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My best friend.

My best friend would have been among the graduating students tomorrow, but destiny happened.

Faith, as she was called, was a very close friend of mine.

We were really intimate that even our coursemates argued amongst themselves that we were siblings. They said we look alike too.

I often wondered where the said resemblance was from, because, I knew deep down that I am no match with Faith, if it comes to beauty!

Her hair was long enough to tie a bundle of firewood. The deepness of her dimple swallows any man that glances at her. Should I talk about her diastema(gap teeth) or her glassy skin?

Well, I came on campus with the mindset of becoming a 'hot-girl', but my encounter with Faith changed the narrative.

If my memory ain't failing me, I think we became friends when I asked for her pen during the days of our departmental screening. We were both in 100L as of then. It's been four years already!

One thing led to the other, and boom! We became besties.

If not Faith, have you seen a friend who would always leave her lodge just to drag me to church, and monitor my reading schedules?

Faith would always inconvenience herself just to please me.

We studied together. She taught me courses that gave me tough time. She cooked for me, she even washed my clothes, we shared secrets, and yes, she was a bookworm and a guru.

Hmmm. Destiny happened indeed!

Faith was caught with implicating materials during our 100L Second Semester exam. She pleaded not guilty, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Faith was expelled.....

She was disowned by her parents. Faith was left depressed. Nobody believed her. Not even Samuel, her boyfriend. Then, she took the wrong decision.

Faith committed suicide!

Well, destiny happened. I never imagined it would end the way it ended.

I placed the implicating material in her pocket.

I gave suspicious signals. Signals that made the invigilator point fingers at Faith. And she was caught.

I only wished she was expelled, I never knew she would commit suicide.

If I meet Faith in heaven, I would tell her never to fall in love with my man in her next world.

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A Short Moral Story.

A scientist and a lawyer lived next to each other. One day, the lawyer said to his wife, Lucy.

"Look how hardworking Kate, the scientist's wife is. You don't work as much as she does. She wakes up as early as 4:30 a.m. every morning. She prepares meals for her husband before he leaves for work. She irons his clothes. She does the dishes after each meal. She attends to all the washing and cleaning. She removes her husband's shoes when he enters the home. She still waters the plants. She can work for up to 15 hours a day. But you can't even spend 5 hours working"

Lucy spoke very gently.
"I may not be of the same standard as Kate... but you do know that I'm doing my best everyday to be a good wife to you"

The lawyer snapped.
"Well, your best isn't good enough! I deserve better than a wife who does very little. You are supposed to be as hardworking as the scientist's wife. You should extend your working hours in a day"

From that point on, the lawyer set rules for his wife. He made Lucy wake up very early in the morning to begin the household chores. He made her scrub all sinks and drains, take out the trash, do the grocery shopping, water the plants, weed the garden and more. She worked all day and had very little time to rest. Somewhere along the line, she became utterly worn out.

One evening, the lawyer returned home from work and found Lucy lying lifeless on the ground. He rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead by the doctor. She died from a heart attack caused by chronic stress.

The lawyer was overwhelmed with grief and guilt. He couldn't deal with the pain he felt in his heart. Then, he went to his neighbour, the scientist. He said to him.

"My wife died because I made her do all the household chores all by herself. I compared her to your wife and wanted her to be as hardworking as she is. But tell me, how does your wife do all that and never suffers a breakdown?"

The scientist paused for a moment. What he said next was a total surprise.

"I don't have a wife. The lady who lives with me is a human-like robot called Kate. I created her to do all the household chores such as cleaning, cooking, ironing, etc. How could you have compared your wife to a robot? Lucy was a human with blood in her veins but Kate is a machine that works with a battery. Do you realize what you have done?"

The lawyer stood frozen in shock and disbelief. Then, the scientist continued.

"You had a good wife who was caring and compassionate. A wife who loved and respected you. Did you even know how lucky you were to have her as a wife? But you killed her due to your dissatisfaction and baseless comparison. Now you've lost her forever. What a shame!"

Many of us have the habit of comparing our life to others. We are fascinated and intrigued by the things others have. We lose value for what we own since what others have might look better, newer or prettier in some way. We often think that our body isn't good enough, our house isn't big enough, we aren't talented enough, our family don't do their best enough. But one thing we fail to realize is that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Comparison can kill a man very easily. It leaves us with negative feelings of envy, low self-esteem, low self-confidence and isolation. Know in your head and heart that you are different from others and not just only in appearance but also everything. Be happy with yourself and find satisfaction in your work. Stop comparing your life to others and be who you are.

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A young woodcutter was cutting wood in the mountains. In a short while, an old woodcutter came to work in the mountain as well.

At nightfall, the young woodcutter was surprised to find out that the old woodcutter had cut more wood even though he came later.

The young woodcutter made a decision secretly that he would come to work in the mountains even earlier the next morning.

The next day, the young woodcutter indeed came to work in the woods very early.

He thought, "i will certainly win this time." unexpectedly, when he carried his wood back, he found the old woodcutter had beaten him again.

On the third day, the young woodcutter decided that he would not only arrive early, but also leave late. He thought he would definitely win this time.

However, the old woodcutter beat him again on that day. The same thing happened on the fourth and fifth day.

On the sixth day, the young woodcutter could no longer stand it and raised the question to the old woodcutter, "i start working earlier than you and stop working later than you.

How come you beat me every time? Besides, i'm also younger than you."

"alas, young man!" the old woodcutter patted him on his shoulder and said, "after i get home every day, the first thing i do is to sharpen my axe.

While you are sleeping your fatigue off, your axe is getting duller and duller.

Therefore, even though i am older than you, start working later than you, and leave earlier than you, my axe is sharper than yours.

A tree will fall after i chop five times, but only after you chop more than ten times." the young woodcutter understood completely and set off to sharpen his ax

we sometimes get so busy that we don’t take time to sharpen the “axe”.

Sometimes we all need time to relax, to think and meditate, to learn and grow. If we don’t take the time to sharpen the “axe”, we will become dull and lose our effectiveness.

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Found Love

Found Love
As I made my way to school today, a brisk, autumn breeze swept through the streets, making the morning air crisp and refreshing. The sunlight filtered through the leaves, casting a golden glow over the neighborhood, painting everything with an enchanting, warm hue. It was a perfect morning, and the walk to school felt like a pleasing stroll through a picturesque scene.

As I turned a corner, my eyes were drawn to an arresting sight. There, standing at the edge of the sidewalk, was a person with the most magnificent dog I had ever seen. The dog was regal and majestic, with a sleek coat that glistened in the morning light. Its expressive eyes gleamed with intelligence, and its proud stance exuded a quiet confidence.

Mesmerized by the dog's beauty, I found myself approaching the person, my steps slowing as I couldn't tear my gaze away from the elegant creature. I struck up a conversation, eager to learn more about this stunning animal. The person, obviously fond of their companion, shared anecdotes about the dog's playful nature and unwavering loyalty, and it only deepened my admiration for the remarkable animal.

As I bid the person and their noble dog goodbye, my mind was abuzz with thoughts of owning a dog of my own. The encounter had ignited a newfound fascination in me, and I couldn't shake off the desire to have such a magnificent creature as my loyal companion. The idea of having a canine friend by my side during walks like these filled me with an unexplainable warmth and joy.

Throughout the rest of my journey to school, my mind was preoccupied with thoughts of different dog breeds, each conjuring vivid images of a loyal and loving companion.thanks

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Economy palaba

Economy palaba
When will things come back to normal in Nigeria? Could you believed I went to market to purchase some food items with the aim of getting what I intended to buy, but when I got there what I met on ground was so disappointing. Hmmmm, firstly I went to aboki where they are selling rice so that I could get it at cheaper price and he told me that custard rubber is 6500 naira 🙆🙆 and I thought he was just joking and I started to tell him aboki kai now me wet be correct customer I no go pay am for that price and aboki wanted to change it for me inside market to the extent that I have to control my self before aboki start to disgrace me publicly.
Because of that I couldn't ask him the price of beans because I don't know aboki intention. I went to buy beans and other items in another place and the price was as well disappointing.
And out of 20k that I took to market, I only buy few things that I almost cried in the market. But with the help of God I was able to control myself.
Nigeria don call obey ooo, I beg who get TINUBU number make he give me ooo before hungar finish me😃😃😃😃😃
Could you be

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He always admired my school uniform, my smiles, my looks and maybe my step too.

He always stand along the way of my path to my second mummy shop. Always waiting to praise me and tell me how good l look and to remind me that he is still much interested to marry me. We were told not to give numbers anyhow as girls still in school especially to men who have relationship intentions then, l would have agreed to give him number. Though in my final year in secondary school but we are still not allowed phone freely in that stage by my second mummy unless it is family related. I was obedient.

Well I must confess, his praise is getting to me and am already considering his proposal because it has become a constant reminder to me everyday that l have decided to tell my second mummy who told me to ask him to see her.

But before I get the chance to meet him again. A call came to my phone and l immediately picked it.

Me: Hello

Call: Forget it, it is a set up.

Me: (glanced at the phone again. Of course this is my first mummy speaking) Mummy what are you talking about?

Mummy: That guy that always stop you on your way back from school to shop.

Me: Which one? There are a lot of them.

Mummy: The one that came with marriage proposal. The one you are already thinking about. The one you rejected his money gift. The one you....

Me: OK, OK mum. I remember him. What about him.

Mummy: He betted on your second mummy belief in you. That he must get you to shame her. He didn't know her directly but a person who knew her and her boast of you has strike a challenge. He is not genuine. He want to deceive you to sleep with you. And then smear it on your second mummy face for believing in you. Did you understand?

Me: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!( Already feeling dizzy) How did you know?

Mummy: Revelation! I love you but don't forget that I am also proud of you. (She cut the call)

Me: Hey I almost fall o. Jesus ! How many set up have l surpassed in this stage? But why me?
With tears in my eyes. I prayed: Oh Lord protect my innocence. Whenever I am at my wit end, take over. I was angry in my spirit that I cursed the people involved together in this conspiracy.

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One morning (August 11 2019), I am Ela Celle , 19 years old. This is the day of my first cancer surgery. I'm afraid on what will happen and what will the doctor say about how long my life will last?. While I was thinking about those things, my father and mother suddenly opened the door of my room, as they approached I could feel their nervousness that day. With every step they take towards me, I feel the presence of their concern even more, even if they don't show me in their eyes. The gust of my emotions was filled with sadness because of what I was seeing. My parents came and stroked my hair and my mother told me that everything will be fine after my surgery, every words she said I almost couldn't understand because I felt nervous, the only thing I remembered was what they said "I am like a rose that after a dark night will sprout again beautiful in colorful rose the next day". I don't understand why they show me a smile instead of tears? after they left my room, a butterfly entered my window and landed on one of my rose plants in the room and that's when I realized that the smile they showed symbolized courage and a miracle would happen. I approached the rose and when I smelled it suddenly there was snow. A lot happened that day, but every sign I saw was different, showing that a butterfly landing on a rose shows that something good will happen and the presence of snow shows an ugly event. When I was young, I didn't like snow because every time there was snow, something bad happened to me, like the death of my favorite dog in ( October 02, 2017 at 7:45 a m). At 9:10 a.m. while we were on the trip, every place I passed by had memories coming back to me. In a playground there are children happily playing and I see myself when I was a toddler and didn't think about how long I would last in the world. There are colleges coming home from school that made me think, I wonder what it feels like to be inside school and not face the computer every day while studying?. In my situation with a tumor or an special child is a dark life full of fear that one day all my loved ones will be looking at a lying woman who is lifeless. We are getting closer to the hospital and I can feel every beat of my heart saying what will the result be?. Before I started my surgery, my parents talked to my doctor first and I don't know what they talked about, the first thing that entered my mind was how much we would spend. When my mother came out, I saw that there were tears in her eyes and when I saw that, I knew where my doctor and my parents were talking about. I still remember the time when I entered a white room with lights, a bed and things on the side instead of being afraid I felt my mother's feelings more that and because of the heavy tears that fell from her eyes. After my surgery and I opened my eyes I saw my parents smiling in front of me because I had a good feeling that the result might be good and that suspicion was true after my parents told me everything. When we got back from the hospital, I quickly went to my room to rest and the first time I stepped into the room I smelled the fragrance of a beautiful spring and that's when I realized that not every time there is snow, something bad will happen. While I was staring at the flower I thought, what if one day while I'm in the hospital who will water that rose if the day comes I'm always lying down and unconscious? I'm still remember ( August 22, 2019) after the day, I thought that I am still a lucky child because I am still alive. Even if the day comes that I will be gone, I will make sure that I have a good memory that will be left with the snow, so that my perspective on snow will be different. After several surgeries that happened to me after a few months, we thought that my life would never end, but we were wrong, my pain got worse and that's when the light that happened to me ended, it was immediately replaced by a deeper event. When I found out that, I chose to be happy with what will happen in my life. I always thought that maybe in the next life I will be with my dog ​​and that my life will be happy. (October 23, 2021) unexpectedly I was staring outside looking at the plants in our yard that were roses I lost consciousness and my parents kept shedding tears and crying for the lifeless woman. While my soul was staring at them, I couldn't help but feel happier because the suffering of my parents and I would be over. As I looked around me, the snow was getting stronger and the roses were getting covered a little bit. My life even if forced and I want to live long I can't do anything if I don't follow the flow of life and a person's life is based on something that will give meaning and value. Now I see my life feeling nothing inside a white bed covered in dirt with worms and that on the surface of the earth there is a rose planted that is always visited by different butterfly. My life is full of different events that are the opposite of what I expected to happen, like even if I want to live with my family, my destiny cannot be changed by your wishes. Before I got lost there, I learned to like the snow, I understood more that the snow shows that I need to prepare for what will happen to me, so the snow for me is a warning that needs to be prepared. A child whose life is complicated because of what happened to her today she sleeps every day without dreams and what she always sees is the beauty of the world full of happy images in the afterlife. The roses bloomed together with him in joy with the lord and the snow did not continue to have an ugly incident because the real bad incident was that a child was not given the chance to live on earth his favorite roses. My happy story is over complicated and all ended with a lesson learned.

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It was supposed to be a beautiful morning,but the shouting and insults from father wouldn't even make it so,not like it was something new,but my little head couldn't take it anymore, why,why,just why do I have to wake up most times to fighting and war,just why would my parents not live in peace like every other couple around....

Useless woman,there is nothing good that I have gotten since you came into my life,you are just a bag of bad luck,father wouldn't stop talking...

Could that be true?,is that even possible,I mean, people always say children are blessings,so definitely my brother and I weren't an exception, why would father say such,I wondered...

If you are not a fool, would you be asking me for money this early morning, wouldn't you know that I would have to go to work first this morning before returning in the evening with something,but of course you don't have sense,so there's nothing you know,father continued...

But dear,do you expect the children to starve, there's nothing in this house for them to eat,the last money I had ,was used yesterday,please,you have to keep something,no matter how little for the children, please,mother pleaded....

You see your life,you are just a liability,and so useless,see I have to be at work,so take your useless self out of my sight, father shouted, pushed her and walked out...

Mother thought I was still sleeping,as I was still laying down beside my younger brother who was very fast asleep....

She sat down helplessly hopeless,it was obvious she had a lot going through her mind.as some tear drops went down her cheeks.....

I was hurting,I knew my mother was,but there was nothing I could do,I was just a child after all.....

My younger brother soon woke up, looking so hungry,,it was his usual behavior,he walked up to mother,,, good morning mummy,I am hungry,he said, bringing mom back from all her travels in thought,she looked up at him and smiled, don't worry big boy,you would soon eat something, mother assured, even though she knew that was a lie, good morning mummy,I greeted, pretending I was just waking up....

Good morning uwa,she replied smiling, how was your night,she asked...

It was fine mother,I answered....

She was looking at both of us,like she had so much to tell us,but our young minds were too young for all she wanted to say,if only she knew I had become very matured in thought,I mean who wouldn't in my shoes,I was just 8,,but with an adult mind....

My brother was 5,he wasn't one to endure hunger,he had started to wear a sad face,I am hungry mummy, Samuel said again...

Other children were getting ready to go to school in the compound,but that wasn't the case with my brother and I,we were supposed to resume new classes,but father had said he had no money for our school,mother was a stay home wife, hence there wasn't anyway she could assist,my brother and I had to stay at home....

My brother and I had our bath, mother was unease, walking to and fro,I Know she was confused,father was nowhere around,and it was way past breakfast.

My brother soon started to cry profusely,he was obviously hungry,I was too,but somehow I knew crying wasn't going to help the situation...

When my mother couldn't bear seeing us in hunger anymore,she held my brother by his hand, while I walked behind her, to the small shop down our street...

Good morning mama Chi, mother greeted the woman who gave her a disgusting look in return....mother stood scratching her head not knowing how to begin her request...

Mama Ade abeg commote from my shop if you no know waiting you go talk...the shop owner said in pigin

Mama chichi,abeg you fit give me small foodstuffs make I take make something for my children,I go payyyyyyyy

Taaaa,no even try finish am,no try am,you know how much of my money dey your hand,if na so everybody dey buy and no pay,I for don pack enter house,you dey hold me almost six thousand for this my small shop,how much be everything for my market,abeg Carry your sef commot from my shop,the woman shouted again giving a loud hiss...

My brother was already crying,as he understood there wasn't any hope for a meal...

Mother was pleading in tears,I was heart broken seeing her that way....

I say make una commot for my shop,the woman shouted again.....

Mother took both my brother and my hand, lending us home in tears,when God showed us mercy....

Madam come back,we heard a voice..

looking back it was an unfamiliar face..

Mother didn't know him but she slowly walked up to him with both my brother and I...

Good afternoon madman,the uncle greeted,good afternoon sir,mother replied.i greeted too.

Come and take what ever you'd be needing,he said to mom.

Sirrrrr,mother asked,like she didn't hear properly....

Madam, please take whatever you'd be needing ,these kids deserve to eat,please take anything you need...he said again..

Ahaa!,thank you sir, God bless you,thank you very much,mother said and went to the shop, taking few cups of rice and what she'd need in making it and some garri too....

Thank you sir, God bless you for this,I really appreciate,mother thanked him over and over again....

It's okay madam,the uncle said while mother happily took us home to quickly make the food for us.

In less than 45minutes the food was ready,as it was prepared with fire wood....

Mother served some in a big bowl,while we ate happily, thanking God for provision.....

To be continued..

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Laugh away your sorrow

Laugh away your sorrow
Me: Amaka I want to die, let me just die 😩, this life is so mean and cruel, I can't continue anymore I want to die.

Amaka: shut up, clean that thing you call mouth, how will you wish such for yourself, don't you know there is powers in spoken words, abi didn't they tell you that your tongue is powerful.

Me: So there's power in a spoken word?

Amaka: Of course yes, please don't say such again, please

Me: Okay then I want to win 60m on sporty this weekend.

Amaka: laughing uncontrollably

Me: why you dey laugh na, or do you think am joking?, Am serious I want to win 60m this weekend.

Amaka: still laughing, shut up abeg na mouth you go use win am?, abeg go and sit down and think about your life

Me: 😢😭😭

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At the Stadium where it happened

The atmosphere at the stadium was electric, with the crowd filled to the brim, eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated clash between the two rival teams. As the match kicked off, the energy in the stadium was palpable, and it was clear that we were in for an intense and enthralling game.

The match went back and forth, with both teams displaying sheer determination and skill. In one moment, the crowd was roaring in excitement as our team made thrilling attacks and came close to scoring. However, in the next minute, the tide would turn, and we found ourselves jeering and shouting in frustration as the opposing team launched equally formidable counter-attacks.

The game was undeniably tough, filled with nail-biting moments and heart-stopping near misses. Each goal attempt and save sent the crowd into a frenzy, as we collectively held our breath, hoping for our team to emerge victorious.

As the final whistle approached, the tension in the stadium reached a fever pitch. Then, in a moment of sheer joy and relief, our team scored a stunning goal, sending the crowd into raptures of delight. The stadium reverberated with the deafening cheers and applause of the fans as they erupted in celebration.

When the final whistle was blown, marking the end of the game, the atmosphere was electric with jubilation. In a thrilling turn of events, our country's team emerged triumphant, overcoming the tough competition and clinching a hard-fought victory.

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The Shadow cult

The Shadow cult
Title: The Shadow Cult

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, nestled within its educational hub, the illustrious Lincoln High School, a dark secret resided, hidden beneath a façade of academic excellence and teenage innocence. It was a secret whispered among students, a tale that sent shivers down their spines - the legend of The Shadow Cult Killer.

In the realm of this story, I found myself as an inquisitive student named Tunde. My days at Lincoln High School were abuzz with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension as I delved deeper into the truth behind the dark legend. The hallways reverberated with the fear of the unknown as whispers grew louder, tales of unexplained disappearances brought trepidation to the hearts of students and teachers alike.

It all began when a close friend of mine, Chidi, vanished without a trace. Rumors spread that he had been initiated into a notorious cult known as The Shadow Cult. Desperate to uncover the truth, I ventured into the depths of the school's underground network, searching for answers while cautiously avoiding detection. My mission was not without risk, as I tiptoed through the dangerous and unpredictable territory of the cult killer.

Decoding cryptic messages and deciphering ancient symbols, I uncovered the cult's hidden lair, a secluded room adorned with eerie red candles and disturbing symbols etched on the walls. My heart raced with a mix of terror and adrenaline as I realized the severity of the situation. The cult was preparing for an initiation ceremony, a ritual that would not only extinguish Chidi's innocence but also claim his life.

Determined to save my friend from this ominous fate, I forged a plan. I carefully orchestrated each step, gathering evidence to expose the cult's existence to the authorities while ensuring Chidi's safety. My nights were occupied with sleepless vigils, observing the cult's every move, waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

As the awaited initiation neared, I discovered a weakness in the cult's leader, Obinna. He was torn between the need for power and friendship, having grown up with Chidi. Utilizing this rift, I reached out to Obinna, pleading for Chidi's life and stressing the importance of preserving their long-standing bond.

On the night of the initiation, tensions ran high. I positioned myself in a concealed spot, ready to intervene. Just as Obinna raised the ceremonial dagger to consummate the deadly ritual, our eyes locked. A moment of hesitation flickered through him, his grasp on the knife faltering as memories of their shared past flooded his mind.

"Chidi," I whispered urgently, my voice piercing through the eerie atmosphere, "Remember the friendship, the laughter, the dreams we shared. Choose now, darkness or redemption?"

Obinna's unquestionable bond with Chidi ultimately prevailed over the allure of the bloodthirsty cult. With a decisive swing, he deflected the knife away, severing the hold The Shadow Cult had over him. Chaos erupted as fellow cult members pounced, determined to continue the initiation. But together, Chidi and I fought back, reclaiming our freedom amidst the frenzy.

With our lives spared and the truth exposed, the school and wider community finally breathed a collective sigh of relief; the reign of terror had been shattered. The darkness that had once gripped the halls of Lincoln High School lifted, replaced by a newfound sense of camaraderie and unity.

As for Chidi, though scarred by his almost tragic fate, he emerged stronger, a survivor who defied the odds. Our friendship grew deeper, shaped by the trials we endured and the darkness we confronted. Together, we used our experience to raise awareness about the dangers lurking in the shadows, ensuring no student would ever fall victim to the clutches of such a cult again.

And so, the legend of The Shadow Cult Killer became a tale of resilience, friendship, and the power of reclaiming one's identity. We emerged from that harrowing chapter, forever bound by an unbreakable bond and a shared resolve to protect our school from an lingering darkness that threatened to haunt its corridors.

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A lesson by a Bee

A lesson by a Bee
Agba was known for his antics and his fondness for visiting the cashew tree down the road to throw stones at the ripe and unripe fruits. His mother always warned him to stay away from the tree, but Agba was as stubborn as a mule and never heeded her advice.

One sunny day, Agba, being his usual stubborn self, sneaked off to the cashew tree, determined to have another go at his favorite hobby. As he lobbed stones at the fruit bunches, a mischievous bee dived down from the leaves and aimed straight for Agba's lips, leaving him with a resounding sting and a comically swollen pout.

Wincing in pain, Agba dashed back home to his mother, shouting in distress. By the time he reached home, his lips had swelled up, making him look like a comical caricature of himself. The other children in the village couldn't help but burst into laughter at the sight of Agba's ridiculous face.

His mother, trying hard not to giggle, took one look at her son's swollen lips and immediately reached for a bottle of red oil. As she rubbed the oil on his lips, she couldn't contain the urge to laugh, but she fought hard to keep a straight face, knowing Agba was in pain.

In the end, the swelling went down, and Agba learned his lesson. From that day on, he never went near the cashew tree again. The incident became a source of amusement in the village, and whenever Agba tried to act stubborn, all his mother had to say was, "Remember the bees and the cashew tree," and Agba would quickly change his mind.

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The Day I will never forget

The Day I will never forget
I woke up this morning to my mum crying.
I could hear her sobs from our room.

I pressed my phone's power button and there it was. The reason for the sobs.

I guess the pain never really goes away. Maybe we just learn to live with it and get used to it, but it never really goes away.

For my family, every 14th November has been a very sad one for us since the last three years.
The day holds and brings nothing but bad memories for and to us.

I have come to accept all that has happened, or so I think, and I hope that the rest of my family, mum especially does same too. Even though it is a bitter pill to swallow.

Two weeks to 14th November three years ago, my big sister had returned from school and had shown us all the engagement ring on her finger.

Apparently, her boyfriend of three years popped the big question, and she said yes.

It was a happy moment for all of us.

My big sister said they'd be coming for introduction in two weeks time, so our parents swung into action making necessary preparations.

The introduction was scheduled for the 17thbof November which happened to be a Saturday. On the 14th, my sister asked me to accompany her to the city market to buy her dress for the introduction, and also to pick a few things for myself too as the bride's only sister.

We set out early in order to return he before the scorching sun would start unleashing its rage and venom on the inhabitants of the earth.

We combed the market going from a stall to another seeking for the things we needed.

Some stalls, we bought from after a little back and forth in bargaining, others we left without buying because the price didn't align, while others had us going and returning when we got worse prices elsewhere. Usual shopping behavior.

We were already leaving the market to the park when we realized we didn't buy body sprays and perfume.

My big sister told me to wait for her while she quickly rushed to get our usuals at the nearest stall.
No sooner had she left than I heard shouts of "ole! ole!! ole!!!".

I turned to see what happened, and there was my sister being dragged by a mob.

I was confused. I ran to where they were, but wasn't allowed access to her.

I cried, pleaded and wailed "my sister is not a thief, we came to the market to buy things". I was saying in a loud voice, but the angry mob looked like they'd kill me if I said anything else.

In tears, I quickly put a call to my dad who was home at the moment. Being that we lived not to far from the market, he arrived the scene in no time.

"This girl na tiff"
"fine girl like this dey tiff"
"make una burn am, so other people like her go learn".
"Chai, this fine girl".
"so na tiff you dey come this market dey tiff".
"make una bring tyre and fuel".
I heard several voices in the mob say.

My sister cried and begged to be spared.

It all just didn't make sense. Nobody was saying what happened, but they were all calling her a thief and suggesting that they lynch her.

By the time my dad arrived the scene, my sister was already up in blazes. She screamed loudly as the fire burnt her.

The smell of a burning human filled the air.

My dad stood transfixed to the spot he stood. My tears couldn't be controlled.

Our world came crumbling in milliseconds.

By the time we got home, the news had already reached him as people gathered in our house to sympathize with us.
My big sister was the calmest in our house. She never talked much she was very homely and accommodating, smiling was the only thing she did most times.

People on our street called her Adamma. She was so beautiful and down to earth. Her voice was angelic and soothing.

She didn't deserve to die that way, and no, she isn't a thief.

We still don't know what exactly happened and what went missing, and why my sister was nailed to the crime.

It's been three long years without her in this house, and her aura and presence is still felt around the house.
Some people say it's village people, others say it's just bad fate. My family counts it as a terrible tragedy.

Three years today, and it hurts just as much as it hurts on that eventful day.

The pain really never goes away.

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The pregnant virgin

The pregnant virgin
My name is Chioma , my parents are Farmers they are very poor but managed to send me to college . I am the most intelligent in my class people always bullyed me they said it was not true that I am a virgin because I was very beautiful but I didn't care I was always found reading my book unlike Ada the baddest girl in college always going to night club, sneeking out of school .
Ada: babes Fred called he said we should come to his party
Babe 1: ok na we are in
Ada : wear something sexy ohh this night is going to be wild
Babe 2: you no trust us we go package
Meanwhile Chioma was reading her book as always when the principal Called her to his office
Principal: Chioma sorry to disturb but I have bad news
Chioma: it's ok Hope no problem
Principal: someone just called me and said that your parents are really sick and need treatment
Chioma was sad she didn't have the money
Ada and her gang snuck out of college and went to the party
Fred: see I need another babe ohh or we are over
Ada: which Kain talk be that one where I go find another babe
Fred: I no care but she must fine ohh
Ada: ( standing up ) let's go babes
They all snuck back in and heard Chioma and the principal discursion
Ada: I have a plan
Babe 3: wetin you get for mind
Ada: just play along
Then Ada went to chioma hostel and saw her crying
Ada: I will give you money for your parents treatment Chioma if you agree to follow us to the club next week
Chioma: what...

This is just part one watch out for Episode 2
Thanks for reading

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Continuation of the pregnant virgin

Continuation of the pregnant virgin
Chioma was surprised
Chioma: you want me to loose my virginity for money
Ada: but if you don't your parents might die
Chioma: but my virginity
Ada: but your parents
Chioma: fine I will do it for my parent
Ada: yes, the party is tomorrow Evening
Chioma: ok
Ada left and went back to her hostel
Chioma pov
I do not want to loose my virginity for someone I do not know and I don't want my parents to die no life is more important I will go
Ada pov
So it was that easy to convince holy Mary ( referring to Chioma) let me call Fred
Ada: Fred I don find I babe we go come tommorow
Fred: eheh I go dey expect una.
The next day
Ada: let us sneeck you to that near boutique
Babe 2: ok then.
They snuck out and even got some clothes for Ada then it was time to go
Ada: Chioma let's go
Chioma: ok( with a scared voice)
They soon reached Fred house . Chioma was so scared so she kept a safe distance, Fred had already plans everything he went to the kitchen got some juice for Chioma but he put in some medicine to make her sleep.
Fred: Chioma have this juice
Chioma: thanks
So Chioma drank everything and immediately fell asleep, Ada and the rest left Chioma and Fred together, so Fred carried her to his room and their it happened, Fred dis-virgined Chioma.
The next day Fred quickly left the bed room so that Chioma won't know they slept together, when Chioma woke up she screamed to see she was in someone's bad room....
This is Episode 2 watch out for Episode 3 ....

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Episode 3 of the pregnant virgin

Episode 3 of the pregnant virgin
Chioma: what how did I get here how oh my goodness I am naked.
Chioma put on her clothes and went to look for Frank
Frank: omo when I fuck that girl virgin.
Frank said to his friends
Chioma: Frank how did I get up to that room and why was I naked
Frank: your friend brought you up( he lied)
Chioma: why was I naked
Frank: I don't know that one ( he lied again)
I didn't know what happened so I just believed him.
So we snuck back to college of course Frank gave me 20,000 I wasn't proud of what I did but I did it for my parents and their treatment. I started to feel some pain in my body to the extent I went to see the schools doctor.
Doctor: hello what can I help you with.
Chioma: doctor I feel pain.
Doctor: let me run some tests.
Chioma: ok doctor.
After running the test he brought the result
Doctor: Chioma you are pregnant.
Chioma: what I can't be I am still a virgin.
Doctor: I can't believe you would do such, I have to call the principal.
The doctor called the principal and told her everything, she was disappointed.
Principal: how come, no you can't stay here with this pregnancy, you are hearby suspended from school today.
Chioma: please ma I am sorry , I am still a virgin pls believe me.
Principal: I have made up my mind.
So I packed my things and went out of college not knowing where to go I couldn't face my parents.
That led chioma to a great disappointment and because of that she couldn't further her studies.

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Moyeni′s Lottery

Moyeni′s Lottery
Moyoeni sat on the stone beside the road where two foot path met and look distinctively and longingly at the lonely path, just when the sun has cast its hue of delicate violet and gold upon the sky.

Each rustle sends her on her feet only to be met with disappointment.

She had been there the Previous day, the day before and ever since her husband Oyinola, whom she just got married to, left her to join the Civil war.

She will sit on that particular stone and wait, each day with a longing hope that Oyinola will walk back from the same path he took on that fateful day, he took this journey of no return.

The young women on their way to the stream every morning cast a mournful and sorrowful look at the poor young wife.

While some encouraged her, the young men who had wooed her as a young unmarried madien jeered at her and mocked her.

Every journey back home came with heart wrenching sorrow and pain that cut delicately through the fibres of her heart. Admist this, Hope bloomed like a Lotus flower inside of her and kept pushing her back to the path.

On this faithful day, filled with disappointment, she was about making her way home when the bush just ahead of her rustled and a Silhouette was seen making his way through the bush.

She paused a little as her eyes caught the deep brown eyes that drew her into them with so much depth and intensity.

The thin and deep tribal Mark a little below the chin. She stood dazed at him, while he ran steadily and engulfed her in a tight hug.

She hugged him as well with same intensity with tears streaming their eyes. They both cried profusely with excitement vibrating in their bones.

Moyeni left that path that day with a Lottery. The Lottery is her long lost lover.

Like Moyeni, Christ wait for each and everyone of us to find our path back to him.

Each single day he waits for us in that path just to find us. Unrelenting, his love searches for us and yearn for us as well.

Find him today!

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The Snake Takedown

The Snake Takedown
It all began in the heat of the day, when the neighborhood had taken shelter from the scorching sun. I was indoors with the company of my mom and brother, unwary of any looming danger. The silence that had long gripped the house was broken when my sister pushed the front door open. Amidst the struggle of pulling her socks, she spotted a snake wrapped around my footwear and immediately raised the alarm that would soon spread into the neighborhood.

Without hesitation, my elder brother who was seated about an arm's length from the door reached out and pulled her inside first, before dashing out to tackle the situation. In the aftermath of the alarm, pandemonium erupted — my mom rushed out first to have a glimpse that left her stunned, she could only scream "Bring a pestle, bring me something!!!"
Fortunately, my sister understood the situation and selected the deadliest weapon from the arsenal — a cutlass, handed it over to my mom who flung it onto the verandah and shut the door behind us.

In the midst of this chaos, I had remained seated convinced it was just a little lost snake until my brother called for immediate backup. Reluctantly, I answered the Call to Duty and stepped out. The alarm had already awakened several people who gathered to cheer my brother on as he continued to besiege stacks of concrete blocks where the cunning creature had taken refuge. I was eager to see the scoundrel that had posed a nuisance to my state of tranquility.

My brother beckoned to me the moment I arrived, "Hold this stick! Once you spot its head, strike without hesitation." My goodness, I arrived on the battlefield without any knowledge of the enemy's plan. This guy won't let me settle, and neither will the crowd, as they continue cheering from a distance. I did a quick survey of these newfound fans — a granny, two middle aged women, a couple who seemed to be in their early sixties and my mother, now the cheerleader of this temporary supporters club.

The ambush was perfect, the first strike forced the snake out and it raced towards the granny, mama responded by galloping for safety. Fortunately, the chase was intercepted and the snake returned to its refuge. As we rallied around it trying to figure out the best way to end this disturbance, a girl emerged with a cup of kerosene — quite the African way to finish off snakes. And for a big one like this, it will be wise to deploy the immobilization before extermination strategy and so we emptied the cup's contents right inside the block stacks.

Left with no space to breathe nor escape, the snake made one final death launch to the open space that will soon become its graveyard. We answered in kind but fully on guard against being bitten as it slithered left and right writhing for life. Alas! it was subdued and when the dust settled, I drew out the cutlass that had been buried in sand during the siege and proceeded to end the battle.

The couple made a request to take photographs before its head was detached. What a lovely, hilarious sight as the man picked up and jokingly threw the snake to his wife, so the battlefield had now become a playground for them. I had no option than to leave the dying snake to itself, my work there is done and the couples would determine its fate.

Like a returning soldier, I nodded my head in satisfaction at the cheers of the neighborhood, praising us for taking out a major threat to their safety. What a Day! 🌃

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Miracle food

Miracle food
Today, I woke up with a heavy head and an empty stomach, feeling drained and unable to muster the strength to get out of bed. I lay there, layering the blankets on top of me, allowing the warmth to cocoon my body as I drifted in and out of sleep until noon.

I had lost all motivation to cook or even lift a finger. The thought of food seemed daunting, and I resigned myself to staying in bed, hoping the day would pass quickly.

Just when I had given up on the idea of having a cooked meal, a gentle knock on the door interrupted the silence. It was my neighbor, Nick. He stood there with a plate of warm, steaming rice in his hands. It was as if God had sent him, knowing that I needed help.

Without a word, I stretched out my hand and accepted the food gratefully. Nick came in and we sat together, discussing the mundane and the meaningful. In our conversation, he mentioned that his power bank had run out, and I gladly lent him mine without a second thought.

It turned out to be a beautiful Sunday, unexpected and heartwarming. The simple act of kindness from my neighbor restored my faith in humanity and made me realize that even in the midst of my struggles, there are still moments of grace and connection.

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In the quiet village of Oji River, there was a boy named Chinedu who had a tough time growing up without much love. The people in the village thought it would be really hard for him to make it through all the challenges.

But then, something good happened. A kind teacher named Ngozi noticed that Chinedu seemed sad. She decided to help him and be like a guiding light during the tough times. Ngozi cared a lot about Chinedu and encouraged him, making him feel better.

As time went on, people in the village saw how things were getting better for Chinedu. Some of them who might not have been friends before started helping him too. Together, they supported Chinedu emotionally, and he not only made it through the tough times but also started doing well, leaving behind the difficult moments.

Chinedu's ability to bounce back became an inspiration to everyone, showing that people can get stronger even when things seem really hard. The village of Oji River, which once had doubts, now admired the strength that kindness and care could bring.

In the end, Oji River celebrated the success of helping and caring for one another. Chinedu emerged from his difficult past, showing that kindness can make a big difference in tough times.

Category Competition Winner!

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Can the end be justified

Can the end be justified
Once upon a time in the small town of Ethos, there lived an elderly man named Augustus. Augustus was known for his wisdom and gentle nature, and he spent most of his time sitting by the town fountain, listening to the stories and troubles of passersby. Many sought his advice, and he never failed to offer them a fresh perspective.

One sunny afternoon, a young girl named Emilia approached Augustus with a heavy heart. Tears streaked her face as she explained that her brother, Adrian, had been severely injured in a car accident caused by a reckless driver. The doctors said that Adrian might never walk again.

"Augustus, I don't understand how someone could cause so much pain and suffering to innocent people," sobbed Emilia, her voice tinged with anger. "How can we justify such an end for my brother? Can the end be justified?"

Augustus leaned back in his chair, his wise eyes sparkling with compassion. "Emilia, my dear, life is a tapestry woven with both joy and sorrow. And while we can never justify the pain caused by others, it's up to us to find meaning in the face of adversity."

He continued, "Adrian's injury is an undeniable tragedy, but from the darkest moments, the brightest lights can emerge. You see, sometimes these harsh endings lead us to a new beginning, a path we would never have taken otherwise."

Emilia listened intently, her tears subsiding as she absorbed Augustus' words. She began to spark a glimmer of hope within her heart. Despite the pain, she realized that the accident had brought her family closer together. They were supporting each other in ways they never had before.

Days turned into weeks, and Emilia watched as her brother struggled through grueling physical therapy. One day, Adrian's therapist invited Emilia to join the session. As Emilia joined her brother in his rehabilitation journey, she discovered a newfound passion for helping others through physical therapy.

Emilia's commitment to her brother's recovery inspired her to pursue a career in physical therapy. She spent years studying and honing her skills, determined to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Her dedication and empathy led her to open a rehabilitation center in Ethos, where she empowered countless individuals to regain their strength and independence.

Years later, as Augustus sat by the now-bustling fountain, he noticed Emilia approaching him with a radiant smile. She had become a symbol of hope and resilience in Ethos, making her mark on the town through her unwavering dedication.

"Augustus," Emilia began, her voice brimming with gratitude, "I now understand that while the end cannot be justified, it can be transformed into something meaningful. My brother's accident was a tragedy, but it led me down a path of purpose and service."

Augustus nodded, his eyes twinkling with pride. "My dear Emilia, you have learned the true magic of life. It isn't about finding the perfect answers or justifying every outcome, but rather about finding the strength and resilience to create something beautiful, even from the most devastating circumstances."

And so, the small town of Ethos learned that although the end cannot always be justified, it can be a catalyst for growth and transformation. The story of Emilia and Augustus continued to resonate through generations as a testament to the power of finding purpose in the face of adversity.

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