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Stories posted on Thu, 8th Feb. 2024

Found Love

Found Love
As I made my way to school today, a brisk, autumn breeze swept through the streets, making the morning air crisp and refreshing. The sunlight filtered through the leaves, casting a golden glow over the neighborhood, painting everything with an enchanting, warm hue. It was a perfect morning, and the walk to school felt like a pleasing stroll through a picturesque scene.

As I turned a corner, my eyes were drawn to an arresting sight. There, standing at the edge of the sidewalk, was a person with the most magnificent dog I had ever seen. The dog was regal and majestic, with a sleek coat that glistened in the morning light. Its expressive eyes gleamed with intelligence, and its proud stance exuded a quiet confidence.

Mesmerized by the dog's beauty, I found myself approaching the person, my steps slowing as I couldn't tear my gaze away from the elegant creature. I struck up a conversation, eager to learn more about this stunning animal. The person, obviously fond of their companion, shared anecdotes about the dog's playful nature and unwavering loyalty, and it only deepened my admiration for the remarkable animal.

As I bid the person and their noble dog goodbye, my mind was abuzz with thoughts of owning a dog of my own. The encounter had ignited a newfound fascination in me, and I couldn't shake off the desire to have such a magnificent creature as my loyal companion. The idea of having a canine friend by my side during walks like these filled me with an unexplainable warmth and joy.

Throughout the rest of my journey to school, my mind was preoccupied with thoughts of different dog breeds, each conjuring vivid images of a loyal and loving companion.thanks

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Economy palaba

Economy palaba
When will things come back to normal in Nigeria? Could you believed I went to market to purchase some food items with the aim of getting what I intended to buy, but when I got there what I met on ground was so disappointing. Hmmmm, firstly I went to aboki where they are selling rice so that I could get it at cheaper price and he told me that custard rubber is 6500 naira 🙆🙆 and I thought he was just joking and I started to tell him aboki kai now me wet be correct customer I no go pay am for that price and aboki wanted to change it for me inside market to the extent that I have to control my self before aboki start to disgrace me publicly.
Because of that I couldn't ask him the price of beans because I don't know aboki intention. I went to buy beans and other items in another place and the price was as well disappointing.
And out of 20k that I took to market, I only buy few things that I almost cried in the market. But with the help of God I was able to control myself.
Nigeria don call obey ooo, I beg who get TINUBU number make he give me ooo before hungar finish me😃😃😃😃😃
Could you be

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He always admired my school uniform, my smiles, my looks and maybe my step too.

He always stand along the way of my path to my second mummy shop. Always waiting to praise me and tell me how good l look and to remind me that he is still much interested to marry me. We were told not to give numbers anyhow as girls still in school especially to men who have relationship intentions then, l would have agreed to give him number. Though in my final year in secondary school but we are still not allowed phone freely in that stage by my second mummy unless it is family related. I was obedient.

Well I must confess, his praise is getting to me and am already considering his proposal because it has become a constant reminder to me everyday that l have decided to tell my second mummy who told me to ask him to see her.

But before I get the chance to meet him again. A call came to my phone and l immediately picked it.

Me: Hello

Call: Forget it, it is a set up.

Me: (glanced at the phone again. Of course this is my first mummy speaking) Mummy what are you talking about?

Mummy: That guy that always stop you on your way back from school to shop.

Me: Which one? There are a lot of them.

Mummy: The one that came with marriage proposal. The one you are already thinking about. The one you rejected his money gift. The one you....

Me: OK, OK mum. I remember him. What about him.

Mummy: He betted on your second mummy belief in you. That he must get you to shame her. He didn't know her directly but a person who knew her and her boast of you has strike a challenge. He is not genuine. He want to deceive you to sleep with you. And then smear it on your second mummy face for believing in you. Did you understand?

Me: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!( Already feeling dizzy) How did you know?

Mummy: Revelation! I love you but don't forget that I am also proud of you. (She cut the call)

Me: Hey I almost fall o. Jesus ! How many set up have l surpassed in this stage? But why me?
With tears in my eyes. I prayed: Oh Lord protect my innocence. Whenever I am at my wit end, take over. I was angry in my spirit that I cursed the people involved together in this conspiracy.

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One morning (August 11 2019), I am Ela Celle , 19 years old. This is the day of my first cancer surgery. I'm afraid on what will happen and what will the doctor say about how long my life will last?. While I was thinking about those things, my father and mother suddenly opened the door of my room, as they approached I could feel their nervousness that day. With every step they take towards me, I feel the presence of their concern even more, even if they don't show me in their eyes. The gust of my emotions was filled with sadness because of what I was seeing. My parents came and stroked my hair and my mother told me that everything will be fine after my surgery, every words she said I almost couldn't understand because I felt nervous, the only thing I remembered was what they said "I am like a rose that after a dark night will sprout again beautiful in colorful rose the next day". I don't understand why they show me a smile instead of tears? after they left my room, a butterfly entered my window and landed on one of my rose plants in the room and that's when I realized that the smile they showed symbolized courage and a miracle would happen. I approached the rose and when I smelled it suddenly there was snow. A lot happened that day, but every sign I saw was different, showing that a butterfly landing on a rose shows that something good will happen and the presence of snow shows an ugly event. When I was young, I didn't like snow because every time there was snow, something bad happened to me, like the death of my favorite dog in ( October 02, 2017 at 7:45 a m). At 9:10 a.m. while we were on the trip, every place I passed by had memories coming back to me. In a playground there are children happily playing and I see myself when I was a toddler and didn't think about how long I would last in the world. There are colleges coming home from school that made me think, I wonder what it feels like to be inside school and not face the computer every day while studying?. In my situation with a tumor or an special child is a dark life full of fear that one day all my loved ones will be looking at a lying woman who is lifeless. We are getting closer to the hospital and I can feel every beat of my heart saying what will the result be?. Before I started my surgery, my parents talked to my doctor first and I don't know what they talked about, the first thing that entered my mind was how much we would spend. When my mother came out, I saw that there were tears in her eyes and when I saw that, I knew where my doctor and my parents were talking about. I still remember the time when I entered a white room with lights, a bed and things on the side instead of being afraid I felt my mother's feelings more that and because of the heavy tears that fell from her eyes. After my surgery and I opened my eyes I saw my parents smiling in front of me because I had a good feeling that the result might be good and that suspicion was true after my parents told me everything. When we got back from the hospital, I quickly went to my room to rest and the first time I stepped into the room I smelled the fragrance of a beautiful spring and that's when I realized that not every time there is snow, something bad will happen. While I was staring at the flower I thought, what if one day while I'm in the hospital who will water that rose if the day comes I'm always lying down and unconscious? I'm still remember ( August 22, 2019) after the day, I thought that I am still a lucky child because I am still alive. Even if the day comes that I will be gone, I will make sure that I have a good memory that will be left with the snow, so that my perspective on snow will be different. After several surgeries that happened to me after a few months, we thought that my life would never end, but we were wrong, my pain got worse and that's when the light that happened to me ended, it was immediately replaced by a deeper event. When I found out that, I chose to be happy with what will happen in my life. I always thought that maybe in the next life I will be with my dog ​​and that my life will be happy. (October 23, 2021) unexpectedly I was staring outside looking at the plants in our yard that were roses I lost consciousness and my parents kept shedding tears and crying for the lifeless woman. While my soul was staring at them, I couldn't help but feel happier because the suffering of my parents and I would be over. As I looked around me, the snow was getting stronger and the roses were getting covered a little bit. My life even if forced and I want to live long I can't do anything if I don't follow the flow of life and a person's life is based on something that will give meaning and value. Now I see my life feeling nothing inside a white bed covered in dirt with worms and that on the surface of the earth there is a rose planted that is always visited by different butterfly. My life is full of different events that are the opposite of what I expected to happen, like even if I want to live with my family, my destiny cannot be changed by your wishes. Before I got lost there, I learned to like the snow, I understood more that the snow shows that I need to prepare for what will happen to me, so the snow for me is a warning that needs to be prepared. A child whose life is complicated because of what happened to her today she sleeps every day without dreams and what she always sees is the beauty of the world full of happy images in the afterlife. The roses bloomed together with him in joy with the lord and the snow did not continue to have an ugly incident because the real bad incident was that a child was not given the chance to live on earth his favorite roses. My happy story is over complicated and all ended with a lesson learned.

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It was supposed to be a beautiful morning,but the shouting and insults from father wouldn't even make it so,not like it was something new,but my little head couldn't take it anymore, why,why,just why do I have to wake up most times to fighting and war,just why would my parents not live in peace like every other couple around....

Useless woman,there is nothing good that I have gotten since you came into my life,you are just a bag of bad luck,father wouldn't stop talking...

Could that be true?,is that even possible,I mean, people always say children are blessings,so definitely my brother and I weren't an exception, why would father say such,I wondered...

If you are not a fool, would you be asking me for money this early morning, wouldn't you know that I would have to go to work first this morning before returning in the evening with something,but of course you don't have sense,so there's nothing you know,father continued...

But dear,do you expect the children to starve, there's nothing in this house for them to eat,the last money I had ,was used yesterday,please,you have to keep something,no matter how little for the children, please,mother pleaded....

You see your life,you are just a liability,and so useless,see I have to be at work,so take your useless self out of my sight, father shouted, pushed her and walked out...

Mother thought I was still sleeping,as I was still laying down beside my younger brother who was very fast asleep....

She sat down helplessly hopeless,it was obvious she had a lot going through her mind.as some tear drops went down her cheeks.....

I was hurting,I knew my mother was,but there was nothing I could do,I was just a child after all.....

My younger brother soon woke up, looking so hungry,,it was his usual behavior,he walked up to mother,,, good morning mummy,I am hungry,he said, bringing mom back from all her travels in thought,she looked up at him and smiled, don't worry big boy,you would soon eat something, mother assured, even though she knew that was a lie, good morning mummy,I greeted, pretending I was just waking up....

Good morning uwa,she replied smiling, how was your night,she asked...

It was fine mother,I answered....

She was looking at both of us,like she had so much to tell us,but our young minds were too young for all she wanted to say,if only she knew I had become very matured in thought,I mean who wouldn't in my shoes,I was just 8,,but with an adult mind....

My brother was 5,he wasn't one to endure hunger,he had started to wear a sad face,I am hungry mummy, Samuel said again...

Other children were getting ready to go to school in the compound,but that wasn't the case with my brother and I,we were supposed to resume new classes,but father had said he had no money for our school,mother was a stay home wife, hence there wasn't anyway she could assist,my brother and I had to stay at home....

My brother and I had our bath, mother was unease, walking to and fro,I Know she was confused,father was nowhere around,and it was way past breakfast.

My brother soon started to cry profusely,he was obviously hungry,I was too,but somehow I knew crying wasn't going to help the situation...

When my mother couldn't bear seeing us in hunger anymore,she held my brother by his hand, while I walked behind her, to the small shop down our street...

Good morning mama Chi, mother greeted the woman who gave her a disgusting look in return....mother stood scratching her head not knowing how to begin her request...

Mama Ade abeg commote from my shop if you no know waiting you go talk...the shop owner said in pigin

Mama chichi,abeg you fit give me small foodstuffs make I take make something for my children,I go payyyyyyyy

Taaaa,no even try finish am,no try am,you know how much of my money dey your hand,if na so everybody dey buy and no pay,I for don pack enter house,you dey hold me almost six thousand for this my small shop,how much be everything for my market,abeg Carry your sef commot from my shop,the woman shouted again giving a loud hiss...

My brother was already crying,as he understood there wasn't any hope for a meal...

Mother was pleading in tears,I was heart broken seeing her that way....

I say make una commot for my shop,the woman shouted again.....

Mother took both my brother and my hand, lending us home in tears,when God showed us mercy....

Madam come back,we heard a voice..

looking back it was an unfamiliar face..

Mother didn't know him but she slowly walked up to him with both my brother and I...

Good afternoon madman,the uncle greeted,good afternoon sir,mother replied.i greeted too.

Come and take what ever you'd be needing,he said to mom.

Sirrrrr,mother asked,like she didn't hear properly....

Madam, please take whatever you'd be needing ,these kids deserve to eat,please take anything you need...he said again..

Ahaa!,thank you sir, God bless you,thank you very much,mother said and went to the shop, taking few cups of rice and what she'd need in making it and some garri too....

Thank you sir, God bless you for this,I really appreciate,mother thanked him over and over again....

It's okay madam,the uncle said while mother happily took us home to quickly make the food for us.

In less than 45minutes the food was ready,as it was prepared with fire wood....

Mother served some in a big bowl,while we ate happily, thanking God for provision.....

To be continued..

please don't be a ghost reader 🥺
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Laugh away your sorrow

Laugh away your sorrow
Me: Amaka I want to die, let me just die 😩, this life is so mean and cruel, I can't continue anymore I want to die.

Amaka: shut up, clean that thing you call mouth, how will you wish such for yourself, don't you know there is powers in spoken words, abi didn't they tell you that your tongue is powerful.

Me: So there's power in a spoken word?

Amaka: Of course yes, please don't say such again, please

Me: Okay then I want to win 60m on sporty this weekend.

Amaka: laughing uncontrollably

Me: why you dey laugh na, or do you think am joking?, Am serious I want to win 60m this weekend.

Amaka: still laughing, shut up abeg na mouth you go use win am?, abeg go and sit down and think about your life

Me: 😢😭😭

Please share 🥺🙏 and enjoy your day

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