.

In school, Solomon would often tease and bully his classmates because he believed that having a bigger head made him superior. He would make fun of their clothing, their hobbies, and even their grades.

One day, a slim and small kid named David transferred to Solomon's school. Despite his size, David exhibited a strong sense of confidence and intelligence. He noticed how Solomon's actions were hurting his peers, and he decided to do something about it.

With his calm approach, David approached Solomon and said, "Hey Solomon, I've noticed that you've been teasing and bullying others. Do you think that's fair? Wouldn't it be better if we all treated each other with kindness and respect?"

Solomon scoffed, not taking David seriously. "Why should I listen to you, you skinny little nobody? My head is much bigger than yours!"

Undeterred, David replied, "Size doesn't determine a person's worth or character, Solomon. It's what's inside and how we treat others that truly matters."

Solomon rolled his eyes but couldn't help but be intrigued by David's words. There was something different about this slim kid. He seemed confident and wise beyond his years.

As time went on, David continued to show kindness to everyone, including Solomon. He would offer help, share his knowledge, and even compliment others. His behavior began to influence Solomon, who started observing his actions closely.

One day, when Solomon witnessed David standing up for a classmate who was being bullied, he couldn't help but feel a sense of admiration. He realized that it wasn't his head size that made a difference, but his character and the way he treated others.

Filled with remorse for his past actions, Solomon approached David and apologized for his behavior. "I'm sorry, David. You were right. It's not about the size of my head; it's about how I treat others. I want to change and be a kinder person."

David smiled warmly and said, "Solomon, it takes courage to admit your mistakes and want to change. I believe in you, and I know you can become a better person."

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Love over all

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there were two powerful kings named King SAPA and King Garri. These kings were known by all, not for their wisdom, but for their stubbornness. They never saw eye to eye, and their kingdoms were always at war with each other.

The reason for their constant quarrels? Well, it was like they couldn't agree on the color of the sky. They argued about everything from where the sun rises to the best way to plant crops. Their kingdoms, once friends, were now like two hissing cats.

In King Garri's kingdom, there lived a kind and beautiful princess named Berry. She was as sweet as honey and had a heart that was even kinder. One day, as she wandered through the forest, she bumped into a handsome young man named Shege. Unknown to everyone, Shege was King SAPA's son.

As they spent time together, Berry and Shege's hearts fell in love. They were careful to keep their friendship hidden, knowing that their fathers would not approve. But love is a tricky thing, and it has a way of finding its path even in the darkest corners.

One fateful day, while they were enjoying a peaceful moment beneath the shade of a tree, King Garri stumbled upon them. His heart sank, for he knew that the young man was from the enemy's kingdom. He felt torn between his love for his daughter and his hatred for the rival king.

Berry and Shege confessed their love, fearing the worst. But to their surprise, King Garri's face softened. He looked at his daughter, his heart melting at her happiness. He realized that love was stronger than any war, any anger. With a heart full of love for his daughter, King Garri did something unexpected. He sent messengers to King SAPA's kingdom, proposing a truce. The two kings agreed to meet, putting aside their differences for the sake of Berry and Shege.

In a grand hall filled with melodies, King Garri and King SAPA shook hands, ending years of bitterness. Their kingdoms, once divided, were now united by the power of love.

You see? Love can heal the deepest wounds we have gotten from being hurt, spread more love.

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You Hurt Me

I think I was in primary 4 when it all began.
Beaula was obviously a pretty little girl and so was I a handsome little boy on the other hand 😁.

We began to relate closely and more fond of each other. We'd come to school together, play together and even share our snacks.
We were often seen as siblings but we had no blood relation what so ever.

You could call it love at childhood, but we know little about it's true meaning then. We were just friends, closer friends. She was always around me, yes. But that doesn't mean we were always together.

So it happened that we were playing during one of those short break times in school when I roughly stepped on her foot with my full weight unintentionally.
Immediately, she released a slap on my forehead.

Her eyes were filled with remorse because she didn't mean to slap me but in reaction to the pain, she did.
I didn't expect the slap, not from her. Though I knew it was not her intention to retaliate with a slap, I couldn't forgive her when she begged.

I left her when the bell which marked dismissal rang. She ran to me on my way and grabbed my hand, but I shook it off. She recoiled and her face lost colour.

Her parents came to our house the following morning to ask about what transpired between us that had left their daughter in a bad and unhappy state throughout the previous day.

We walked to school together after they tried settling it. She was still sad and I uttered no words to her nor did I crack my usual jokes.
I looked at her face and it was gloomy, I stretched out my hands to her.
She was amazed and grabbed me at once, she grinned and said sorry softly.
I looked at her and with a smile I told her that I was still angry at her despite.
She brought out the biscuits she had in her bag, we shared it and then I forgave her.

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betty✓★ 🏆107 🌟112Bethrand Chibuike
1y 1mo

Let it Be

It was during one of the festive seasons, we the grandchildren usually visited our maternal grandmother during this while, to celebrate her relevance and ensure she had this fulfilled spirit.

During one of the stays, a relative had partially unwrapped her phone from a nylon bag and carefully plugged her charger to it.
I was curious of what possibly she could be so careful about so I asked.

" My phone dey shock person oo if en touch am, e fit knack you for ground" she answered.

"But how?, If this phone can shock someone as you say it can, then it wouldn't be working by now" I replied her.

I tried to explain how impossible it was for a phone charger to release any much impact of charges. There was just no way a charger could release any much current capable of shocking.

For the note; I am good in electronically related stuffs and for that, I believed after analyzing my hypothesis that the very charger couldn't lift a finger talk more of knocking me down.

I just cleaned my finger and moved it closer to touch the phone while the owner of the phone and those who knew about it's capabilities protested. And then, my hand touched it.

Fast forward, I withdrew my hand immediately, and with eyes filled with tear, I stood up, held my hand which I almost lost and walked out.
If I forget that day make I bend 😿

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angeltalented✓☆ 🏆32 🌟68Angel Chidiebube Mbaoma
1y 1mo


I already knew there was no water remains in the little gallon reservoir, but I must have forgotten as I lifted the weightless plastic with the intention of emptying it's contents in the hot boiling pot of okro soup.

With disappointment, I ran out to a nearby shop to buy. I was fast with the request, the unlocking of the tank was a bit of a struggle but eventually open and had water pumped into my gallon when I noticed a familiar face conversing with a friend. They were seated on a bench beside the entrance of the shop.

"Emmy look at your mates", the familiar face said to his friend as he pointed to the direction of some body built boys returning obviously from their exercise site.

The familiar face had wanted to make more mockeries of his friend before the latter refused to condone the insult and barked,
"You who compare me with this people, when last did you eat even a good food?, You think you just wake up and start sporting?", His friend barked and left almost immediately as the familiar face sat and stared in shock.

I giggled silently, picked my gallon and hurried to continue my special cooking. Omo mockery backfired.

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simon11✓☆ 🏆35 🌟67Keghtor Elijah Mamakaa
1y 8mo
Shocking news this morning Bola Tinunu reveals his real age, he claims to be seventy years ago, I'm not sure that's accurate because he has a daughter who is 61 years already then how's it possible that he's 70 years old, it doesn't tally at all

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I attended a wedding this month, an unprecedented union between an famous Area boy and God fearing church girl.

You see its unprecedented because it was those kind of weddings that would normally surprise neighbours and well wishers because these two had little in common at least to the eyes of unlookers.

They were a beautiful couple and before the traditional marriage the groom made sure to make everyone happy so that everything would go smoothly.

You and I know that village people are hard to please😆.

On the traditional ceremony all went fine and well until it was time to share food. Man was a notable person in his home base and made sure to bring all his friends.

More than 50% of them were not entertained properly as many were not given anything to drink or eat. It was total chaos. This would not have happened if the huge sum of money given by the groom was utilized properly, but so the thing goes.

After much deliberation they agreed to serve their guest separately during the reception of the White wedding.

After their marriage that fateful day, the reception began with dancing, and much celebration, you should have seen me that day,

I had eye's for 😘 somebody's daughter. As one of groomsmen i made sure to exhaust all the dancing step I had been dancing secretly since and occasionally turned my neck to see if she was watching me perform. And as the dance was coming to an end I walked gently with my hand folded on my chest to toast this fine gurl in the crowd.

Me; Hello beautiful, Can i have this dance with you. She hesitated, "I will go easy on you" I affirmed.

Her friends were cheering her on.

She was blushing uncontrollably when she replied " I have a boyfriend"

Me: That's fine, we'll look for another girlfriend for him cause what you need now is a husband.

My hand was stretched towards her the whole time. She was about to take my hand when I heard "Kpaa... Kpa... Kpaaaa...".

It was one of those rare moments when a perfectly going wedding turned into sheer disaster.

Mehn, just when I was about to have one of the best moments of my life, the whole auditorium went from a lovely party 🥳 to a place of total pandemonium.

The groom's family had exhausted the food needed to take care of their invited guest. The groom's mother had approached the bride to ask for little assistance in food and drinks to help cater for those left in the hall but she declined saying many of her friends are on the way coming and some guest from the village are waiting at home for the food her mother kept aside.

The groom's mother paid deaf ear's to her, went to where the food was kept and started sharing to her guest.

The bride on noticing this left her husband and went to accost the groom's mother who gave her that resounding slap, Kpaa..... that rendered me single till date😣.

The bride returned the slap on its arrival, this time her own slap felt like it came from both hands but it was just her left hand swinging in the hair.

Some good Samaritan had stopped the slapping wrestling from having a round 2 when the husband walked boldly to where the wife was standing and gave her a resounding slap for hitting his mother.

At the end of the Slapping SMACKDOWN, I look everywhere for my soon to be bride but she was nowhere to be found.

I guess she moved outta the hall like everyone else as the party came to a close abruptly.

Now who should I blame for my misfortune, THE GROOM, THE BRIDE or THE GROOM'S MOTHER.


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