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Stories posted on Mon, 8th Jul. 2024
achiever✓☆ 🏆54 🌟103Loveth Ooja Onjefu
14d 7h

The malpractice

The malpractice
It was time for our exams and I was just seated at my desk, looking at the exam paper before me. Fear filled my mind as I considered the questions. As I looked around the room and saw my friends confidently answering the questions, I was so desperate. I decided to cheat I took a tiny piece of paper out of my pocket and carefully drew it out, and started copying feeling like an expert.
I felt so remorse as I copied the answers into my exam paper. Even though I knew what I was doing was wrong, I couldn't help but be afraid of failure. As I completed the last question and turned in my paper, it felt like time stopped.
After days, the results came out. I was surprised that I passed. But I was ashamed instead of feeling proud. I felt terrible about cheating.
I made a vow to never cheat again after learning that honesty and the work you put are the paths to true achievement.

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borah✓☆ 🏆51 🌟98Nwachuku Deborah
14d 13h

Birthday at Home

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, and my twin sister's. After church, we went home and I made hot tea and had it with bread.

Later, our elder brother surprised us by sending us 20,000 naira. Our dad added some money, and our younger brother also contributed 20,000 naira. We wanted to use the money to cook a special meal at home. But our dad had a different plan. He insisted that we go out and enjoy the day with him. So, we went to a bar with our parents.

At the bar, we had a delicious meal of goat meat pepper soup and rice. It was so tasty! We had a great time together as a family, laughing and sharing stories. Our dad even sang a happy birthday song for me, and everyone in the bar joined in. I felt so loved and appreciated. We also took lots of photos to capture the memories.

I'm grateful for my family's love and support. They made my birthday special and memorable. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family who always come together to celebrate special occasions. We don't always get to spend quality time together, but yesterday was an exception. It was a day filled with joy, love, and laughter.

We had a wonderful time at the bar, laughing and chatting. I honestly can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with them.

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The Palmer match

The Palmer match
My friends and I went to the betting center to charge our gadgets and phones. It was a big day - Chelsea was playing Everton! I'm not a big fan of football but arriving there for a different purpose required I stick around till the game is over.

As we watched, Chelsea scored goal after goal. The room was heated! When Palmer scored the third goal, the room erupted in cheers. Everyone was jumping up and down, celebrating. But then, something strange caught my eye. I saw a guy floating in the air! At first, I thought I was seeing things. But when I looked closer, I realized what was happening.

The guy had asked a taller friend to lift him up so he could reach a charging socket! It was hilarious. The tall guy was holding him up, and the other guy was stretching to reach the socket. Everyone was too busy celebrating to notice what was going on. But I couldn't help but laugh at the sight. It was such a silly thing to do!

The two guys were taking advantage of the distraction to charge their phones. I may have been the only one to spot that short-lived moment while the room went wild

In the end, Chelsea won the game, and we all left the betting center with big smiles on our faces. It was a day I'll never forget - and not just because of the game!

Category Competition Winner!

10,000 NGN Prize successfully withdrawn to winners' wallet
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Saving the day

Last evening, feeling the weight of the week's stress, I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood. After about 20 minutes, I passed by an uncompleted building that usually stood silent. But this evening, I heard the low murmur of voices coming from inside. Curious and a bit concerned, I decided to investigate.

I quietly approached the building and saw a shocking scene right before me. Three men were standing around a young girl, demanding that she tell them her bank PIN. They had a POS machine in their hands, clearly intending to rob her. The girl looked confused, almost as if she were in a trance. Realizing the urgency of the situation, I didn't think twice and shouted at them with all the force I could muster.

Startled by my sudden intervention, the men immediately fled, dropping their POS machine in their haste. Once they were gone, I hurried over to the girl. She seemed disoriented and frightened, barely able to comprehend what had just happened. It became clear to me that she had been hypnotized or controlled in some way, as she had no recollection of how she ended up there.

I quickly called a friend who lived nearby, asking him to bring his car and take us to the nearest pharmacy. While we waited, I tried to comfort the girl, assuring her that she was safe now. She slowly began to relax, but it was evident that she needed medical attention to fully regain her senses.

When my friend arrived, we carefully helped the girl into the car and drove straight to the pharmacist. There, she received immediate care and gradually regained full consciousness. The pharmacist confirmed that she was likely hypnotized and suggested she rest to help clear her mind.

After the girl regained her composure, she expressed her deep gratitude. She couldn't remember much, but she was thankful for the timely rescue. I was relieved that she was safe and hoped the authorities would catch the men responsible. The world is not safe, pray for God's mercies each day, He will keep his people safe.

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gabrielpeculiar✓☆ 🏆5 🌟6Peculiar Ugbedeojo Audu
14d 18h


With a warm light in the countryside as the sun descended, my family convened in the living room to talk over our weekend. Every year, my parents would declare that we would be going to see our relatives in the village.

The idea of spending the weekend away from home made my heart sink. I was afraid to leave my friends and my surroundings behind because I had become used to the city life. I became uneasy as my people talked about the of the vacation.

I hesitated as they turned to face me and asked what I thought. My desire to decline and beg them to allow me to remain at home was strong, but the words became stuck in my throat. They begged me to seize the chance to spend time with relatives and get back to our native land, but I could see the disappointment in their eyes.

I consented to go even though I knew in my heart that it was hard for me. I was anxious as we prepared our belongings and headed on our way.

But my concerns vanished as soon as we arrived at our cousins' comfortable house tucked away among the undulating hills. I felt at ease and like I belonged there because of the clean air and the friendly greeting from our loved ones.
It was a wonderful journey I would have regretted more not going at all.

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