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Stories posted on Sat, 6th Jul. 2024

A narrow escape

A narrow escape
When I woke up this morning, l realized I didn't have much to do, and I'd be bored staying at home all day, so I decided to follow my dad to the farm.

The farm wasn't too far from my house so we walked there. I was wearing sneakers so I took it off because I did not want to look to dirty while going home and since the farm wasn't bushy, I went in barefooted.

I was in the farm for about two hours, helping to plant some things and when I finished, I told my dad I was going home.
I walked over to where I kept my shoes and proceeded to put them on. The right foot already on, I was about putting on the left when I felt a stone in it. I turned the shoe so the stone could fall out, lo and behold, alongside the stone fell a large black scorpion, you all need to hear the way I screamed😂.
My dad ran over and quickly used a stone to smash the scorpion which was already scurrying away.

I have been stung by a scorpion when I was little and the pain is not something I want to experience ever again

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Attention to details

Attention to details
You might have read many stories on the negative effects of being disobedient to instructions. But here is the story of Emeka. Emeka was known for his curious nature and adventurous spirit. His parents often gave him advice and instructions to keep him safe, but Emeka sometimes found them restrictive.

One day, Emeka's father, Papa Nnaji, called him and said, "Emeka, my son, the rainy season is upon us. Please, do not go to the river alone. The waters can be very dangerous and unpredictable."

Emeka nodded but thought to himself, "I have been to the river many times. I know what I'm doing."

A few days later, as the sky darkened with storm clouds, Emeka decided to go to the river. He wanted to catch some fish before the rain started. Ignoring his father's warning, he made his way to the riverbank.

As Emeka fished, the clouds burst open, and rain began to pour. The calm river quickly turned into a raging torrent. Emeka realized his mistake and tried to get back to the shore, but the current was too strong. He was swept downstream, struggling to keep his head above water.

Meanwhile, Papa Nnaji noticed Emeka's absence and grew worried. He gathered some villagers, and they rushed to the river. They found Emeka clinging to a rock, exhausted and scared. With great effort, they pulled him to safety.

Back at home, Emeka was shivering and soaked, but safe. His father wrapped him in a warm blanket and looked at him with a mix of relief and disappointment. "My son, I gave you that instruction to protect you. I hope you understand now why it is important to listen."

Emeka nodded, tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry, Papa. I understand now. I should have listened to you."

From that day on, Emeka paid close attention to his parents' advice. He realized that their instructions were not meant to limit his freedom, but to ensure his safety and well-being. Emeka grew wiser, and his bond with his parents grew stronger, founded on trust and understanding.

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Day 2❤️

Day 2❤️
I, a final-year student, of the university of Benin felt a mix of excitement and apprehension as the last week on campus approached. Like many others, I eagerly anticipated the tradition of themed outfits each day. However, as someone from a modest background, I soon realized the financial strain it would bring.

With each passing day, the pressure mounted. Reluctantly, I called my dad for assistance, only to hear that finances were tight. Disheartened, I turned to my uncle, whom I hadn't spoken to in months. Just as hope waned, my phone buzzed with his unexpected call, asking if I needed anything.

Overwhelmed with gratitude and relief, I poured out my concerns to him. Without hesitation, my uncle offered not just moral support but financial aid that surpassed my expectations. With renewed spirit, I accepted his gesture, feeling empowered to fully embrace the last week on campus.

Adorned in themed outfits, I participated not just as a student, but as someone who had overcome a challenge with the unwavering support of family. My experience became a testament to resilience and the profound impact of familial love, reminding me that in times of need, help often arrives from unexpected places.

#your latest graduate

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sorano✓☆ 🏆28 🌟73Christian Nwachuku
17d 2h

A voice before the downpour

A voice before the downpour
Chinedu woke up to the sound of heavy rain pounding on the roof of his small apartment in Yaba. As a third-year engineering student at the University of Lagos, he had a busy day ahead with an important lecture on Thermodynamics. Glancing at the clock, he realized he only had an hour before he needed to leave.

He looked at the overflowing basket of dirty clothes in the corner. His mother’s voice echoed in his head, reminding him of the importance of cleanliness. He knew he couldn’t put off the laundry any longer. Just then, his roommate, Ifeanyi, walked in.

"Nna, this rain no get joy o. You sure say you wan wash these clothes today?" Ifeanyi asked.

"I don't have much choice, Ifeanyi. I won’t have any clean clothes for the rest of the week," Chinedu replied, determined to stick to his plan.

Ifeanyi suggested, "Why not use the new laundry service? I hear they’re very reliable and can even deliver back to you on campus."

Chinedu, however, was set on doing things himself. "I can handle it," he said, grabbing the basket and heading for the washing machine.

As the machine hummed and churned, Chinedu quickly got ready for his lecture. The rain showed no signs of stopping, and he was already worried about his clothes drying in such weather. But with no time to waste, he dashed off to campus, hoping for the best.

The lecture was engaging, but Chinedu found it hard to concentrate fully. His thoughts kept drifting back to his laundry. He imagined his clothes drying perfectly despite the rain. But deep down, he had a nagging feeling that things might not go as planned.

When the lecture finally ended, Chinedu hurried back home, his heart pounding with anxiety. As he turned the corner to his apartment, he saw the aftermath of the heavy rain. His clothes were nowhere to be seen on the drying line.

Rushing to the backyard, Chinedu's heart sank. The wind had blown his clothes all over the muddy ground. Shirts, trousers, and socks lay scattered, soaked, and dirty. Some pieces were even missing without a trace.

Chinedu stood there in the rain, feeling a mix of frustration and regret. If only he had listened to Ifeanyi's advice. Slowly, he began to pick up the clothes, mud clinging to his hands and clothes. The reality of the situation hit him hard.

Just then, Ifeanyi appeared, holding an umbrella over both of them. "Nna, I warned you," he said, trying to lighten the mood with a smile. "Come, let’s gather these clothes. We can wash them again."

Chinedu couldn’t help but chuckle despite the mess. "You were right, Ifeanyi. Next time, I’ll be more flexible."

Together, they collected the scattered clothes and brought them inside. Ifeanyi helped Chinedu wash the clothes again.

As he prepared for another day at the University of Lagos, Chinedu knew he was not alone in his journey. He had friends who had his back, and sometimes, listening to their advice was the best course of action.

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